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A young woman and I find mutual comfort.

He tied the drawstring to the pajama pants, buttoned up the top and put on some slippers. Maria came out of the bathroom, her body still rosy from their lovemaking. He felt a stirring in his pants as she bent over her dresser rummaging for something to wear. He must have moaned, because she looked back at him over her shoulder and saw him staring at her ass. She wiggled it suggestively and, smiling, said "If you're ready to go again, at least let me take the pot roast and potatoes out of the oven." "Well, you know that the only think I like better than sex is food and we just had sex. I'm ready to eat!"

They walked into the kitchen and he sat down at the table while Maria took the roast and potatoes out of the oven. She got a can of corn out of the pantry and dumped it into a small, porcelain saucepan to heat it up. Some Italian bread and butter would complete the meal. After a few minutes, she brought two plates to the table. Frankie didn't want a beer or any wine, so he opened a bottle of pop. "Do you want any, sis?" "Yeah, that would be fine."

As they began to eat, Frankie waited for Maria to spill the beans. After a few bites, he could wait no longer. "So, what's the big news? Dish it out."

Maria smiled. "It came in the mail." Frankie was confused. "I went through the mail. Thanks for getting those prop catalogues. But I would hardly call that great news."

Maria got up, walked in the living room, and returned with an envelope. The return address read "United States Department of War." He opened it up and took out its contents. On top was a short letter. "Dear Mrs. Taylor: The President of the United States and a grateful nation extend their deepest sympathies for the loss of your husband, Ensign Chester Taylor, who died in the service of his country. Enclosed is a check in the amount of $10,000, representing the proceeds of his military life insurance. We recognize that this sum is no substitution for having your husband safe and sound in his home. We deeply regret his loss. Sincerely, George Marshall, General, Joint Chiefs of Staff."

After glancing at the check, Frankie looked at his sister, searching her face for some emotion. While her eyes were brimming, no tears trickled down her cheeks. He arched his eyebrows, waiting for her to react. "Yeah, it didn't take long for me to realize that we had a lavender marriage, nothing more than a front for Chet's true desires. But, he really loved the Navy and was as patriotic the next guy, so he wanted to serve. If anyone knew that he preferred men to women, he would have been banned from enlisting or -- worse - dishonorably discharged." She stopped and collected herself. "And, yeah, I do miss him, he was a swell guy. But he's never coming back. Listen, Frankie, we have an opportunity to do something great and this money will help us. After it came in the mail, I decided that today would be the day that I needed to finalize the ending of our marriage. Remember when I told you about the letters from his lovers?" Frankie nodded. "Well, I found them long after I came home early from work one day and discovered him on his hands and knees getting fucked by a Chief Petty Officer. That's why I waited for you in the bedroom on my hands and knees. It was my way of, you know, closing the Chet book."
Frankie sat there, chewing a forkful of pot roast as he considered his response. Before he could speak, Maria reached over and grabbed his hand. "You don't have to say a thing, brother. We have started writing our own book. Let's just leave it at that for now."



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