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Tipsy Rook and Bane share a late night fuck.

He ran right to the bathroom backstage, but it was occupied so he made his way around and used the men's room the audience was using. When you got to go, you got to go, he thought. He made small talk with a few of the guys on the way to the stall.

"You know guys," he mused, "thank God we got a contraceptive machine in here. I don't think I have time to stop off at the quickie mart to purchase me a glow-in-the-dark condom of such high quality as we can get here. Hey, it is a comedy club remember these might be practical joke condoms, and after nine months the joke will be on you."

After he finished his new routine in the bathroom, he ran into a rather sweet looking red head with sparkling green eyes. She had a lace-trimmed flower patterned scoop blouse, which was a bit on the grandmotherly side. Her blue jean skirt certainly made up for her poor choice of tops, 'The Loop' thought. Her legs were encased in charcoal colored stockings, which glistened even in the shadows of the club. She was quite an interesting looking lady, probably in her mid 20's. She was pretty tall and wide shouldered. She had a bit of a large bulbous nose, but she knew how to make herself look pretty with her makeup. Her lips were glossed in pink and her eyes were accentuated by green eye shadow. He smiled at her and she introduced herself.

"Hi my name is Arlene," she stated, "I loved your show."

"Well," The Loop replied, "it is always nice to meet one of my admirers, especially one as charming as yourself." He smiled and bowed as he did when he first took the stage.

"Thanks," she smiled.

"It is my pleasure dear lady," he mentioned.

"A few of my friends are going over to McCloskey's for a few drinks, would you like to come?" She smiled gently at him, sending the message that she was more than interested in a few drinks.

"Well that certainly seems like an interesting thought."

"Interesting enough to meet us there?" Arlene asked. She tilted her head in a sexy come hither motion. The Loop could not resist such a puppy dog look.

"I will be over there as soon as I can break free," The Loop replied. Arlene once again showed her pearly whites, turned and rejoined her on looking friends. He turned around and walked back behind the stage area to gathering his belongings and wash up a little.

After some drinks, and a pleasant conversation with Arlene and her friends, The Loop felt a hand linger on his butt. He made sure it was Arlene before winking his approval at her, and doing the same with her ass. He sensed that her friends were amused by the ongoing game between the two of them. After more lively chatter, she whispered into his ear and made it clear that she needed a ride home. They said their goodbyes and amidst some more childish giggling from her friends, they left McCloskey's.

To the Loop, Arlene seemed to be very much into him. He had on a few occasions on the road met someone that was way into him and had some heated sex. He never thought of himself as the greatest looking guy in the world, but he did all right for himself. Arlene was one of those people that seemed to like to initiate the action. That was okay with The Loop, he certainly could go with the flow. Upon arriving at her condo, she pulled him inside and led him right to her bedroom. Grabbing him by the shoulders she kissed him roughly on the lips. Arlene thrust her tongue down his throat and looked into his eyes as they kissed. She pushed him down on her queen-sized bed and told him to undress for her while she goes to put on something more comfortable. She quickly exited through a side door in the corner. Not much into the foreplay, The Loop thought.

"How is it going in there?" The Loop asked, while lying in just his boxers on top of her lavender satin sheets.

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