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The slut surrenders her last hole to Sir...

I could walk really close to one of the more handsome guys and I'll bet he'd have a hard time not reaching out and grabbing my tits. I'll bet he'd have a hard time not thumbing my nipples. Ohhhh, that would be so hot if he did pinch my nipples right out in public! I would get so hot. Shit, if there wasn't a law against it I'd let him throw me down on a table and suck on my tits while he pumped me full of his hot cum! Oh, oh, oh yes, I'd really like that Gary!"

Gary was getting really hard in his pants at that point. His precum was wetting his undies quite a bit. He was even gently pumping his hips while he leaned against a wall in the alley he was in.

"I guess we could also go to a nice restaurant for dinner too Gary. But I don't think I could wear such a thin, flimsy t-shirt like that to a fancy restaurant with you. I bet I could wear a really deeply cut leotard top though. I have a nice wide and deeply cut one that would certainly showcase my young breasts to people. It would show mountains of cleavage, almost down to my areola. I could even stretch it down a bit once in a while. I could pull it down so some of my areola was visible. That would get you really hot, wouldn't it Gary? That would get every guy in the restaurant really hot too I'll bet," she continued.

Gary was rubbing his cock rather frantically now. He loved the softness of her voice and he loved the images she was conjuring in his mind too. He loved everything about her and was getting more and more wet in his underwear. Shit, he didn't mind if he shot off his load in his pants right now, considering just how very hot her conversation was.

"Gary, I want to go with you soon wearing my wife-beater t-shirt and have you fondle my breasts in public. We could sit over in the corner of the coffee shop and you could play with me. Right out in public. You know, a little bit discreet, but also in plain view. Wouldn't that be sooo hot?" she said. "I want to get you all to myself and have you flick my nipples just like this" she said. "I want you to pinch them just like I'm doing now. Oh, it feels so good Gary. Would you pinch my nipples and not stop. Would you rub my pussy too while you latch your mouth onto my long thick nipples to suck on them?"

"Oh, I will Becky. Yes, I will. I want to suck them. I want to suck on them," he said while his cock rose up higher and closer to his belt. Gary had to open his zipper and stick his hand inside. He didn't think anyone would see him in this alley and he simply needed more direct contact.

"Oh yes Gary. Suck on them. Suck on both of my big long nipples, on my big juicy tits. Suck on one and then the other and then back again. drive me crazy. Give my your cock. Fill my pussy with your cock. I'm rubbing my clitty right now while I'm talking to you. It feels so good Gary. I can almost feel you pumping into me. My tits are so wet with your mouth," she imagined. "Suck on me. Pump into me. Pound me Gary with your hard cock. Abuse me all you want. I'm yours!!" she exclaimed.

Gary was getting even closer to an orgasm as she spoke. Somehow she knew it and she continued her teasing. "That's it. Grab my tits hard now. Grab them harder than you every have. The don't all even fit in your hand they are so big. Squeeze them and fill your hands with my flesh. My areolas have the softest skin you've ever touched in your life. They are sooo smooth and gentle and have the thickest most suckable nipples on top of them. God they love your mouth. Suck on my nipples! Suck on my nipples! Suck harder please and pound me. Pound me again and again...!!" she said as she heard a huge sigh come through the phone followed by slower panting.

"That's it Gary. That's it. Pound me hard with your cock and keep sucking on me. Did you like that? Did you cum for me Gary? Did you cum in your hand or in your pants Gary? I wish I were there to drink it up. I want to suck all your sperm up into my mouth Gary. I want to drink up all your yummy sperm and clean you all up. Do you feel good now honey?" she asked.


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