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Christmas for a security guard turns out to be best ever.

Nikki lost the next hand and managed to remove her panties without exposing her crotch. She damn near died when she lost the very next hand too.

"It isn't fair! I'm the first to get shaved and I'm not even part of the initiation," she complained, even as she got up and retrieved the bag that contained the shaving cream, scissors, razors, and baby oil. "Let's do it by the sink."

The other three quickly followed her into the alcove. After removing the coffeepot and hair dryer from the counter, Nikki hopped onto the surface and turned sideways, so her feet straddled the sink. Lifting her butt, she placed a folded towel under her as the others crowded around.

Mike marveled at her puffy vulva, which was plainly visible since she kept her pubic hair neatly trimmed. The hair was dark and not even a quarter of an inch long. Mike splashed the whole area with warm water, then, with soapy hands, lathered up her pudendum. Mike was really enjoying himself, his one hand busily rubbing the pussy of this very attractive young lady, while the other hand fondled her right breast, rolling her firm teat between his thumb and forefinger. His cock was harder than a brick and sticking straight out from his boxers. He almost jumped in surprise, when he felt a hand gently squeeze his organ.

Nikki was enjoying the sensation of having her nether region explored so much it only seemed natural to grab hold of the nearest engorged member. It felt weird but nice to be shaved by a man, her tingling nipples causing a flood in her vagina.

Mike started from the top, slowly shaving down the outer edge of her vulva. He worked the sides by holding the labia between his thumb and forefinger, but it was so slippery it was tough to hold onto. He let his little and ring fingers slip into her vagina and his middle finger tease her clit while he shaved the hair off almost one stand at a time. When he finished, he rubbed a little baby oil around the area, sliding his fingers over the edges of her labia and lightly around the hood of her clitoris. Then he placed his whole hand over her vulva and squeezed firmly.

Nikki was beside herself. She felt sexy as hell and was self-conscious that the other girls could see her arousal. She hadn't planned on playing this game, but was damn glad she had.

"You can tell if he's done a good job by rubbing your cheek over the shaved area," Sara said as she put her face against Nikki's vulva and moved her head back and forth. "Try it, Emily. See what I mean?"

Emily ran her cheek over the smooth skin, smelling the aroma of Nikki's sex as she pressed her face into her friend's groin. When Emily moved away, Mike got into the act, running his tongue the length of her slit and then gently sucking on the hood over her small, sensitive clit.

"Oh my God!" Nikki squealed as she jumped off the counter. She was embarrassed to be so turned on. "It's someone else's turn."

Sara was the next to get naked, and then Mike, before Sara lost again and it was her turn to be shaved. They decided Sara should be done on the bed, so they set up a couple of towels and put warm water in the ice bucket. Mike used a wet washcloth to dampen Sara's soft curls. He twirled the longer hair above her clit into a tight lock and gently pulling on it, he took the scissors and cut it off.

"I'm going to keep this as a souvenir," Mike said, carefully placing his prize on the table next to the bed. Once the rest of her long, thin hair was trimmed back with the scissors, it was easy to use the razor.

Mike and Nikki watched as Emily ran her checks and nose over Sara's freshly depilated pubic area.

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