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Scott and Michele find unexpected passion at work.

Dave withdrew his hand from Wendy with a surprised look as he realised it was all over and there was going to be no further action.

"Can't we carry on with this in the hotel room." pleaded David.

"I don't think so boys, you have had your fun and a good tale to impress your mates with, and we would like to have our dinner now, maybe we will see you around some time."

As the two boys reluctantly left Ruth looked at Wendy and said,' Well that was a bit of fun don't you think?" and with that eased of her shoe and raised her leg to bring her toe up to Wendy's soft mound still moist from the attention of David's fingers. She wriggled her toes around Wendy's crutch easing the latex panties into the soft slit of her pussy and Wendy took hold of Ruth's foot and helped it ever so slowly massage her slippery mound, around and around, in and out until Wendy's thighs stiffened and closed together to clamp Ruth's foot as she climaxed with a big smile on her face. Ruth smiled back and softly said, "Men are useless when it counts, it takes a women's touch to do a proper job, you feel much better now Wendy, don't you?"

Wendy, still grinning nodded and replied, "Ruth you really are awful but I love it, I am not sure I can manage to respond in the same way for you, I'm all jelly and wobbly in the legs,"

"We can fix that problem later on when we get back to our room, right now I am famished, where is our food?"

The Caesar salads arrived shortly and the girls tucked in hungrily. Whilst they were enjoying their meal Ruth explained to Wendy about all the latex clothes that she had in the wagon. Ruth was a successful fashion designer and had amassed a considerable client list purchasing mainly eveningwear and lingerie. It was at a fashion show that she saw another designer's work made of latex and the reaction the dresses got from the viewers, they were going wild. Ruth thought I must have a go at this, found out where to purchase the latex sheeting and after designing a few simple dresses to begin with and gluing them together she found she was getting aroused whilst working with the latex.

At first she didn't understand why she was getting hot and it wasn't until one very warm day and she was just wearing shorts whilst making up a latex dress and the material was draped over her thighs that she realised what was happening. She removed her shorts and let the latex slide along her bare skin inside her legs and the feeling was fantastic, she then took off her panties and massaged her love lips with the cool latex, stood up and wrapped the half made dress around her bottom and torso. With a little more massaging of her pussy she climaxed and then climaxed again like she had never done before, she eased the latex into her sodden pussy and with her fingers rubber her clitoris and inner lips to maintain the sensations in her thighs and vagina.

Now she realised just what the attraction was with latex, and thought there is a lot of money to be made out of this, and soon she was full time designing and making latex garments and didn't bother with main line materials again. She was now on her way to Adelaide to present a private latex fashion show for her wealthy clients when the flat tyre wheel thing happened this evening.

Wendy still couldn't get over what had just happened, herself and a lady she had met only hours before dressed totally in latex giving hand jobs to two total strangers in a full restaurant in view of half a dozen patrons, who must have known just what was going on under the table. She placed her hand on her mound and slowly massaged it, feeling the love juices slurp around under the latex panties and wishing she could service Ruth now rather than later.

Ruth could sense how Wendy was feeling and what she was doing and said, "If you can hold off for an hour we will have the time of our lives, trust me.

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