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A life of foot slavery unfolds.

"I'm in the kitchen Ted." My voice sounded as though it was coming from someone else's lips and a shiver ran through me, my nipples hardening painfully as I waited for him to come through.

"What are you doing home just now, are you sick or something?" Concern filled his voice and I could hear his footsteps getting closer as I shook the can of spray cream that I had in my hand.

"I arranged for the day off darling, you didn't think I had forgotten about your birthday now did you?" I knew he was close now and I held the nozzle of the can close to the valley between my breasts.

"Ah okay, not that I wanted to remember I was turning forty or anything Caro but thanks for reminding me, do you want to go out to dinner later then?" Just another couple of steps and he would realise that we wouldn't be going anywhere that evening.

Even although I was keeping my eyes trained on the doorway I still jumped when he turned the corner to come into the room, his steps ceasing abruptly as he noticed for the first time exactly what I was doing in the kitchen.

"What... Caro what are you doing?" His eyes were wide as they travelled the length of my body, heat filling his eyes as he saw my shaven mound.

"I thought we would have dessert first for a change Ted, you don't have any objections do you." I began to squirt the cream in a line down the middle of my body.

"You make a most interesting sweet course Caro, I have to ask what gave you such a crazy idea in the first place though." His hands were already pulling at his tie, freeing it quickly.

"I found one of your magazines darling, I just wish you had shared them with me before, but seeing as you didn't, I thought I'd give you a special treat for your birthday." I smiled cheekily at him and continued spraying all the way down to my mound before dropping the can to the bottom of the pool.

"All this bother just for me, I am indeed a fortunate man, but I have to know if your little floor show requires any audience participation because I am just dying to smear that cream all over you." His voice was thick.

"Well feel free to join in but I think you'd better take your clothes off first, you don't want to ruin them." No sooner, had the words left my lips but his hands were busy divesting his body of the dark tailored suit he wore for work.

While he was undressing I took the chance to retrieve the bowl of melted chocolate from the cooker, placing it on the table near me. The clothes he would normally take great care in folding and hanging up were kicked to one side and he now stood in just his boxers, the clingy jersey fabric only emphasizing his erection, my stomach muscles jumped.

"All of your clothes Ted." I whispered, letting my fingers dip into the chocolate.

"Anything you want darling..." He replied throatily.

His fingers hooked on the waistband and he pushed down slowly, his eyes never leaving mine once as I raised my chocolate covered fingers to my mouth and began to suck slowly. As he uncovered his cock, I lifted the bowl from the table and held it out to him, smiling as he took it from me.

"Happy birthday sweetheart." I whispered as he reached his hand towards me, smearing the creamy mess slowly over my breasts.

"I only wish that I had turned forty sooner Caro, this is just amazing." He shot me a grin as the palm of his hand smoothed cream over the taut peaks of my nipples.

I let my tongue dart out to wet my lips as he dipped his fingers into the bowl of chocolate, pulling them out quickly then flicking the dripping mess at my face. I closed my eyes as the warm gobs splattered across my cheeks and nose and laughed as he repeated the action, my hands went out in an automatic defensive gesture and my fingertips grazed against the solid wall of his chest.

"Give me the chocolate Ted!" I demanded, turning my hands over, waiting for him to place the bowl in them.

"Make me!" I opened my eyes and could see that he was holding back his laughter with difficulty and I knew that I could not maintain a serious expression as I thought of how I must look with

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