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Jolene's son brings home the future daughter-in-law.

"Are you kidding? Julia Wilson is no shrinking violet. Jordan's mom lives to be noticed and appreciated and Mom and Diane seem to enjoy the admiring glances of men far more than I ever realized while growing up. Maybe they've changed as the situation has changed, but yes. Do tell the guys to be sure to compliment our lovely, mature ladies here today," agreed Gwen.

"I was just thinking. We're doing photos for the new magazine, as well as ads for it today. Do we expect women in their forty's to wear our swim suits and lingerie? It seems like we would. A lot of women that age still go to the beach and still like to look sexy for boyfriends and husbands. Do we have any ads with ladies like your mom, Julia, Diane, and Cindy in them?" questioned Steve.

"That's a great idea! Why haven't we done that before this? We've concentrated totally on the twenty-somethings and forgot everyone else. We need to have teen agers as well as mature women and men in our ads. We've been missing the boat!" exclaimed Gwen. "Let me go talk to Stephanie."

It took some persuading but Gwen convinced her parents, Diane and Will, Julia and Jeff Wilson, and Cindy Quick to model swim and formal attire. The younger people in the room teased and joked with them between poses and everyone had a lot of fun with it.

"Mrs. Anderson, you make me feel like buying that suit!" exclaimed Billy when Paula emerged from the changing area wearing a low cut one piece suit that flattered her figure perfectly.

"Wow, Mr. A! You look just like James Bond!" announced Naomi when Ted appeared in a very stylish tuxedo.

Before they were done, the photographers had the parents pose with their children in formal wear and swimsuits. Then Billy asked to be in a picture with the mothers surrounding him. He blushed when the ladies all moved in tight to his body with their ample bosoms pressed against him.

"Hey, that's my mother you're squeezing," complained Naomi, but with a big smile.

"Yeah, Mom, don't get too close to that perv," warned Jordan. "He's not well!"

"He seems to be a very nice young man with a very healthy reaction to some seriously hot women," responded Cindy Quick as she made a production of looking down at Billy's swim trunks.

After a productive and enjoyable afternoon, the entire group naturally gravitated to Marsh's for a small celebration of sorts. Gwen told everyone, "Tomorrow morning, we'll work on our routines for the Oscars and then finish up with the ads for the Super Bowl. I want to thank everyone for their hard work and good humor. I think it's been a great weekend."

"I'm sure Dad will agree with you," chuckled Stephanie. "If he survives, that is. We did get some great video and stills for the commercials and the magazine. Every other advertiser has spent the last year on their commercials. They hire writers, actors, and even animals, to make their commercials months in advance."

"Yeah, but we're going to prove that less is more, especially if we're talking about the bikinis and gowns that the girls wore for their commercials. I'm pretty sure all my fellow football fans will love the ads," offered Chip.

"If you liked that, you should really love tomorrow when Gwen and Jordan wiggle into some tiny little underthings," predicted Stephanie. "It's going to be a teaser for the Oscars, where we'll also have some commercials, along with Gwen and Jordan and their two sidekicks doing the hosting duties. Their first dance routine will set the place on fire. You just wait!"

"We had a great time today, but didn't we want some teenage girls for some ads?" Lisa reminded the group. "We have everything set up for tomorrow, so are we going to fly in some anorexic teen models from some faraway place, or maybe go down to the basketball game at the high school tonight and scout the local talent?"

"That's a good idea!" responded Kate.

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