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A savage beatdown becomes the precursor for love.

He twisted her nipple harder now and his tongue floated from her cunt, down beneath her labia, flicking lightly at the bridge of flesh between her cunt and asshole.

"Mmmmph," she groaned, just before the kid's tongue darted back up to her clit, lashing softly at it, then pressing hard, smothering it, teeth lightly nibbling at it.

"Don't . . . stop."

He pulled his head back and released her nipple from his iron grip. Using both hands, he grabbed the sides of her soaked thong and pulled it down her athletic thighs, pulling one side of it over one of the feet she still had clad in her open-toed heels, leaving it dangling from the heel of the other.

Rather than ease back in, Private Jaret fastened his lips to the older woman's cunt and sucked hard, pulling her engorged clit into his sucking mouth. His strong tongue lashed against it and then jammed itself into her cunt lips, prying them apart, spreading her, tongue-fucking her dripping cunt.

Mrs. Carlock wailed in response. Her hips jerked violently off the desk, crashing into the kid's face, crushing his nose and causing his eyes to water. And this just made him attack her clit with more ferocity.

The fingers of one of his hands found her yawning cunt hole and he slipped first one then a second thick finger into her while his tongue danced over and around her agitated clit. His other hand shot up her body and found her other nipple and closed around it tightly. Squeezing and pinching and tugging and pulling while two fingers from his other hand sawed in and out of the married woman's convulsing cunt, her walls spasming, convulsing hard against the intruding digits as his tongue lashed and thrashed and crashed against her battered clit.

He pulled his face away from her and roughly rolled her almost to her side, keeping her taut legs spread wide, and threw his face back between her legs, his tongue lashing around his pumping fingers, licking and nipping at her cunt lips before straying down to poke and shove and prod against her cum-soaked asshole.

"Aaaagggghhhh," she squealed, in alarm or delight he was not sure.

Private Jaret rolled the Colonel's wife back to her back and again attacked her protruding clit with lips and tongue and teeth, a third finger slipping into her well-lubed hole, the fingers of his free hand back at her nipples, moving from one to the other until they glowed red. She arched her back against a violent orgasm, her obscenely thickened nipples pointed to the ceiling, beacons in the darkened room, and he used the orgasm that was crashing through her little body to slip his pinky finger between her slack cunt lips.

His overworked tongue still lashing at Mrs. Carlock's throbbing clit, Private Jaret folded his thumb against the palm of his hand and gently eased his fist against her battered cunt lips. A nip of his teeth at her distended clit caused her to yelp and, with that distraction, the young man slipped the whole of his fist into her yawning cunt.

"Uuuugggghhhh," came the groan from deep in her belly as the little bastard's fist shoved into her to the wrist. Her pliant hips bucked involuntarily, knocking his lips and tongue from her aching clit momentarily. Private Jaret quickly latched his mouth back onto her, his tongue thrashing against her hairless clit and his fist stretching her cunt walls.

Mrs. Carlock squirmed atop her husband's desk, her body shaking and quaking and quivering as an orgasm slammed into her gut like a gale-force storm. Her slender fingers clenched into the young man's scalp as he flexed his wrist and fingers and twisted them gently deep inside the darkness of her married cunt, his tongue still intent at her dripping hole, sucking her clit between his teeth and slurping it into his wet, sticky mouth. He continued to suck up all of her fluids as her overused cunt convulsed around his thick fist, expelling excess cunt juice down his forearm and across his tongue and cheeks.

So intense was her orgasm that she feared she would vomit fr

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