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In Part 8, the morning starts a whole new day.

It was hers, yet she really didn't know its owner. He or she would not mind her resting there, for she'd made the journey many times in the past.

"I belong here," she softly said then seated herself on the bench.

Since it stood in the middle of the beauty of flowers and foliage, she pondered her role among its inhabitants. She was also beautiful like a flower, yet she possessed a serious heart, too. After moments of thought, she dismissed the futile effort, knowing that what she had to offer the garden had yet to bloom. Her eye gates filled with wonder as she let them stroll down her own path of beauty.

Naked to the world from which she came, yet natural to the garden's apparel, she sat admiring her female charms. Her firm thighs, her soft skin, and her flat belly, which provided the pedestal for two very full breasts. Indeed, they were treasures she much admired. She alone understood their prowess, their ability to enchant men to insanity, yet to her, they represented a special part of her womanhood that made her proud.

Like roses yet to open in bloom, her pink buds stood in contrast to her soft, white pillows. Touching them lightly, she soon felt the gentle stimulation from deep within her own garden. There, among her dark, strewn pallet lie a secret destination of passionate desire that many longed for, but few would ever know. Desire flooded slowly as the secret chamber spread its warmth throughout her body. Slowly, she opened her thighs to feel the cool breeze caress her garden's secrets and when she did, she felt a wave of passion like the sunlight that had warmed the flowers.

"Make my flower bloom!" she whispered to the sun-drenched breeze.

Then she lifted her slightly trembling leg over her pedestal and lay on her bare back. Sunlight warmed her womanhood while the Caladiums watched in a jealous stare. But Vicki knew their hearts and how they would extinguish her desires if offered even a chance. Lightly, she let her fingers walk from her face, down her neck, to her chest. Tingling sensations enchanted her, leading her ever onward toward her own fulfillment.

Lingering between her garden melons, fingertips danced in cheerful play. With the sunlight's warmth, they offered stimulating experiences to call her from her cares, lead her away to seek her desires, and ultimately lift her to satisfaction only she alone could experience. While fingers played and danced about, she surrendered herself to their movements. Over her breasts and pink rosebud charms, they cheerfully strolled until, sadly, some moved downward to explore the regions beyond. Her belly jumped in playful response, her button captivated fully by their presence brought a mingling of passion, warmth, and desire.

When fingers finally reached the wonder of her garden's floor, she slid them gently inside. The thick lawn of fur made joyous way for their entrance. Suddenly, she experienced the feeling of dew, her womanly flow which made her flower bloom. Resting there, she opened her eyes to view the blue sky above her. This was her time to fall prey to her own desires, those passionate longings that would indeed make her one with the cottage's garden.

Then closing her eyes gently, she sighed. Stimulating her hard buds, she opened her mouth to release the subtle sounds of love, but as she did, her fingers slid down her dewy mat to part on either side of her secret friend. There, she rested them for only a moment. Then, rubbing them softly along the outer portions of her clitoral swelling, she felt the most incredible enchantment ever known in the cottage garden.

So intense was the discovery that her labial petals began to open submissively like the sunlight had personally warmed them to obedience. This made her push onward to thrill in the wetness of her flower. Droplets of dew followed their labial paths and when her fingers interrupted their flow, she soon moaned as the new path of wetness now coated her gently rubbing digits.

There, they lingered and enjoyed the beauty of her flower's

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