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Baby sister makes a confession to her best friend.

"That way we'll have some variety to watch and get all worked up over."

He turned his head at the front door. "Babycakes, I don't know what's come over you lately, but I like it." He grinned in a way I figured he thought was wickedly lecherous. "I like it a whole lot!"

Brian scuttled out the door, I cleaned up the kitchen then ran upstairs and quickly showered, masturbating myself to a quick cum in the shower, and was waiting for him on the bed, in the promised baby dolls when he bounded through the bedroom door, three videos clutched in his hand.

I smiled and held out my hand. "Why don't you go grab a quick shower. I'll put one of these in and watch a little of it. That way I'll already be a little worked up while we watch it together." I pulled the frilled edge of my panties aside, brazenly showing him my blonde snatch. "We might even get in some naughty touchy/feely while we watch this time."

"Hot fucking damn!" he yelped and ducked into the bathroom.

I quickly substituted one of my private videos...that I had hidden under the bed for this express purpose...for one of those he had rented, then put one of his tapes in the player and hit fast foreword. I wanted it to be on a black on white vignette when my unsuspecting husband returned. I found one, conveniently right after a girl/girl vignette, put it on pause, got back on the bed and fingered myself to the still picture while Brian showered. The second I heard his bare feet headed for the connecting door, I hit play and was dreamily masturbating when he stepped into the room.

"You're more then a little work up already," he said, watching me finger my wet pussy. He glanced at the screen and gulped. "But... but that's a black and white scene, not a girl on girl."

"Oh, one of those was on before this one," I lied. "I'm working myself up thinking about that one." I closed my eyes and continued to masturbate.

"Oh, I see." Brian got on the bed beside me. "Have you ever thought of being with another woman?" he asked, watching a big black cock disappear entirely down a milky-skinned redhead's throat.

"I suppose all women have at one time or another," I answered, watching the black on white scene through slitted eyes while fingering my wet slit. "I'm sure most me have thought about the same sort of thing themselves."

"Not hardly," Brian scoffed. "Least, none of the guys I know."

"But you would like to see me with another woman?"

"Well, ah... sure I would. But only if you wanted to do it, Babycakes. I would never force you to do anything you didn't want to."

I silently congratulated myself. My husband had taken the salacious bait, now to hook him. I opened my eyes and stared past him at the screen. "What about me with say... a black man?"

"No way, Babycakes!" His verbal explosion had said no, but the brief flicker I caught in his eyes shouted, "Hell, yes!"

"It's not something we need to concern ourselves with right now, Hon." I took his hand and placed it inside the leg band of my panties, right against my wet pussy, then wrapped my hand around his hard white dick. Even hard, I could hide most of my husband's cock inside my fist. The lucky women in my videos needed to use both hands to properly caress their men's black cocks, and sometimes they even required third-hand help from one of their girlfriends to completely enclose their stupendous black cocks. In one of the videos, the girlfriend of lucky woman who was going to get that black cock in her actually had to use both hands to help conceal that gigantic black cock from my enraptured view.

However, I wasn't as lucky as my women friends.

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