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Bobby & Paula spend quality time at beach house.

She began tracing the tip of her finger, through my boxers, from the base of my shaft to the increasingly sensitive head. I groaned with approval.

My own hand began wandering and found the gap between her shorts and tank top. I slid a finger under her top, then my entire hand. The tips of my fingers brushed her skin, moving back and forth over her stomach, slowly inching higher up her body. Before long, I'd reached the swell of the bottom of her breasts. I traced the curve, from her ribs around to the gap between her breasts, and then to the other rib. It was agonizing. I wanted to touch her, everywhere, but I wanted to build her arousal, to ease her into this next step for us.

My fingers caressed closer and closer, moving almost randomly, barely skimming her soft and supple skin. Finally, my finger grazed her nipple. It sent a jolt through both of us. My fingers traced around, rubbing her areola, before closing on that firm nipple, like a gum drop just waiting to be devoured. She broke our kiss and moved her lips next to my ear.

"Yes, Mike."

I began kissing down her neck and to the top of her cleavage. I wanted to taste every inch of her. I slid down further, until I could lift the bottom of her tank top and plant kisses on her wonderfully flat stomach. I worked my way back and forth, from left to right, kissing and nuzzling. I could feel her hips gently rolling against my chest.

I took hold of her tank top and slowly pulled it upwards, revealing ever more of her spectacular body. The bottom of her breasts were in view and I kissed higher up her belly. It was agonizingly wonderful. Further and there her nipples were, a wonderful creamy pink and brown, set against her caramel skin. I continued pulling up and she lifted her arms over her head, allowing me to completely remove her top.

She brought her arms down and tugged at my own t-shirt. I raised my arms and allowed her to remove my shirt.

I wanted to feel her. I lowered on top of her and kissed her deeply. My tongue thrusting into her mouth, searching for her own. I could feel the swell of her breasts, soft and smooth, against my own chest. They were generous, but perfectly proportioned to her petite frame. With no top on, she still looked like she was wearing a push-up bra. Her nipples were two little hard points pressing against me. My erection was painfully hard, rubbing against her thigh.

I broke our kiss and worked my way down again, kissing her chin, her neck, her collarbone, her shoulder, the space between her impossibly perky breasts. And then I flicked my tongue across her nipple.

She moaned, "Mmmmmm."

I was instantly addicted to that sound, knowing that I was bringing her physical pleasure after all of the emotional joy we'd shared. My lips brushed against her nipple... and then I gently sucked it into my mouth.

"Oh... Mike..."

I focused on teasing her, letting her feel the difference in moistness and hardness between my soft, wet tongue, my moist and firm lips, then just the tiniest nibble from my teeth. After a few moments, I released her nipple and moved to the other side, ensuring that both of her breasts received proper attention.

Savy was running her fingers through my hair, gently tugging on the hair at the back of my head every time I flicked her nipple with my tongue or grazed it with my teeth. My own hands were busy running up and down her sides, occasionally helping to guide one of her breasts into my mouth. Each time one of my hands drifted down, I went further and further, brushing her hip bone, then her thigh. I allowed my fingers to begin sliding around the front of her thigh, towards what I knew I absolutely had to touch. My fingers were inches away from her. I could feel the line of her panties and I followed it down and around towards the inside of her thigh.

"Take off my shorts," she almost pleaded with me in a sensual, sultry voice.

I lifted my body above hers and sat back on my haunches.

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