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Young Lucy and her older neighbour.

" said Katie

"No, you slept with his brother?" said an astonished Masie.

"Yes, and on my wedding day, how weird can you get?"

Masie was intrigued, "How long did it last?"

"Not long, we divorced, I went to Greece, came back, got smashed up in a car crash, Andy nursed me back to health, fell in love again. Re-married, then along came Jo, with her sultry looks and breasts to die for, Andy fell for it and we divorced again."

"Well you have had an eventful life" said Masie.

"Well there was my surrogate baby, and oh I was engaged to a gay guy. Now I am with Ryan and I could not be happier.

Katie lay back, closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the suns rays on her face. Masie looked down on her and had an overwhelming desire to kiss her. She lowered her head, wondering how Katie would react, hen gently placed her lips on another girls for the first time.

Masie lifted her lips from Katie's and said "Sorry, I don't know what came over me."

Katie placed her hand behind Masie's head and pulled it toward her saying "Don't apologise, I enjoyed it." and the two girls kissed. This time their mouths opened slightly and after a few seconds, tongues were engaged in a sensual duel, as the two girls thrilled to their first lesbian kisses.

The kissed for about ten minutes, neither saying a word. Then Masie placed her hand on Katie's stomach, where her polo riding shirt had lifted. Katie's response to this was to kiss her even harder and deeper.

Encouraged Masie gently mover her hand up and was soon caressing Katie's breast through her bra, making the blonde girls nipples become erect.

Katie sat up and in one movement removed her shirt. She was wearing a very unsexy sports bra.

Masie looked shocked until Katie explained "if you do as much riding as I do, you need comfort, Ok?"

Masie laughed and undid her top, revealing a white sexy lace bra. Which she undid and freed her breasts to Katie's gaze.

Katie reached across and gently stroked Masie's breast, her fingers lightly skimming the surface and causing the nipple to become instantly erect.

Katie removed her bra and the two girls embraced, their breasts sweetly rubbing together, the friction between the nipples causing an erotic pulse that transferred to their passionate kisses.

After several minutes of lovemaking, Masie suddenly said "Lets go skinny dipping."

"We can't, what if someone comes? Besides we have nothing to dry ourselves with."

Masie did not reply, she simply got up, removed her pants and knickers and ran towards the water.

Katie looked at Masie's naked body, she was very pretty, nice firm breasts, with beautiful nipples. A flat stomach, but hardly any pubic hair, the lips of her pussy protruded a little, whilst her legs were long and shapely. A very beautiful woman.

Stripping off her riding pants, Katie revealed some really big knickers, nothing like the image she portrayed.

"Comfort, right" she shouted at Masie, as both girls joined hands and naked, jumped into the lake.

Both girls were good swimmers and after the first shock of the cold water, slowly circled around, enjoying the cool water on their skin.

They met, and Masie, noticing Katie's very erect nipples called out "is the water cold, or are you pleased to see me?"

"Both," Katie replied, taking Masie's head between her hands and kissing her tenderly , as theyNot far behind Masie Wylde followed on her grey mare both trod water.

The continued to swim, kiss and caress for a while, before climbing out and allowing the sun, to dry their bodies.

Neither seemed to want to make the first move, between the other girls legs, and seemed content to kiss, stoke skin and caress breasts.

Then during a particular long and passionate kiss, Masie moved her hand down and combed her fingers through Katie's pubic hair, before placing a finger, just inside her.

Katie broke the kiss and smiled at Masie saying, "that's nice, don't stop," and opened her legs a little wider.

With this encouragement, Masie introduced another finger and began to masturbate Katie's rapidly moistening pussy.

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