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Everything was perfect for the next two years, and then Phil was offered a promotion by the insurance brokerage he worked for. Unfortunately the promotion was conditional on him agreeing to a two year posting to their Hong Kong office, but it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Left at a loose end, Nancy moped around the house for several months, and then the supermarket came to her rescue in an unexpected manner. She had returned to her car with an armload of groceries to find a well dressed man aged around fifty looking ruefully at a dent in her door. He had handed her a business card, identifying him as a senior bank executive, and whilst accepting full responsibility, mentioned that since the damage hardly justified an insurance claim, he was more than willing to pay for repairs. Impressed by his honesty and manners, and driven in part by her own loneliness, she had accepted his impulsive offer of dinner, and at the end of a very pleasant evening, she was surprised when he did no more than kiss her chastely on the cheek, and asked to see her again.

It was not until he delivered her home after the fifth date that Karl made the first overt move. She had invited him in for coffee and they were sitting companionably on the couch, when they had each turned to say something. Their lips had met for the first time, unexpectedly releasing the passion they had both held in check, and she had willingly accepted his caresses. Just as willingly she had allowed him to undress her, and then he was thrusting into her, quelling the fires that had been slowly smouldering since her son had left. He was almost apologetic as he withdrew his spent cock from her cum filled cunt, but she had smilingly dismissed it as something they had both needed.

Their relationship had quickly escalated, and six months later Phil and his wife flew back for the wedding, with Tanya and Natalie as bridesmaids. Ever practical, Karl had insisted she list her home for rental rather than for sale, and move into his larger house. He was a considerate and generous husband, and an imaginative lover, in stark contrast to his staid banker persona. The sex never failed to satisfy Nancy on a physical level, although she still seemed to feel there was something lacking.

This undefined need was resolved when her son returned from his overseas tenure. Although not as frequently as before, they still managed to contrive opportunities for some clandestine fucking, without arousing the suspicions of their partners.

Or so Nancy thought.

As the years passed, her appetite for sex never waned, but in the fifteenth year of their marriage Karl dropped a bombshell. One night after a particularly strenuous encounter, as he lay panting he remarked rather too casually. "You know sweetheart, It's a good thing you have Phil to keep you happy. I'm starting to have trouble keeping up with you." She shot him a startled look, loaded with apprehension, but he laughed softly. "Did you think I didn't know? I've known for years. You always have a certain look about you after a good fuck - just like now - and you always seem to have it after you see Phil, so it doesn't take Einstein to figure it out."

"Why have you never said anything? Didn't it bother you?"

He shrugged and kissed her. "I never said anything because I knew it made you happy, and that's the only thing I've ever wanted. Besides, you have always been more than willing whenever I wanted some, so I've never felt I was missing out. In a way I felt safe that it was your son fucking you, because I think it would kill me if anyone stole you away from me. I waited half a lifetime to meet you, so if fucking Phil keeps you with me I'm more than happy." He giggled nervously before adding "Just don't expect me to join in."

She felt like a load had been lifted from her shoulders, and they talked long into the night.

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