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She didn't know I was watching her water adventures!

It meandered slowly upward, sending more and greater waves of joy sweeping through her body from all along its course. Involuntarily, her body started writhing on the narrow bed, and her head rolled from side to side on the pillow. This time her eyes were closed in bliss, and she didn't see her master's face appearing at her mons, but she did feel him kiss her there. The next thing she felt was his tongue licking all the fresh juices off her crotch and lips. Her pussy started fucking up into his face, and this added immensely to her own pleasure because, every time her ass returned to the bed, the jolt drove the handle of her tail even more deeply into her ass.

After his tongue was through cleaning off her freshest juices, Strider felt the same magical organ start to gently but firmly thrust into the edge of the pink hole that had produced all the nectar her master had devoured. Strider's movements became even more erratic and, once again, massive breakers of joy crashed through her body as she felt its agile tip probing the edges and exploring under the insides of her inner lips. Her pleasure mounted toward ecstasy when her master's face reached the top of that dripping wet place and his mouth engulfed her clit. Strider's body thrashed about on the bed as he sucked on the swollen morsel and his tongue caressed its engorged sides and top. Once again, the bit in her mouth prevented her from vocally expressing her delight when she started cumming, but her actions made it highly obvious to her master.

Temporarily ceasing to be concerned with being obedient to him, Strider's thighs clamped onto his temples and squeezed. Under other circumstances, she would have grabbed his head and pressed it against her pussy, but she was prevented from doing so by the binding of her wrists. Instead of causing frustration, this relative helplessness added to the intensity of her delight in cumming, as it had done throughout that day's sexual adventures. With her master's face held between her legs, Strider churned up the bed, jerking him from side to side and back and forth. Her master clung tightly to her thighs, and his tongue and lips continued giving her pleasure, until she was overtaken by her climax. All of Strider's muscles clenched and her back arched as she drove her pussy against his for an ultimate time. After her great orgasm, she relaxed completely, enjoying the glow and hoping she had pleased her master.

She had, even more than she could have imagined. Ray Wilson had hoped to have an arousing afternoon guiding a pretty ponygirl around the field, hopefully followed by fucking her once in his van. At almost fifty years old, he didn't expect any more than just one time, but he hadn't reckoned with the tremendous effect that a truly sexy woman would have on him. The sight and the taste and the aroma of her pussy, and the way it had felt while impaled by his cock and under his tongue and lips and face had a stronger aphrodisiac effect on him than he could ever have anticipated. After licking all the fresh juices off the sexy ponygirl's pussy, his cock was as hard as he could remember it being in years. Quickly, he went to his pants, took another condom from the pocket, and rolled it onto his surprise erection. With the protection in place, he got back onto the bed, crouching between her knees, his cock aimed toward the lovely target at the junction of her legs.

She was still feeling the glow of the three orgasms she had already felt that day but, when Strider opened her eyes, she was elated at the sight. There was clearly visible evidence that she had pleased her master, and would have a chance to please him some more, as well as being pleasured by him. She couldn't hold open her pussy lips or say anything or even smile to make him welcome, but Strider was able to spread her legs wider to let him know she was still his to command. Her master moved forward on his knees, one hand holding his cock and pointing it at the wet pink hole where she knew they both wanted it.

Ray supported the weight of his uppe

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