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Amy and John fin their first date confusing.

He dried himself off quickly, and gasped when he saw Mistress waiting there for him in a beautiful pleather dress, tight knee high boots and holding her favorite crop. Her hair was tied back in a high ponytail, and she had put in many fake piercings along her ear as she had desired to wear for so long. Bright red lipstick graced her lips. "Hello, pet." she said warmly, instructing him to lay on the bed.

Mistress then tied him down completely using her under the bed restraints, licking her lips seductively as she cuffed both his legs and hands down. She began to gently stroke his chest, rubbing on it and teasing his nipples. He moaned as he saw what was going to happen next. She poured hot wax along his chest, making heart designs and watching him squirm. She next rubbed ice cubes around his nipples, then gently applied a collar featuring nipple clamps. It was one of the things she had picked up secretly, along with the dress she was now wearing. She gently pulled one of the chains on his collar, tightening the nipple clamps lightly as well. Pet moaned at the new sensation, surprising himself.

Mistress once again began to stroke his newly shaven body, running her new long nails lovingly along his tightened with anticipation body. She gently placed a newly purchased ball gag in his mouth, letting him adjust to the new changes, being bald and gagged along with the new nipple clamps. She smiled, and let him know that every time he squirmed the clamps would tighten around his nipples. She squatted over his hand and made him stroke her wet sex, letting him squirm and moan through the gag. He moaned incredibly loud, feeling his nipples clamped and the gag restricting his speech. Mistress purposely left his eyes free of blindfold, so he would notice what went on next.

She began to slowly pull off the tight, shiny leather dress to reveal a black thong and tight wearing black lace bra. He moaned through the gag even louder. She slipped the bra off, and tossed it teasingly in his direction. Now almost naked, excluding her thong, she crawled over top of pet's body and added oil, and then began to rub her breasts along his hairless chest. His eyes rolled back in his head with pleasure, and as she began to remove all the wax from his naked chest, she eyed his throbbing hard member.

Teasingly, she slathered her green apple flavored lubricant on his member, rubbing and stroking the shaft and head lovingly. He moaned as she lowered her head and began to lick gently, cleaning him of the lubricant, which was increasing Mistress's sex drive with each lick, and then began to suck hard and long, up and down his member increasingly rapidly as he cried out through the ball gag with pleasure. Mistress let him explode in her mouth, enjoying the look of surprise on his face as she swallowed every drop. She said it was a present in exchange for his bald head. His member throbbed, ready to go again from just Mistress's act of swallowing his cum, something he'd wanted her to do for a very long time.

She then took a wet, warm towel and wiped his member clean, instructing him not to move from the position he was in until instructed. She took the restraints off, then roughly forced him to roll over and blindfolded him, pulling him down over the end of the bed. She attached the ankle cuffs to his wrists, making sure he was still secured somehow, telling him how much of a slut he was and how much he was to enjoy this as she lubricated his rear hole and slid her own vibrating member in.

She forced his head down on the bed by his neck and then began to fuck him in the ass long and hard, forcing her member in hard and jarringly, enjoying listening to him moan as she then grabbed his hips and forced him to take it rapidly in the ass, until she screamed and shuddered with a hard orgasm and her member could not be held in her dripping wet any longer.

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