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Rita takes a turn on the Purple Passion.

He wasn't totally inexperienced as he had his hands under my sweater and already down the back of my skirt. I told him I needed to call my husband and Julien told me to use the phone in the living room next to the large sofa with brocade pillows. It was an elegant room with table lamps which made the room warm and cozy. A fire was still burning in the fireplace.

My husband and I always joke about me having a young boy and that he'd love to watch, so I told him what happened. He always encourages me to do so. I would never have another opportunity for something like this to happen so I told him the boy was very nice and he was very much in agreement.

I told him that when he got here to walk around the side window of the store and he could watch me with Julien through the window and that I would do my best to make everything as visible as possible.

Just as I was having second thoughts Julien came into the room with a crystal carafe of red wine with two glasses... and that walk. We sat on the sofa and drank some and I turned on the TV which showed a woman undressing before a full length ornate mirror. Sitting on the sofa in the movie were two handsome men.

"Oh" I said "that's what you were watching when I came in"." Is that something you would be interested in?" "Well... ah... I don't know" he said. "You mean watching a women like that....?" "Yes I said", like that... for you and someone else." "Let's see" I said. I walked over to the TV and began to mimic the woman in the video. I had my back to Julien and ran my hands over my ass lifting my skirt like the woman in the movie.

Then I turned around in front of the full length mirror in the room and unbuttoned one of the buttons on my sweater. "Like this?" I said. He just watched and said nothing.

"My husband will be here soon and maybe I should wait for him. He likes it when I do this for him" I said. I went over and sat down next to Julien and he didn't hesitate to continue kissing. My hand on his thigh, I could feel the length of his penis through his pants.

"Listen" I said " your a handsome young guy and you should have a nice experience and you helped with my car and I think it would be great if I told you something".

I told him about the fantasy and about my husband liking the idea. "You sure he won't mind" he said. "This would be as much of a pleasure for him as it would be for me" I said "and a pleasure I hope for you." "My husband tells me that there are things he can't see when he's the one making love to me. He says seeing me in ecstasy and fulfillment with another man turns him on."

I poured a large glass of wine for him and myself and made sure we drank up in a toast. Then I quickly poured another round.

With that I got up and tied back the satin ties on the living room curtains so the windows facing the sofa were uncovered leaving the sheer transparent curtain underneath. The sofa sat with its back against one set of windows. The sofa faced the windows with the sheer curtains on the other side of the room.

As I walked back to the sofa I saw my husband in the window behind the sofa. I went over to Julien, bent over and kissed him while running my hand through jet black hair. I wasn't blushing now, I was burning.

I had Julien stand up and ran my hands up his long slender legs enjoying his delicious aroma. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down. With my face next to his hip I looked up at my husband watching me caressing Julien's cute ass.

Then I stood up in front of Julien with my man watching and undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Now standing in front of Julien in my sweater and panties I told him to lie back and I began kissing him again. I looked over the back of the sofa at my husband with a big smile and whispered for him to go to the other windows.

Because of the sheer curtains he could see in but it made it difficult to see outside, unless you knew what was out there.

While he was going around, Julien had taken off his pants and shirt and we wer

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