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How love and cheating begins.

He had seen her perfect ass. He had a thirst to see even more. The priestess was surprised at how much she enjoyed Gideon's fingers pressing down, first lightly then with more force, into her skin. She closed her eyes and let loose little moans every so often, letting herself enjoy the sensations the young man was gifting her. The knots in her muscles screamed in release as they were worked out. Maybe the boy had his uses after all. But she was still keenly aware of his straining manhood not one foot from her head. She could practically hear the seams ripping and the blood pumping. But, perhaps that was her own imagination. Either way, it was time for her to have some fun.

When the boy tried to peer at her breasts, she allowed him the privilege, knowing how supple and full they were. Hanging from her chest and gently kissing the water. Her nipples as big as a 25-cent piece and a mix between brown and pink. However, Elanor was sure to make splashes in the water, obscuring her body beneath. Dipping lower into the bath, she rinsed the lather off of her back before standing up, her bottom now squarely in Gideon's face. She couldn't help but giggle at her own mischievousness. Its roundness protruded past the lip of the tub and water droplets cascaded down its generous slope. The skin was still tan, but slightly reddened from the hot bath.

"Well, boy, you wanted to get a peek. Now you have an eye full." When she received no reply, probably out of shock, she continued. "Don't just stand there uselessly." She chided, looking down into his eyes with her own green ones. "Worship me."

Gideon was only able to pry his eyes away from her soapy rump for a moment and her words cut into him and he felt a jolt of primal lust shoot through him at her command. Worship me? If it he been any other woman at any other moment, he would've been confused but Gideon Grale, Private of the Royal Guard, was one hundred percent certain of what do next with Lady Horne.

He placed a hand on each of her ass cheeks and simply let his face fall into the cleft of her perfect ass. He devoured her posterior, as if it was the sweetest pastry, and delighted at the honeyed taste of her skin as he let his tongue slip between her cheeks. And then he slipped lower. Then even lower and he felt himself slip into his knees, for how could one worship without kneeling, and as he felt her naturally begin to bend forward, he caught a small glimpse of her pink pucker and the perfect mound beneath it. He felt himself begin to salivate and, with his large hands spreading her cheeks a little more, he leaned in to tongue the rim of her asshole gently and then began to move towards her slit.

"Oh, what a good boy." Horne moaned when Gideon shoved his face into her ass without hesitation. That was the sort of enthusiasm she liked to see in her novices as they approached their studies but didn't expect from the young man. An enthusiasm that she was happy to revel in and encourage.

Reaching a hand behind her, she grabbed a fistful of his soft hair and gave it a little tug, urging him forward into the folds of her body. She felt his tongue lapping at her juices and his nose brush against her bud. The ferocity of his attack was juxtaposed by the thoughtful attention he paid every swath of skin. Elanor rewarded him with a moan that seemed to bounce off the chamber walls.

"Is this what you wanted when you came here?" She asked, tightening her grip on his hair and shoving her ass back mercilessly to get more of the soldier's wicked tongue. "Because you're being such a good boy for me. You're doing exactly as I say. Maybe I'll keep you around and make you my fucktoy. Would you like that?"

Gideon fell into her, lapping away and hungrily wanting to explore her sex with his tongue, his fingers, his prick.

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