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She and he married lover see and are seen.

The whole place was immaculate, outside and in, decorated tastefully. It was the first time she had been in a house this nice. She saw them on TV, never experienced one. And then she saw the pool all lit up, the hot tub and waterfall, the water streams coming out the sides like Tivoli Gardens ... the pictures she saw of Tivoli Gardens. She bounced from one sensual experience to the next, the tile and stone floors, the thick oriental carpets, the music room with the Grand Piano and Steffie showed her Matt's daughter's room with the poster bed and chiffon draped over. Even the guest bedroom was nicer than any room she had stayed in, including hotels.

Veronica had to help with the food when she arrived and she couldn't believe one person could have a kitchen that large ... the huge six-burner range oven made out of stainless steel with the stainless steel hood, like a restaurant would have ... the huge refrigerator and freezer, the walk-in pantry that was bigger than her whole kitchen ... and the black granite counters with flakes in there that sparkled. She was blown away by the house and only came back to earth when Matt had taken the photos and she followed him back into his office. And the office was amazing, wall to wall book cabinets and a huge expensive desk with carvings all over ... big stuffed leather couch and chair beside his desk. It was all so intimidating until she heard him answer her question. Then it all just infuriated her.

Veronica was sitting in the den and studying her daughter's happy face while she was talking to Mrs. Baumgartner. She was worried all this would come crashing down; that Matt would pull the rug from under her daughter's feet like had happened so often to her. She debated with herself whether to stop it all, go back to living on their own, to protect her daughter when Matt said he didn't want her around anymore. But then she had to learn ... better be sooner than later so she could get used to how much life sucked and how bad men were. She knew Steffie loved Matt like a father; the disappointment would be very hard for her.

Mrs. Baumgartner and her friends left at nine-thirty after tucking Steffie into bed, tomorrow was a school day. There were small pin lights embedded in the ceiling like stars, a night light in case she woke up, the ceiling sparkled and had clouds painted on it above the cornice molding, the corners around the top were all round making it look like it really was the sky ... more of those pin lights in the hallway and bathroom. It felt safe there for her daughter. Veronica went looking for Matt; she would wait until ten to be sure Steffie was asleep.

Matt wasn't anywhere she knew to look; it took her a while to check all the rooms. He wasn't in the garage either ... she noticed the old car in there, didn't know he owned an old classic like that. She knew there was one door she hadn't tried, she knocked. No one answered so she opened it slowly ... obviously the Master suite, "Matt?"

"Yes, come in, just washing my hands."

She walked in the hallway and saw the huge walk-in closet, bigger than her bedroom ... and there were two of them. The bathroom was all granite, walls and floor with beautiful patterns making it almost too pretty to walk on. The Jacuzzi was all white and on a platform in the middle, a shower big enough for a whole basketball team. She didn't see the toilet, two other doors in there."

Matt saw her looking like a tourist, "That's the linen closet, this is the throne room," and he opened it showing her the perfect white toilet and matching bidet.

"I thought we would wait until ten, to be sure Steffie was asleep. How come this place is so clean, do you clean all the time? Are you OCD or something?"

"No I have a service once a week, they do laundry too, coming tomorrow if you want to leave stuff for them ... you'll be back Friday."

"I have my own laundry at home to do. I have to carry it to the Laundromat ... I have a cart."

"I'm paying them good money to do it here, you might as well take advantage,

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