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She's been a woman in charge, how can she be submissive?

This contact sent an ache down from that spot, straight to his cock, and he moaned again.

"He's wearing too much clothing," Sam complained gruffly, as his hands slid up from Will's belly, beneath his shirt, to brush over his nipples.

Alexis broke the kiss, and brushed his nose against Will's, but spoke to Sam. "You're always so impatient," he chided. "Come on, Will, on your feet. If we don't appease him, well... he's torn three pairs of my favorite underwear so far."

Will felt like he was in a daze, and as the other two stood, and pulled him up with them, he could do little but move where they guided. "In my defense, they were very flimsy underwear," he heard Sam say. The two continued to throw little teases at each other back and forth, but Will didn't hear them. Alexis had removed his own shirt, and had begun pulling Will's shirt up as well. Will moved where he was expected to, but he was distracted by the sculpted muscles of Alexis's abs and chest. He'd never been so turned on by the sight of another man before.

Sam was also shirtless by now, and pressed his chest against Will's back. Sam was a little hairier than the other two, and it was an odd sensation to feel the hair against his smooth skin. Odd, but delightful. There would be no mistaking Sam for a female when he dreamed of this later. He was all man. As Sam's hands moved back to Will's stomach and chest, his lips returned to his neck. Will leaned his head back, letting out a little huff of air as Sam's lips tasted his shoulder and shoulder blade.

Alexis kept himself busy by working open the fly of Will's jeans, and pushing them down off his hips, leaving his underwear intact. He'd removed his own jeans, but he'd worn no underwear, and was completely nude. When he stepped forward, his cock rubbed the front of Will's boxer briefs, and the tingle he felt made his cock twitch. He could feel Sam's growing erection press against his backside, even separated as it was by Sam's jeans. He lifted his head, and stared down at Alexis' cock, as Alexis slid his hands forward over Will's hips and down over his ass.

"I've always wanted to touch this ass," Alexis whispered against Will's ear, just before he took the lobe between his teeth and nibbled. He felt Alexis' hands move, dip past the waistband of his underwear and slide beneath, both palms cupping his ass, alternating between squeezing and pulling the cheeks apart. He heard Alexis moan against his ear, and found that he'd reached out without really realizing it, and gripped Alexis's naked cock. Alexis' cock felt so hot against his palm, long and firm, and he slowly rubbed his thumb over the tip like he liked to do when he was stroking himself.

"That's it. That's it, Will," he heard Alexis whisper. Meanwhile, Sam's presence against his back was suddenly gone, and a moment later he felt another set of hands pulling at his underwear. He glanced down again, and saw Sam on his knees in front of the pair, working Will's underwear down. He'd stripped, and Will followed the thick trail of hair that led down to Sam's fat cock. He bit his lip as the hard flesh bounced slightly with movement. He was about to ask if he could touch it, too, when Sam's hands suddenly shifted from his underwear, that fell down the rest of the way on their own, to his cock. He stroked Will once, twice, then took the head of Will's cock into his mouth.

"Oh," Will moaned, as he watched his dick disappear between his friend's lips. It was such a lewd, erotic sight, and he couldn't help the shudder that rolled down his spine. "He's getting quite good at that," Alexis whispered against his ear. "Are you doing all right?"

Will nodded, barely able to tear himself from watching Sam to meet Alexis's gaze.

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