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Nick comforts his sister.

He got to his knees and pulled me to mine. He kissed my mouth roughly and bite my lip. He ran his hands through my wet hair and tugged it lightly. He pushed me back lightly to get me to lay down. Readjusting himself, he spread my legs and slid down to his belly.

Slowly his tongue flicked the top of my pussy lips. Unhurriedly, he moved lower, teasing the moistness that has accumulated. Using his mouth, he parted the lips and dipped his tongue into the heat. He played with the clit with his tongue every so lightly. The touch was barely there, but the pleasurable pain was almost unbearable. He smiled and dipped lower.

He drug his tongue up and down catching the clit on the upswing. He nestled his mouth over my mound and began to work his tongue over and over my clit. He quickened his pace when he knew I was close. I grabbed his head and begged him not to stop. Faster he went, as my moans increased. I told him I was going to come and he flicked his tongue again over my clit at the moment of my orgasm. He tugged at it one last time pulled me back to my knees. He turned me around and bent me over at my waist.

From behind he spread my legs slightly and positioned himself just inside. I rocked backwards trying to catch it in my pussy, but he made it perfectly clear that he was the one in charge. Slowly he dipped into me, pushing it all the way in and taking it almost out. The pleasure that went through me was more then the cold air making me shiver. Faster the pace went, and harder he banged into me.

I reached back and played with his balls as he continued to rock in and out of my wet pussy. The heat from his dick was so intense I was screaming his name. I wanted it harder and faster and he was quick to comply. My screams were getting louder and louder the harder he thrusted. He pulled out at the last second and cam all over my ass. I felt the hot syrup slid down my rump as he finished the load. Unhurriedly, he withdrew and pulled me to my feet. Now we had to take another shower, but in separate bathrooms.The rush hour traffic was moving at a reasonable pace. I was anxious to get to his office because I looked forward to what was waiting. I swung into an empty space near the door and slid some gloss across my lips. I walked into the building and then into the office marked with his name.

The bell made a little dining noise and he emerged from the back office. He walked toward me and pressed his body next to mine as he reached across and locked the door. Giggling, I followed him back to his semi-messy office. He shut the door behind us just to be on the safe side. I took of my coat and set it on the chair.

I sauntered over to him slowly while I unbuttoned my first two buttons on my shirt. He smiled as he sat down in the oversized leather chair. My breasts spilled out of my shirt and I undid another button to emphasize. I leaned over him and placed my breasts in his face. He rubbed his stubble between them and kissed the sides. He growled low in his throat and grabbed my back to pull me closer.

I kissed his waiting lips and traveled down his neck. I kissed his skin that was exposed at the top of his shirt. I started to unbutton his shirt and kissed my way down as I went. I reached for his belt buckle and rubbed the hard mound between his legs. I unzipped the fly and let the warm erection fill my hands.

I fell to my knees and took it in my mouth. Slowly I moved it in and out feeling it grow in the warmth of my mouth. I played with his balls as I sucked the shaft. Quickening my pace, I teased him by slowing. While his eyes were closed I had finished unbuttoning my shirt and removed my bra. Spreading his legs a little wider I slid closer to him and dangled my breasts around his cock.

Slowly I let them settle around him and the wet from my mouth let his dick slide easily between my tits.

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