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Famished, Fiending for Black Cock.

The relationship between Sandy and John had progressed to the point where he asked her for her hand in marriage, in which she readily said yes. The wedding was still one month away when John called Bob and said that he had something important to discuss with him. During the meeting John told Bob that he felt like Sandy was cheating on him but was not sure yet, just little things he was noticing John said. John went on to say that he had already hired a private detective to follow her for the week. John continued to say he hoped he was wrong but he had to find out for sure and he wanted to make sure that Bob knew what was going on. Their meeting ended with Bob thanking John for being up front with him and said that he also hoped he was wrong but did not blame him for doing what he was doing. Bob even offered to pay for one half of the cost if he wanted. John turned down the offer but was glad that Bob had taken this well.

At the end of the week John called Bob to have him come along when he met with the detective. The detective did not reveal any results to John before they saw him, so the news was new to the both of them. What they saw surprised the both of them. It was sorta a surprise to find that she was cheating but with who was the bigger surprise. It seems that another junior partner had seduced Sandy, one that was in direct competition with John for a promotion. The bigger problem was that this man was also married. After what had happened to Bob, he knew just how John felt. He also vehemently opposed to any one cheating. Bob took John out to dinner after the meeting, where a plan started to form.

Every thing proceeded as planned for the wedding, but John and Bob made sure to cancel all of the reception plans. Sandy was never aware of any thing going bad, but she soon was to find out. Since Bill's wife, the cheating junior partner, was also cheated on, Bob and John let her in on the plan. Bob even paid for the divorce lawyer for her. All was set for the revenge, and how sweet it was going to be! It seems that over the past week John was coming up with ideas for work projects that somehow Bill had gotten a hold of before he could turn them in. This in effect had Bill lined up for a big bonus for his, ha ha, ideas. Bob had known about what was going on, so he had the bonus delayed before Bill could collect, giving some excuse about the financial department problems.

The day of the wedding arrived with Bob's back yard set up with chairs for all the guests. What was a little different was the presence of a 52" TV placed on the alter, which intrigued most of the guests. The hired minister, he had let the real one go so he was not there for this display, stood in front of the gathered crowd. The music played and Bob lead his unknowing daughter to the alter. When they got there the minister announced that before they started, Bob had some thing to say.

"As you all know John has asked for my daughters hand in marriage, but unfortunately this will not be happening today, and I believe that Sandy and Bill know the reason why. I am here to let you all know the real reason," with that he started the video. On the screen you could see Bill and Sandy outside of the motel room, his arm groping her ass. They proceed inside, hugging each other as they went. The next thing that shows is the loving couple talking while removing their clothes.

"So did you get the bonus yet? I heard that you some how arrived with the idea before John did," she said with a laugh.

"Well I should be getting it soon," or so he thought, "but there is some hold up in the financial department so far," Bill continued with a laugh in his voice.

"If only John knew, he would destroy me for giving up his hard work," she said with a snicker.

Humiliated and mad Sandy yelled at her father, "We are not married yet Dad, so I was not cheating on him!" she had turned off the video and only her voice could be heard.

"You have already promised yourself to John and he should be able to trust you, besides is not Bil

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