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Becky is such a busty tease.

"I'm gonna piss in your hot mouth girl and then I'll fuck it again and cum in it." I didn't have the chance to say yes or no. He grabbed my mouth almost forcing it open shoved his cock in and pissed. "Drink it you bitch. Ahhhg yeeees good girl." The truth be known I loved it! I swallowed as much as I could.

Klaus then continued to fuck my mouth calling me his girl, a filthy little bitch, slut and whore. Harder and faster and deeper until he exploded in my mouth filling it with heaps of his lovely thick cock juice. I swallowed as much I could and the rest was dripping out of my mouth.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth calling me his good little girl and bitch. I was pleasantly shocked by what I saw next. Three guys had been watching the show all this time with their cocks out jerking.

"You guys want to use my bitch?" asked Klaus.

"Fucking hell yes mate" came the reply from two of them.

"Let take the cunt back to your place Jim," Klaus replied.

Klaus, Jim, Stan and I got into Jim's car and started heading to Jim's place. Jim and Klaus were in the front seats while I sat in the back with Stan.

"You are a hungry cock whore aren't you" Stan teased me placing his hand on my thigh and feeling it. "Can't wait till we get the bitch home" laughed Jim.

Stan put his arm around my and gently pulled me to him and started to put his tongue in my ear whispering what he do to me when we got to Jim's. Klaus turned around and asked me to be his good slut and suck Stan's cock in the back seat. I had never suck cock or got fucked in a car but there's always a first time. Stan had his cock out of his pants and his hand at the back of my neck pushing me gently towards his cock. I lick his dick head working my tongue up and down his long shaft.

"Don't spill your cum in my car mate" teased Jim.

"Carla will lick it clean for you" laughed Klaus.

"What??? Carla?" you mean Carl" said Stan.

"I gave him a girl's name mate he's a she- Carla." Klaus laughed.

Oh fuck! Klaus had told me online that if I really wanted him to make me his girl I'd have to wear panties for him. They had a good a good laugh. I nearly came in my pants... fuck all this was getting too much for me. I had pre cum all over the front of my boxers. I loved it!

Jim had a very nice house overlooking the ocean. We had a more drinks. My heart was racing and my ass was tingling with anticipation of what was going to happen next.

"Hey Carla baby go into that room and put on the sexy panties daddy bought you." Jim said. He had a sexy black and pink lacy panty at the end of the bed which I gladly put on and walked out to them.

"Oh fuck yeah!" he's a fucking girl. Come here slut, turn around and bend over, I want to spank your sweet bum cheeks" said Jim. I did like he asked me. He placed his hands on my ass cheeks and squeezed them and then spanked them. "You naughty dirty girl you love cock don't you slut." "Yes I do I love daddy cocks" I whimpered. Spank! Spank!

"Come here Carla baby" barked Klaus "I want to eat your sweet pussy and play with your clit." Spank! Spank! "You dirty little bitch" His big hands spread my smarting bum cheeks, and he started rimming me. He started rubbing my "clit" like he called it through my panties. "Fuck! This girl has cum oozing out of her clit." He turned me around and slipped out my clit from the front of my panties and started to lick off the pre cum. OMG! I nearly exploded all over his face.

Klaus, Stan and Jim had taken off their clothes. They wanted me to stay in my panties.

"On your knees Carla girl" said Klaus. You're going to suck cocks whore, lube us to penetrate that tight pussy of yours." I got on my knees like a submissive little girl and began to suck their beautiful cocks- yummy they tasted so good, salty, sweet... Stan's cock was the largest about 8" and thick. I took turns sucking each of them.

Jim said that they should feed tow cocks at a time to "this cock hungry cunt.

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