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She was disappointed as I boarded the tram. After enjoying the view from the top I prepared to join the line to descend when Linda caught my attention having arrived at the top. She asked me to wait for her at the bottom and I agreed. When she came down we walked into the park adjacent to the arch. She shyly told me that she would like to spend some time with me and was willing to give up the paddleboat ride. I explained that I was heading north to look for a motel for the night and she said she already had one booked. I asked her if she was serious about what she was suggesting and she nervously said she had never picked up a man before and wanted to know what it was like with a complete stranger. As it happened we were both in the same parking lot and I agreed to follow her to her motel with the understanding that I was leaving the next morning to continue my journey. She thought that was just fine as she had an afternoon flight back to Utah.

Once in her motel room and with the bike unpacked I needed to wash the road grime off and started to strip. She decided that she too could use a shower and stripped to join me. Out of the shower I let her know that I intended to fuck her as often as I could get it up but first I wanted to eat her pussy until she flooded my face with her cum. She fell back on the bed and spread her legs and I lapped at her cunt and clit until she had a screaming gushing orgasm, soaking my face. While she was still quivering I pushed her knees up and slid my hard dripping dick as far into her pussy as it would fit. I fucked her hard until she came again and when I knew I was about to burst I pulled out and came on her tits and face. When I told her to suck me clean and to lick my cum off her body and face she gladly complied. Intending to go out to dinner we hopped into the shower to rinse off but soaping her tits got me hard again and I bent her forward and with the water splashing down on us I gently slipped my dick into her tight ass and fucked her again. She said it was a first for her but something she could learn to like.

Getting dressed after the shower she started to put on a bra and I asked to leave her tits braless because I wanted to see throughout dinner just what I was going to fuck later. She put on a strappy tshirt top that showed off her cleavage and nipples. Linda got a lot of attention at dinner from the wait staff and fellow diners. She leaned forward from across the table to tell me that her pussy was so wet she expected to leave a spot on the chair. She whispered that she didn't wear panties either and her bare ass was on the seat of her chair.

We stopped for a bottle of wine before returning to the room and Linda delighted in bending over at the waist to check out the wines on the lower shelves nicely exposing her pussy to the fellow shoppers.

Back in her car I was able to fondle her tits and pussy all the way to her room. She was really getting into exposing herself because when we got to the room she took off her tshirt and announced that we needed ice and that she would find the ice machine. Out of the room she pranced topless with ice bucket in hand. A few minutes later she was back saying the ice machine was around the corner and unfortunately she didn't run into anyone.

A glass or two of wine later and Linda was naked on her back on the bed with her legs spread insisting that I lick her to a climax and then I could do anything I wanted to her. But first, I should open the drapes to check on my bike. We were in a ground floor room facing the parking lot and it was a corner room along a hallway suggesting some foot traffic would be passing by. Linda told me to leave the drapes open a bit.

I crawled between her legs and started to suck and lick a very wet pussy and it wasn't long before she was squirming and pushing against my face.

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