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Mengxia puts her boss in chastity.

Don't do anything you don't want to do-okay?"

I answered, "I really don't think I want to be a part of the switching partners or being fucked by another guy."

Sally said, "Good. You and Tom have something special going, so don't let Debbie influence you. Debbie's relationship with John is all about sex-I told her that on the plane. This fling Steve and I are having with Debbie and John is all about sex too. Once Steve and I get married-it's over."

Sally gave me a sister hug saying, "You'll always be my 'other Sis,'" as we left for the ride home.

Pop asked, "What did Sally need?"

I replied, "Sally wants to have a surprise party for Tom while we're home." I hated to lie to Pop but what was I going to say?

Ma and Pop dropped me off at home around 5:45 and Dad came running to the door, "Y'all get inside quick. The team just landed and there are over 20,000 at the airport to greet them."

Ma, Pop, and I ran inside as the reporter was interviewing Coach Lewis. Coach was stunned by the welcome home reception the State fans had given the players.

The reporter asked, "In your wildest dreams, Coach, did you ever think this team could come back from 24-0 and win the Sugar Bowl?"

Coach Lewis replied, "These kids never gave up all season and worked their tails off-nothing surprises me. They're one hell of a football team."

Coach Lewis and the team were still unaware they were UPI National Champions when the reporter said, "By the way, Coach, congratulations on being named United Press International's National Champions."

Coach Lewis appeared unbelieving, "What the hell did you say?"

The reporter laughed, "State has been selected UPI National Champions."

The crowd roared and cheered as the players rejoiced behind their Coach giving high five's and hugging each other. I saw Tom and Mickey in the background!

Ma and Pop sat down at the kitchen table and began visiting with Mom and Dad about the trip to New Orleans. Mom asked, "Was Sue a problem?"

Ma replied, "No problem at all-she was an angel. James and I loved being around her these past six days."

I grinned as the phone rang. It was Debbie, "We just saw the news report. Can you believe over 20,000 people showed up just to welcome State's football team back home?"

I answered, "It has to be awesome for Tom and the rest of the team."

Debbie asked, "So when we see the doctor and get our pills and go to State-you and Tom going to join us at the apartment?"

I replied, "We'll be in our bedroom alone. You and John can do whatever you want with whoever you want in his bedroom."

Debbie just laughed, "OK, for now Sis-come over later so me and Sally can fill you in on everything. It was fucking awesome!"

I laughed, "Maybe. Tom should get home around 8:00.

"Sally told me y'all plan on keeping this fling going for a while."

Debbie replied, "That's the plan. Steve fucked me soooo good. Damn, does he know how to use that cock!"

I laughed, "So you going to fuck up your sister's wedding?"

Debbie laughed, "Hell no-call me later."

Debbie and I hung up and I went back into the kitchen and thanked Ma and Pop for everything-it had been the best New Year of my life.

I checked the clock and it was 8:30 when I heard Tom's truck pulling into the driveway. I hurried outside to greet him with a big French kiss!

Tom and I went inside and he greeted Mom with a hug and peck on the cheek. We visited with Mom and Dad a while and then left to go his parents' house.

As we were driving toward his parent's house, I said, "We need to talk about something. Drive over to the high school-no one will be there."

Tom asked, "What's up?"

I replied, "I'll tell you when we get to the high school."

Tom parked in the parking lot. "Sally has an appointment for me and Debbie Saturday with her gynecologist so we both can get on the pill."

Tom replied, "I don't want you on the pill! I've heard that can be dangerous-we'll just do what we've been doing. No pill!"

I replied, "It's not dangerous when a doctor presc

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