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He earns his right to be slave to a proud Chinese woman.

She slowly moves away from my lips and starts passionately caressing her soft, velvety lips all over my muscular chest, paying particular attention to my slowly budding nipples through my taught shirt. She slowly advances down my torso, then briefly pauses to remove my shirt, and continues to place loving kisses all over my well-defined chest and torso.

My mind reels with desire as she licks around and gently tugs on my gradually ripening nipples with her teeth, while my stiffening manhood begins to bulge through my already constricting bathing suit.

She gradually moves in-between my legs and begins lustfully licking my inner thighs as she slowly advances up each leg toward my already rigid tool. I hear her gently moan and growl as she devilishly gazes upon the huge bulge in my bathing suit.

I softly groan as she gently licks up and down my hardened shaft and then around the head with the tip of her tongue through my taught bathing suit. I raise my hips as she gently removes my bathing suit to reveal my fully erect penis.

She delicately grasps my pulsating manhood into her loving hand and begins to gently stroke up and down while she softly caresses her smooth, pliant lips over my slowly swelling cock head.

I moan and close my eyes in sweet surrender, as she starts to stroke in a long, deliberate fashion while she tenderly glides her soothing lips over the top half of my telescoping rod.

My hips begin to move franticly, while lustful tones roll off my tongue as she slowly and methodically quicken her sensual motions. I moan louder and lovingly comb y fingers through her silky hair as she takes my full length into her mouth and gently massages my testicles with her fingertips, while occasionally licking up and down my hardened shaft.

Suddenly, as I stare in bewilderment, she slowly rises and lies next to me. In addition, with a raised eyebrow, she sensuously says, "Ok, It's my turn.".

I devilishly smile as I climb over her and begin to sensually French kiss her lips while intently brushing my groin up against hers. I position myself in-between her long, sultry legs as I reach over and remove an ice cube from my water glass.

I seductively caress the ice cube around her soft, delicate lips and then slowly advance over her chin and then down her neck, then proceeding to move all over her chest while sweat begins to bead up on her soft, supple skin like raindrops.

I hear her soothingly moan as I methodically run the ice cube in-between underneath and up the outside of her pliant, fully developed breasts, only to slowly spiral down and around her slowly hardening nipples through her almost transparent bikini top, then slowly running the ice cube back and forth down her torso and gracefully up her inner thighs.

She passionately caresses my shoulders and arms as I begin tenderly licking all over her chest, starting by softly licking up and down in-between her soft, malleable breasts and then slowly drawing closer and closer to each gradually hardening nipple.

Soft and tender moans emanates from her lips as I gently caress my lips over her nipples, while passionately licking around her areolas and gently tugging on the tips with my teeth through her bikini top.

After gently removing her bikini top, I begin tenderly massaging her breasts and lustfully licking in-between them while I slowly spiral around to each hardening nipple as she gently presses them into my strong yet affectionate hands.

She moans louder and closes her eyes as she caresses her fingertips up and down my back while I lick around her areolas and suckle like a newborn baby, then gently tugging on the tips with my teeth as I slowly withdraw each one from my mouth, while cupping each breast completely into my loving hands.

Gradually advancing down her slender, fully toned torso, I attempt to passionately kiss and lick every inch of her sweet, supple skin as I briefly pause to lick around her navel and gently tickle inside with the tip of my tongue while caressing my fingertips up and down her curvaceous hips and thighs.

Moving lower, I

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