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"So, what do you do while we're at the show?"

"Me and the other drivers typically meet up and play cards or something. Then I'll take you home after the event."

The rest of the drive was a fairly uneventful one with Greg and Harry sharing casual banter. Soon, the city's skyline came into view and they arrived at the venue. It was a large building with a press pit for the paparazzi and NBC press agents.

"Alright Harry, here we go." Greg said with a smile, looking up to his mirror to look at his client.

"Thanks Greg." The younger man said with a smile, stepping out to the red carpet. Greg had opened the door for him. Looking out, he observed the carpet for the first time. It was a long sideways affair that ran to the building. A young male stage hand darted over to greet both he and Greg.

"Which one of you is Harry Taylor?"

"That's me" Harry offered, sticking his hand up.

"Great, my name's Paul, I'll be escorting you inside. If you'd like to come with me?"

Harry nodded as Greg clasped him on the back in a 'good luck' manner. Walking inside, he felt conscious of the camera's flashing at him as he walked inside. However, he knew that he wasn't a celebrity and shouldn't be treated as such.

Inside the hall there were lots of people there already and some famous faces he recognized. There was that guy who hosts Fear Factor and the UFC. Joe something? Joe Logan? He wasn't sure. Sure enough, fame whores were there in the tramps from The Hills and that fat blogger guy. Finding his table, Paul went down on a crooked knee to speak to Harry.

"Right, if all goes to plan you'll be called up at ten minutes to the hour. You just need to keep your speech to about two minutes all right?"

Those last words hit Harry like a ton of bricks. A speech. Oh shit. He hadn't prepared one.

"Sure." Harry said, keeping a calm ton in his voice.

"All right, you'll be seated with some celebrities. I think it's the cast from Chuck."

Another tonne of bricks hit him. Chuck? Maybe Yvonne would be here tonight? Keeping himself calm, Harry nodded as Paul shook his hand and disappeared into the dark.


Striking poses together on the red carpet, Yvonne and Sarah had two big smiles on their faces as the camera's illuminated them. Paul approached the two, careful not to obstruct the camera's eye. He gave a tap of his imaginary watch and the two women acknowledged him. Giving one last pose, the two hooked their arms in each others and they made their way inside it. Being directed to Harry's table, they didn't see it was him.

Sitting down to the left of him, they made the connection.

"Harry?" Yvonne exclaimed. He had turned to face them and was met by the two Greek Goddesses come to life.

"Hey!" He exclaimed, trying to keep his voice from squeaking at sheer glee.

"Fancy that!" Sarah mused, shaking his hand after Yvonne gave him a hug.

"Yeah, fancy that."

"Are you here from last night? That can't be it!" The blonde babbled, her Australian tone was lovely to hear as Harry smiled.

"No, I work with troubled kids in Social Services."

"Oh wow. How's that going for you?" Sarah asked, tugging her chair in. Tucking herself in, her legs resting under the table.

As Harry and Sarah spoke, Yvonne got to look at her rescuer in a more civilized manner than their previous encounter on the streets. He was a very handsome individual. He looked like he had a good body, it was difficult to tell under his suit. His hair was a smooth brown, that looked a little long but had been gelled back in a 'wind swept' look. He had no trace of a stubble, a personal pet peeve of hers and his green eyes looked so deep, like she could get lost in them. She must've been staring when she felt Sarah elbow him in her ribs.

Jumping back to the conversation, she nodded and took a stab at what was being said.

"Yeah, that's great."

"What is?" Sarah asked, crooking an eyebrow.

"What we were just talking about." She jumped up and grabbed a Martini from one of the waiters. Shocked, but regaining his composure, he offered the drinks to the rest of the table.


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