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Incarcerated man discovers what real love is.

I glanced, he glanced. He waved, I waved. I smiled, and then he would smile. Whenever I went out and he would show up, he usually made a noise that would make me look up from my reading, and our flirting would begin.

It continued each day until suddenly he wasn't there anymore. I still scanned each time I sat down for my cigarette, slightly disappointed he wasn't there for my pleasure. As silly as it was, our flirting across 100-feet was enjoyable, and I missed it.

Not seeing him again today, I strike a match and light my cigarette and the thoughts of him fill my brain. I don't even know his name, yet our rendezvous from across the yard have obviously affected me.

As I inhale, my mysterious partner emerges from behind the forklift. My heart skips a beat that he is there. Suddenly, I realize that he is not stopping at the stand where he keeps his beverage. He is walking towards me, smiling, slowly removing his hardhat and gloves as he does. I watch him as he walks slowly over to the bottom of the wooden fire escape where I sit.

"May I come up?" He says, smiling.

"Okay." I managed to stumble out.

He walks up the stairs until he is level with me. He kneels on the stairs so he is at eye level with me and kisses me deeply on the lips. After a moment, our lips part, and his tongue searches for mine. When we separate, he smiles at me. "I have wanted to do that for the past three weeks."

"I have been trying to get the nerve to talk to you for the past three weeks, but you disappeared." I say, surprised I can find words.

"I have been around, you just couldn't see me. But I have been watching you. Each time you would lean back in the sun, when you straighten your skirt, when you bend over to get the door stop before going in. I have been watching you." He says, never breaking the eye contact we share.

The thought of that sends shivers down my spine, that he was somewhere, somehow watching, undetectable by me.

Before I am able to respond to him, he reaches behind my head and pulls me in closer to kiss me again. His warm lips travel from my own lips, and slowly down my neck, up to my earlobes, where I can hear his breathing become jagged, like my own. My hands follow their own path, running through his dark brown hair, slowly up and down his back, and his chest. His hands slowly stroke my bare legs under my skirt, running all the way up to the tops of my thighs.

"Is there somewhere...?" He starts to say. I realize where we are sitting; anyone would be able to see us.

We stand up and I take him by the hand to the small storage room, just inside the building.

"We have to be quiet, as my coworker is in the office right next door." I say with a grin on my face.

As soon as the door is closed and locked behind us, he runs his hand along my bottom, lacing his fingers through the top of my panties. Kneeling in front of me, he takes them off slowly, following along with his tongue. I lean back against the storage boxes for support as his tongue gently flicks and probes me, sending jolts of pleasure with each touch.

He continues to probe me with his tongue, expertly and skillfully, and inserts two fingers into my already dripping pussy. His tongue moves with more pressure against my clit, while his fingers start a delicious rhythm of their own, sliding in and out, hard and fast. I feel my orgasm approaching, trying to squelch my moans as he brings me to climax.

He stands up, and kisses me deeply. I can taste myself on his lips and tongue. I kiss him harder, savoring the flavor while reaching down to unzip his work pants and take his hard cock into my hand. I start to slowly rub up and down, inciting low moans from my lover. I want to take him into my mouth, to return the favor; however, he turns me around, lifting my skirt, and gently rubbing my ass as he penetrates my drenched pussy from behind.

His cock inside me, he begins to rock me, grabbing me by the hips, pulling me deeper onto his cock.

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