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The prophesy revealed.

"My dear, you shouldn't hide your body like that. Move your hands so I can see your tits and pretty pussy," He said gently, almost like a different person that been enraged a few minutes ago.

"Yes sir. Of course. I'm sorry." She said obediently and then she slowly brought her hands to her sides exposing the full glory of her perfect body.

Celeste looked up at him as her stood naked above her. He had scared her a few moments ago but now he seemed a gentleman again. She gladly dropped her hands to show him her body and even opened her legs a bit so he could see those womanly areas he had so recently satisfied. She realised that he had shaved off all his pubic hair and his penis was large and very proudly erect. "My goodness, how can that huge thing fit into my little vagina?" She thought.

But he was the source of her most ultimate pleasure and now she trusted him and would do anything he asked. Her mouth watered a bit as she recalled the salty, sweet taste of Jerome's black cock in her mouth when she interview for the escorting job. She wondered if her man would offer his beautiful staff to her the same way. But when she looked into his eyes, they were drilling lustily only into her unfucked pussy.

He looked down at the beautiful 18-year-old virgin music student who was willing and ready to be fucked for the first time. All he could think of was the sight and honey smell of that hot cunt just waiting for his cock. The urge to move forward on that mission was overwhelming. Another time might include kissing and cock sucking, pussy licking, whatever. But here and now his primal brain was screaming only HARD COCK - VIRGIN PUSSY -HARD COCK-VIRGIN PUSSY to the beat of his pounding heart.

"No more Mr. Nice Guy." he thought "It's time to rip through that hymen and teach this wench what a good fucking is all about."

He chuckled and crawled onto the bed over her. He placed one knee between her legs and gave her leg a shove to signal her to spread it. She got the message and spread that leg outward. He put his other knee between her legs and she spread that leg outward with no urging from him. He reached over and found a large firm silk covered pillow and signalled with his eyes for her to raise her butt. She did and when the pillow was under her buttocks, her womanhood was lifted a good foot off the bed. Mr. R. liked to have a virgin's pussy cock-high when he sat back on his haunches.

It was like a sex banquet table arrayed before him as he sat back and surveyed his shy teen. The girl's snow white thighs were spread wide, revealing her rose-like soft pink pussy lips. He began to stroke her soft inner thighs as he look over her pussy at her wondrous tits with their small puffy pink hard nipples. Her face above them was the picture of innocent beauty with a mixture of lust and worry flashing alternately across it. He began to massage her entire crotch gently but firmly with both hands. He could feel the soft pubic hair against his palms and the rising heat and moisture signalled the rising carnal lust building in the young student.

He stopped his hands on each side of her cunny slit and slowly opened her so that he could see everything from her small pink asshole to her deep red engorged clitoris. With both thumbs he spread her vagina as wide as possible to check that the hymen was still intact and he would definitely be her first. There it was, a gossamer bit of delicate skin blocking the entranceway to the womb with a small penny-size hole in the middle. He gave a satisfying grunt of approval.

Celeste lay on her back with her hips suspended high on a firm pillow as her man tantalized and teased her body. She had been on the edge of sexual hysteria for what seemed like forever and her body screamed out for fulfillment. Thankfully, he shifted forward while still on his haunches and pulled her hips toward his stiff weapon and brought its tip to rest on the crack of her throbbing wet cunt.

"Yes sir! Please! I need you to fuck me!!" She cried out,

As the desire to have him plunge his huge wea

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