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An up and coming volleyball player bares all for the sport.

Not wanting to leave me out, she moved her mouth to my cock again, noisily sucking it and moving her head up and down like a piston. By now my cock was rock hard again, and ready for action. I even felt like I might cum again if she kept this sucking up. But before I could do that, Jasmine's whole body shook with an orgasm that looked almost painful. She released my dick from her mouth and began breathing very hard, her face turning pink as she concentrated on intensifying her experience. She moaned and kept on rubbing her clit with the shorts, and pumping her fingers in and out of herself even faster. Her body tensed up and she came again, this time it must have been something really special. I could see her pussy contract and a stream of liquid gushed out over her fingers. She groaned like someone giving birth. Most of the liquid was caught by her shorts or had trickled down her thighs, but some had gushed onto the floor and made a small puddle between her legs.

Jasmine kept touching herself, but now she turned around and bent over the toilet seat again, with her ass up in the air. Her asshole was staring right at me. She was resting her hands against the cold hard walls of the cubicle.

'Stick your finger in me,' she gasped in between moans.

I needed no second bidding. I wiped my finger in some of the juice on her legs, and slowly screwed it into her asshole. It was so tight I thought maybe she had never done this before, but her asshole squeezed around my finger as if it was trying to pull me all the way in. I pushed my finger right into Jasmine's anus, and she moaned a little in pain, then pushed her ass down onto my hand. All of my finger was now inside her tiny asshole, and her soft ass was pushing onto my hand. I pushed my finger back up against her, and she gave a deep panting moan.

'Oh fuck that's good, fuck me off the ground with your finger.'

I didn't even know if that was possible, but Jasmine was very light... I put one arm around her waist, my hand resting on her sweaty stomach. I pushed my finger into her as hard as I could, lifting a little at the same time. Jasmine was so light that she came right off the floor, until to all intents and purposes I was holding her off the floor by her asshole. I began to fuck my finger in and out of her again. Her ass was so lubricated with her cum that she was sliding up and down my finger with each movement. Her anus was quivering and making slurping sounds as I pulled out of her each time, then tightening as I thrust back in again. I felt Jasmine's soft ass go hard for a second.

'Oh yeah, oh fuck baby I'm coming again...'

As promised, Jasmine came again, her anus squeezing my finger like a baby with a pacifier.

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