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Woman uses men as her sex toys.

They seemed to be cold, sterile people.

Her mother's cheerful mood snapped her out of her musings. "Okay punkin', time to go shopping!," Caroline called out to her "Oh hun, by the way, when we're shopping, call me Cari, okay? I have quite a few lovers your age that we might run into, and I don't want them feeling self-conscious."

They got into Cari's fancy sports car and were soon zooming off to the local mall. There were quite a few nice clothing stores and lingerie boutiques to chose from and when she and her mother strolled into La Belle Fleur, Sabrina was almost tingling with anticipation.

Surrounded by all this sexy underwear, all Sabrina could think of was sex. Hot, throbbing cock fucking tight, wet pussies. Tongues licking nipples. Tongues surrounding big dicks and slurping them. Tongues playing over hot, engorged clits and slick, wet pussies. Sabrina could feel her panties moisten as the sexual feelings came over her.

She wanted, ached to feel a big, hard cock filling her pussy. Fucking her heated cunt to orgasm after orgasm. She wanted to run her tongue along a throbbing shaft, be a cocksucker like her hot mother. She wanted to herself moan as the hard cock filled her mouth and throat, elating in the taste of the hard man-meat. She wanted to have a cock inside her, making her cum and cum and cum ....

Caroline smiled at her daughter, a sly smile that let Sabrina know she knew what she was thinking. She fully intended to see that her daughter got a great sexual education and she intended to be a part of that education. What else was a mother for, if not to make her daughter happy?

Sabrina returned her mother's smile, knowing that it was soon time to leave Sabrina behind and turn herself into Bree. Sabrina was a nice, respectable girl. Bree was a hot, wild little vixen who would know how to please a man - or a woman - and keep them "cumming" back for more. Her partners would adore her as her tight little pussy and bouncy little ass gave them all the pleasure they desired.

Her new wardrobe would be the start to that sex life. As she looked around the store, she wondered where her Mom had gotten off to. She didn't see the pretty salesgirl who had greeted them either, thinking perhaps she was helping another customer. The store was quiet though, so she wandered around, heard some noises from the change room, peeked in and got a surprise.

Her mother was in there, dressed in a black satin bustier, with heels and stockings, but no panties covering her beautiful pussy. Not that they were necessary - for between her legs, licking her for all she was worth, was a stunning, lovely Asian girl that Sabrina quickly recognized as the salesgirl.

"Oooh Miko, yes baby, eat me, eat my cunnnntttt!." Sabrina heard her mother moan. Luckily, the store was nearly empty, for her mom was not a quiet lover. And the pretty girl wasn't being quiet in her task either, slurping at Cari's pussy for all she was worth.

Sabrina again marveled at how gorgeous her mom still was, how big and firm her tits were - even hotter in the bustier - and how soft her skin looked, how long and lovely her legs were.

The salesgirl was sexy as all get-out too. She was clad now in just a G-string and stiletto heels, nothing else. Her mother was squeezing and fondling the girl's lovely tits as she was being licked, obviously the two women were not strangers to each other's bodies. From her mother's impassioned cries, it was obvious to Sabrina that Miko was adept at pleasing another woman - and for a brief second, Sabrina wished she could be Miko's playmate, as her mother was.

Miko's hot little tongue was sliding all over Cari's pussy, side to side, up and down, stabbing and licking at the neatly-trimmed little muff. She was also finger-fucking Caroline as she ate her, talking to her and being very vocal.

"You like my hot, lezzie tongue, don't you bitch!," Miko hissed through clenched teeth. "You like being my lezzie-love slut, don't you. You like having my nasty Asian tongue licking your naughty hot cunt, don't you, you slutty dyke?"


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