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Bill's caution is involuntarily overcome

Take it or leave it."

Kelly stuttered a bit. "Wait a minute, I'm just here to supervise!"

I knew from our Facebook conversations that she was attracted to me. I was hoping she might be convinced to have some fun here.

"Times a wasting Kelly." I prodded.

"Mom, please!" Jenny pleaded. "This needs to happen!"

"Oh, my god." Kelly groaned. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

Kelly stood up and pulled her shirt up over her head, then pulled her jeans down and off. She reached around her back and undid her bra, letting it drop to the floor. Her breasts were huge but jutted outward without sagging much from their weight. Her areolas were large and pink, with lots of tiny bumps, and her nipples protruded prominently.

Kelly then grabbed at her panties and pulled them down, falling to the floor. She had a thick unmanicured bush of dense brown pubic hair that hid her slit completely from view.

My cock was now hard and pushing against my jeans.

Kelly said, "Jenny, you need to get ready."

Jenny laid down on the carpeted floor in front of the couch. Kelly grabbed an afghan off the couch and draped it over Jenny from the waist down.

Jenny pulled her jeans off and then her panties. Even though she was covered, I could see what she was doing and knew she was naked from the waist down and my mind raced, painting pictures of what she must look like under there, and I was turned on all the more.

Kelly sat next to me as I opened my pants, pulling them half way down my thighs allowing my throbbing, hard cock to spring to attention.

Kelly scooted her naked body close to me as she wrapped her fingers around it and started to stroke it with a steady rhythm. She had a smile on her face and I could tell she was enjoying herself.

Jenny lay on the floor, trying to be uninvolved, but couldn't resist looking up at my cock and what her Mom was doing.

Though she was trying to be discreet, I saw Jenny move her hand under the afghan that was like a tent over her knees. I could see her shoulder begin to move ever so slightly up and down and it was obvious that she was fingering herself.

Suddenly I grabbed Kelly's hand and stopped her.

"OK, this is ridiculous!" I exclaimed. "Everyone here is getting horny while we play like this a fucking fertility clinic!" I continued to rant. "I know damn well you both have sexual feelings for me from our time on Facebook. That's OK, you don't have to admit it."

"And Jenny, I appreciate you're wanting to be modest and discreet for Jared, but dammit, Jared's not here! And furthermore, what happens here stays here!" My voice rose and I think my escalating diatribe was starting to scare them just a bit.

"Well OK, then," Jenny asked sheepishly, "what do you want to do?"

I looked at Jenny and in a calmer voice instructed, "You and I are going to shed the rest our clothes. I'm going to fuck your Mom and then I am going to fuck you, and you get my load."

I could tell my forceful demeanor had intimidated Jenny and the look on her face told me she felt that she was not to disobey me, and must do as "Daddy" says. And the best part was that what Daddy wanted, she wanted too.

She stood up, a pouty expression on her face, still clenching the afghan. Then with her hands flat against it she slowly slid it down her thighs before letting it drop to the floor. Looking down her form, her crisp white linen blouse gave way to tan, smooth, gorgeous skin.

Her hips created shapely curves moving down long athletic legs. She had very well defined tan lines that revealed where the tiniest of a bikini could just barely cover her. She had a pronounced pubic mound and her smooth, bald slit was tiny and featureless.

My eyes were locked onto her as I continued to undress. She unbuttoned her blouse, letting it slide down off her arms, then pulled the front clasp of her bra open and pulled the cups away as her medium sized breasts bounced once to sit high on her chest.

They were firm and perky and she had her Mom's large pink areolas and protruding nipples.

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