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A birthday e-mail leads to a very nice birthday gift.

Before it could go any further we heard someone coming. Moving to the far ends of the urinal we ignored each other as we put or cocks away and left. Out of ear shot of anyone we asked each other if we were alone. We were both with people. I knew he lived in the same general neighborhood as I, so I told him bring your baseball equipment like you're planning on a game and be at Waggoner Park at 10 am. I'll be at the turn around across the parking lot behind the softball fields. Austin was about 5' 9 which was considered tall back then and a typical teenager, all legs, elbows and big ears with a shock of red hair.

I didn't mention Austin to the guys as we walked back to the van. Once all the junk food was in place and we were back in the van it was Mitchel's turn again. As he sprawled back on the mattress with his legs spread I moved up between them. Knowing how much he likes foreplay I started by kissing and tonguing his belly button. Then I nuzzled and nibbled the hair on his belly as I worked my way down.

Bypassing his cock, I moved down and paid a little attention to his balls. I could tell by his breathing that he liked what he was doing. From his balls I licked my way up his shaft to his head. I took his cock in my mouth and with my eyes closed, I was in seventh heaven. Tightening my lips I started bobbing up and down until his cock obliged me again by cumming loads of white, thick stuff in my mouth. He almost giggled as I licked off every possible drop of it.

Dwayne lying back on the mattress. Kneeling between his legs I leaned down and started licking the head of his cock, sticking my hot little tongue in his pee-hole. Knowing how vain he was I murmured, "Uuuum," you've got a big one, with nice thick veins." Pausing, I run a finger down a pulsing vein. Then I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock. He groaned when my nose hit his pubic hair and my chin but his nut sack.

He moaned that my mouth was so hot and wet that it felt like a pussy. I'm not sure how he knew since he'd never had any pussy. But I didn't say anything, I just started moving my mouth up and down his hard shaft.

I slid farther down his shaft with each bob of my head. I felt his cock crashing into the back of my throat and he seemed to be thrilled by it as I was. I kept banging him harder and harder with my mouth. I felt his cock swell, becoming harder and harder. As the pressure build, he held it as long as he could. Upon release, I felt a wave of absolute pleasure wash over my entire body. For each release, a slightly smaller wave of pleasure washed over me until a final release occurred.

With James it was nothing fancy but a pleasure to suck. He relaxed on the mattress and leaned back against the side wall with his legs spread. Lying between his leg, I propped myself up on my elbows and took him in my mouth. I did a little bobbing but I mostly just used my mouth muscles. I don't know how I learned how to do it, I just knew. It was like clinching and unclenching my hand and jacking a guy off except I was using my mouth instead of my hand. Using this method is slow but extremely pleasurable. It was so slow and pleasant it almost put him to sleep. But it produced one of the most powerful orgasms he'd ever had. It was so strong he almost passed out.

When the movie was over and we left, everything went in reverse order. Mitchel got dropped of first and then Dwayne. When we pulled up into his driveway Dwayne's mother came out carrying a Wal-Mart bag. "Here you go dear," she said as she handed me the bag in through the window. "I told you I would pick you some more."

I begrudgingly thanked her but was afraid to look in the bag. At home I just threw the bag on my dresser and forgot about it.

Saturday morning I got to Waggoner Park firsts.

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