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Biography of a cum drinker.

" Adam was confident that Blaine would have a female mate, but he always stayed true to his word.

Marie "I would be happy to make a similar proclamation, even before you mate Blaine."

Blaine "I will make the same proclamation tonight to my pack, do whatever you feel is right." Blaine was uncomfortable. "May Luna watch over you both." Blaine said as he walked away.

Adam "May Luna watch over you as well my friend"

Marie "May Luna be with us all"



Blaine had known he was gay from the first time he shifted at 13 years old. He had tried to tell his father who said wolves couldn't be gay. After that he never mentioned it again seeing as there were no mated pairs of the same sex in his pack that he knew of.

5 years after that fated day his mother became very ill, it was apparent she was going to die, his father would soon after because of the mating bond. His mother pulled him to her bedside, his ear right against her mouth as she whispered her dying words to him.

He had been wandering the world alone ever since, 12 years after the day his mother died he challenged the alpha and won. He did not escape unscathed. He now sported a scar across his face starting just above his right eyebrow and running down his cheek cutting across his lips just inside the corner of his mouth. Many of the females found it alluring and to make sure that his facade of being straight was not questioned he bedded his fair share, making sure they knew they were casual trists to satisfy their carnal hunger.

Blaine was quite sick of the lies he had to tell. He no longer wanted to live the bachelor lifestyle, he wanted a mate to walk beside him.



Aloke was from an Indian family. He grew up with strict parents who had an arranged marriage. Aloke had just turned 20 and was working for a shipping company while he studied for a business degree at his local college. He had never told his parents he was gay, he was going to be forced to marry a woman anyways so what was the point.

Aloke didn't have many friends but one of his best friends was Naomi. They had met in kindergarten and went to the same school all their lives. She even went to the same college as him but she was an english major and planned to write when she got out of school. He admired her persistence in a field that was not kind for anyone these days.

Naomi "Are you working tonight?"

Aloke "Of course I am, how else am I going to pay for my degree?"

Naomi "Oh come on Loki, you need to come out and have some fun sometimes." Naomi had been calling him Loki since they first met. It was kind of funny since his name meant light and Loki was the god of destruction. He didn't care though Naomi was his closest friend.

Aloke "You know my parents would never let me stay out unless they thought I was working. Plus the bars aren't really my scene."

Naomi pouted "I know, but I never have any fun without you. In all honesty I'd rather stay in with you and watch a movie than go out to these bars with guys hitting on me all the time."

Aloke "Maybe you're just going to the wrong bars." Naomi was a lesbian, she had known since she watched her first disney princess movie and was jealous of the prince for getting to kiss such a pretty girl.

Naomi "Probably" she laughed. "No one will go with me to the gay bars though, everyone I know is straight. She shot him lasers. Naomi knew Aloke was gay but he never admitted it to her due to the cultural obligations he had.

Aloke saw what was coming and was a little uneasy "Naomi."

Naomi "Please Aloke, I want a girlfriend so bad, and if I don't find anyone you can just say we're together and we didn't want anyone we were interested in hitting on us on our first date."

Aloke "I'm really not comfortable with this."

Naomi "Come on Aloke it will be fun."

Aloke thought about the repercussions, how he would explain what he was doing to his parents, how he would keep his eyes off all of the b

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