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Sex at the office.

Once we had laid there awhile, I moved the things aside and rolled over and we began making out again. I was running my hands all over her, it was hard not to. The truth is I didn't have enough hands to touch everything I wanted to touch. Our tongues were darting in and out of each other's mouths and her right hand was rubbing my cock through my jeans. I got her shirt unbuttoned and began kissing down her neck onto her chest. I reached around and unhooked her bra and threw her shirt and bra aside so I could take her nice 36C tits into my hands and mouth. I was licking and kissing all over her chest and stomach and she was beginning to purr a little.

She reached down and took my shirt off and began kissing all over me. As she was doing this, I reached up her skirt and moved her little g string aside and began fingering her tight little pussy. I rubbed her for a few minutes until she got good and wet and then I slipped a finger into her and she let out a little moan. She reached down and unhooked my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pushed them down to my knees. She rubbed my cock through my boxer briefs and she ground her pussy into my finger. I then slipped another finger into her and she moaned even louder.

I sat up, reached up her skirt, pulled her g string completely off and shoved my face into her dripping wet cunt. As I started licking her she flopped back on her back and begain squirming with pleasure. After a few minutes of licking and sucking her clit, I felt her start to shake a little bit and then she came violently for about ten seconds.

She then shot upright, pulled my underwear down and started sucking my cock like crazy. This girl was good, slurping my cock like a pro. She was licking the head of my cock while looking me right in the eyes and then would take the head into her mouth sucking the head and then shoot straight down the shaft until she left lipstick marks on the base of my cock. She'd lick my taint, my balls and then slowly lick up the bottom of my shaft until she got back to the head.

I couldn't take too much of this and I wasn't going to squander the opportunity to shove my cock into her tight little snatch, so I pushed her away and took off my boots and she started playing with her pussy. I pulled my jeans and underwear off, slipped my boots back on and climbed on top of her, slowly pushing my cock into her wet pussy. She squirmed and winced telling me, "I've never had a cock this big, go slow at first okay?"

I nodded, began kissing her tits, neck and then her lips as I slowly pushed my cock deeper into her accepting cunt. Once I started moving it around a bit I started pushing harder and faster. Her pussy adjusted to my cock and she began moaning. I pumped in and out of her for a few minutes and then I started to feel her quake again, grabbing my ass, pulling me into her and she quietly moaned, "Baby, I'm cumming."

When she was done, I got off of her and walked her over to the bed of my truck. I bent her over the tailgate, pushed her skirt up over her hips and pushed my cock into her from behind. Again, I started slowly working my way into pumping hard and fast. She looked so sexy as I grabbed her ass tightly, thrusting hard into her, her tits shaking, her face contorting with pleasure. I grabbed her left leg and lifted it up onto the tailgate, I lifted my own left leg up behind hers, our boots interlocking, and began pushing myself into her deeper. She started to shake again and she cried out, "I'm cumming, oh baby, fuck me."

This time as she was shaking she drove me to the edge, her pussy clamping down on my cock even tighter, I could feel her pussy walls throbbing around me and I shot a huge load of cum deep into her pussy.

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