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Eric gets a tour of some of the resort's unique features.

Reaching the restaurant, the waiter showed them to their table. It was in a corner and very private. The lights in the restaurant were low. The candle light from the tables made the setting very romantic. Mark allowed Kat to slide into the crescent moon shaped couch that was their seat. Jim sat next to her on the left with Mark on her right.

Dinner was ordered, and the wine had started to take effect Jim asked, "So what is this proposal that you have for us?"

Mark began. "Kat, I know that Jim is in love with you, and you like him. I love Jim as my other half and so does he".

Jim "You and I may be two separate bodies but one soul, and yes I have told you that I love Kat and want to make love to her, not for one time but forever if it is possible"

Mark "I guess the only option then is -you would say we get married. What I mean is, Kat is married to the two of us. I found out that here in Utah, its possible for her to do that."

"Really," said Kat. "It's settled. Tonight the three of us begin our life together."

Dinner was soon over and the three of them were headed back to Mark, Kat, and now Jim's house. Once inside the door, Jim kissed Kat passionately in front of Mark for the first time.

"Why don't you guys let me put on the new thong that I got today? The two of you can make yourselves comfortable in OUR bedroom."

Letting her go, they watched as she ascended the stairs. Both of them could feel their dicks getting hard as she disappeared into the bedroom.

Before going up Mark shook Jim's hand and said, "I mean what I said. I want all three of us to be together. I want you to be Kat's second husband, be able to be with her anytime you want just like I can. And I want for both of us to be able to have her at the same time. She loves both of us. Let's give her the chance to have us both."

"Thanks Mark," said Jim as he embraced Mark. "This is something that all three of us want. I see no reason why we can't all be happy, especially Kat."

They both ascended the stairs and entered the bedroom. Kat was laying on the bed in a baby blue teddy that snapped at the crouch and buttoned down the front. Wasting no time, Mark and Jim undressed.

Kat watched them as they walked to the bed, stroking their cocks; both were rock hard. She was now very much use to Mark's eight inch dick with it's inch girth and Jim's nine inches with an inch and a half girth. Mark started for the right side of the bed with Jim just a step behind him heading for the left.

"Finally," said Kat. "I get to have the two men that I've loved since we were in school."

Kat took a dick into each hand and began to stroke them. Jim and Mark each reached down and started rubbing one of Kat's breasts. First, Kat puts Mark's dick into her mouth and starts to suck continuing to stroke Jim. She was greatly enjoying the moans coming from both of them.

Mark began to unbutton her bikini as Jim pulled her thong.

Mark sat down behind Kat and had her lay back on him. Mark rubbed her breast from behind as Jim teased her clit with his tongue.

"Damn it boys!" Kat said squirming. "I could really get use to this."

Jim continued to torment Kat's clit. Kat moved her hips up and down, going along with the movement of Jim's tongue. Mark turned her head up to him and kissed his wife passionately.

"You like that don't you baby," Mark asked.

Kat managed to scream "yes" as she came on Jim's face. Mark held his wife tight to him and felt her shake from an orgasm produced by his best friend. They both smiled as Jim licked his lips.

"Suck me baby," said Mark. "I want you to suck me as Jim's fucks you."

Getting on all fours, Kat placed her mouth on Mark. Jim positioned the head of his cock to her pussy and looked at Mark.

"Go ahead Jim, fuck OUR wife."

Jim pushed all nine inches into Kat and listen to her moan with pleasure. Kat sucked Mark's cock harder. She now had what she had been wanting: both Mark and Jim's cock in her. The faster and harder Jim fucked her the harder and faster she would suck Mark.

"That's it Jim.

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