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A different exam.

You lower your mouth to them and graze your teeth along the bottom edge of the swell. Your lips engulf my nipple in hot sensation. I wrap my fingers around your hot manhood. I can feel you jerk as I touch it. You use your fingers to peel away the purple silk fabric covering my most private of places. You rub your fingers against my hairless mound and find that I am moist, but not from the rain. Suddenly I drop to the floor and sit before you with your hard cock in my hands. A small bead of liquid leaks out of the head and I rub it against my lips so I can taste it. I open my mouth and put the head inside, licking the hard ridge underneath with my tongue. You sway on the spot from the shock and the anticipation of what I'm about to do. I use the rain as a lubricant to push you all the way into my throat.

You can't believe how hot my tongue and lips are. You twine your fingers in my short brown hair and pull me onto your hard dick. I accept every inch of you that you give. You say my name and no one in the world could possibly hear it but me. This is between you and me. I let you glide in and out of my mouth using your hands against the back of my head to push until you think you may burst. You pull me up to meet your mouth and sit me up on the railing of the deck

You slowly slide your fingers up and down my swollen lips. You gently slip one finger into my waiting core. You can feel how tight at wet I am. You put in another finger and you feel my walls pulse around you. You then lowered yourself down onto your knees in front of me.

I could feel my ass against the cold wet rail, you turned your head to face to my dark entrance you plant soft kisses all over my thighs as you leave a trail of pleasure along my skin working your way to my waiting center. There I was, your hands spreading my legs wide open and I am going wild with wanting. When you finally use your fingers to pull apart my lips, wet with rain and with desire it feels as if it can't happen fast enough. Your tongue slides into my soft folds. I throw my head back in sweet abandon. You use your hands to work my tight hole. You use my own juices to lubricate both of my pleasurable holes. You gently work a finger into my ass and I squirm with surprised passion. My bottom half feels as if it's on fire while your tongue does its work on my hard little clit. Your fingers make me feel like my heart and my head are going to explode. I know I'm getting close to cumming but I want to feel you inside me before I get to. I am a glutton for punishment because I make you stop to come up to my level again. You bring your fingers up to my mouth and but two fingers inside my lips. I lick my own pleasure off of them before you pull them out and kiss me darting your tongue into my mouth searching for that taste.

My hands are around your neck and I'm holding onto your back and shoulders. You use your hands to place your head against my lips. The heat that we generate together is like an atomic bomb. You push into me just enough to bury the head inside, and then you pull it back out. I am whimpering with longing. I wrap my legs around your back and lock my ankles together so you can't get away. You plunge yourself into me, my walls open up to accept your large rigid cock. I sharply inhale breath and throw my head back. I feel the rain falling on my face and into my open mouth. I no longer feel cold. I feel as if the rain will turn into steam as it hits our hot bodies. I am holding onto you for dear life so your hands are free to do as you wish. Your hot mouth ravages my breasts, sucking on each one in turn. You suck on my creamy white skin until the blood rises to the surface to mark me for days. I am yours and you will claim me as such.

You use your fingers to batter my clit as you pound into my hot pussy.

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