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Couple has sex in a dressing room while others listen.

And at that point the door creaked softly behind them...

Both of their bodies froze in place. A little old lady with a poodle perm stepped into the chapel and for a moment she actually did not see them. A second later she did and her expression was so shocked Xav wondered if they could go to jail for murder if the old bird dropped dead of a heart attack. The horny male part of him not only didn't care he was calculating whether or not they had time to get off before she ran and got Security. This could not be fucking happening.

"Oh Jesus!" Rayne's voice quivered, caught between laughter and despair. It came out as a tiny, fragile thing and he buried his face in Xavier's hair so that the boy felt his next words burrowing into his skin like insects. "If I move I'm gonna come!"

And then she shrieked and made up their minds for them as she grabbed one of the ornate flower vases and hurled it at them along with a torrent of abuse. The drenching certainly helped to cool their ardour a little. Moments later they were still struggling to make themselves decent as they fled down the corridor, dripping and covered in flowers.

"Please... please... please... don't let her be on our flight!" Rayne begged as they ran.

"Pleasepleaseplease don't let her go to Security!" Xavier added.

Despite the added layer of frustration at being thwarted yet again they looked at each other and grinned. The irony was not lost on them that only now that they were fleeing the chapel were they thinking to pray.

Trying to look as nonchalant as possible with dishevelled wet clothing and flower petals still clinging to them they slid into seats near PJ and Clay. Instinctively they separated a-ways. Rayne borrowed Clay's sunglasses and Xavier snagged the baseball cap Chavez was wearing.

"Can I see this for a minute, please?" he murmured. Sticking it on his head backwards he slumped down in the seat. "Got some gum? Thanks." With a magazine in his hand and the occasional blown bubble he could have passed for at least five years younger and looked the very picture of a bored teenager.

Chavez tugged curiously at the damp sleeve of Xavier's tee and Clay leaned sideways to sniff at the flower still caught in Rayne's hair. The big black exchanged a bemused look with PJ. When Jabez returned from an impromptu stroll around the shopping mall he too looked a little puzzled although he came the closest to cracking a genuine smile since his arrival in San Francisco.

PJ and the guys exchanged quite a few looks and smirks but clearly decided it was more than their lives were worth to ask what the hell they had just missed. Fortunately the remaining thirty minutes or so until boarding time passed by uneventfully. Apparently the lady that caught them in their own private state of ecstasy was either too busy praying for their mortal souls or too embarrassed to have gone to Security. Or if she had, they didn't look too hard because no one had come up to them by the time they were boarding the plane.

She did not seem to be headed for Europe either and it was with some relief that two members of Mr McNamara's party were ushered forward into First Class. Rayne dropped down more cheerfully into a window seat and stretched out. Xavier wriggled in beside him.

"Now this is more like it!" the singer chuckled, and began to investigate the buttons on the seat arms and the contents of the various in flight entertainment packages. He leaned closer, running his hand lightly up Xavier's thigh and reaching for the blond's stiffening package and whispered; "I bet you've never had sex at 40,000 feet before?"

Across the aisle from him, Dominic pulled down his sunglasses and plugged in his own earphones. He fished a small bottle of whisky from one pocket of his jacket and a little bottle of pale blue pills from the other and knocked a couple of the latter back with a good swig of the former.

To Chavez's disappointment, the Everman slid in beside Lord Warren and began to stroke the back of the older human's neck soothingly.

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