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Sex is not part of the job.



"Good, I don't need the help but I do want to watch you stick your big bat in her bottom," she giggled. "So there'll be five more coming over?"

"Yes, so it will be eight on two. Do you really think you can handle it?"

"No but I can't wait to try."

The guys got to the office before Em's reinforcements. The warehouse manager walked into my office leading five guys from the stocking crew. She tried to take a little control by telling them all to line up and strip down. She wanted to see what she had gotten herself and her best friend into. The guys started to undress and I thought to myself this is going to be interesting. Emily, already nude from sucking off the sales rep that was by chance in my office when she walked in, dropped to her knees before the first man to get naked and started stroking his cock to life. The next two walked up to her and she shifted the cock in her hand to her mouth and grabbed the other two by the balls.

I took up my position with the phone camera, switching it over to video for a little while to watch Em work on the cocks she had before her. She was stroking them and moving her mouth around the tip of each one in turn. The guys were getting very hard and so was I. Jr. Boy was the youngest by far and I bet he was already wanting to cum. The guy with the longest cock smacked her in the face to get her attention. She moved her mouth to him and switched hands on the others.

Becky had brought reinforcements with her. The girl, Autumn, was a couple of years older, same build as Becky but with darker hair. Her breasts were not as big - but still a stunner.

"Jim, Autumn. Autumn, that is Jim. Do not let him get you alone."

"Brought her in to protect you both?"

"No," Autumn said. "I came to watch. Just watch. Never seen a gangbang in person and I really like to watch."

"Well then you can be the cameraman and narrator then," as I handed her the phone.

She one upped me and pulled an HD camcorder out of her purse. "That was my plan all along."

Seeing Becky remove her top and kneel down beside Em was enough to get my head stirring even more as Autumn was adjusting the light on the camera. I went to the front door to lock it before anyone else happened to walk in.

Emily was naked sitting on her heels. Becky had slipped off her top but still had on her purple lace bra and the black mini skirt she was wearing. She also had on the white heels with very sexy straps wrapped around her ankles. She was on her knees next to her smaller friend. Neither of the girls is very tall but both are in great shape. I walked back to my office to find an all-out orgy going on. Autumn was still filming but was now topless as well. Emily was on her back on my desk. One of the warehouse guys was between her legs pounding her hard. She had another sliding his hard staff down her throat. He was really long because I could see her throat expand as he entered her.

Becky was in a similar position but on her knees bent over the arm of my couch. The oldest guy from the warehouse had her head in his hands as he roughly entered her mouth. His cock was short but wide and was stretching her jaws. The youngest guy was behind her trying to push himself into her doggy style. I was taken with a touch of jealousy. Emily was a slut and wanted this badly. Becky I wanted for myself but I had brought her into this orgy. I hoped she would enjoy it as much as I was.

I started to get undressed just as Becky looked up. Taking the cock out her mouth was hard with old dude trying to hold it took effort. "You go last big boy. We take care of these guys and then you take care of us."

Not wanting to stop watching, I stripped down and took a seat in my good office chair. Autumn, now wearing just her thong, handed me the camera.

"Just going to watch huh?"

"Becky never lets me play. Says she is not into girls but now she is too busy to stop me from having some fun."

Autumn smacked Jr.

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