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The girls enjoy another pleasure cruise.

He was getting to the point of maximum erection, fast. Bill bucked his hips in an attempt to put more in Alice's mouth, but she just lifted up with his motion. She increased the suction, but didn't let him penetrate any deeper.

"Wow, you are a big boy. You sure did fill up all that loose skin. Do you like this?" Maggie asked as she pulled her hand up to touch Alice's lips.

"Let's get some measurements before I forget what I'm here for. Length is twelve and a quarter inches. Circumference is six inches. That's a big penis. It's the biggest one I have ever studied. Sure, there are some that claim to be bigger, but I never measured one. Are you ready to ejaculate?"

"Oh yes, please get me off."

Alice took her mouth off Bill's penis and pulled up on it. Pre-cum flowed out like he was ejaculating, but it wasn't. Alice licked the fluid off the head then pulled up again with the same result. This time Maggie leaned over and licked the pre-cum off the head and where it was running over Alice's hand and onto her own. Maggie reached behind Alice and slid the middle finger of her left hand up and down her wet pussy lips. From his position Bill couldn't see Alice getting played with.

Maggie put a heavy condom over the head and rolled it down about six inches. It had a big ball at the top to collect the ejaculate. Alice wrapped her hand around Bill's scrotum gently so his testicles were trapped in the bottom. She then leaned between his legs and licked his scrotum. She gently sucked one testicle into her mouth and pressed it lightly with her tongue.

"Suck my balls. Oh yes, that feels great. Suck the other one. Take that thing off my cock so I can get the feeling. I need to cum."

'Get something for him to cum in," Maggie told Alice.

Alice ran up the stairs to the kitchen and picked up a stainless steel pitcher. She got back and put it on the table then raised the back of the table so Bill was in more of a sitting position.

Maggie rolled the rubber sleeve up and pulled it free of his cock. It was almost full of pre-cum. She let it drain down the top of Bill's cock and slid her hand up and down in the smooth slickness. She could just reach all the way around his shaft. Maggie slipped the head into her mouth and took the first four inches. Bill bucked his hips trying to get more in her mouth, but she wouldn't let him.

"Arrrrrrrggggh! I'm going to cum. Suck me harder."

Maggie felt the head swelling and pulled it out of her mouth. She stuffed it down into the top of the pitcher between Bill's thighs just as the first squirt of cum shot from the swollen head. Maggie counted fifteen hard pulses before it began to slow to dribbles. She looked in the picture and saw that it was just about to spill from the angle she held it. She sat the pitcher aside and on impulse put her mouth over the head to taste the last of the dribbles. She was amazed at how good Bill's cum tasted. She wanted more.

Bill had cum so hard he was exhausted. She laid his softening cock on his stomach and reached in her bag for a vile of small blue pills. Bill saw what she was doing and pulled against the restraints.

"Let me up. I've had enough," Bill said.

"We have some more test to do. This is an erection enhancer. You can take it orally or we can give it to you with a hypo. Which do you prefer?" Maggie asked.

"You said you would let me go if I said so. I say so."

"Let us finish what we started and we'll let you go. It didn't hurt you did it?"

Maggie put the pill next to Bill's lips and he took it in his mouth. She then held a cup of water to his lips and he swallowed the pill.

"We're going to check your nerve transit time. I'll send a small impulse of electricity from your prostrate to the head of your cock and measure how fast the nerves conduct the signal. You should find this experience very pleasant."

Bill gave up arguing. It was no use. Besides, he wouldn't mind cumming again.
It took both women to hold Bill still while they fastened the ankle cuffs.

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