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19-year-old guy shares a hotel room with a 60-year-old man.

"Can you look down?" I asked, waiting for her reaction. She managed to lift her head and look down toward me. Her eyes focused and widened slightly. She couldn't really see it, but she could no doubt feel it. My crooked fingers were pressing against the back wall of her pussy, pointing upward. She moaned at the sensation.

"H-how many more fingers?" she managed to gasp out. "I feel really full ..."

"I would advise one more," I said, going back to stroking her. "Just to keep you loosened up and ready for the fit. Can you do that?"

"Uh-huh," Cait breathed before laying her head back. "Do it."

It was hard to describe the noise she made, somewhere between a grunt and a gurgle, as my third finger joined the other two inside her. Her back didn't arch this time; she seemed to almost sink into the mattress, as if trying to retreat from the sensation. The grunt was followed by a whimper and one of her hands slapping against the bed repeatedly.

"Fuuuuuuuuck ..." she whispered. "Fuckfuckfuck! Michael! Oh, God!"

"You okay, darling?" I asked, pausing. I wasn't being too gentle, since she wanted what could only be considered a rough sex act. I had three fingers in her, and I was pushed into the bottom knuckles. She was going to feel a lot fuller than this shortly.

"I'll be fine ..." she said, squirming. "Fine, fine ... just keep it up for a bit, and then get your dick in me..."

I nodded and began stroking again. Cait moaned and writhed some more, but I could feel her adjusting - not just her ass stretching of its own accord, but she was begging to try to squeeze my fingers, experimenting with flexing her muscles around me. Good on her. I loved this girl.

I drizzled some more lube on her knot, and she shivered at the cool sensation. I worked it around and into her before placing my rock-hard cock at her entrance. Sliding my fingers out, I replaced them with my throbbing head just inside, holding her open. Her tight ring was already constricting, and I felt it squeeze me.

"You ready, beautiful?" I asked. She nodded hastily, her eyes still closed, sweating and shaking.

"Do it ... do it ..."

I slowly pushed inside, mindful not to hurt her. She clenched her teeth and her groan got louder the farther I pushed into her ass. Nearly thirty seconds had passed before I had sunk in to the hilt, my hips pressed to her inner thighs. Cait seemed paralyzed, hardly moving. Her face was screwed up in what was almost a grimace, her eyes squeezed shut and her teeth clenched.

"Hah ... uhhhhh ... gnnnnnn ..." she wheezed. "Fuck, Mike ... fuck me ..."

I began sliding very slowly back and forth, watching my cock disappear inside her tight, toned ass. Her knot was distended, slightly red, but otherwise looked fine. Great, in my opinion, never better. I pushed and pulled in a slow and steady rhythm, letting Cait adjust.

"Gnnnnnn, yessssssss," she mumbled, her hands coming down to clutch at her knees. "That feels so fucking good ..."

"Glad you like," I replied, smiling slyly and picking up the rhythm slightly. "Should be easier with Joaquin."

She went silent, trying to rock back and forth in time with my fucking motion, squeezing me as I pushed in, relaxing as I pulled out. Her hands found mine on her thighs and gripped them, helping to center her. She was puffing out her cheeks and almost blowing the air out, as if she were giving birth or running a marathon.

I fucked her a little faster, making sure she could keep up. I intended to make her cum at least once, which would really relax her ass, more than enough for her to sit on Joaquin. She seemed determined as well, rocking now and squeezing as much as she could. She would lift her head and look down her body, flexing her abs to help adjust to the unreal sensation of being so full.
"Gnnnn, Mike ..." she whimpered again. "It was never like this before."

"Just wait until you get double-barreled, babygirl," I said, smiling slyly.

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