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Sometimes there's a little pain to keep a marriage.

I knew he could do all that he said, all that I needed.

He took control then, for the first time that night. My vulnerability as open as my ass and thighs. I had to remind myself to breathe as he let loose a long stream of saliva onto my waiting ass. The coolness of it a shock and a pleasant balm. He probed my cunt with his thumb, opening and stretching me there and, before I was fully aware, he had sunk a finger deeply and easily into me.

"That good, baby?" he cooed. In answer, I moved my hips in a clockwise motion. He took the cue and began to slowly move his finger around inside me. I waited for a second finger, but it did not come. Instead, he withdrew and I felt his finger replaced by the head of his cock. "Relax, Theresa. We'll go slow." It took me a minute to remember who Theresa was. Once I did, his head was already inside. I had arranged myself so that my secreted lover would see from the side as this man drove into me. Watch as his abdomen undulated. Listen for the sighs and cries that he had heard before. Sense my orgasm as he waited. But he was only a moment's thought, for soon I was being reminded to relax. I heard the voice of the man. He was sweet and good, using the name I had invented, really playing the lover and not the pick up. Again and again, I felt his spit greasing us. I loved that he did not ask, he just did what I wanted. He had an incredible sense of ebb and flow, of pushing and holding, of pressing and waiting, until I was ready for more.

I heard a dark moan and sensed it came from me, but I was not sensible of making any sound. His thumb had found its way to my willing cunt again and he worked me there, relaxed me. Pleasured me. Excited me until I was ready for more of his cock. I arched my back against him, pressing him further, until I felt his hair against my naked skin. I breathed deeply, afraid of the answer, I asked, "Are you all the way in?"

"Yes, babe. Yes I am. You OK?" I shuddered to think that such a large cock was pulsing in me. We waited, still. I felt him tense his muscles a little, making his flesh jump inside me. I giggled uncontrollably. "Ah, you like that?" He did it again and the laughter relaxed me even more and he began to actually pump in and out. His motions were smooth and small, but not tentative. He knew exactly what to do. I felt the excitement growing in my bowels and ass. I felt the orgasm welling up in a different place than I had felt in a very long time. I had come from giving head; I had come from getting it. I had come from cocks and fingers on my vulva and vagina, but it had been ages since I had come from a beautiful dick in my ass and I was about to relive it.

The tempo of his strokes had quickened, as had the length. Just when I thought the painful pleasure was too much, he stopped, waited, stroked my clit. I felt our sweat on the back of my thighs, felt him loose more saliva onto us to ease our motions. My orgasm was held in check again and I was stunned at his ability to hold off.

"Get that vibrator. The little white one." I did as I was told. "Hold it against your clit and let me know if I need to change anything." He waited while I flicked on my favorite toy. It's hummingbird motions coupled with the depth of his penetration had me on the verge again quickly, but then I felt it and I knew suddenly why he had taken so much time. In this state, I was focused almost entirely on myself and my pleasure. Only then could he really let go. I felt three, maybe four strokes. Soft and long. But then it started and all I could do was hang on. He was taking himself almost all the way out and sinking back into me, hilting himself. I felt his balls against my labia as I bent my head lower, lifted my ass higher, to meet him.

After all the time he had taken, all the pleasure he had given, he was taking his own and I felt like a blessed receptacle for his passion.

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