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Second part of Jamie & Steve's initial meeting.

"Oh Phoebe," gasped Zylen, "that feels... oh... so... incredible."

I smiled up at him, sucking harder and licking. I was thinking how wanted to taste his cum when he growled again, and suddenly his cock pulsed and I felt a sticky substance coating my tongue and throat. It was like sweet honey, and I drank it down like a starving woman. I sucked his cock, and drank this sticky, sweet substance until it was gone.

Zylen pulled me off his cock and said, "That was... oh Phoebe... what a sensation."


"Thank you. Why did you want to drink that?"

"To see if it tasted as sweet as I thought it would."


"It was even sweeter, and better. Wait, how did you know I wanted to taste it?"

"I told you before, we can read the mind of someone we are attracted to. That's why I put my hands on your head, to make sure I wasn't harming you."

"Oh, right."

"I also saw some things you want me to do to you as well. Some things I've wanted to try."

"Oh?" I said, as innocently as I could.

Zylen scooped me up and moved me to the center of the bed. There was no question he was quite strong as he moved me with little effort. He climbed on the bed and began to kiss me again. His hands caressed my skin and he began to kiss down my body. He suckled my nipples, tugged them with his teeth and drove me nuts.

He crawled down my body, kissing my skin along his way past my pubic hair and stopping between my thighs. I watched him stare at my pussy for an unknown amount of time as he pushed my legs apart. My heart raced in anticipation, sweat formed on my body, and I started to tremble slightly. Zylen looked up at me, smiled, then leaned down, kissing my outer, lower lips. I gasped softly, feeling his lips on my pussy and his tongue slipping between them. Try as I might, I really couldn't see much, but I knew what I felt. I felt his tongue slip inside me, his fingers spread my pussy open, and his thumb touching my clit.

I moaned as he licked, sucked, touched me. I felt a finger touch my anus, causing me to slightly jump, but that was more surprise than fear. The finger slowly slid into my ass and I squealed with delight. I was sure Zylen had replaced his tongue with a finger due to the depth, but then it felt weird, curling in a way no human finger could. Suddenly, I knew it was his tongue. It was like I could see myself though Zylen's eyes. It was so erotic that it added to my arousal and suddenly my orgasm was raging though my body. My body shook and I screamed as I felt my pussy clamp down on Zylen's tongue. He lapped up my juices greedily until my orgasm passed.

Zylen crawled up my body until he was over me. I felt his cock press against my pussy, teasing me. He hovered over me for what felt like an eternity, then slowly entered me. I gasped as I felt his cock fill me like nothing had ever done before. I could smell myself on his face, feel his cock deep within my pussy, and something teasing my anus. Soon, one of the appendages pressed and entered my anus while another rubbed my clit. The sensation was amazing. I looked into Zylen's eyes, and saw us fucking in the air, me pinned against the wall in the bar, and on this bed all at once. The sensation was almost too much as my second and third orgasm hit.

Zylen continued to thrust within me as fourth orgasm hit. My head began to spin, and I fought to say focused. I kissed Zylen, held him close, and savored the amazing sensation of our love making. My orgasms were now non-stop and I lost count after the fifth. Zylen pounded me with a force and desire I had never experienced in any man before. I don't know if we fucked for five minutes or five hours as time truly lost all meaning to me. Every inch of my skin tingled and every touch of Zylen's body on mine was more erotic than the last.

Zylen fucked me harder and faster both vaginally and anally.

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