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A case book of deviants and their fetishes.

I couldn't take it, I was going nuts I was so turned on. She kept moving her lips up and down on my stiff rod making me feel wonderful. I felt a little guilty because I was getting all the pleasure so I reached into her pants and stuck two fingers deep in her cunt. She was already soaking wet.

"You want me to take care of the pussy?" I asked her. She didn't think I would have the guts to fuck her right there.

"Don't promise me something you won't go through with!" She said with a spark in her eye. I pushed her against the bus stop shelter turning her away from me and pulled her pants down. Quickly pushing my own down my hips I slid my throbbing cock deep in her hot tight pussy. She felt so wet and warm it made me thrash as hard as I could. It didn't take long, probably the thrill of being out open in the middle of the street, but soon we both came all over each other.

The bus arrived, a big double decker, and we sat in the back on the first level. She was still horny, I think the quickie just got her more worked up, and kept rubbing my crotch through my pants. Well being as drunk as I was and the bus ride being so bumpy I really had to pee badly! I didn't know if I was going to make it all the way to home and started to worry I was going to piss myself. With all I could muster I held it in but as soon I as I was off the bus I headed for the bushes. My wife was right behind me watching for anyone coming when she asked me if she could hold my cock while I did my business. I didn't care so I told her to go for it. Her cool hands soon had my cock starting to harden again. You know how hard it is to piss standing up when you are getting turned on? Almost fricking impossible it is! Because my cock jumped in her hand she lost control of it and soon my hot golden stream was spraying all over her hand. She didn't get mad or even a bit upset but looked at me and smiled and said how warm it felt.

We finally staggered our asses to our house and put on some coffee to sober up a bit. I had three cups as did she. We made our way up to the bed and started making out some more, as she sucked me she laid her head on my belly, her mouth felt amazing again! Her tongue was licking all over my cock and she gently tickled my balls. I returned the favor and slid three fingers up her hungry hole. I was really fucking her cunt with my fingers when she burst out her first cum. My hands were soaked. She just looked at me and begged me to stick my cock deep inside her. I couldn't let my little lady down now could I? I put her on her back and threw her legs on my shoulders and started driving as deep as I possible could into that astonishing snatch. Her pussy ate my cock up and soon we were both panting.

There was a problem though, with all the booze and the three coffees I had, I just couldn't cum again. I felt heaviness in my bladder and I knew I had to pee again. I kept pounding my wife's box with my pulsating piston, she was howling she loved it so much, but for me I was just trying to exercise out the need to piss. She was now cumming like crazy and was wondering why I hadn't spewed yet. I told her I really needed to pee; you wouldn't believe what she said next...

Her eyes got real wide and she looked at me and grabbed my cock out of cunt aiming it at her clit. At the same time she took her other hand and started rubbing herself furiously, "Let it go baby, piss on me...I want to feel your hot piss all over my pussy. Come on I know you can do it. Shower me with your pee!"

I was in a state of disbelief; I didn't even think I heard her right at first. "Are you sure you want me to piss on you?" I asked just to make sure.

She was really masturbating her love button by that time, "Yes spray it all over me baby, I want it now!" That did it for me besides I knew I didn't stand a chance on making it to the bathroom in time I was so full.

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