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She gets what she fantasized about.


"O.K., I guess I'll do it!" said Jenny, and she unbuttoned the waistband of her skirt. "Oh shoot! I forgot, ummm, do you maybe have any panties in there?" asked Jenny, as she remembered her nakedness under the skirt! "No underwear, just clothes. You no wear panties?" she asked, glancing down to Jenny's waist. "Well, I was going to stop at a store..." Meenashi held up her hand, stopping the explanation. "No care, get dressed or get out!"

With a humph, she slipped off the skirt, tossing it away in frustration. Meenashi's eyebrows raised as she caught a flash of her neatly shaved pubes. She crossed her arms, and tapped one of her long red nails against the side of her mouth, as she gazed at Jenny's pert, sculpted ass. Jenny wiggled back and forth as she worked the tight waistband up over her broad hips. Now Meenashi held out a pair of black high heels with straps. Jenny didn't bother trying to argue, seeing the look of utter disdain in her expression.

She kneeled down, removing her now useless stockings, and strapped on the pumps. They were small for her feet, and the straps pinched uncomfortably. As soon as she stood, Meenashi grasped her hand, and pulled her back along through the doorway and into the conference room. Jenny had never worn this high of a heel before, and all of her attention was currently focused on getting the feel of them, as she stumbled along behind the petite oriental girl.

"Now that's provocative!" said Jim, as his attention switched from the room to the approaching girls. Jenny's heavy breasts were jiggling along quite noticeably as she awkwardly approached the podium. "Let's get some first hand practice now, ladies and gentlemen! Jenny, would you be kind enough to refill the water glasses for our guests?" He motioned with his hand out towards the people in the room.

Taking a deep breath, she moved to the front of the first table. Picking up a full pitcher, she began moving down the row, stopping in front of the third man, who was holding an empty glass out for her to fill. He set the glass down on the table, and as she bent over to fill the glass, he began pulling it slowly towards him. The table was quite deep, and by the time she had his glass full, he had a wonderful view of her amazing cleavage, straining against the top of her brief top! "Very subtle Hank!" said Jim from the podium, as Jenny straightened up, smoothing her skirt back down. She hoped she hadn't given Jim a look at her naked ass! "Now that, ladies and gents, was perfect subterfuge! He never said a word, and was the perfect gentleman."

The next guy down slid his empty glass close to the edge also, motioning her to fill him up. This time however, she walked all the way down the table, and circled around behind. As she leaned over and began filling his glass, he began sliding it to the opposite side, causing her to lean in to him. Of course, he leaned sideways into her, his head pressing up against her breast! "A little overt, Alex" said Jim, as chuckling broke out across the room. Jenny pulled away, and turned around quickly, bumping straight into the lady seated next to him. She had just started to rise up from her chair, and struck the bottom of the pitcher on her way up. A good half of the ice water sloshed out of the pitcher, absolutely soaking her camisole! Jenny shrieked, as she looked down at the sheer fabric, her puckered nipples plainly visible through the suddenly transparent material. The material conformed like a magnet to the undersides of her breasts, becoming a second skin.

Several "helpful" men, eagerly blotting her chest with small paper napkins suddenly surrounded Jenny. "Borderline gentlemen, very borderline!" said Jim, and the men sulked back to their seats. "You could offer to help her out, but simply taking advantage of her predicament is risky behavior at best! Come here, Jenny." He reached under the podium, shaking out a big, fluffy white towel. "How about this towel, dear?" he asked, holding it out in front of him.

"Oh thanks!"

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