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A guy takes a country girl back into the woods.

Kiss me again." She said somewhat breathlessly as Eddie pulled the zipper of her skirt down and fumbled with the clasp holding the waist closed.

"Mmmmm." Much better that time." She cooed as he broke the kiss, his fingers having finally mastered the little clasp. "Now just let the skirt fall down. Don't force it, just coax it so that gravity will do the work. Not bad. Next time just lay your hand flat on my body and let your fingertips coax it down until it just slides down on its own. Now rub my butt again. Just like before, tease it, stroke it. Make me want your hands on my bare skin. Ohhhhh that's it. That's better, much better." She cooed softly as he rubbed his hands around her butt, the silk blouse between his hands and her pantyhose covered rump.

As he rubbed he worked his hands under the tail of the blouse, his fingers feeling the smoothness of the hose and the edges of her panties.

"Now let's finish the blouse. You definitely have me wanting to feel your hands on my bare skin. " she coaxed softly her pussy getting even wetter with anticipation as Eddie stroked her butt, his fingers sliding all the way down under the round curve of her ass and practically teasing between her legs slightly.

"Yes maam." He whispered.

"Maureen." She corrected softly as his fingers undid the last three buttons of the blouse. "Now gently slide your hands up my front, inside the shirt. Oh yeah, just like that. Fingers up, all the way to my shoulders. Now slide the shirt off and let your hands run down my arms as you chase the sleeves down my arms. Ohhhhh yeah. You do learn fast. That's a very good touch." She cooed softly as the blouse slipped over her wrists and fell to the floor behind her. "Now my bra. Many men have trouble with this so just take your time." She said, stepping closer to him to press her bra covered chest to his bare chest. "It's little hooks in a metal loop." She whispered as Eddie worked to undo the clasp. "There you go." She added approvingly as she felt the elastic strap around her torso loosen. "Now step back just a little and slide your hands up my back. Ohhhhhh yeah, that's nice. Just tease the straps off my shoulders and let it slide down my arms. No, don't pull, just let them hang there a moment. What you do next will make all the difference to some women." She whispered softly to him.

"How so?" He asked curiously.

"Many women are very self conscious about their breasts. Kind of like how nervous you were exposing your cock to me. Some women want to be teased into exposing themselves and then they want to know that what is exposed is appreciated. So start at my neck and kiss your way down my chest, kissing slowly back and forth, let the cups fall away when they're ready." She coaxed.

Eddie leaned his head down to her neck and began kissing softly, working down her neck to her shoulder, squatting down slightly so he could continue to work lower, kissing back and forth across the tops of her large round breasts. The cups of the lacy bra rolled down somewhat but were held in place by the weight of the large mounds holding the lower elastic band against her body.

"Gently roll the cups down to expose the front of my breasts and cup them with your hands. Ohhhhh nice. So gentle. Your hands feel hot against my bare skin. Mmmmmmmm lift them a little and the bra will fall away and you'll have all of them exposed. Now just keep kissing until you come to the nipples. Ohhhhhh yeah." She cooed as Eddie kissed down and around each large breast, their weight surprisingly heavy in his hands, their large size flowing over even his big hands.

"Now swirl your tongue around each nipple and then suck them into your mouth.

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