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The Second Interview.

He needs to think of a way out of this, fast.

"I, uh, just was noticing that you were in a really nice position for some photos and got distracted trying to figure out some camera shots. Do you mind if we pause on the interview for a bit and do a quick photo shoot? I want to make sure our readers get a full understanding of the beauty of Ms. Olivia Burkhart." Greg holds his breath, hoping that Olivia will buy this excuse, though he is pretty sure she's smart enough to see right through it.

"Sure," she shoots back with a knowing glance, "I know it's hard to stop staring at me. Why don't you come over here and position me how you'd like me to be for the camera."

Greg's heart is pounding in his chest, and he's so incredibly turned on that he's almost forgotten he's there for professional, not personal, reasons. He tries to calm himself as he moves closer to the couch, Olivia staring him in the face with a knowing, seductive look.

"Let's just start with something simple," Greg says, breathing so fast his words barely come out of his mouth. "Maybe just a basic shot, smile for the camera. We don't have to do anything crazy." He gently puts his hands on Olivia's shoulders, straightening her posture for a head shot. The look on Olivia's face quickly reveals she's not interested in something so mundane.

"I have a better idea," she says with a snarky yet commanding tone. "How about something a little more... scandalous?" Olivia gets on her knees on the couch and slowly lowers her body, ending up on her hands and knees, her perfect ass in the air, and her face inches from Greg's rock-hard cock as he stands in front of her with a camera in hand. Her face is so close Greg can almost feel her breath on his cock. He realizes he's now lost control of the situation.

"Do you understand how many men wish they were you right now?" she says, half whispering. Greg has never met a woman with quite so much confidence in herself. "I know you've got a lot of work to do tonight, but it looks like your mind is on other things," Olivia says as she moves in even closer. She seductively, slowly licks her lips and then presses her tongue against Greg's throbbing cock through his pants, licking it from top to bottom.
"How does one end up being a hot-shot reporter at the Tribune when he loses control so easily?" Olivia says, her face nuzzled up against Greg's cock, teasing it through his incredibly tight pants. "I thought good journalists showed some initiative. You clearly haven't been listening. I've barely seen you taking any notes," she says, continuing to tweak Greg while teasing his cock to the point he feels like he's going to cum in his pants. "And now you can't even take my picture properly. Maybe next time the Tribune should send a real man on an assignment like this, not a star-struck boy who doesn't know how to handle himself around a beautiful woman."

Greg's heart is racing and he's beginning to get slightly annoyed by Olivia's constant teasing. A man can only take so much, after all. He looks down at Olivia, at the smirk on her face, takes a deep breath and bites his lip. He drops his camera on the floor, not even caring that he may have broken it.

"Oh, Mr. Wilson, that looks like an expensive camera. Now you'll have to repay..." Greg interrupts and reaches down, grabbing Olivia by the hair, forcing her to look him in the eyes. He stares down at her with a determined, slightly angry look on his face - the kind of look Olivia hadn't seen throughout their entire time together.

"You work at a library. You ought to learn when to shut the fuck up," he says, yanking her hair harder. Olivia lets out a purr and a soft moan. She's surprised, but pleasantly so. Using Olivia's hair, Greg pulls her face against his cock, reaches down and smacks her ass. And again. And a third time, each time harder than the last. Olivia closes her eyes and moans.

"Mmm, maybe our little reporter has some balls after all," Olivia says, trying to maintain her snarky tone.

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