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There was no way John would put his naked dick anywhere near HA-001. Somehow Vailati had managed to find a man blindly obedient enough to be willing to do that.

At least Vailati gave some thought to the man's safety. They partitioned the tank with the volunteer, PV2 Vinnie George, on one side and Subject HA-001 on the other. The only way for her to reach George was by extruding a pseudopod through a small hole in the partition wall. Suspended above that aperture-guillotine-like-was a sharp blade. If they started to lose control of the experiment they would bring the blade down, slicing off HA-001's appendage. Based on previous experiments, any part of HA-001 separated from the main body quickly liquefied.

Privately John still thought PV2 Vinnie George was less brave than stark-raving bonkers.

HA-001 went straight for the naked man's cock. She sent a feeler through the aperture and it wrapped around and then enveloped the volunteer soldier's penis.

"If you feel numbness, a burning sensation or any other kind of discomfort let us know immediately and we'll terminate the experiment."

"It feels okay," George said, looking down at his engulfed member with a degree of stoicism that amazed John. "Kind of nice actually, like she's-Oh!-" His mouth dropped open in surprise. "-trying to tug me off."

John saw it as well. Through the transparent blue skin of HA-001's pseudopod he saw George's foreskin move back and forth. HA-001's appendage bunched up as it manipulated George's cock. She was clearly masturbating him.

He also noted-with some envy-that George was hung like the proverbial horse.

"Oh that feels really good." George turned to Vailati with a broad grin. "Is she supposed to be jerking me off?"

"If you feel uncomfortable we can terminate the experiment at any time," Vailati said.

"No no. It's fine," George said. "More than fine."

HA-001 extruded more protoplasm through the aperture and her pseudopod formed a thick, pulsing cuff around George's erection. John watched the man's foreskin move back and forth as HA-001 continued to wank the naked soldier. George closed his eyes and started to moan in pleasure.
This was the moment when Sullivan stormed off in a huff.

"Probably more sexual arousal than she gets to see in a year," John joked with Vailati.

"Uh, I think I'm going to . . ." George didn't get a chance to finish. His body shuddered and he spurted thick ropes of white semen into HA-001's slime sheath. She sucked it down, using her pseudopod as if it was a pipe. HA-001 sent more of her body through the aperture, thickening the tentacle connecting her to George's crotch.

John watched as structures formed within her pseudopod. He frowned. This was something they hadn't seen before. HA-001's body was best described as a bag of transparent blue fluid moulded into the shape of a woman. They hadn't seen any evidence of organelles at either the macro or micro level. They hadn't even found anything resembling a nucleus.

John watched as colourless rings formed within the clear blue slime. They were plump like transparent doughnuts and slowly pulsed. They settled around George's cock like a hoops on a post. The volunteer gave a loud gasp. He was hung like a horse, but still, there was no way the explosion of white cum that erupted from the end of his cock could be natural. George shuddered and shivered on the spot. His hips swung loosely back and forth as a river of milky-white cum flowed down the transparent tentacle to HA-001. There was no way a person could produce that much cum, even if they'd been gifted the sex organs of a satyr.

"Shut it," John said.

Vailati agreed with him. He closed the aperture, slicing off HA-001's appendage. Separated from the main mass, the pseudopod liquefied and splashed onto the floor of the tank. HA-001 gave a silent sigh of disappointment.

"Whoa, dear fucking Jesus," George said. He looked about as steady on his feet as a newborn deer. This was a six-foot-plus ogre of a man with a barrel for a chest.

"What did it feel like?" Vailati asked.

"Fucking awesome, d

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