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The slaves assisted Lisa and Agatha in getting dressed and then Jeremy Dressed Ivory. Lastly Ivory dressed Jeremy. She marveled at the feel of his muscles as she slid on his shirt. She absolutely adored the feel of his shaven legs and privates as she helped him into his pantaloons. Dressing Jeremy was a very good thing she thought.

As they rode the carriage towards Theodore's estate Lisa explained the breeding process to the slaves.

Normally, Theodore would be required to pay a stud fee but I believe that Agatha will waive that. The two of you will be allowed to become fertile and a breeding specialist will monitor your couplings to ensure that there are no wasted matings. Once you are pregnant Ivory, you will continue working for Theodore in his business until you are six months or so along. After that you will be permitted to rest for several months. Once the midwife delivers your child it is yours for two years. I imagine Theodore will hire a wet nurse so that you can get back to working for him as quickly as possible. As age two your child will be optioned to a slave training school. When it reaches majority it will be auctioned and

Theodore and Agatha will each get forty percent of the sale price with twenty percent going to the training school. If it is a girl and shares your amazing looks Ivory, she will sell for a VERY high price. Both Agatha and I think that Jeremy and you will make very lovely children indeed. Why every two years..."

Ivory stopped listening at that point. The prospect of perpetual slavery for her future children saddened her greatly. Ivory wanted Jeremy's child but she wanted that child to be fee! The rest of the ride back to Theodore's Ivory remained downcast. Only the sly smiles of Jeremy eased her mood.

It was past dark when the four arrived at Theodore's estate. Ivory thought it strange that no dogs barked to announce their arrival. Lisa and Agatha were too wrapped up in conversation to notice.

Lisa DID think it strange that Clarence the butler was not at the door as they pulled up, but oblivious the four stormed into the darkened house.

"Theodore must have turned in early." said Lisa as she held the door for the other three. She followed them

"Freeze!" came the command in an accented voice. The lights went on and the four were greeted by the leveled weapons of soldiers! It took Ivory a moment, and Jeremy less time to recognize the uniforms as those of the elite commandos of Ivory's home country. The four entrants were surrounded and all raised their hands.

"The leader of the commandos spoke next "Princess Orella! We have spent many months tracking you down. There has been a great deal of change back home, Olaf of Red Wall has assumed the throne and he will settle for no one other than yourself as his queen. In his own words, "Only with a queen will our country be complete"."

The captain then paused and said "Doak? Is that you?"

"Yes it is Captain. Forgive me being out of uniform."

Ivory knew Olaf of Red Wall well. He was positively ancient, far older even than her father. She had always viewed him paternally but the prospect of being queen made even the superannuated Olaf attractive.

"Your majesty, we must leave immediately." said the captain of the commandos, " If we are discovered it is an act of war. Travel will be difficult but we will keep you safe and return you home to rule over all of us."

Ivory stood stunned for a moment and then said, "But Olaf must know that I have been taken as a slave. I am no longer pure."

"King Olaf knows and does not care. He wants the loveliest woman alive for his queen. King Olaf is convinced that that woman is you. He dispatched us with orders to either bring you home or never show our faces in the kingdom again. Personally Princess I want to complete my mission and get out of this alien land." The captain wore a concerned expression as he uttered the last phrases.

The other commandos had gagged and tied Lisa and Agatha.

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