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My friend Edward and I discuss our teenage sons...

They both knew what they were about and it was a shared thing. In a moment Sue had unzipped Peter's jeans - touching and sniffing him there then she slowly, with his help, slipped his jeans down to his knees and clasping and interlocking her hands with his she started to enjoy the touch of his arousal with her mouth and face pressing into his boxer shorts.

She tinkered with the buttons on his boxer shorts, no hands - all done with her mouth and teeth which made it all the more sensual, teasing his strong erection through the opened aperture until it was well planted into her mouth, she sucking it so ardently and fully, taking every suck slowly to enjoy his flavour which she loved so much. . So warm and so ready and as always so absolutely appetising, she loved the pliability as she continued to tease and tantalised him through the unbuttoned opening, and still with hands firmly clasped to his she heard him moan as she continued to suck - tasting him there , prodding her tongue into his p-hole, wrapping it around his 'plum' and then sucking deeper and deeper into the opening of her throat. With practice, and as long as he didn't force her, she managed to half swallow him until she was right down to his root, This would last for about ten minutes, whilst taking quick breaths between, she enjoying the warmth, the ecstasy and taste of him.

Then beckoning him down over the edge of the settee and onto the thick pile carpet she manoeuvred herself , lifting her short black skirt which he loved her in, over his body, t revealing her well-defined soft well rounded thighs, with hands still clasped, time for hands later but first it was for his oral of her.

Sue wiggled herself further up his muscular body until she saw his head was tucked neatly between her thighs, he enjoying the moment, sniffing and teasing her through her silky ruby red tie -on thong, she swaying gently to and for to feel the touch of his warm lips there, making her feel so wanted and good, feeling so complete, then gently crouching fully over his head- lowering herself until she was smothering him in her feminine wetness- underneath her short skirt as tongue teased the tie until eventually, with the help of his teeth, it was undone and he could veer away the wet silkiness and concentrate fully on the sweet taste of her warm inviting very wet and warm pussy.

But the finale of their foreplay happened when, hands still clasped, he moved again in a way that he was able to lift his head until his lips met hers - when , lips moulded together they could share the absolute mutual nectar of love in a rich deep French kiss until, not being able to last out any longer, they at last unclasped hands and, she on top, guided his enormity into her for the most wonderful deep penetrating fuck.

Sue could never ever divulge such information, even if Jan was a close friend. But maybe she would give her a few pointers...

"Just try caressing him beneath - you know, cupping him with your hand as you kiss, Jan.

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