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Brittany sets the rules for her summer at Dad's house.

Vampire Of Gothic Dreams: Part 2

As he was off me in a flash and was bowing his full body in front of me, all I wanted to do was run my hands over him, but my ego (women do have them) won't let me near him! So I did the next best thing I asked him to leave! He of coarse had to stay and torment me.

"What else is there I could do for you"?

" Nothing" all he did was look at me funny.

Men are such pains in the asses, don't you think! But of coarse I couldn't tell him to leave again, so I asked him to fix me a drink. " What will you have"? he asked

"I'll have a glass of Jack Daniels" it went like this all night:

a touch and go sort of thing, then when it came to the day what he said kind of hurt even thou I knew it was coming "I must leave so I could sleep and so you should do the same"

I said goodbye and to my surprise I gave him a hug and a kiss that was so fast on the cheek it was barely a touching of skin, but it still did things to me you wouldn't believe! But as he was walking out the door he said: I was to stay here and then when I awoke he would come into my room in the night tomorrow and talk as we had tonight. I didn't known if i could take it, it might kill me to stay in the same room with him and not touch him and feel him holding me, among other things.

Was that so wrong was all I could think to my self. I shouldn't have thought that for when i did he had this smile to kill for on his face and before I could say a word he was gone!

As I lay there in the early morning trying to sleep, tossing and turning and all I could do was thing of him. When I thought about him every thing went away and there was no more pain and numbness that plagued me so, there was only him. It is as scary as it sounds.

I could feel things inside me awaken not just sexual (but a good bit) but there was some thing more at first I thought it might be love, but it wasn't. It was something unspoken and unknown to me, and I knew for the first time I had someone to ask things about my self, that I and no one before him could even start to figure out. He was that some thing I needed, Darren was that thing that filled in the hole. The hole to my questions and the hole in my sole and he just made me feel, just feel.

I suddenly just fell of into a very deep sleep, in which I haven't done, in a very long time. And when I opened my eyes he was there, but then I realized why I had awoken. He was holding me in his arms and against his body, it was so sweet. Sweet so very sweet, and yet at the same time more and more erotic. I had to get some space in between me and him before I toke him as my own.

I wanted to so badly but I didn't know if I was ready. Yes ready as in mentally and all but, also as in if I could handle it, handle him at all. He wouldn't let go, some thing was wrong he: was in pain. "What's wrong Darren, why are you in pain"?

" I have not feed, but I had to see you first"-"please don't fear me".

How could I fear him at all, all I wanted to do was make him feel better. I started to say stop it, stop using your vampire charm on me, but then I realized some thing for the first time, he wasn't using any power on me at all. He hadn't sence he stepped in my room the first night with me.

"If you must leave then go I don't wish to see you in pain"

"stop talking don't move, don't do anything I don't want to hurt you". Then I knew what he meant, not so much thought it: but I felt it.

All I did was pull off my shirt and turn my head to the side and moved my long dark brown hair to the other side and lay there submitting to him. He didn't do it; it was just my reaction when I knew his problem. I needed him to do this, to want to do this. I didn't know why so badly, I needed him to take me in that way, but I wanted him none the less! He looked away "no I will not, I will not take from you what is yours"

At first I thought he meant the blood and partly he did but what he really meant was my heart.

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