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A twisted tale of sex and intrigue.

He stops. Mazy sees the hesitation and recognizes why.

Mazy leans forward to close the gap to Stanley and says, "Yes. I am married. So is Stacy. Brook has a boyfriend. So does that cute girl Kerry. It is the life of a swinger Stanley. My husband will hear about our adventures tonight and he will smile. Then we will probably make love or I will blow him. Women love cock as much as men love pussy. I love a nice cock and I hear yours is to die for. Come spend time with me. I want to make you feel good."

Stanley hesitates and then engages in conversation, "You know about my cum explosion problem then don't you?"

Mazy smiles and says, "Yes I do. I love a good load. In fact, I helped Brook clean herself up a few minutes ago and you taste delicious. I am looking forward to some more."

Stanley looks surprised, "Oh. I didn't know."

Mazy reaches her hand out again to bring him in, "It's okay Stanley. We'll go slowly. I'd like to show you some things. Maybe we will do some things that you've never done before."

Stanley slips out of his shorts and takes his shirt off. Mazy just stares at his hot body and his big cock. Then she asks, "Stanley, have you licked a girls pussy before?"

Stanley shakes his head. Mazy indicates he should approach. He does. She directs him down to slide his face between her legs. She spends the next several minutes instructing Stanley on how to properly eat a woman's pussy. Finally he has the hang of it and Mazy is squirming in pleasure. She cums and Stanley licks up her pussy nectar and keeps going.

Brook comes in just as Mazy is finishing with her orgasm.

"Can I get some of that," Brook asks.

Stanley pulls away and is obviously nervous. Mazy reassures him that they will be gentle and go slow. She reminds him that this is a safe environment. Brook reminds Stanley that she and Mazy have been together many times and that the most recent time was in the bathroom sharing his cum. Stanley blushes.

Mazy continues, "Stanley, I think this is a good opportunity for you to have sex. Do you have a preference which of us you'd like to have first?"

Stanley thinks long and hard. The length of silence is uncomfortable. Finally Brook speaks up, "Stanley, I hope after today, Mazy and I can continue to have fun with you regularly. This is just the beginning. It is safe to assume that both of us would like to have your glorious cock in our pussies today."

Stanley is still hesitant. A million thoughts are running through his head. Finally, he just decides he needs to go for it. He nods his head. Mazy suggests that Stanley lay on his back. He does and his erection flops on his stomach. Brook, still naked from the bathroom, climbs on the bed and takes his manhood in her hand. She leans down and puts it in her mouth. She bobs up and down several times leaving a generous saliva trail. Then she pulls away still holding his cock up to the sky.

Mazy climbs on the bed and hovers over the top of him. She massages her pussy and moans. Then she looks at Stanley and tells him it is time. Brook aims his hard cock at Mazy's pussy. Mazy lowers herself slowly. Brook takes Stanley's cockhead and flicks it around Mazy's wet pussy. Then Mazy lowers herself down a little letting some of Stanley's erection inside. He is huge and it takes some effort to get his monster inside her tight pussy. She spends the next several minutes working his big cock deeper and deeper inside.

Brook starts kissing Mazy while she continues to rock on Stanley's rod. Mazy puts Stanley's hands on her breasts and he begins to squeeze and play with them. Stanley starts to feel that recently familiar feeling boiling up in his groin. Mazy has only worked herself about halfway down his erection when Stanley tells her he needs to cum already. Mazy breaks the kiss with Brook and lies down on his chest and starts grinding his cock. She whispers in his ear, "I want to feel you fill my pussy up with your cum Stanley. Cum inside me."

Stanley starts cumming immediately after.

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