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Fall From Grace: a nun goes bad

Make me scream!"

My strokes were increasing in speed as I bit my lip and closed my eyes tight to imagine Tracy's tits bouncing heavily as I roughly pumped my cock into her arse. I was on the inevitable climb to an orgasm, and Tracy was screaming with a mixture of pleasure and pain as my engorged helmet tore into her back passage and my hands pulled and mashed her swinging tits.

I whispered Tracy's name as my cum burst from my cock, spilling over my hand and wrist and the distinctive musk of semen wafted up through the bed. I lifted my hand and licked my cum. I have always loved the taste of my own juice and I greedily sucked it up and washed it round my mouth, licking my hand clean and going back for more. I soon came out of my post hand-job feeling and I heard Tracy leave the house.

I went downstairs and made myself a coffee and thought about how horny it was to watch Tracy do herself to a porno. I've always found voyeurism horny - even since I was a young teenager and a summer-time friend used to come round to my house with his dad's strong hardcore movies. We used to get stoned and then give ourselves 20 minutes alone to whack off to the videos.

One day, when it was his turn, curiosity got the better of me and I quietly retraced my steps and cracked the lounge door slightly to see him pulling on the biggest, hardest and possibly the ugliest cock I'd ever seen. It was like a club hammer! and I watched, fascinated as he roughly pulled on it, varying the speed to slow himself down, then frantically jerking and rubbing as the action hotted up on screen until his big old cock spat big globs of molten cum over his belly. I was mesmerised as it twitched and bobbed in its final turgid moments before returning to a more modest and manageable size.

What I saw then was pure magic as I watched him insert a finger into his arse and begin pulling at his limp cock again, flicking it sideways until it began to respond to his touch. He palmed up some juice from his belly and began rubbing it all over his cock as slowly it became engorged with blood and restored to a full-on erection. His finger was still exploring his anus and his cock was twitching without him even touching it. His breathing became more laboured and he reached down with his free hand to play with his balls, rolling them round in his hand and pulling at his ball sack. Suddenly a sticky spurt of cum sprang from his massive helmet and landed on his arm as he then touched his penis for the first time, lathering his helmet with his spunk and moaning as his finger carried on working his arsehole. He was shuddering and twitching as his orgasm hit him in ever decreasing waves.

My own cock was hard by now and I went back to my room to finish off, pulling at my young, sensitive cock until I shot a stream of cum over my own belly creating a pool in my belly button. Needless to say, I didn't need to have my turn at the porno!

So now, here I was over 15 years later being presented with a similar situation, and my only problem was what to do next. First things first, I went back upstairs and into Tracy's bedroom. Her knicker drawer contained no major surprises, the odd bit of sexy lingerie here and there, but full of mainly functional underwear. I was amused to find that this girl didn't have an erotic selection, but then I'd judged her boyfriend as a roll-on, roll-off type having previously heard them both having sex for minutes at a time.

I mulled on this as I went through the day, organising my house building and my finances and kept finding my cock standing to attention with alarming regularity. Tracy came home first and I awkwardly tried to help her put some shopping away, until she eventually said "Dave. What's up? You've been all jumpy and nervous around me since I came home. Is everything ok?"

"Yes. Fine, thanks" I lied

"Only I heard you say my name this morning.." I froze. "I also saw you wanking. Were you wanking because of me?"

I had no choice but to front this conversation out and call her bluff.


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