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"Why is it always me?"

I guess I really didn't consider what the expectation of privacy would be, but she seemed very unconcerned about her modesty so I decided not to make her uncomfortable by saying anything.

I instinctively looked over when I heard the bathroom door open, and Brittany gave me a little wave as she walked out, barely covering herself with a towel. I waited until I heard her bedroom door close and radio turn on before I went upstairs to see if she had left any hot water for me. I heard her hair dryer start up just before I turned on my shower, and smiled to myself as I remembered how long it took for her mother to get ready, and how much I hated waiting around for her. While I stood under the spraying water, I tried to think of something we could do that afternoon. Unable to come up with any ideas, my mind went back to the sound of the hair dryer, and I wondered if she had closed her curtains when she went into her bedroom.

At first, I was a little pissed when I thought how Glen might be in his house right now, watching my daughter while she walked around her room naked. But as I kept thinking about it, I started to get turned on, and I reached down to soap up my suddenly stiff cock. Although they were in their 50's, about once a month the Rivers' would have about 8 or 10 couples over for a late night get together. I didn't know for sure, but I always suspected that he and his wife were swingers. I began to think about Glen and his wife hiding in their dark house talking to each other about the hot young body on display across the street. My stroke quickened as I imagined Brittany taking him up on his offer to earn some extra money, and what they might want her to do once they had her alone in their house. In just seconds I erupted in the shower, followed immediately by wondering what came over me to have such unnatural thoughts about my daughter. I felt guilty as I finished washing, and when I was through, I took my time getting dressed. I dismissed my strange fantasy and subsequent arousal to the fact that I just hadn't been laid in a while. Brittany was back downstairs, so I snuck a peek in her room before joining her, and was relieved to see the curtains drawn closed across her windows.

Brit was sitting on the couch in the living room, clicking the cable remote trying to figure out the channels. Her feet were tucked under her, and whatever lotion she had used after her shower gave her freshly shaved legs a bit of a sparkle. All she was wearing was a small pair of girls "boxer" shorts and a thin, white, "wife-beater" type undershirt. Her tits were relaxed and soft, but the dark red circles were clearly visible through the almost transparent cotton top. My eyes moved to her face just in time as she looked at me to speak.

"Daddy? Since I'm gonna be living in California now, I'm really gonna need some clothes that aren't so... you know..., blah. And since you have a pool, I'm gonna need to get a swimsuit so I can go swimming and lay out. I was unpacking my suitcases, and now that I'm here, all my stuff just seemed so gross, and well..., like boring old Kansas!"

"And..." I said smiling knowing exactly what she was going to say next.

"Do you think I could go shopping today and maybe get a couple of new things to wear?"

"No problem honey, it'll give me a chance to do some things around here while you're gone. But you are going to change before you go though, aren't you?"

"Don't be stupid Dad! I only dress like this around the house, and you better get used to it. But if I did wear this shopping, I probably wouldn't need to use YOUR credit card to buy stuff!" She winked and smiled at me as she stood up. "Well, I guess I better go put on some church clothes so you'll let me leave the house!"

"Speaking of credit cards, you better let me check the balances on mine before you change. I wouldn't want you to come back from the mall empty handed!"

She started up the staircase and yelled back to me, "In 18 years my Daddy has never let me down, and I know he's not gonna start now!"

I had spent all these years beating

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