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The maid discovers the secrets of the cellar.

His mistress, then, decided it was a good time to burst into the room. "Who is she?" she asked, not sounding frantic, but calm as he would expect from her. "I thought you said you weren't the marrying type." Charlotte frowned and it marred her pretty face. "I didn't even know you were even looking for a bride."

She had no reason to think so since he'd escorted Charlotte to every social event, no matter the gossiping tongues waggling in their direction. "I'm not," he said and bit into the toast. "I am as surprised as you are by this."

"So you didn't make the announcement?" Was that relief in her voice?

"I am guessing my father did." He added some milk to his tea and stirred it with the small, silver spoon. "The girl is his ward."

"His ward? Wouldn't she be dreadfully young then?" Charlotte asked, looking concerned.

James smiled a little as he took a sip from his tea. There was nothing better than strong English tea in the morning and Charlotte's cook finally made it the way he liked it. He would not like to have to find a new mistress and put together a new household if she was going to be jealous, but trust Charlotte's sense of justice to turn to his fianc__e. It was for that reason he had kept her as his mistress for nearly three years now.

"She's sixteen, I believe. Young, but not dreadfully young. She's a charming, sweet girl. You'd like her," he remarked because Charlotte would. His mistress would on rare occasions complain about how vicious and spiteful the ladies of the ton were.

"Is she a relation of yours?" she asked, having taken off her robes and was now sitting on the bed next to him. James much appreciated the transparent quality of her nightgown, how he could see her dusky pink nipples pressed against the thin fabric. Her breasts were lovely and quite large. "A cousin?"

"She's my father's best friend's only daughter," he answered and smiled when Charlotte nodded. His mistress had an intelligence he respected and it was nice to be able to carry a conversation without having to explain things to her.

"I remember now," Charlotte said as he cupped her breast. His large hand were more than filled by her generous flesh. "A Lord Scott, Earl of Lindsay died five years ago. He was thrown from a horse. Was that her father?"

"Indeed," James said and kissed her thoroughly, cutting short any further discussion of his intended bride. His thumb rubbed her nipple until it was erect and then pinched it hard enough to draw a moan from Charlotte's throat.

He chuckled then, glad to get his mind off the startling engagement. He might not have shown much emotion when he had read about his forthcoming nuptials, but he was far from pleased. Although, he hadn't been surprised. His father always did things his own way regardless of others and their feelings. James pushed Charlotte's nightgown down and bared her breasts.

He would, of course, argue with his father about this engagement but he didn't see a way out unless Alexandra disagreed. It was possible she would, though he wouldn't wager on it. Alexandra honestly did seem to adore and worship his father for being her guardian and liked to please him. Undoubtedly, this marriage would be very pleasing to him-his son and his best friend's daughter.

James pushed Charlotte's breasts together, enjoying how he could manipulate them in his hands and how entirely debauched she looked. He grinned at how she had quickly she had freed his cock from the sheets that had been twisted around his waist. He pressed her breasts even more tightly together and slowly slid his cock between the soft, silky mounds.

Charlotte opened her mouth, her tongue ready to lick and suck the head of his cock whenever it pushed through her breasts.

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