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Jilted woman enjoys week of lust with an exotic man.

Daddy controlled the kiss, but Scottie willingly gave over everything to the kiss. Scottie was breathing Daddy's air, he could feel the heat radiating into his body, and he was whimpering into the kiss. Their tongues didn't fight, daddy explored the smaller boys mouth. Scottie wound his tongue around his Daddy's.

Their tongues danced then, making Scottie's already hard dick pulse between his legs. "What does Daddy's boy want?" Damien demanded, and Scottie whined loudly, and panted hard. He couldn't really think about anything more than his daddy.

His Daddy's warm body, his Daddy's moist tongue, his Daddy's hold on him, his daddy in general. Everything was his daddy.

"I want to suck you daddy..." Scottie whispered softly, looking down at his lap. Scottie knew he wouldn't be cumming any time soon already, his cock was rock hard and he had been for what felt like forever. But Scottie didn't care. He wanted to pleasure his daddy, no matter what. He didn't care if his dick turned blue and fell off, as long as his daddy was pleasured.

Damien pushed him down to his knees, and pulled his hands behind his back. Scottie watched as his daddy pulled his hands together and put the cuffs on his thin, delicate wrists. Scottie pulled at them, just to see how much leeway his daddy had given him. He smiled when he realized not much. He watched as daddy unzipped, and unbuckled his pants, then pulled out his dick. Scottie almost drooled.

His Daddy's dick was perfect, so long and hard, and manly. The hair at the base of his shaft was neatly trimmed, but it made his dick look so much more masculine. Scottie was told to keep his smaller, thinner dick shaved. Scottie loved the comparison. Whereas Daddy's was masculine, and thick, long, and sexy, Scottie would call his own pretty, it was smaller, barely even a handful for his daddy, and it made Scottie feel better knowing that his daddy was even bigger than him in that way, too.

Scottie leaned forward, unable to use his hands to guide the larger dick into his mouth, but daddy helped him. He pulled it up by the base, and held it for Scottie so he could wrap his mouth around it. Once he had the tip in his mouth, his Daddy's hand fell off his dick, and went straight to his hair. Scottie let out a whimper as he felt his Daddy's strong grip latched onto his hair.

Scottie licked the head of Daddy's cock, and sucked in earnest. He took some of it down his throat and choked lightly, before pulling back and sucking hard on the tip. He was careful to avoid scraping the sensitive flesh of his Daddy's cock with his teeth. He didn't want to risk hurting his man.

Scottie deep-throated him again, his throat contracting around the head he somehow managed to take in his throat. He choked lightly, and daddy groaned, loving the feeling of his throat. Scottie felt amazing, just knowing that he was pleasuring the man who he gave his entire life to. He couldn't imagine his life differently even if he tried. Scottie let himself get low on air before he slowly pulled back, breathing in through his nose as he took him out of his mouth.

Suddenly daddy picked him up by his underarms suddenly, and sat him in his lap. Scottie couldn't wrap his arms around his Daddy's neck, but he rested his entire body against him not afraid of falling at all. Daddy wrapped his arms around Scottie's thin waist, holding the boy close to him. "I'm going to fuck you so hard, you won't be able to move in the morning." Scottie let out a whimper, and panted. He didn't know how to breathe, he'd forgotten.

"Please...!" He whispered, and Damien smirked at him evilly, and bit into his earlobe hard. Scottie arched up, and moaned loudly. Heat was surrounding them, unable to catch his breath.

"I'm going to fuck you right here, on this couch." He said, and Scottie nodded desperately. He wanted that so bad. "But it would be so sad to waste this unique opportunity where you picked out what toy I use on you..." He said and Scottie whimpered. He wanted his daddy spank him, but he wanted to be fucked more.


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