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Just an eccentric old man - or was he?

Peter looked back over towards Selene and immediately, seeing the silky red panties barely covering her ass made his dick stand up in immediate attention. He had to have a part of her.

"Selene, come here," he said firmly. Selene stood up and walked over to Peter's desk and stood next to him.

"Yes?" she asked, innocently, her eyes big and doe-like.

"Why do you say these things?" he asked. "You know that entertaining these ideas could get me fired. I love teaching high school; I would like to continue doing so."

"Do you like students like me?" she asked.

"If you mean students that are very smart and do their work the way they are supposed to, then yes," he replied. He looked back down at her paper. "What does this say right here?"

Selene leaned over in order to have a better look at what he was pointing out to her. Selene cleared her throat and propped herself up on Peter's desk with her elbows and read, "I would most desire for Mr. Sohn to tie my arms up with the pull-string that raises and lowers the blinds to the windows in the classroom. While in this position I would most desire for Mr. Sohn to pleasure me with his long fingers and tell me how much he desires to fuck me."

Peter rolled back in his chair so that he was directly behind Selene. He stared her right in her silk-clad behind, raised his hand up behind him and directed it right into Selene's left ass cheek. Selene lurched forward slightly and made a slight whimpering noise. Peter could clearly see the mark that his hand had left behind and he noticed Selene shaking a bit on her elbows.
"Not quite what you desire?" Peter asked. Selene remained silent. Peter gingerly brought his hand to Selene's ass; she jumped slightly, but remained silent. Peter gently rubbed the spot that he had just slapped, relishing the soft touch of her skin and the very faint smell of perfume, soap and an underlying feminine odor.

"Again," Selene barely whispered from under her breath. Peter's heart jumped. Again, he brought his hand up and with one swift swoop, brought it crashing down against Selene's bare, creamy white skin, leaving a red-purplish mark in the shape of Peter's large hand. Selene made another faint whimpering noise as her head fell slightly, her gaze falling to the edge of the desk.

"Again," she whimpered. Peter brought his hand firmly against Selene's ass five more times before her elbows gave out and she fell, face forward onto Peter's desk, her ass protruding towards Peter's face. Peter inhaled sharply, taking in Selene's scent and then blew against the red silk of Selene's panties. Selene shook and fell back, landing in Peter's lap, dangerously close to his protruding boner.

Peter was not quite sure what to do. His hands were on either side of Selene, but he felt bad somehow about touching her anywhere - even though he desperately wanted to do so. Selene's head fell back into the crook of Peter's neck and she exhaled deeply. Peter took his right hand and gingerly touched Selene's hand. She made no reaction - he touched her stocking-clad knee and she slightly opened her legs. Peter did not know what to do. He wanted to grab her breasts in his hands, he wanted to run his fingers along her pussy and he knew from the couple of pages that Selene had written that she wanted it to. He did not though, he sat still.

Selene took one more deep breath and stood up without saying a word, walked back over to her packed book bag and walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

Selene did not make any further advances for nearly another month. She turned in all of her assignments as directed and as Peter had expected her to. Her grades were the best in the class, she dressed modestly, she wore a lot more pants than she had in the past, and all of her shirts hid her cleavage. Despite her attempts to be modest and a good student, Peter could never get his mind off of her, if anything his desire for her only grew.

It was a Friday afternoon, a lot of the students in the school were quite s

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