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Months of flirting leads to brief afternoon sex.

"Check out that Babe in the red, Whoa, what a tight butt! And the girl in green, she's a cutie too."

I blushed again, "Sara you're going to get a lot more of that. Be careful, and call me if you need any advice."

As I drove off I decided to take a moment and consider what had happened during lunch. I stopped at the south park. Lynn was kind and more forward than I remember about her warnings. She suggested I strongly consider a plan to explain my gender immediately, for the Police if necessary but for any angry guys.

"Some men will simply beat a tranny. I realize your life isn't by definition that now but the one loose cannon won't ask for an explanation. And set up that meeting with your friend's sister today, this afternoon isn't too soon Sara."

I decided I could trust my old lover, though there was something she wasn't sharing, sometime I couldn't figure but was aware of. She had a bit of remoteness at several moments during our conversation. I also felt now I should have toned everything down, my dress, the makeup and heels were too glamorous. She was overpowered rather than just being aware of my femininity.

"You still have, I mean, you're really still a boy, right?" That question had made me chuckle and it told me how strong the illusion had become. I was a woman, to her and the world. As I paused in the park I recalled an event from years ago. Lynn's comment reminded me that I was a boy not long ago.

When I was about twelve I delivered the afternoon paper near my neighborhood. The homes I served were much larger than ours. I generally saw only the women in these houses. One especially caused me to stir. Mrs. Todd always seemed to know just when I'd arrive at the stoop. I would open the tall glazed outer door as instructed to assure the paper wouldn't be damaged by any weather. Most days she would open the heavy wooden door just as I was bending down to set the folded newspaper on the sill. I'd turn to look up at a pair of heels and hose covered legs rising up to the hem of her dress. She was never in pants and always looked ready for a special visitor.

As she spoke a simple greeting I would stand and hand her the paper, turn and leave smiling at the chance to have seen her legs again. Today this memory appeared causing me to consider other similar instances. Only once did I get a real thrill from Mrs. Todd. I'd stopped by to collect the fee and it was near Noon. She came to the door in a robe yet wearing high heels. When she turned to leave and close the door the robe moved and exposed her leg near to her groin. I saw the skin above the top edge of her stocking and the black clasp of the suspender. This image filled my fantasies; the sight of her legs fueled my boyhood nights.

I now looked to my own hose covered hairless legs. The stockings were held taut and the small bumps on my thighs where the clasps rested. The waxing had kept my legs smooth. Looking into the rearview mirror I wondered how long before my face and beard would require attention. I wondered how many months before I had a full head of hair, long enough to fall passed my shoulders.

Madison sent me a text with her cousin's law office number. The alert buzz caused me to think of arranging a visit to a doctor dealing in gender cases. Research that I'd read on-line indicated that some type of hormones might be helpful. An attorney would probably require some documentation from a physician to process the name and gender changes on my license. I guess on my passport as well.

I arrived at the office around 3pm. The door to InteriorBent was wide open and I said a quick hello.

"We heard you on the stairs Sara. Great shoes but how did you learn to walk in them so well?" asked Avery.

"Oh I just practiced a bit. See you tomorrow girls." From stomping about to proper posture and gait in ten days; I was surprised as well.

The need for secrecy had passed.

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