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Further discussion was interrupted by his father knocking on the door and entering. "I'll make up the guest bed for you Frank. You can sleep there tonight, ok?"

"Ok." He replied.

"Come and see me before you go to bed." He said to Joe before turning on his heel and closing the door.

"You're not in any trouble are you man?" Asked Frank.

"No. No I don't think so." 'After all, if he was going to say anything about us he'd have done so when he came in. Wouldn't he?' He thought, stepping out the shower and drying himself in a thoughtful mood.

"Your dad's a stand-up guy. I mean, mine would've freaked if he'd come home to that tonight!" Frank said, washing the lather from his balls.

"Yeah, he's always been pretty cool about that stuff - now we know why!" He chuckled.

"Reckon he'll make it up with your mum?"

"I don't know, maybe - at least my snotty sister's not around to spoil my fun anymore."

"Yeah. She always walks around like there's a bad smell under her nose."

Joe laughed and threw the wet towel in the basket then wrapped a thick, towel-cloth robe around himself.

"Hey, Pass a dry towel over!" Frank said, wiping soap from his eyes.

"What did your last slave die of? You know where they are - Get it yourself!" Joe smiled to show he was kidding around.

"He died of exhaustion." Frank grinned, waving his cock at Joe who chuckled appreciatively and bade him good-night.

"Come in Joe." His father offered in response to his knock on the bedroom door.

He went in and closed it behind him, sitting at the foot of the bed where his father lay comfortably relaxed, hands folded behind his head. "Is everything ok dad?" He asked.

"Yes - and no." He said, appraising him of the conversation with his wife earlier that evening while omitting the crucial detail of why she left. He still couldn't bring himself to think about it, let alone tell Joe. Instead he posed his son a question that he'd once asked himself many years before. "Are you gay?"

"I don't think so dad." He said. "I mean, I like girls, don't get me wrong, but me and Frank are just fooling around really. Tonight was the first time we ever did anything like that. We usually just play with each other, y'know?"

His dad nodded. He knew only too well and considered Joe's curiosity would be just a phase - like his? Well that was different - wasn't it? He sighed, maybe he was bisexual and it would work itself out when he met the right girl. Joe was only 19 and had plenty of time. He'd met Anne when he was 21 and knew she was the one. A bitter smile crossed his lips as he considered how life changed.

"It'll be ok dad." Joe said. "I'll see you in the morning."

"Ok Joe. Good-night."

"Night dad." He walked out, leaving the door ajar and made his way down the landing to his room. The guest room was opposite his and he looked in, saw that Frank wasn't out the bathroom yet and went into his own room to sleep...

...perchance to dream. He woke with a start, covered in a light sheen of sweat, gleaming in the moonlight streaming through the window opposite his bed. His cock stood erect from the tangled sheets around him like a lighthouse from a stormy sea, the head shining and slick with precum. He looked at the luminous dial on his bedside clock. It told him he'd only been in bed an hour, too tired - or too horny- to sleep properly. Obviously the latter by the feel of his rigid shaft. He could still taste cum on his tongue and the thought of Frank's big, beautiful black cock filled his mind as fully as it had Dave's arse - an image Dave cherished while he jerked off in his own bed. Usually Joe would toss off his excess lusts but tonight he had a better idea and got up, padding softly across to the door, naked and ready to share it with Frank - 'after all', he reasoned, hadn't Frank invited him already?'

Heavy breathing drifted from the guest room.

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