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Kim is the unexpected mother of a new race.

And as soon as we arrived, the fun started almost immediately. We all entered the living room where my husband James immediately unzipped his trousers, took out his penis, and started pissing all over the living room carpet right in front of us all, grinning with pleasure as he waved his dick around to piss over as much of the carpet as possible. The rest of us watched in rapture or chuckled with delight at this sight.

Even as James continued to piss, Mark stood and unzipped his fly, and produced his dick, inviting Sarah to hold it for him. She got up from her perch upon the sofa and asked him to turn around to face it, aining his dick towards the right hand cushion where she had been sitting. The two nurses, Clare and Sharon were sat in the middle and left hand cushions, Clare in the middle. Suddenly, Mark was pissing all over the cushion right beside Clare, Sarah aiming his dick so that he peed all over it and against the back of the sofa too. And some of it was visibly splashing onto Clare, at which she grinned with glee. Noticing her pleasure, Sarah then aimed Mark's dick directly at her, so that he was pissing all over her, soaking her jeans and T shirt, Clare not minding at all. By now, I had placed my hands in front of James' pissing dick as he continued his soaking of the carpet. His hot yellow piss splashing through my fingers felt great.

Once James had finished, and Mark too had finished pissing all over Clare and the sofa, Clare stood up and announced to much laughter, including her own, that she had to change out of her wet clothes now, whereupon she stripped naked in front of us all. I assured her that I had some clothes her size when it was eventually time for her to leave. As she disrobed, I suggested that we all join Clare in removing our clothes and before long all six of us were totally naked. And the four girls amongst us were still badly in need of a pee.

Clare then stated that she had always loved the idea of peeing all over someone else's bed, and the idea of the owners watching her do it was a massive turn on. James and I just giggled and told her to go right on ahead, and led her up into our bedroom, the others following. Grinning in anticipation, Clare climbed straight up onto our double bed, stood with her legs parted, placed her hands upon her hips and immediately started pissing there. The hissing sound of her piss and the sound of it spashing down all over the bed was a serious turn on. And she swayed her hips as she peed, soaking as much of it as possible.

As Clare peed, her partner Sharon announced that she couldn't wait anymore, stood beside the bed where her lover was pissing, the bed on her left hand side, parted her legs, and reached down with her fingers to expose her peehole. Almost immediately, she started pissing right there, all over our bedroom carpet beside our bed, gyrating her hips delightedly to soak as much of the carpet as possible. Once both girls had finished, with both bed and a sizeable patch of the carpet soaked with their pee, my husband and I joked about how much fun we were going to have sleeping in that bed one last time that night (it was due for removal the next day).

Sarah, the ex-escort, then said that she really couldn't hold on much longer (neither could I actually by now).

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