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The Waters case.


"Yessir," he said and got right down on his knees between my legs.

I watched Mike put my old man's hard cock into his mouth. He could only take three or four inches but that was enough. His mouth was extremely wet and smooth. I knew he would be between my legs for maybe ten minutes before I flooded his mouth.

Then he stopped sucking me and asked, "can you take your pants off, Mr. Jim?" I'd like to try sucking your balls."

He didn't have to ask twice. I stood up and shucked down my pants and underwear in one quick movement. Then I kicked the clothes aside and sat down with my feet on the edge of the couch cushion. This gave him easier access to my nuts and my asshole if he wanted to lick it.

Once I was in position, young Mike put his face in my crotch and I felt his tongue on my scrotum. He licked all around my ball sack and I felt his tongue touch my ass hole. I adjusted my position to make it easier for him to lick my ass.

Mike did a good job sucking and licking my balls and did even better tonguing my hole. Pre-cum was leaking out of the tip of my cock. A shiny stream of it ran down the length of my shaft and disappeared into my pubic bush. I remembered how easily my spit-wet finger slid into his ass and I wondered if my cock would enter him as easily. Of course I would use lube.

As good a job as he was doing in my crotch, I considered asking him if he would like to get his ass fucked. He had a perfect bubble-butt, white and without a blemish. When I was eating his ass earlier, I wanted to plant wet kisses on every inch of his behind. While I turned this over in my mind, I felt one of Mike's long, slender fingers pushing into my hole. It didn't hurt but it was slightly uncomfortable.

Use a little more spit on your finger, Mike.

He gave me a shy, "I'm sorry," look, and quickly wet his finger with his mouth and gave an extra wet lick to my asshole. His finger didn't go into me as easily as my finger had gone into him, but it wasn't uncomfortable and after a few moments it began to feel pretty good. He kept finger-fucking me as he took my cock back into his mouth.

He sucked my cock in steady slow strokes. In a short while I felt my orgasm building. His eyes with the long lashes were closed and face looked so innocent--even angelic--as his lips slipped up and down, up and down, on my old man's nine inch cock. Mikes warm and wet mouth finally did the trick and an enormous wave of orgasm swept over me.

I was watching Mikes face when my cum started gushing into his mouth. His eyes squinched shut, and he kept only the head of my cock in his mouth while my heavy cream flooded his mouth. When I was finished, Mike looked up and met my eyes. He slackened the grip his lips had on my penis and I watched as the white stuff flowed from his mouth and ran down the length of my shaft.

He sat back on his haunches, licked his lips and looked at me expectantly.

"You didn't like the way my cum tasted did you?" I said kindly. "I watched your face while I was squirting."

"I couldn't help it Mr. Jim. Your cum tastes a whole lot different than Mark's."

"Well, You gave me a damn good blowjob. Next time you can finish me off with your hand."

Mike nodded, thoughtfully, as if he thought it would be best.

"Maybe I should have stuck my dick in your ass, Mike," I said half jokingly.

"Not like that," he said, pointing at my deflating cock and grinning."

"But if it was hard?" I pursued.

"Mark is always wanting to fuck me in the ass. I won't let him."

"You seemed to like it when I had my finger in your ass."

"Yeah, I liked that."

"Don't you think a cock would feel better?"

"Come on, Mr. Jim. Your cock would split me wide open."

"Okay, Mike," I said getting up on my feet. "I think I'll have a drink. You?"

Still on his knees, Mike nodded a "Yes."

I got the glasses from my bedroom, rinsed them, and poured the drinks.

Mike got off the floor and sat in an easy chair that faced the couch.

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