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No comeback.

And he is asleep in the room right next to this one. It would be inappropriate and against the bro code to talk about another guys wife."

"I will take that as a yes," she said as she stepped closer to me. I could feel where this was going and I didn't like it. She felt my hesitation. But it didn't deter her. She wanted some comfort and to feel close to someone and some intimacy and to feel sexy. She wasn't going to get it from Todd; not tonight and maybe not ever.

I pressed as far back into the sink as I could. I tried to escape but I couldn't get away. Julie sensed that I was trapped. She stepped all the way up to me. Our fronts were touching. She pressed her crotch into mine. I leaned back and away from her as much as I could. She pressed her chest into mine. I tried to push her away, off of me. But her weight and some freaky leverage she was working kept her on top of me, pressed into me. I am only human. Her efforts were having an effect and my erection started to betray me. I started to get hard. I liked her aggressiveness. It was turning me on. Even though she was married to Todd and not at all my type...actually, twice my type.

"You know this is going to happen. Stop fighting it. You have thought about me before. You have jerked off thinking about me. You have cum all over yourself thinking about me. And now your body is betraying you. I can feel that you want me."

She stepped back two steps. I was relieved. I thought that maybe it was over; a sick joke I didn't get in some way. I was wrong.

In the space between us, Julie reached back under her wing, grabbed the zipper on her dress pulled it down. She crossed her arms across her chest, reached to her shoulders and pulled her dress down in the front. She extended her elbows in front of her and fabric followed. The flesh of her massive tits were exposed. They were held back by a bra that was straining to do its job. Her fat was hanging over the sides of the straps under her arms. It created folds that weren't supposed to be there. The bra itself was tattered and old. It was not the bra that a woman put on when she was expecting to show it to anyone.

I was transfixed on her ample bosom. I guess I had never really looked at them before. They were the biggest boobs I had ever seen. They were pale and veiny. They were, by all accounts, ugly. But I still couldn't stops staring at them. I was riveted.

Julie's hands went behind her back and fiddled for just an instant with her bra's clasp. Her hands reappeared and busily went to her shoulders. In one fast move she shrugged and pulled and the bra fell away and into a pile on the kitchen floor at my feet.

Her tits were even more massive once freed. They flopped onto her chest. They had long before fallen victim to gravity. Julie ran her hands over her gut, just above where she had lowered her dress. She raised each tit off of her chest. With her palms underneath, she held her tits in cupped fingers like she was carrying over-filled water balloons. But she wasn't gentle like one would be with water balloons. They weren't fragile. She oscilated her hands, moving them up and down and in circles. The fatty tissue of her breast moved and swayed in direct reaction to her hands. They flopped around like windsock in a light breeze. Her forefinger and thumb pinched and pulled at her nipples making them bigger and erect.

I stood there, mouth gaping. I was almost hypnotized by her actions.

"I can see by the bulge in your pants that you like what you see." I did. I didn't. It wasn't sexy, but it was erotic.

Julie walked toward me. I was still pressed against the sink. I could hear the water still running behind me.

When she was only inches away, she dropped her tits. They slapped against her bared abdomen. Then she dropped to her knees.

"Let's see what I am working with here," she declared to no one in particular as her hands went to work on my belt.

Julie unfastened my belt and went right to the button and zipper holding them up.

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