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Valerie has a second chance at pack life.

He stepped back as the tip just missed him and took a swipe himself at the moving body coming at him, but Snake had anticipated it and moved to the side, bringing up his hand, the blade in it catching Patrick's side, cutting a small slice that stung like hell. Hearing Rachel's scream at the sight of him being wounded told him she was alright and he swung his own knife out, moving forward, catching his opponent on his arm tearing Snakes shirt.

Panting with exertion the two men circled each other, knives held ready, eyes locked, in deadly battle.

Snake suddenly swept forward with an upper cut movement, Patrick raising his shirt wrapped arm to deflect the deadly knife coming at him, the blade cutting through the fabric and slicing his arm, but his other arm came up and caught Snake in the side and the man grunted with the pain as he staggered back, taunting Patrick with, "Learnt to do your own fighting inside Patrick? Not relying on others anymore to do your fighting for you?"

Not even bothering to answer him Patrick stood chest heaving, blood oozing from his wounds, eyes narrowed ready to carry on the fight.

In a mighty roar Snake surged, grabbing Patrick's hand that held the knife with his free one and Patrick did the same, holding Snakes, and the two men struggled together for supremacy, trying to get the better of the other.

Rachel watched from her place on the ground, her heart in her mouth, as she watched the two men fighting, Patrick's naked torso glistening with sweat, the blood red against his prison pale skin. Slowly she watched as Snake seemed to get the better of Patrick, his greater height and strength making Patrick bend backwards, twisting his arm down to the side. Looking wildly around at the men who stood watching she saw Jerry holding his knife loosely at his side, his face one of shock at the sight of the two men fighting. Lurching to her feet she grabbed the knife from Jerry's hand and ran towards Snakes back as he managed to get the advantage over Patrick, his arm raised up to bring his knife down into his chest.

Plunging the knife in her hand into Snakes back she collapsed on the floor and watched as he staggered, tripping over the crouched Patrick and then fell onto the ground.

Jerry ran over to Patrick, helping him up, "Quick we need to leave....the police will be here soon, some of Snakes men might phone them and there'll be questions asked at the hospital about the girl and what happened."

Getting up off his knees Patrick rushed over to Rachel, "You alright?....did he hurt you?" and he hugged her, kissing her hard on the mouth, "My God when I saw him hold that knife to your throat......"

"Are you hurt bad?" She looked at the wound with blood seeping out of it at his side.

"It's not bad, just a nick."

"Come on you two lets get a move on...."

Davy grabbed Patrick's arm, "What about the money?"

Jerry pushed Davy back, "Are you mad....forget the fucking money....lets go."

"No, he's right.....lets get the money.....then we burn down the place." And giving one last look at Snakes body laying on the grass he put his arm around Rachel and made his way to the front door, the four men following. They made their way back into the house and up the stairs into Snakes office as fast as they all could.

Pushing aside the bookcase Patrick stepped forward and turned the dial on the safe while the rest watched. Opening the door of the safe Patrick looked in, Davy peering over his shoulder. A low whistle escaped Davy's lips. "Wow looks like more than a million Patrick and pushing past the injured man started to pull the money out in fists full of wads of notes.

"We need something to put it in.

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