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"Oh, shut your mouth, George." She moved in close, putting a surprisingly warm hand over mine. "We don't really know the term, dear. We don't really know much about anything, except that Frank's father was one. As is Frank, to a somewhat limited extent."

"A what?"

"A sort of, well, superconductor, I guess might be a term for your generation. Someone who has a certain charge off of which we can feed. Of course, Frank's charge wasn't enough to allow us to make contact, but when you walked in the door..."

"A seer; I thought I'd never make anything materialize again." The man slapped his thigh with delight. "And look at us, will you? I don't recall Helena looking quite so much like the day I married her in, oh, Lord ninety years at least."

"And you don't look a day over 45 yourself, George." The woman moved over and the two of them joined hands. She bent to press her lips to his and as she did so, I heard the sound of an engine approaching. The two of them looked up as well, and moved to the window.

"He must have forgotten something." The man slowly began to fade away in a ray of sunlight.

"He is a handsome boy..." She was gone, too. Just as the motorcycle reached its crescendo and then the engine was killed in the drive. I ran to the terrace window and through the open French doors.


He held a plain white paper bag in one hand and held it up. "Thought you'd like some breakfast. I went by the bakery on the way back. Aren't you dressed yet?"

I was down the stairs and across the drive in no time, the gravel stinging my feet as I ran and the towel falling away. "They're real. Th-they talked to me!"

"Who?" He reached in the sack and pulled out a croissant, offering it to me.

"The captain and his wife!"

Chapter Twenty:

Needless to say Frank was reluctant to believe me. He steered me toward the house, grabbing up the towel from the dirt where it had fallen as we walked.

"I'm not going back in there!"

"Lily, you're naked, wet and screaming in the driveway. You're going back inside, if only to put on some clothes."

"I'm telling you they're real. He's tall and dark just like you, only the eyes... Oh, Frank, those eyes..."

"Yes, yes, I got that last night, mad eyes in a gathering darkness from which even light could not escape. Go put on some pants, will you? Gene's on his way."


"Yes. You know, the principal. He said the two of you met yesterday."

"He's coming here? Now?"

Frank shrugged and pointed down to the road where a puff of dust was being kicked up by an approaching car. "Couldn't stop him. Once I told him you were staying at my place..."

"You told him!?"

"Well, not intentionally. His wife runs the bakery."

"You told his wife!"

"No I didn't! Will you get dressed?"

I looked to see the black Mercedes pulling up the drive. I grabbed the towel and shot a glare at Frank.

"Here," he said, holding out a large brown paper bag. "This is yours. It's your cash, or at least most of it."

I took the bag and then I ran inside and up to the bedroom.

I was alone, thank God, as I dressed hurriedly and ran a hand through my hair. I heard the front door open and shut and then Frank calling up the stairs. "Lily? You up yet, Lily?"

"Down in a minute, Frank."

"I brought Gene with me."

"Gene! Oh, great. How's my favorite boss?" I walked out of the bedroom, pasting on a smile as I descended the stairs. Gene was looking very stern with his recently dyed hair and his lightweight summer suit with his shirt collar already opened at the neck and his tie loosened.

"Ms. Hawkes," he said, shaking my hand.

"So stern looking. Have I done something wrong?"

"Well," he looked from me to Frank and back again. "Frankly, I was a bit shocked to learn that the two of you were..."

"Were...?" I did my best not to look over at Frank.

"...Living in the same house. I, uh, I had seen you looking in the window of the real estate office, I assumed..."

Frank slapped a hand on Gene's shoulder. "Funny story, Gene. Turns out Emma screwed two people in the same year, funny, huh? Coffee?"

Gene held up a

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