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A lonely wife goes to find her husband.

" She said.

"Yea. It all right."

"Must give you your heart desire" The old woman said.

She pulled out a knife and cut me. I jumped back.

"Oww your crazy bitch." I said.

I turn around. She was gone. My hand seems to bleeding green.

"Crazy bitch." I said.

I got into the car and it started up. The wound seem to heal fast. I rode my car to my house and then started surfing the net. I looked up Jessica and took out my cock. It was a picture of her. The screens seem clearer. My hand shook. I got an urge to touch the screen. My hand went right through. Something was grabbing it. I pulled hard using the table the computer was as leverage.

When I pulled my hand out, somebody was with it... It was Jessica Rabbit standing naked over me. Her boobs were huge and she looked like a cartoon. I fail on the ground.

"What going on." I said.

"Little Gift the Gypsy gave you. You can make your dreams come true. Go in and out of cartoon world and take things. Fuck anyone you want."

I couldn't even talk. She put her foot on my cock.

"Well lover are you going to sit there and drool or you going to fuck me".

All I could do was lay there and shake. My cock was about to tear through my pants. She laughed a little. Her legs seem to go on for ever. She had a little patch of hair above her pussy. It was shaved to a triangle. She seems smooth. Her haired covered her face.

"Come on Sugar. You were dreaming about this when you were a little boy. Saw you. I saw you jerking your cock every sense you first started. You look so cute. I know you wanted to fuck these tits baby. Don't worry it won't wash my paint off." She smiled.

"You saw that."

"Oh Yes and it made me soooooo wet."

She grabbed me and lifted me up with ease. She dropped me on the bed and quickly removes her clothes.

"Going to make this easy for your sweety. Her suck on mama tits." She said.

She smoosh her big tits in my face and started stroking my cock. She licked her hand and took my cock and stroked it. I moaned loudly as she stroked my cock. Her tits were defiantly real smoothing me. I made it hard to breath. I suck franticly nearly choking on it.

"You don't have to eat my whole tit baby." She laughed. "You so cute."

I slowed down.

"That's good. Don't be afraid to bite it mmmmmm."

I felt my self about to cum. She took her tits and started tit fucking me with her heaving massive tits. Her tit flesh squeezed me. It was big enough to still suck them. I felt myself explode. She took her finger and slipped it in my ass. To my shock my cock became hard again. She fucked my like that as she rocked her tits against my cock. My body was filled with pleasure. She giggled as her finger slipped in. She gave my ass a nice pinch. My knees were weak.

I felt another orgasm hit. I empty my cock. She got up. Cum dripped down her tits. It was like a bowl of cum between her cleavages. She slurped it up like a kitten. She smiled down at me. She waved her hand. My cock was rock hard again.

"I can do that trick as much as I want." She said.

I just laid there Awestruck.

"Not much of a talker. Let's see if you're a screamer." Jessica said.

She took me inside her and straddled me. It seems like a perfect fit. The wetness was unreal.

"You're beautiful."

"It speaks" She smiles.

She rides my cock up and down. Her juice seems to be constantly dripping... She holds me down fucking my brains out. She smiles orgasiming on my cock. Her pussy drips and drips spraying girl juice all over my cock. My toes curled as she gives me the best experience of my life. She grinded into my cock doing untold things to it Mini orgasms hit my body. I screamed with pleasure.

"You like watching my big cartoon tits." She asked.

"Yes..Your so great."

"Shhhhhh bite onto this pillow sweetie" She said.

"mmmmmmmf" I moaned.

She pressed the pillow in my face. My body was hit with a multiple organism.

"Ohhhhhh Yesss."

She started to sing as she rode me.

"Oh Wolfie (Slam Slam) Aint you the one (Slam Slam) Oh Wolfie...mmmmm feel so good in my pussy you mighty little man."

She had ridden me for a

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