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Naomi make her move.

You made it sound so lovely. It's just..."

"Patricia. Elena is the only woman I've ever wanted to marry and I'm willing to share her with you because she loves you as much as she loves me: More, because she's loved you longer. Being lovers can only make you two closer. Think about it and do what feels comfortable."

"You're very persuasive."

"It's not my job to persuade you. I'm just telling you that you have options you may not have considered. A few days ago, you were shy, embittered, deeply unhappy and - unless I'm wildly off track - you came for the BBC interview because your old life was becoming unbearable and a radical change of environment was the only hope you had." He paused. Patricia nodded solemnly. "Now you have tons more self-confidence. You've laughed more in two days than I've seen you do in the two weeks you've been here. You've got an exciting new job and if waking up naked with your two lovers isn't a radical change of environment, I don't know what is. Tell me you're not happier."

"I am, and I owe it all to you." She leant close and kissed him briefly.

"No. You owe a lot to Elena for loving her sister enough to talk me into it. But you owe most of it to your willingness to embrace change. You must have been terrified, but you took the plunge. I was very careful about that. I didn't want to force you into anything you'd regret later. Remember struggling with your buttons?"


"I could have helped but you had to take every step yourself. I navigated, but you drove. It was an incredibly brave thing you did and you shouldn't give away all the credit for that." He let her kiss him again.

"I'm still grateful for everything you've done for me."

"Grateful enough to buy me a coffee?" He smirked.

"There's still half a bottle of wine."

"I know, but I really feel like a cappuccino."

"It wasn't very good wine. Was it?"

"It was too warm. Stick the cork back in and we'll take it home and refrigerate it."

Patricia tidied up the remains of their picnic, walking as far as the lake to throw the rest of the bread to the ducks and swans while Andrew shook out and folded their blanket.



"Do you always open your houseguest's mail?" Patricia had thought about this just after leaving the house. Now seemed a good time to ask him.

"No. I wouldn't have opened yours except that it was in a BBC envelope. I needed to know if it was a job offer or a 'better luck next time' letter."

"You should still have let me open it." Patricia wasn't angry, but...

"And risk sending you out to walk the streets all day with a rejection crumpled up in your pocket? Not on my watch! If that letter had been bad news, I'd have saved it until Elena was home so you wouldn't have to deal with the disappointment on your own."

"You think of everything. Don't you?" She was hugging his chest again, cheek pressed to his shoulder.

"I try to. So? Am I forgiven for opening it?"

"Of course you're forgiven." She kissed him for good measure.

"Good. Now see the couple behind me on the bench?".

"Yes?" Patricia saw they were about 40 metres away.

"They've been there ages."

"So? It is a park." Patricia was puzzled as to where this was leading.

"So they couldn't take their eyes off us before..."

"Oh!" Patricia's hand shot to her mouth. Had they really seen her? Had they realized what Andrew had been doing to her? She blushed furiously.

"And now we have to walk past them to get to the gate. "This wasn't strictly true: There were other gates. "Hold my hand." He offered it and clasped her fingers reassuringly, picking up all the bags in his other hand. "Now, as we pass them, if they look at us, just smile sweetly - at her, not him."

The couple did look at them, quite blatantly. Patricia smiled at the girl as she passed, still flushed in the face. As they reached the gate, Patricia could hold her composure no longer and spun into Andrew's chest, hiding her face and heaving with - with laughter. This took even Andrew by surprise.

"Oh Andrew!" She said.

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