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Katrina makes her way through a provocative corn maze.

It is much more sensually exciting when you do not know who it is you are groping. The person on the other side may even be your own spouse. No matter, even if it is your spouse, chances are you may not know due to the tricks that sensory depravation plays on your mind. You'd be surprised and really have to experience it to discover what a little bit of sensory depravation can do to spark up your sex life.

Even if you have been in the maze a hundred times, because there are so many ways in and out, with each way having a private entrance and a private exit, there is no way to tell where you are or who is on the other side of the wall in the dark. We have a black light over each door that tells us which maze is occupied. We are all intent on maintaining one another's privacy by not intruding upon their maze while they are using it. Nonetheless, without lights and not being able to see and hear anything, the only sense that comes into play is your sense of touch, perhaps your sense of smell. Only, as an unspoken rule, men are not allowed to wear cologne and women perfume. We want to retain anonymity after all.

Admittedly, for those who are adventurous, your sense of taste could come into play, say should someone would want to suck a cock, lick a pussy or suck a nipple. Only, as a reminder, what happens in toy land stays in toy land. As a rule, we never discuss among ourselves what happens in the maze.

It took some convincing to get the women to give it a try, but after a few drinks, they were not only curious but also eager to strip off their clothes. Besides, the way that I constructed the maze with each participant having their own way in and their own way out, anonymity is retained by all participants. Only, unbeknownst to my friends and neighbors, I do have hidden night vision video cameras installed throughout toy land to capture the action.

Okay, before I get feedback from the moral minority about videotaping the action without my friends knowing, I plan on sharing the video with all involved when the time is right. Only, not now and no one, not even me, has viewed the videotapes. I figure that when we either stop and tear down toy land or take toy land to another level is when I will show the videos to all involved. Trust me; they will thank me for having the forethought to install hidden video cameras. Besides, knowing my friends the way that I do, it would not surprise me if every one of them had the same thoughts and hid their own night vision video cameras within the confines of toy land.

I insulated the sheetrock walls with soundproofing material and installed a cork floor and heavy cork wall on both sides of the wall and sound deadening ceiling tiles. Then, the women installed plush carpeting everywhere making it even more soundproof. Truly, it is virtually soundproof. Even if you were standing on the other side of a wall with your ear pressed against the wall, you could not hear a thing. This way, what happens in the maze, stays in the maze. We do have an intercom system should there be a medical emergency.

What is amazing about this maze of cutout walls is, you'd be surprised what women will do, even the ones who have not been with anyone but their husbands, will do when they feel that no one knows what it is they are doing, who they are doing it with, and when their actions cannot be traced back to them. It is a beautiful design of an inspired idea, if I say so myself. I'm thinking about marketing it. What do you think? Although it cost me much more to build the one that I custom made with my friends down the cellar of our clubhouse, because of all the soundproofing materials, carpeting, furniture pieces, and the sheer size of it, would you be interested in buying one of my prefab smaller mazes if it was priced reasonably affordable, say around $2,999?

After a few drinks, we strip off our clothes, turn off the lights, except for some dim night lights that give a romantic glow, head down the cellar, and walk through maze not knowing who we will find on the other side.

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