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Amelia is corrupted by power, money and sex.

I don't like many people, just my Aunt Jenna.

I shrugged, why should I worry this is probably the only time I will see him, so whatever. I turned to help him grab our bags but his hand reached out and instead grabbed my bag and pushed an umbrella into my hand.

Okay, I thought, he needs two hands to grab the bags, so I reached back to grab my bag to carry with the umbrella and he shook his head. "No, a lady shouldn't have to carry heavy things," he said with a slight frown.

I raised my eyebrows and said, "Fine, but I am not a lady," with a small laugh. I had never been a lady if there was such a thing. My father saw to that.

"All women are ladies," he said with a smile that made me catch my breath for a sec. which again puzzled me but again I ignored it and kept going.

"I will have to disagree with you," my father said before I could say anything. The man looked at him and his face grew dark, "What do you mean by that," he asked with quiet menace that I was the only one who heard.

My father gave a nasty laugh and said, "Because most women are sluts and whores," he said while at first looking at my mother and then in turn looking at me.

The man looked at my father, then my mother and then he looked at me. He gave a small smile when he looked at me and then he turned and said, "Maybe some women are, but that doesn't mean you have to be rude about it."

My father sneered and said, "If they are then they don't deserve to be treated with courtesy."

The man's face darkened more and he said, "Well the time you're in my house, you will, then you can do whatever you want when you leave," in a anger tightened voice.

My father finally got the message and said," Well I respect others beliefs so fine," in a tiny voice. My mother through all this was watching the man with a look of rapture on her face.

I sniffed in disgust hopefully she will wait till tonight to try and jump him. "Hey little one, come here with the umbrella," the man said looking at me with a smile, "I need you to follow me back, so I can get these to my house without getting wet."

I walked over to him and did as he asked. I watched him as he walked in front of me and I watched the play of muscles on his back as he walked. And I felt a clenching deep inside of me that I had never felt before.

I frowned and thought about this feeling, could it be sexual awareness, I thought, no not me I would never feel something like that. "You are awfully quiet back there little one, you don't won't to talk to me, do I scare you?" the man asked me in a quiet voice.

I was startled out of my thoughts and I stared at him in surprise. Scared of him? Not in a million years besides I stopped fearing things a long time ago.

What can they do to me? They can kill me but I don't fear death, it would be welcome sometimes, but I hate suicidal people most in this world.

They can torture me but what can they do that hasn't already been done.

"No you don't scare me,' I told him slowly, "This is the most I have talked in ten years."

"So, I am sorry if I don't talk much."

He looked back at me with a raised brow and asked, " Exactly how old are you?"

I tilted my head at him as he watched me and gave a small huff as I thought. "I was born January 24, 1994, so that would make me about 17 years of age,' I answered after I did some quick math.

He looked at me for a second and then asked," You don't know your own age?"

I look at him in shock and gave a tiny laugh," Why would I keep up with my age, life begins, is lived however a person wants and then they die, it's no use worrying over how old you are," after laughing a bit.

He looked at me for a minute or two and then one side of his mouth quirked up. "You are very wise for one so young," he said in a slight wonder filled voice as if he couldn't belief I existed.

"It isn't the biological age that counts," I said, "but the things you do and the things that are done to you in life that age you, you can be fifty but act and think like a two year old and vice a versa," I said.

Before he could

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