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Mom makes a very special request of Ciara.


"Don't confuse age with maturity, Ava. I meant no offense and found you attractive and intriguing. I still do. Look, this is a big bar. I don't think it was coincidence that you happened to come up behind me to order. I was simply responding. I'm sorry I bothered you."

I turned back to the game, miffed but not nasty, just abrupt like her. After a moment, I heard that deep voice again. "I'm sorry. I tend to be gruff to ass holes, and you did nothing to make me think you were one. May I buy you a drink now?"

I smiled. "Sure, here, belly up. Bobby! The lady has a request!"

She totally changed her attitude, now open and friendly, even saying, "You're right, I hoped you'd be here. It's tough for a woman to go out alone, and I figured at least you had said hello, which is more than any other man has in the last two months."

"Maybe they're intimidated."

"You're apparently not!"

"Look, you have to know the aura you give off, the black outfits, white hair, I bet some are scared you'll shoot them down."

She stared with those ice-blue eyes. "Like I shot you down?"

"You tried, but you missed. Bullets bounce off me! Besides, if you're not willing to be hit by a pitch, stay out of the batter's box."

"But, you knew I was so much older, why waste your time?"

"Ava, you're very attractive, almost magnetic. I was hoping to learn your name, hear your voice, to complete the image. It would have been worth it if you slapped me! Just kidding."

She was truly flattered, I could tell, and we moved to a booth for privacy, and I saw the envy in many of the older guys eyes, some young ones, too.

It was closing time. "Where did the night go?" I asked. "Do you live far?"

She smiled. "Harry, I live on the other side of Nancy, the same block as you, walking distance."

"Excellent! We can stumble home together!"

We did just that. The chilly night air hit us both. She had a black satin button-down blouse over her black jeans, and she shivered. Luckily, I had a windbreaker which I draped over her shoulders. It wasn't black, but she didn't refuse it.

We walked and she said, "You must be freezing," and took my arm. A few steps later and my hand was on her shoulders, holding her by my side.

We got to her doorstep and she turned to face me. "Thanks, this was fun..."

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. With us being almost the same height, I pulled her to me and kissed her in mid-sentence.

She pulled away, glaring. I could read her mind. How could you dare this? Then she went blank, and moved back into me, and we kissed long and hard.

"Harry, I'm too old for you."

"I don't believe that, and I don't think you do either."

We kissed again, and she said, "If you make one crack about my weight or figure, I have weapons, and I know how to use them."

I smiled. "I'm sure you do, Ava, I'm sure you do."

We kissed again, and she took my hand, leading up to her place. She shucked the jacket and turned to me, her features not hard but sexy, that look in her eyes that I knew was there for the right person at the right moment.

I felt my cock hardening as she looked me over, and although she would set the pace and even the moves, she would not try to dominate me, I knew. She whispered, "Make us a nightcap, Baby," and retreated to her bedroom.

I filled them both and she hadn't come out. "Ava?"

"In here, Baby."

Her bedroom was rich red and black, the lighting just so, that when I saw her standing by her dresser, even cynical Harry had to pause. She had strap-on 3 inch heels over dark mesh stockings held in place with a garter belt, very small panties, almost thongs over the garter, a black lace half-bra, choker and leather gloves, all in black except ruby red lipstick, contrasted against her white flesh.

She was every fantasy I had thought of, and ones I hadn't come up with yet. All she said was, "Is this okay?"

I mumbled, "Fucking awesome," and watched her grin in satisfaction then strut over, and take one of the glasses, and drank, watching me.


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