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Christine is the wife of my dentist.

I squeezed a bunch into my hand and rubbed it on my hole, trembling with excitement. But I found as I tried to slide a finger in, most of the body wash diluted in the water. I needed something else. I pulled the plug on the tub and stood there toweling off. Then I thought of the vaseline in the medicine cabinet. I grabbed it and stuck my finger in. I stood there ready to do it, but not sure. I had one leg up on the tub side, and a huge glob vaseline on my finger not sure if I wanted to do this. I thought of the movie again and rubbed the vaseline onto my butt. It was cold at first and my butthole tightened up, but I kept rubbing it and it warmed up. I could feel my wetness running down my leg and jammed another finger into my pussy. There I stood, my leg on the tub my finger in my pussy and another finger slowly working into my butt. As it creeped into my butt, I could feel a funny feeling in my butt, like I had to go, but I was so horny I kept pushing it in. I was really getting off on my fingers when it suddenly occurred to me I didn't lock the bathroom door. I didn't care, I was in ecstasy! I had my whole finger in my ass now and two in my pussy. I was so wet they slid right it. As I fucked myself with both fingers pumping into my own holes, I began to think about a big dick sliding into my tight ass. I could see my lover coming up behind me and roughly shoving me forward, bending me over the bathroom counter. He would grab me around the tits so he could whisper in my ear that he was going to anally rape me and I would tell him "Yes, take my virgin ass!" He would roughly spread my legs and rub my asshole with his thumb. Then I would feel the heat of his cock against my cheeks. I would feel his hot breath in my ear when he told me to beg him to anally rape me. and I would jut my ass toward him and beg for him to ream me out. Suddenly I heard a car door slam. I opened my eyes and looked down to the driveway. My brother was home! He'd be coming upstairs in a minute. As I watched him, my fingers still pumping into my holes even faster, I came. God, did I come! I felt it running down my legs. My knees threatened to buckle. I moaned, loudly too. I felt my pussy contract on my fingers and my horniness made me shove my finger even deeper into my ass which had also began to squeeze my finger. I watched him as he got his stuff out of his car and head inside. I knew what I wanted to do next.

I ran out of the bathroom and across the hall to my room.

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