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He guessed the urge for more money won the battle because she then asked "you alone in the house?"

"Yes, I'm the only one. Just you and me." He replied, a slight smile creeping at the corners of his mouth.

"Is someone come today?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm not expecting anyone. The only person I was expecting today was you."

She hesitated just once more. "Okay. No problem. I will take it off."

He handed back the notes and she tucked them safely away in her pockets. She pulled the camisole over her head; her breasts bulging invitingly and she reached behind her back to unhook her bra. Richard stared in admiration as her boobs bounced into view. She folded her clothes neatly and placed them on the dresser. She stood with her broom in her hand.

"You have a nice body," was all he could say. The crisis had already begun in his shorts.

"Merci," Gladys responded. She began to pick all the trash strewn around the room.

"Can...can I touch you?" he asked as he eyed her huge breasts.

"No," she replied with another scowl.

"You don't smile too much, you know?" he remarked.

Gladys didn't respond. She continued her work in silence. Richard watched her for a while as she moved around. Her boobs bounced as she worked, and he began to imagine what it would take to have her nipples in his mouth. More money, no doubt. Why not, he thought as another thought crossed his mind. He pulled out his wallet again.

"Gladys," he called.

"Yes?!" she replied with a slight hint of anger in her voice. She was in the middle of making the bed and she turned to see him holding another couple of notes in his hand. Her features softened immediately.

"Do you want to make some more money?" he asked, waving the money at her.

She eyed the cash in his hand. "Yes. I want."

He handed her the notes. Another one thousand naira. "Take this off," he commanded, slightly pulling the waist band of her tight sweatpants.

Gladys stared at him and at the notes in her hand. Again the urge for more money won.

"Okay," she nodded, clicking her tongue on her teeth, "no problem."

Richard couldn't believe how well this was going. She put the money in her pocket before taking off her shoes and socks. He watched her hands move to her hips and she hooked her fingers into the band of her sweatpants. She slowly rolled them over her hips, moving them from side to side as she worked them down. Once they cleared her hips, rather than let them drop, she pulled them down, slowly bending at the waist until her hands touched the floor. Her brief panties received the same treatment. Richard moaned at the sight before his eyes. Her ass was a sight to behold. It jiggled with every movement she made. She stepped out of her discarded clothes, then slowly turned to face him. Her body was there for him to gape at, naked as the day she was born.

"You're...beautiful," he choked out, his tongue dry and thick with lust.

"Merci," Sheila said coyly, letting her hands move over her body, knowing his eyes were following them.

She reached for her broom and started sweeping, moving around without any sort of inhibition. She seemed so comfortable with her body, Richard thought. His hand involuntarily moved to the bulge that had formed in his cargos. He caressed his now raging hard on through the thick khaki. He had already come this far, he thought. There was nothing stopping him from going further, making the final step. He thought about it for a couple more minutes. Her back was turned to him as she swept the dirt together in a pile. The sight of her naked body and round ass was way too tempting to pass up.

He stood up and took his shirt off; he pulled down his shorts and boxers and freed his aching member. He let his hand glide over its length, and he suppressed the groan that was about to escape from his lips. He waited.

Gladys finally turned and froze.

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