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He remembers the bride as he handles the bridegroom.

It was starting to feel a little like a lover.

Katherine's tongue emerged and moistened her lower lip, though she didn't know it. She fiddled with her hemline and made small talk with Tom as the camera explored her. Though he was concentrating on his shot, he could always converse naturally as he did so.

The conversation tailed off as her mind drifted to thoughts of tonight.

His question suddenly broke the silence, "Are those stockings?"

"No," she shook her head, "Just tights."

"Liar," he smiled, "I can see a little bit of the lace tops."

Katherine blushed slightly, but only because she'd been caught in a lie. She never wore tights, always hold ups. They weren't exactly comfortable, but she loved the feeling of them.

"Show me," Tom instructed matter-of-factly.

With a little sniff, she shifted slightly and pecked at the black material of her dress, tugging it slightly higher and giving him a better view of the dark lace embroidery that clung tightly to her thigh.

"Do they feel nice?" he asked, prompting her.

"Very," she nodded, "I like to feel the cool air teasing the naked tops of my inner thighs."

"Show me."

She blinked, feeling her lashes fluttering, then uncrossed her legs and spread them a little. The lens expanded behind the glass as he zoomed in slightly, and she curled her fingers against the tops of her thighs and caressed the dress higher. A little flash of her pale skin emerged, framed by black lace and her dark hemline.

"No underwear?" he asked.

"You can't see that, surely?"

"No, not really."

Her knees separated a little more, and she felt the hem slipping higher. The lens winked in the sunlight, peeking at her there for a moment, before lifting to examine her face. Without thinking about it, she licked at her lower lip once more. This was further than they had been before and it was really starting to feel warm in here.

"You look a little hot," he smirked.

"A little," she was surprised she could only manage a coy whisper.

The camera shifted down and took a look at her chest. She looked down herself and saw a tiny glimmer of sweat glistening against her smooth skin.

"What could you do to cool off?" he raised his eyebrow.

She said nothing, and just looked at him for a moment. With another little sniff, she lifted her hand across her chest and let it rest it on her shoulder. Her middle finger stroked along her skin and disappeared under the strap of her dress. The motion brushed it free, and she felt it drop down her arm. The camera saw a good proportion of her exposed breast, but the material had not revealed her nipple just yet.

It looked back up at her, just as she found herself stroking a finger across her lower lip.

"Did that help?"

"No," she snorted a barely audible laugh and became very aware of her long lashes as she tilted her head forward slightly.

She hooked her thumb into a fold of material and teased the front of her dress down further. Her nipple poked free, and immediately began to pucker and grow. Her areola was flushed and engorged, which made her breast seem even more swollen.

As the camera framed on the nipple, he asked, "Are they normally that big?"

"No," she breathed.

"Why are they so big now?"

"Who knows?" she managed to make a knowing smile for the briefest of moments, before her face relaxed into arousal once more. With a soft swallow, she bought a trembling hand to her naked boob and smothered it lightly. The heat of her palm felt yummy, and she let it tease the very end of her aching nipple. Rippling her fingers, she felt her supple flesh give slightly as she massaged it.

A wave of self-consciousness washed over her, and the urge to cover herself up began to swell. She flicked her eyes to Tom for support, and caught a glimpse of the bulge trapped in his trousers.

That put pay to any hint of doubt; if she could arouse even him doing this, there was no question she could arouse her subscribers.

Her breathing had become a lit

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