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The plot thickens. Boy, does it ever.

"Ah, excited?"

"No, not exactly excited."

"Apprehensive maybe?"

"Do you know Abi I have no idea, maybe all of those and some more, " she rubber her pussy again, would I sound silly to say I was not in the least bit scared and if I had a chance to not go, I would not take it, I'd go. It's going to be a very special day."

"Go for a pee for goodness sake."

Lee went for a pee, she was almost bursting.

"Your such a good girl Lee." Abi kissed her forehead.


"Yes my dear."

"If I am a good girl, please may I have a good girl spanking?"

"Yes my darling girl, as asked so politely it will be a very light one as we will be at PaPa's in under 2 hours."

Lee stripped just as Tom brought in the breakfast.

"So sorry Mistress Abi, I should have knocked",

"Yes you should, it will be reported to Mr. Brown."

"Oh my, yes Mistress I deserve it, sorry Mistress Lee." Tom looked gutted.

"Unless you want Mistress Lee to deal with you?"

"Yes please Mistress, and please beat me as you see fit.." Tom left the room.

"Can we wank his brains out too Abi, can we, can we?"

"Yes, of course." they both grinned

Breakfast came and went, Lee just nibbled her toast.


"Ah, come in Sarah, just looking through your records and its pretty exemplary, just the odd punishment on your assessment result days. Would you like to tell me, in your own words exactly why Cook had to send you to me?"

"Yes Sir, and thank you for affording me your busy time this morning. Cook said my mind was elsewhere this morning. I accidentally broke a saucer and she took the belt to my naked bottom, and I deserved it, will pay for it, I promise."

"Don't worry about that now, I feel under the circumstances just a few reminders are needed, strip naked."

"Yes Sir, bra too Sir, will you be spanking my titties?"

"Yes and no."

She stood naked and trembling and began to cry. Mr. Brown laid her head on his shoulders.

"There, there little one, let it all out, so she did, worried about her fathers belt, she stopped.

"As you are so upset my dear, instead of going on the girls rack, I intend to spank you over my knee then you may bend over for my belt."

"Oh thank you Sir, you have always been very kind to me."

He duly spanked her, thorough but not excessive, she cried and cried.

He rubbed her bottom, it was amply sized, just like Mrs. Browns, except white.

"Stand up, he undid his belt before her eyes, she whimpered, put your hands on the desk and bend.

He was not going to belt her but did want to see her hanging tits so had no option.

He managed a feel as he mover her to a better position for his swing.

She took her 10 well and her tits swung like pendulums, wonderful.

He hugged her and she just put her dress on and left, knickers and bra in hand, "Once again so sorry to hear about your dogs accident," she cried as she left, or she would have laughed.

Ben and Tom were waiting for her and they went out into the yard to an out building.

"You have impressed me Tom and are very high in my esteem, apart from doing me, I'm all yours.

They all stripped and all sucked and nibbled every part of each others body, she managed to suck Ben but not take his full length and licked Tom from balls to tip all along his shaft.

To finish she bent over and took each cock in turn between her legs, not in her pussy, she rubbed their cock ends as they popped in and out of her legs but rubbing her bottom and clit as the boys thrust.

All sweaty and all cummed out they went their separate ways, with Sarah's parting comment to Tom, " Got to bury my dog."

She laughed all the way home and showered before handing the note to her Father.


Abi and Lee put on their dressing gowns and walked hand in hand to PaPa's suite.

They took a deep breath and Abi knocked.

PaPa answered the door and kissed each one on the cheek as they came in.

Lee gasped as she saw MaMa naked in a corner her bottom glowing bright red.

"Don't worry Lee, MaMa had that spanking coming all week.

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