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Lady Victoria's house prepares for the new arrival.

Mackenzie's tongue licked Danica's hungrily, and the two tongues dueled like swords, back and forth, feinting and withdrawing, licking their teeth. Mackenzie's mouth still tasted of the pizza she had earlier, and Danica savored the taste.

Mackenzie closed her lips around Danica's tongue and rubbed it softly before drawing away to catch her breath. Her heart hammered in her young breast. She thought kissing her mother last night had been passionate, but Danica knew how to kiss! Mackenzie watched Danica's mouth as it hung open, the young girl breathing heavily, and Mackenzie licked her from the chin up and withdrew, a string of spittle connecting their young lips.

Danica swiped her tongue down and pulled the string of saliva into her mouth before swallowing. Butterflies assaulted her stomach as she realized a part of Mackenzie was now inside her forever. From this point forward, she and Mackenzie were one. She jumped as Mackenzie laid a hand against her navel and smiled.

"I know what you're feeling, my love-I felt the exact same way when I first drank my mother's milk. It's such a wonderful feeling to know another person and you are joined forever." She kissed Danica again, quick, little kisses that did nothing but swap a lot of spit. Her hands ran over the sides of Danica's body before moving to lift her breasts. Mackenzie pulled away and bent her head to capture one of the small, pebbled nipples between her soft, trembling lips.

Danica gasped as an electric jolt shot straight to her pussy and engorged her clit. Danica sucked her breath in through her teeth as Mackenzie gently teethed her right nipple, biting just enough to cause the nipple to harden further. Mackenzie pulled back and blew a cool breath over the wet nipple before licking it from the bottom up. Danica's nipple looked like a tiny balloon with the bottom squeezed tight, and Mackenzie could not help but run her tongue over it back and forth, up and down, and in circles, watching as the dark tip bounced around. She kissed the areola to the right of the nipple twice before taking it into her mouth again and sucking, moving her head back and forth.

Danica could not believe what these simple acts were doing to her body. She had been aroused before, but what she was experiencing now was far greater than anything she had ever felt. Perhaps it was just the act itself-the fact that she was allowing a woman to do this to her where before she had allowed only a man she had never really cared about to suck her nipples. She had always loved her nipples, knowing they were strong when they looked like they could just pop off at any moment. It had been a secret fear of hers when she had first started to develop as a pubescent teen, and she had always bought bras that were especially soft just so she wouldn't have to fear her underwear tearing her nipples off accidentally. It might have been foolish, but she was just a young girl.

Then she had made love to Steve, and he had played roughly with her nipples, squeezing and pinching them. Her nipples had remained firmly attached to her areola, and while his touches had been rougher than she wanted, at least they had proven to her that her fears were unfounded. Now, gentler hands were touching her, and soft lips were kissing her, and she allowed Mackenzie to do whatever she wanted, knowing her nipples were safe.

Mackenzie reached up and pinched her left nipple between her index and middle finger, squeezing the base of the nipple as her tongue continued playing with the other.

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