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Kevin and Mark use their lust for Lauren on each other.

A clear plastic bag was wrapped tightly around its head. The indentations in the sheer plastic covering over the face indicated to Gibbs that the person had fought for oxygen but failed and had died from suffocation.

McGee said, "The face is so contorted, Boss, I can't tell if it's a man or a woman."

Gibbs slapped McGee on the back of the head and pointed to the body's mid-section where the silk sheet rose majestically, tent-like from the body's crotch.

"It's a man, Boss," observed the Special Agent.

"Ya think, McGee?" said Gibbs sarcastically.

"A very impressive man, indeed," remarked Ziva.

She lifted the sheet for all to see a long and thick erection.

"Oh my!" she gasped.

Squealing brakes could be heard thru the closed window.

Gibbs spoke: "Ducky and Palmer are here---everyone spread out---looks like we could be dealing with a sex crime---bag anything that might help us."

Ziva remained standing beside the bed staring at the erection as the others began searching. Tony appeared by her side.

"Everyone knows size doesn't matter," he whispered in Ziva's ear.

She dropped the sheet, smiled at Tony then asked: "Do you really believe that, Tony?"

She began her search of the room, leaving Tony with a confused and slightly fearful expression on his face.

Doctor's Mallard and Palmer could be heard bickering as they ascended the stairs.

"Doctor, we could have been here ten-minutes earlier if you'd let me use the siren," said the prot__g__ to his mentor.

"Our 'clients' are not going to rush-off and disappear, Mr. Palmer," said Dr. Mallard.

"Hello all," he said entering the bedroom.

When he saw the body on the bed he exclaimed: "Goodness---what have we here?"

"Looks like we have two stiffs to examine, Doctor," Palmer blurted out then began laughing at his own joke.

When he saw no one smiling Palmer's laughter abruptly ended.

Dr. Mallard removed the sheet from the body and exclaimed: "Oh my word---I would wager he was popular with the ladies."

"Not all of them, Ducky---he's dead!" Gibbs countered.

"Pity...." Ducky softly murmured.

"Boss, I found a secret stash of porno movies," DeNozzo called out. He had managed to find a switch near a bookcase and when he pressed it the bookcase swung open exposing a large shelf hidden from view. The shelf held hundreds of pornographic videos.

"Nice job, Tony," said Gibbs as he looked over the tapes.

Tony began stashing the tapes in his leather bag.

"Not all of them, DiNozzo, just the ones with handwritten titles," instructed Gibbs. "...the ones that appear homemade."

Gibbs went to the doctor and asked, "What do we have here, Ducky?"

"At first glance it appears as though the poor lad died while attempting an extreme form of masturbation called 'auto-asphyxiation'...."

"What else, Duck?" asked Gibbs.

"Well, the liver probe indicates he passed away sometime between midnight and one a.m." replied the doctor. "Timothy, you may use your fingerprint scanner now."

McGee pulled the scanner from his bag and stood beside the corpse.

"You know, Jethro," Ducky said to Gibbs, "...this reminds me of the time in Thailand when I first encountered Asian ladyboys. Beautiful young things, they---"

"DUCKY---what does that have to do with this case?" asked an impatient Gibbs.

"Well, nothing really---it's just a fond memory I have...." said the doctor wistfully.

"Boss," said McGee. "This is Petty Officer Lance Pettibone. He's stationed in wants or warrants...he's been in the Navy for three years and last week he re-upped for another four years...several commendations...he's single and lives in a small apartment off-base."

It never ceased to amaze Gibbs that McGee could glean so much information off his little do-hickey-gadget. In the old days, it would take Gibbs two full days to learn what McGee had found out in a matter of seconds.

McGee continued: "He works for.

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