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Scary experience turns out to be a good one.

Then she felt warmth around her pussy and a tongue began lapping against her cunt lips. It was forceful and he clearly knew what he was doing as it didn't take long for her pussy to begin leaking juices again. As she sucked David's cock deep into her throat, she closed her eyes and moaned louder and louder.

For a few moments that felt like forever she was in ecstasy as the hot mouth pleasured her throbbing clit, and then suddenly it was gone. She whimpered around David's cock and tried to look back but her head was held firmly. She didn't have to wait long though, soon she felt the eager head of one of the guys' cocks slide over her dripping slit and press against her tight tummy. Then he drew back and pressed into her body hard, her eyes squeezed shut as she moaned loudly around David's meat until the guy bottomed out in her and held it for a moment for her to adjust.

David took hold more tightly on her head and almost in synchronization they both began fucking her. The guy behind thrust hard and deep but kept the pace slow, so she felt every inch of his cock ramming into her tight, wet pussy as David slid his shaft equally slowly down into her throat while she sucked, licked and drooled over it.

It only took a few thrusts more from David before he also blew his load deep into her throat. This time she was more ready for it and sucked hard swallowing every last spurt from his twitching dick. Most of her mind was focusing on the deep fucking she was getting from behind, and as David's cock withdrew from her mouth followed by trails of cum and drool, she grunted and moaned with each impact.

"Oh my god you are so fucking hot and tight!" the guy behind her exclaimed as he continued thrusting deep and hard into her soaking pussy.

"Oh...oh...oh," Crystal moaned again and again each time she felt her tight hole filled. Her eyes closed and mouth open she had almost lost herself to the intense sensations engulfing her body. She suddenly realized as the thrusting from behind became slightly more irregular and she heard the guy panting and grunting over her, she'd not seen any condoms on any of the guys.

"Wait!" She panted suddenly tensing up. "Where are you going to cum?!"

The guy behind her slowed and then pressed hard into her as he leaned down over her back so that his lips were near her ear.

"Five guys are gonna fuck every one of your holes all day long sweetie...don't worry we're gonna fill you up." He chuckled as he straightened up again gripping on to her hips and resuming his fucking fast and hard. Crystal's heart was now pounding and her eyes were wide as the fog of new sensations was lifted by what she'd just been told. She tried to move but the guy fucking her was holding on tight and ramming his cock into her as fast and hard as he could almost knocking the wind out of her with each slapping impact.

Crystal was being pressed forward as the guy's hands pressed down hard onto the small of her back. She squealed as her pussy burned from the intense fucking then suddenly the guy thrust one last time hard into her, jolting her body forward as he unloaded deep inside her young pussy. She felt every hot spurt as it blasted into her ravaged hole.

"Oh my fucking god...oh my fucking god," She moaned between ragged breaths.

Finally the guy slipped out of her tingling pussy dragging a trail of sticky cum that oozed out and down her pale thigh soaking into the stockings. Crystal was dazed again and just laid there her ass high in the air; her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth a breathless 'O'.

She didn't have long to recover before another set of hands was around her waist, lifting her up and re-positioning her over the third dick she'd taken today. She tried weakly to protest but the other guys were close in around her holding her legs and arms, caressing her breasts and fingering her dripping tender pussy lips.

The guy holding her waist sat down on the couch resting her on his pelvis, his rock hard cock pressing against her pussy.

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