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The pair has a fun Saturday.

Kim was waiting in the outer office of the photography club lab when Bobby arrived. "I've got to develop some pictures," she said. "Want to come in the darkroom with me?"

Bobby smiled. "Sure," he said. Being alone in the darkroom with Kim was an opportunity most of the guys in school would kill for.

"Come on," Kim said and headed for the darkroom.

Bobby followed close behind her, smelling the delightful scent of her perfume. He wasn't paying attention and bumped into Kim when she stopped to unlock the darkroom door. Contact with the girl's tidy body did nothing to stem the turmoil growing in his body. He'd been getting more and more turned on since she'd invited him into the darkroom.

"I really do have to get these things done," Kim said when they were in the darkroom with the door locked behind them and the warning light that was meant to alert people that the darkroom was in use was turned on. "It will only take a minute." She moved to the counter and picked up some rolls of film. "I have to have it dark to do this," she said and switched off the lights.

Bobby moved closer to her and their bodies touched. He heard the sound of her doing something in the darkness, but couldn't see a thing.

"I have to put developer in here," Kim said, "then I'm done for a while."

Bobby heard liquid being poured and the sound of things being set down, then Kim's hand brushed his and stayed in contact with it.

Bobby's cock continued to unwind in his pants. Something better happen, and soon. If it didn't, he was going to have a serious set of lover's nuts by the time he got out of here. He heard the sound of a light switch being thrown and the room was bathed in dim red light.

Bobby looked at Kim, who gave him a cryptic, but extremely provocative, smile in return. He put his arm around her she pressed against him. He bent his head trying to find Kim's lips. Her hips moved maddeningly against his swollen groin. Their lips joined and electric sensations ripped through him. Kim moan softly as her tongue lashed his. Her arms tightened around him and her hips continued their insistent movements.

Bobby had to have her! He cupped Kim's wonderfully-formed bottom, lifted her up, and set her on the counter. Her lips remained locked to his. He pushed her short, snug, skirt up to her waist and discovered she wore no underwear!

Kim's mouth finally released his. "Yeahhhh!!!!" she hissed while Bobby fumbled with his zipper. "Give it to me!" She'd wanted this the minute she saw him in the hall. Bobby really knew how to use his cock, and the fact that he was going to fuck her in the photo lab was an even bigger turn-on.

Bobby got his cock out and, gripping it in his hand, moved between Kim's legs. He groaned when the sensitive tip came in contact with the young woman's hot, wet pussy. Delight rippled up his spine as he shoved his swollen shaft into her.

"Yesssssss!!!!!" Kim moaned. She tightened her grip on Bobby. This was exactly what she wanted! "Feels neat! Oh, God, Bobby! That feels so neat!" she exclaimed. She wrapped her legs around Bobby's hips, drawing him into her as deeply as she could get him. Kim had been with a lot of guys, but none of them came close to matching the thrills Bobby gave her!

Bobby watched Kim in the red glow of the safety light. She was leaning back on outstretched arms, her pretty face slack with passion. Her hips rocked gently and she kept her legs locked around him. He shoved against her and she responded with a soft groan.

Bobby loosened the tie around her waist and pushed up her top, hoping she wasn't wearing a bra. She wasn't! Her delectable breasts, capped by erect nipples, stood out out proudly from her chest. He sucked a nipple into his mouth.

"Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!" Kim groaned, shuddering. "That's it, Bobby!! Suck my tits!!! Yeahhhh!!!"

Bobby nibbled one rubbery finger of flesh, then the other.

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