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Jessica and the Marines put their hard training to the test.

.." She kissed her for a little while, letting her regain her strength. When she finally looked her old self again, she followed Tina's gaze back towards Dan and matched her suggestive grin. With the same thought, the two women rose onto their knees and crept down the bed to him.

Placing an arm over Kelly's shoulders, Tina showed both their bodies off proudly. "You see Dan, you may have your own ideas, but I just think... you got four boobs here. Four. When are you going to have that again?"

Dan shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe sooner than you think." He caught Kelly's eye and she gave a sly little grin, followed by the briefest wave of her hand. His dick twitched in his fingertips.

Tina pursed her lips. "Yeah, maybe. If you ask nicely." She moved up and wrapped her arms round him. "But right here, right now... Would you like to come on our tits?"

"Yes please, honey."

"That's what I wanted to hear." She kissed him and then dropped down onto all fours, a few inches from his crotch. She reached out with her index finger and gently stroked the tip of his cock, just enough to keep him on edge. "I don't mean right now, though. I'm not gonna rush you. You mind giving us a little show, darling? If we give you something to inspire you?"

Dan took hold of his cock, the other hand sliding under his balls. Tina gave him a little kiss on the thigh, then settled down on her stomach to watch, her arms folded in front of her. Kelly lay down beside her. Tina waved Dan backwards slightly. "Just go back a little, hon." He soon caught her drift. "Well, if you wouldn't mind standing up, it's just..." She surveyed him as he got off the bed, his legs apart. "Yeah, that's a very nice view. Wouldn't you say, Kell?"

"Uh-hmm," Kelly nodded eagerly, her eyes roving up and down his body. They both crept up the bed until they were lying just over the edge, their legs kicking lazily up in the air. Tina gestured down to their exposed chests.

"You see, now you know where to aim. Just in case you were wondering." Dan smiled and began stroking himself, the head of his penis making a loud sticky sound. For a few moments he had tunnel vision, staring vacantly into space as he focused on getting harder. Then he looked down at Kelly and Tina, and saw that they were both utterly captivated. They watched intently as he squeezed hard on his dick, then released and caressed it. He was beginning to enjoy the feeling of being on display.

Kelly shook her head, her smile widening. "I've never done this before. I can't believe I haven't thought of it."

"Well you're still young, sweetie. It took me ages to persuade my first boyfriend to let me watch." Tina looked up at Dan. "I did ask you a while back, only you said you were too tired!"

"I was saving it for the right occasion."

"Yeah, like you knew you were gonna get this lucky..." Tina paused, her eyes lingering on his cock. She carried on watching as she ran her hand casually down Kelly's spine, and an air of calm descended on the room.

"So," she eventually asked, "what part did you enjoy the most?" Dan hesitated for a moment, and she gave him a teasing poke on the thigh. "Come on, be honest!"

"Well, if I had to choose..." His gaze wandered over to Kelly and he stroked himself harder. "It was the second time I fucked you, and I got to watch you come. That's going to be a good memory for a long time. Certainly makes life easy on my wrist." Kelly blushed, and gave one of her beguiling smiles. Tina turned in her direction.

"And what about you then, Kell?"

"Um, that was my favourite part too." She looked down at the floor in embarrassment, and Dan and Tina both laughed out loud.

"Well I should hope so honey, you damn near drowned his cock after all!" Tina exchanged a grin with her husband, and kissed Kelly on the cheek.

"You didn't say what your favourite part was..." Dan reminded her.

"Uh, well.

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