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The busy trio continue to trade places, and orgasms.

Her reverie was interrupted by Jason asking 'How hard would you like it? The massage that is?'

She grinned into the chair and lazily rolled her hips. 'I can take it as hard as you can manage I bet!' she purred.

Jason smiled and gave an almighty push on his next massage stroke with both thumbs digging in and his fingers of his right hand sliding right up her inner thigh to impact her bikini.

'Ooooowwwwoucchhhoooo' Laura squealed and squirmed as the pressure pain from her hamstring gave way to an electric jolt from her pussy where his fingers still rested gently applying pressure to her lips.

'Is that hard enough or do you want more, Mrs Wilson?' Jason asked whilst still gently kneading her hamstring with his thumbs and wiggling his fingertips into her bikini clad pussy lips.

Again Laura rotated her hips and hissed 'My name is Laura. Especially in this situation.'

'Ok.' Jason paused. 'Laura it is.' and he pushed two fingers straight into her pussy, bikini and all.

Laura let out a muffled scream and her body shook as a wave of pleasure crashed through her. The suddenness of his action took her totally by surprise and she panted with desire.

Laura's attempt to muffle her scream didn't quite work as it carried into the house where her son Daniel was in the kitchen talking with her daughter Stephanie.

Unknown to Laura, Steph had been in all day lying on her bed thinking about the date she had planned that night with her boyfriend Pete. They had been dating for a couple of months and Steph was looking forward to the evening. Steph had always been keen on sex but Pete was a lot shyer than her previous boyfriends. All they had done was kiss with some fumbled touching in a quiet corner at a party two weeks before. Steph grinned and thought "What I really want is a film, a fish supper and a fuck."

All Steph had been wearing was a robe and she had been pleasuring herself whilst thinking of where and how she would pounce on Pete and fuck his brains out. The sound of the door opening and closing downstairs caught her attention and she gathered her robe around her and went to investigate.

'Hi Danny boy.' Steph called as she saw it was her brother in the kitchen.

Dan scowled. Steph was a year older than him and had treated him like a kid for too long. His bad mood was placated by the sight of his sisters hard nipples poking through the robe she had on. He realised he couldn't see a panty line either and he wondered if she was totally naked under her robe.

'Hey old thing.' He retorted and Steph huffed and pushed past him to sit at the coffee bar by the window. Her robe drew up her thighs and was stretched tight across her bum. Dan couldn't see any outline of panties and the thought of his sister going commando caused his cock to lurch towards attention. He knew it was wrong but his sister was a hottie in his opinion. More than once he had glimpsed her just out of the shower and the flashes he had seen of her glistening skin had always turned him on.

'I'm making a drink for mum. You want anything?'

'What's mum having? I'll have what she's having.' Steph replied.

'A long comfortable screw? Sex on the beach?' Dan started to laugh and Steph joined in.

'Maybe we should stick to a white wine spritzer? Lots of water and ice in mine please.' Steph said.

Dan busied himself and they chatted about things for a while. As Dan finished the drinks Steph looked out across the garden and she gasped at the sight of her mum lying on a garden chair with her bikini top partly off being massaged by her brother's best friend.

Steph's arousal from earlier flared up straight away and she pressed her hand to her chest, biting her lip to stifle a moan. She stood and leaned on the breakfast bar to get a better view. As she did so, her mother let out a scream that was partly stifled but Dan heard it.

'What the hell was that?' he cried, pushing alongside Steph to see what the cause was. He was stunned to see his mother writhing on the chair with his friend clearly groping her.

'I'm gonna kill him.

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