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Marriage is her punishment, taming her is his duty.

"6'0" tall weighing 195lbs, brown hair. Works as a mechanic. Went to the same college as you two and dated her before you two got together. Must have been where they worked up the plan for her to marry you and take you for all you were worth. He is originally from a small town in Arizona where his mother still lives. He still calls her three times a week. All her vitals are there as well."

He had it all. Pictures, times, dates. Everything we needed to find a place to hit him where it hurt. I knew where to hit Jenny. I just needed an in to do it. The three of us came up with a plan. We just had to wait a few months till my arm healed to pull it off.

"Now that we got all that out of the way, I need to concentrate on a bigger problem. Becky is starting to slip in some her classes and I need to find her some help" Carmine said.

"I can help her. No funny business. If you got space here, I could come by here and tutor her. I got good grades plus I am going to need to find something to occupy my time while my arm heals. My head programmer is running the office since I can't exactly meet with clients like this."

I knew waiting was going to be agonizing. I wanted to get revenge right away, but I knew I needed two arms to do it. At least now I had something to occupy my time.


It was three and a half months since I had found out that Jenny cheated on me. The house we lived in was her parents so my brother grabbed whatever little I had there when I was in the hospital. I was out of the house for two days before she moved Mike in. Things were going great for them. Jenny had filed for divorce after cutting her losses (she never knew about the hidden money). She just wanted out from me. Their world started to cave one Friday night as they were leaving the house for date night. As they walked to their car in the driveway, Lou the mountain stepped out in front of Mike.

"Someone wants to have a word with you. My car is over there. Let's go. Your bitch needs to stay here" Lou said.

Mike protested. "Now wait just one second...."

"You can walk with me to the car and sit in the back seat or I can drag you to the car and you ride in the trunk. Your call, but you are coming with me."

Mike turned to Jenny. "You should stay here. I don't know who this guy is or what he wants. I am sure it's just some misunderstanding. But if you don't hear from me in 2 hours call the cops."

Lou led Mike to the same office that I met Carmine in. Lou told Mike to sit and Carmine went about his business for about 5 minutes, letting Mike just sit there and sweat it out. Then Carmine said:

"Do you know who I am?"

Mike was breathing heavy and thought he might hyperventilate.

"Yes Sir. I know who you are."

"Good. That will save us a lot of time. Take this cell phone. Sometime over the next few days it will ring. Only one person has this number. When it rings, you answer it and stay on the phone till the other person hangs up. After that, you come here and meet me at noon a week from Sunday. Do you understand these instructions?"

Mike barely got out an audible "Yes."

"Good. If you deviate in any way, tell anyone including your bitch about what we discussed, the cell phone or anything, it will be bad for you. Try to run or leave town and it will be very bad, for you and her. Do you understand that?"

Again Mike just uttered "Yes."

"Good. Now get out of my sight."

With that, Mike's meeting with Carmine was over. He had no idea why he was called, what he did to be called to meet Carmine or who would be calling him on the phone or what they would discuss. Mike did know that he would follow the instructions to the letter. Because when Carmine asks, you don't say no.


The anticipation of waiting for the phone call was killing Mike.

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