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Different would have been the way Lisa described the sensation, but different was interesting.

The zucchini was a nice vegetable. It was the vegetable that found Lisa's G-spot for the first time. Lisa remembered the night it happened. She had just returned from the grocery store buying her allotment of veggies. She dumped them on the countertop when it hit her how much her zucchini resembled a cock. She picked up the largest one of the bunch and examined it. It was a dark fleshy green that was firm yet pliable. Giving it a pinch, her fingers left a slight depression on the green shaft. The shaft was a gentle curve rounding into a fat head on the bottom.

She rinsed the zucchini under the running water and worked the shaft up and down slowly. She rubbed it briskly removing all the dirt and grime and proceeded to her bedroom. She pulled out a small bottle of KY from her drawer and placed it on top of the nightstand next to the zucchini. She stared at it and dropped her shorts and pulled her panties down. Her pussy was already excited and her body responded by wetting her lips with a warm and viscous solution.

She lied on her bed taking the zucchini and the lotion in either hand. She held the fat head up in the air and squeezed a stream of lotion on to it. She worked the lotion into the zucchini giving it a dark green shine. Her heart quickened as she brought it down between her legs.

Lisa placed the fat head against her lips and gently inserted it inside her pussy. She grimaced slightly, but the wetness of her pussy and the lotion allowed a smooth entry. The head was big, but after the initial entry, it filled her to her liking. She lied there for a few moments just to feel the sensation of the vegetable being inside her. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was parted slightly letting out a breathy exhale.

Slowly, Lisa began working the shaft in and out of her. It filled her much more than the carrot and the curvature brushed the roof of her pussy. Both were good, but this was different she noticed. The head hitting the roof of her pussy was new and slowly like the carrot, she could feel her orgasm building. A smile glossed Lisa's face then she grimaced suddenly emitting a soft moan. She felt a tingle. It was a tingle that felt intense and very sensitive radiating from a spot grazed by the head of the zucchini. She angled the head toward the same location and pushed it in.

"Oooohhhh!" Lisa moaned with a violent convulsion.

It was a sensation that felt too sensitive to touch, but the feeling was undeniably pleasurable. She aimed for the spot again and pushed at again, but with less force.

"Uuuuuuunnnngghhh!" she purred as her back arched off the bed and her pussy contracted tight around the green shaft.

She poked and prodded the spot and felt her moment of no return passing. Her eyes were closed and her muscles contracted holding a deep breath in her lungs. She mouthed the words, "Fuck me."

As if time stopped for a moment, there was not a care in the world except for this exact moment. Everything had gone silent as she felt her heartbeat behind her eyes. The peak was coming and as much as she wanted it to last, she also wanted to ride down the wave.

"Auuuuuuuggghhhhhh!" she screamed uncontrollably as the orgasm crashed down. Her scream was loud enough to be heard from a neighbor and placed her hand over her mouth while her chest continued heaving up and down.

Lisa smiled and placed the carved orange carrot on her dorm room desk. She dipped her hand into the bag and took out the cucumber. It was a dark solid green with the girth being the thickest around the center. It was the heavy duty veggie that had to be carved down to size. The benefit being it was always too big and they could always be tailored to give off a sensation depending on Lisa's mood. It could fill her like a zucchini but have the crisp texture of a carrot. A versatile vegetable, but it did take some time and work.

The carving was not only required, but at the same time sexually relaxing

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