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Me, my sister, and her friend take some X.

Mark worked them around and got them good and slick again and pulled them out and reached up to her mouth. Jill opened her mouth and sucked his fingers in and sucked on them. Jill was enjoying the attention Mark was paying to her. He sucked her off his fingers a few more times and fed her his slick fingers a few more times.

Mark began fingering her clit with one hand while he worked his two fingers back into Jill and rubbed her G-spot. Jill moaned and groaned for about 10 minutes trying to hold back then she came in a huge gush of juices.

"Oh yes!!" Jill yelled.

"Mark seems to be good with his hands doesn't he Jill?" Dawn asked.

"Yes he is!"

Mark helped Jill up and she returned to her seat next to her husband Chris, then he walked to Dawn and retrieved a card from the red bag.

"Oh this may be fun," Dawn said as she read the card. "It says...draw two women's name!"

Dawn reached in the pink bag and pulled out a chip.


We all looked at Julie, she looked nervous, she may have been wild on the video but I wasn't sure about her with another woman.

Dawn reached back in the pink bag and pulled out another chip.


"I'll finish reading the card. The two women selected have a choice, everyone would enjoy watching you two make love to each can pass and sit out the rest of the game."

"Oh my," Julie said.

"Julie, have you ever made love to another woman?" Dawn asked.




"It is up to you two!" Dawn said.

"Julie?" Liz asked.

"I don't know, I have never done that," Julie said.

"Julie, let me do you then you can decide if you want to try it," Liz told her.

Julie looked at David.

"It's up to you, but I would like to see you do it."

David kissed Julie and we all waited. Julie stood and waited on Liz.

"Come with me Julie," Liz said.

Liz walked over to the chair and waited for Julie.

"Sit Julie," Liz told her.

Julie slowly sat on the end of the chair; Liz got down in front of her and spread her legs apart. Everyone was watching and waiting. Liz began kissing up Julie's leg slowly. Julie was rubbing her thighs as she watched Liz. Liz worked her way up and kissed Julie's pussy gently, Julie inhaled sharply and jumped.

"Are you okay Julie?" Liz asked.

"Yes...I guess!"

Liz leaned forward and kissed on Julie's pussy a few more times then ran her tongue up her lips, Julie sat up very straight. Liz kept licking Julie's pussy lips for a few minutes. We watched Julie place her mouth over Julie's pussy and shove her tongue in.

"Oh my!!" Came from Julie.

Liz worked her tongue in and out of Julie while we all watched, once Julie started squirming Liz took her fingers and spread Julie's lips apart and started licking her clit.


Julie let her hands slide up to her breasts and began rubbing them. Liz tongued Julie's clit and drove her tongue in and out of Julie until she was moaning loudly.

"Oh Liz!!"

Julie was really getting hot now. Liz slipped two fingers inside of Julie.

"Oh god!!"

Liz worked them in and out of Julie getting her more and more turned on. We watched Liz pull her fingers out of Julie and reach up and gently run them across Julie's lips. She hesitated then opened her mouth and Liz slipped them in. Julie closed her lips around her fingers and sucked on them. Liz pulled her slick fingers from Julie's mouth and slipped them between her own legs and we watched her work them into her wet pussy for a minute. Liz pulled her fingers from her pussy and stood in front of Julie. Julie watched closely as Liz lifted her fingers up and ran them over her lips again.

"Go ahead Julie," Liz said.

Julie slowly parted her lips and Liz slipped her fingers in her mouth. Julie looked at Liz as she sucked on her fingers for a minute. Liz pulled them out of her mouth then leaned forward and kissed Julie, she hesitated a moment then kissed Liz back.

"Oh yes," came from Chris.

Their lips parted and Liz stepped back and sat on the other end of the chair and spread her legs.

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