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Chantal's working hard.

He turned around but it was too late, the hand maidens had seen his once flaccid cock begin to turn hard. He heard their stifled giggles and he turned his head to the floor as he wanted this all to be over.

"It's okay Cedric, we won't tell anyone. I'll be your vault." Feeling a little better but not by much, Cedric took deep breaths and grabbed the dress. It was a soft green and went down to his ankles with little patterns of flowers as decoration around the collar and sleeve that went to his wrists. It had a nice cotton feel to it and it flowed about his legs. He next put on some white sheer thigh highs and a pair of nice white 3 inch heels. He turned back to Anne and he gave a little twirl that lifted the dress up.

Anne grabbed his hand and dragged him into the powder room and sat him down on the chair. The two other girls quietly followed and brought a wooden box along with them. They set it down on the desk and brought out a few makeup appliances. The ladies then proceeded to apply lipstick and some blush to Cedric's face.

While the ladies worked, Cedric had something on his mind and Anne could tell. "What's wrong Cedric?"

"It's just that last night, Rowland accidentally called me Mary. Is there anyone I should be jealous of?" The girls exchanged nervous glances and went back to working on him. "What? What's wrong?"

"Mary is- or was his last wife. She was about no older than you and was married to him when he was younger as well. She died of a disease about 10 years ago and he hasn't been the same until-"

"Until what?"

"Until you, he used to be very solemn and quiet until he met you yesterday. And to be honest, you remind me of her yourself . . . " It got quiet after than and they didn't speak for the rest of time. When they were done, the handmaidens got up and left with Anne giving him a peck on the cheek before leaving. Cedric walked down the cobblestone steps with a click and a clack on each step.

Cedric walked through the dining hall's doors to see a large open table with Rowland sitting across from two people. The room had large drapes falling from the ceiling and torches to light it all up. The first person sitting across from Rowland was a rather large man who wasn't fat but had a plumper belly than most. He had a big black beard and a hearty face. The man was probably slightly older than Rowland and he had a look of jolliness to him. He was undoubtedly the king as he had a crown atop his head and he wore a black vest and brown clothing underneath. Next to the king sat a young lady about the same age as Cedric, if not older. She wore a light blue dress and had her legs crossed in a feminine fashion. She had long black hair in a french braid and an ovular face along with light blue eyes.

Rowland was the first to notice Cedric and stood up to be polite. He walked over to meet Cedric and gave him a kiss. The kiss was like their first where it was firm and passionate. Rowland stepped back to introduce him. "This is my beautiful wife Gwen. Gwen this is King Simon and his daughter Elizabeth."

"How do you do my King?" Cedric said in his best feminine voice.

The king held out his hand to be kissed. "Wow, you told me she was beautiful but you didn't do her any justice. You better watch out or I'm going to have to steal her from you." he finished by laughing but he was the only one to give as much as a chuckle. Cedric pulled away from Simon's rough hands and turned his attention to Elizabeth.

"Hello there Gwen, I guess we'll get to know each other quite well from the looks of it," Elizabeth remarked.

"Yes, I've heard these two are quite close. So we'll be spending lots of time together." The day carried on as the men discussed politics and strategies while Cedric and Elizabeth talked of more personal things.

"So Elizabeth, is there anyone that you fancy?"

"Uhh, not in the traditional sense."

"That was a weird answer so let me rephrase it, is there anyone that you might be sleeping with?"

"What? No, not really.

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