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Jeff gets his promotion.

"S-stop! P-please! I'm t-too sen--sensitive!" she begged.

I eventually relented, withdrawing both my tongue and my finger from her soft depths.

"How did your cum taste, Hol?" said Emma as she smiled. "Aysha's was amazing. I think I'll try yours too."

She glided over to Holly and slipped out of the pool. She straddled Holly's prostrated body and dipped her head between Holly's breasts. She lapped greedily at the pools of girl cum on her chest and neck, finally putting her mouth over Holly's and pressing their slippery tits together.

"Ok girls, my cock is going to explode if I don't put it in someone's mouth or pussy in the next minute. Are you up for more fun?" I asked.

Aysha stood up, absently wiping her cum from her thighs and pussy, then licking her fingers clean.

"I'll suck it for you!" she said enthusiastically.

Emma had stopped kissing Holly and was looking over her shoulder at me.

"Let's go to the patio," she said, standing up.

Holly slowly got to her feet somewhat unsteadily and put her arm around Emma's waist.

"Y-yeah, let me give that cock a good sucking," she said.

I exited the pool, my massive erection bobbing in front of me. I stared at the girls' three beautiful naked bottoms as they made their way to the patio. Emma put one of the cushions from the lounger on the ground and knelt on it.

"Come on girls," she said, pulling at Holly and Aysha's hands.

They knelt beside her and beckoned to me. I stood proudly in front of the teens' faces as they looked up at me, smiling. Their hands collided as they all reached for my cock simultaneously . Holly, who was on my right, managed to gain purchase on my thick shaft first, and pulled it hard to her mouth. Her experienced lips engulfed me at once, and I felt a powerful suction as her cheeks drew in and her hand pumped my rod.

Aysha leaned down and licked my balls as Emma watched, her hand on my ass. Holly was good, and was soon taking half my cock into her throat. Her pumping hand moved in perfect rhythm with her suction, spreading her saliva across my entire length. Aysha tongued my balls energetically.

After a minute, she said, "Next!" and pulled my member from Holly's grip.

Aysha began by running her tongue up the underside of my cock, holding it up against my abdomen. She tickled the glans with her tongue, then popped the head into her mouth. She sucked hard, without bobbing her head, her tongue swirling delightfully around my pulsating helmet. Meanwhile, Emma and Holly had each sucked a nut into their mouths. Unable to take much of my dick into her mouth, Aysha pushed the head against the inside of her cheek as she stroked me with both hands. The sensation was wonderful: as if I was pressing against a resistant pussy. Her tongue continued its playful technique.

"Ok, Aysh. Now me," said Emma.

Reluctantly, Aysha slid my cock from her mouth and directed it to Emma. Having had some practice sucking my dick, Emma knew how to handle my large size. She bobbed her head on my cock and twisted her hands around my shaft, drooling liberally down my length.

"Holly, get in here and put your mouth on my cock. On this side. Emma," she popped my dick out of her mouth and looked up at me. "Put your lips on this side, opposite Holly. Aysha, go under me and lick my balls."

The girls did as they were told. Holly and Emma opened their mouths to admit my cock as it pushed between their lips. They stuck out their tongues as my shaft slid along them. I held the two girls' hair while I slid my length between their mouths, as I felt Aysha tickle my nuts from underneath. Her hands gripped my buttocks as I thrust, my hips pushing against the girls' cheeks as the base of my cock reached their open mouths.

"Wooow, this is amazing!" I said as Holly and Emma stared into my eyes. After a time, I pulled the girls' heads back by their hair.

"Aysha, hold my cock straight out. I'm going to fuck your mouths one at a time. You need to position it," I said as she appeared from beneath me, licking her lips.

She put her head between the other

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