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A Duke and Duchess Reunited.

George smiled at that. She also came over and grabbed Mrs. Wentworth almost as affectionately. I couldn't hear Mrs. Wentworth but I hear Kitty answer her, "I'm glad. Did you wear it?" Then, "No wonder you were late to breakfast." I then saw her squeeze Mrs. Wentworth's butt before they both sat.

We had a great time with them again which was amazing because they were so much older and you wouldn't think we had anything in common. I was actually enough younger to be George's grandson but we had a great breakfast. On a day like that, I'd have had a great breakfast with anyone but it was still really comfortable.

I got up and went to the bathroom and Kitty walked with me because she had to check out or tell the desk something. She walked arm in arm with me which was nice and old fashioned in a way. She showed me where it was and said "see you soon."

I was finished in the bathroom and looking in the mirror while washing my hands wondering about how much things had been changing. Then I saw Kitty in the mirror and almost jumped. "Kitty, this is the men's room."

I guess I wasn't shocked when she said, "I know" and walked up behind me and put her arms around me. She was talking to me and saying "Stephen, I'm not as old as you think and I like you."

I wasn't surprised by what she said exactly. I mean I could feel it starting last night at the opera and feel her eyes on me and things. Although, to be honest, part of me thought she was actually putting a move on Mrs. Wentworth. What did surprise me was her hands around me which were also squeezing my bulge. I looked at her but through the mirror and felt her unzip my pants and watched her reach in and touch it. It was even arousing to hear her say "Mmmmm, Kitty likes."

I was turned on. I had found Kitty attractive from when we met and age really didn't matter at all to me. But I thought of Mrs. Wentworth immediately. I couldn't do this. I knew I couldn't and I told Kitty. "Kitty, I can't. I think you're great but Lana is, well right outside and I could never. I mean I'm really in love with her and I can't.

I had never exactly admitted that to myself and maybe I was a little strong but I knew how strong I felt about Lana, Mrs. Wentworth. And it felt good to say it.

Kitty smiled. She wasn't mad at all. She said, "that's so sweet. I knew you two were special. I should have known I'd have to get her to give you to me or at least share you. You leave it to me." And then she left.

It was a whole weird thing and I took a couple minutes to get back to normal but then I went back and sat at the table. Mrs. Wentworth looked funny at me but no one else did. She stood up to go to the bathroom herself but leaned over before she went saying "remind me to talk to you about George."

As she was leaving, Kitty got up and joined her. I guess women head to the ladies room together no matter what age they are. I thought it was a younger woman thing.

George told me "I like your woman. She's feisty. Had a lot of feisty ones before Kitty tamed me."

I didn't know what to say to that. I didn't think Mrs. Wentworth would like being described as "your woman" but people let guys George's age get away with a lot of stuff. George then proceeded to tell me about a lot of the women who came before Kitty. The ladies were in the bathroom a lot longer than I was so George got to keep going.

After he told me about a woman who's "tongue was three feet long ," I decided to cut in.

"George, why did you settle down with Kitty?"

"Well, she was great in bed, no question about that there, friend. But simple: I loved her. Still do. We understand each other."

I didn't know what to say. He got real soft spoken and profound and you can't answer that.

Finally, Kitty and Lana came back.

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