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Two T-girl families, and the maid, compete for inheritance.

I was the first one up Sunday (being horny can do that do you). I slipped into a red/white/blue stripped bikini and went out onto the deck to sun-bathe (since my skin-tone was a creamy white I really needed a tan). I laid down on my stomach on a lawn chair. Rob showed up about an hour later (he was wearing swimming trunks). We made small talk for a few minutes, before I asked him to rub some lotion on my back. He agreed to, so I untied my bikini top and let him go to work. As he rubbed, I purred and cooed (hoping to get him horny). Ricky showed up a few minutes later (also in swimming trunks). When Rob got done rubbing my back, I asked him to do my legs next. He quickly went to work. As he did this, I pulled by bikini bottoms up between my butt cheeks and asked Rob to also rub some lotion on them. Bingo - I struck gold (or at least some hard cocks). Ricky was staring at my creamy white ass and he had a tent pole in his swimming trunks. I could feel Rob's hard dick poking me as he worked on my ass. He leaned forward and whispered to me, "Donna, if you want me - take care of Ricky. I'll take care of you".

Well this was what I had been waiting for, and knowing that I had to please Ricky too, wasn't that bad (especially knowing I was going to get Rob). I reached up and grabbed Ricky's waist band and pulled him up to me. I pulled his trunks down and almost got hit in the face as his long, thin 11" cock popped loose. I then got up on all 4s (which let my bikini top fall off) and went to work sucking Ricky's dark snake. As I worked as much of Ricky's cock as I could (which was only about 7 or 8 inches) in and out of my mouth, I could feel Rob sliding my bikini bottoms down. Then I felt his tongue probe my pussy. It was so hot knowing that while I was eating Ricky's black cock, Rob was eating my white pussy. I licked and sucked Ricky's cock head like it was a chocolate lollipop. I took his cock deep into my mouth (gagging a bit), grabbed his ass cheeks and began to yank him back and forth into my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down his black shaft as my white hands kneaded his dark ass.

"That's it you white slut. Do your black master", Ricky told me.

As I greedily sucked and slurped away at Ricky's cock, Rob's hot tongue had me working my white pussy back into his black face. He reached up under me and began massaging my creamy tits with his dark hands, as he ate my pussy. As a 3-some we were working in unison. I was pulling Ricky's black cock into my mouth, as my white pussy drove back onto Rob's tongue, as he pinched and pulled on my nipples. We continued to work to this rhythm for a few minutes before Ricky asked if he could fuck me. Since I wanted Rob, and he did "kinda" start this, I decided to let him make the call. And as if he read my mind, Rob told me, "Ricky's gonna fuck you now, so I can fuck your face."

Ricky stepped back from me and I got up off of the lawn chair.

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