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Keira faces her fears and finds more love.

I pulled his dick up with my right hand, and lowered my face. The musty smell filled my nose it pressed against his cock. I dragged my tongue up and down his sack. I pressed my face in further, and his dick lay across the side of my face. My eyes were against his thigh, and all I could smell was a man's crotch.

I opened my mouth and took one of his balls in and sucked on it. I rolled it around, licking and tasting it. I could feel pre cum drip onto my face. I cringed at the thought of semen touching, but kept going.

His moaning drove me on.

I felt his hand on the back of my head, and once again he applied pressure.

What is he doing?, I thought. His nut plopped from my mouth as I descended. His cock lifted off my face as his hips rose up. I was stroking, but had to let go as he pulled his legs up to his chest.

What the hell? Did he cum? He pushed again and his sack slid along my face until I could feel his ass cheeks on my chin.

My chest tightened. Oh my god, no way. I started to panic.

I was somewhat na__ve I guess, but I had only saw a guy rim a girl once in a porn and didn't think that actually happened in real life. Is that what he wanted? That can't be! That's disgusting.

"Lick my ass," he answered my question.

I tried to pull my head back, but he kept pushing. His sack was against my forehead and I could feel his ass cheeks around my mouth. It was dark and I couldn't see, but even though my lips weren't touching I knew the dirtiest of holes was millimeters away.

"mmpphh," I struggled as he pushed my head closer. I had never thought about doing this. I just wanted to give a hand job, and even that was crazy for me!

I admit the sucking was fun, and tea bagging him felt dirty but I could get into it. But not this! A complete stranger wanted me to do the most disgusting thing I could think of, and he wasn't giving me a choice!

He kept pushing my head and thrusting his ass into me. The musty smell mixed with a new scent. It wasn't bad, but the thought of where it came from repulsed me. This was the sweat from a man's ass crack, and it was all over my face now.

He gave another push, and my lips brushed his hole. It was rougher than the smooth skin around it, so I knew what it was. Oh my god, my mind raced.

"Lick it. Get in there," he demanded.

His arms were much stronger than my neck, and I couldn't pull away. I gave up struggling, and relaxed. It was hard to breath, my nose was pressed in his crack and I keep my mouth closed and lips tucked in so I didn't risk touching his hole again.

We were at a stalemate, me with my face between this guy's ass cheeks.

To my horror, my cock grew even harder. The thought of where my mouth was grew less repulsive. And, I had to admit, the man scent was even more intense down here.

I relaxed a bit, and thought about my situation. He was going to hold me here, and there was only one way he would let me go. He wanted something, and would let go of my head after I did it. And, if there was even a small part of me that was curious, this was my one chance. I was definitely never meeting a guy on line again, not after this.

I opened mouth slightly, and took in a breath. My lungs filled, and my body was relieved to have more air than I could get through my nose, which was still pressed into his ass crack.

My upper lip brushed against his hole again, and I heard him moan. He pushed me in further, and my mouth became pressed against the most vile body part a person has.

Pre cum dripped off the end of my cock as I again took in the scent of his ass. It was nothing like I thought it was. It was- interesting, I'll say.

I took another moment, and thought- what the hell, there's only one way out of this.

I parted my lips a little more, and stuck out my tongue. It reached out, and touched the center of his ass. I could feel the rough ridges of his sphincter on both sides, with a gap right at the tip of my tongue. That gap was a man's ass hole, and my mouth was wrapped around it.

He moaned again, and I flicked

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