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Life becomes more and more complicated.

Without warning, Jim sucked her pussy hard into his mouth and closed his teeth lightly over the inflamed clitoris. Susan's scream was silenced by Kaz's kiss when an earth-shattering explosion destroyed her last shred of decency. Violent spasms rocked her lithe body and Susan was unable to halt the impending orgasm.

Her reactions and display of immense lust fueled Jim's intense desires. His caresses were relentless. Jim's tongue started beating on the swollen bud inside his fiery mouth and he licked her cunt with skill not experienced by Susan before.

Suddenly Jim released her swollen lips and put his big hand under Susan's tight ass cheeks. He squeezed hard and dug his fingers into the firm flesh of her butt. The feeling was profound and Susan thrust her hips in the air with all her might begging the stranger to consume her soul. The orgasm soared towards the summit and her mind was totally lost in ecstasy.

Kaz looked on wide-eyed with a deep envy when his friend took his beautiful slut to heavenly heights. Susan's body thrashed on the padded table and it was all Kaz could do to hold onto her sweaty body. He watched the violent climax roar over the highest mountaintop sensing that a little of his dominance was dissipating.

All of a sudden, Kaz was dumbfounded at what he did next. He took his pecker out and stroked it like a madman. He masturbated watching Susan being eaten out by a real professional. Kaz's stamina was rated in measly seconds before creamy, white cum shot across the room. The erotic scene unfolding before his very eyes fulfilled another erotic fantasy of his teacher and Kaz felt content to let Jim disgrace Susan.

It took an eternity for the lust to subside enough for Susan's exhausted body to settle down. Just as her hips settled on the sweat covered tabletop, Jim's tongue stroked her control button a few more times. It seemed that her clit was even more sensitive than before and she pushed her pussy into his mouth almost begging him to defile her. Jim continued to drink the sweet nectar like a man possessed. A few more spasms rocked her exhausted body and Susan filled his mouth with her womanly juices.

With the orgasm subsiding, Susan felt absolutely embarrassment. Her emotions slowly returned to somewhat normal while she uttered a few sobs of defeat. She wished her ordeal were over so she could go home. That was not to be, as Jim was truly enraged. He planned to satisfy the deep longing in her belly by ravaging Susan's sexy body whether or not she or Kaz liked it.

But first Jim's scheme meant more humiliation for the gorgeous teacher. Jim spoke and Susan had a hard time comprehending what he was saying. "Now I think it's time for me to give you a free tattoo right about here," he said pointing to a spot just above the soaked hood of her labia. Susan was speechless and she merely looked down with her mouth agape in disbelief.

Jim was totally devious. He knew Susan would have a hard time explaining a tattoo in such a delicate spot so he planned on putting one on her luscious ass. He fully realized that Susan would readily agree to getting her ass inked before she would have anything tattooed near her precious womanhood.

All of a sudden, Jim grabbed her slender hips. He easily rolled Susan over, onto her stomach, with her wondering what he planned next. "Maybe one small tattoo here... on your right cheek would be nice," he said. His finger drew a diagram on her butt settling near the top portion of her flushed, right cheek. "What do you think? Right about here?"

Kaz immediately voiced his approval while Susan breathed a big sigh of relief. A tattoo where Jim had indicated near her pussy was certainly unthinkable but one on her butt was not nearly so invasive. She fretted about Jim really doing it but reasoned that her husband would more readily accept one on her ass. Jim insisted Susan agree so reluctantly she nodded her approval.

Jim could hardly wait to finish the bonus tattoo, as he would then enact the rest of his plan.

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