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Student sets the trap, teacher takes the bait!

I saw my mother off to work, and told her that I was going out, so I probably wouldn't be home when she returned. It was about ten, so I threw on some light clothing, jeans and a t-shirt, and headed towards Katie's place.

The walk was very nice and scenic, but all I could think about was her. Like touching her smooth, golden skin and thick, shimmering hair. Or looking into her bright, blue eyes and kissing her soft, succulent mouth. Or fondling her large, perfect breast and sucking her sweet, delicate nipples. And tasting her tight, lovely slit and kneading her firm, round bottom. Then feeling my self deep inside of her, filling her with pleasure......

Totally in another world, I suddenly realized that I was at my destination. Katie was obviously modest when she told Alex that her house was pretty big. It was huge. About four stories high, and about two normal house widths wide, I couldn't believe that anyone could have such a mansion. Gardens were everywhere, with many bright flowers, statuary, and sitting places decorating them. Flowering trees hung like a canopy over the entrance to the house, and everything was trimmed to utter perfection. As I took all this is, I was suddenly aware of voices from the behind the house.

Walking around the outmost perimeter of the property, well-hidden by the many trees that surrounded it, I made my way to the back to see who it was. As I came closer, I recognized the voices to be of Katie and another one that sounded fairly familiar. Creeping ever so quietly, I moved behind a hedge and saw Katie, and another girl whom I recognized from the youth group, wrapped up in towels, standing by the pool.

"So you say that you're mom is gone for the whole week?" the other girl asked.

"Yeah, she's off for some medical convention or something," Katie replied. "The gardener will come by for a couple of hours on Wednesday, but other than that I have the place to myself. But come on, Trish, let's get in the pool!"

Looking around, I saw that I was pretty much out in the open to anyone who might walk by, so I decided to move. Across the pool, I saw what looked like a pool shed, so I decided to head for that in hopes of a safer position. Circling around, well away from the edge of the clearing, I made my way to the structure, and was happy to find that it had a back entrance. Inside the shed was somewhat warm, but it was large in size, so I had lots of room to move around. As luck would have it, there was a fairly large knothole in the wall facing the pool, and looking through I could see everything perfectly, with the girls not more than fifteen feet away.

Even if nothing more had happened that day, I would have been able to die a happy man. Katie took off her towel, revealing one of the tiniest bikinis I'd ever seen. Her thong-like bottom rode right between her ass cheeks, with glistened in their perfection in the sunlight. As she turned, I could see that they were also very tiny up front, hiding her delicate pussy, but also revealing that she shaved it. Her equally tiny top had to work very hard to keep her pert breasts from spilling out for all to see. There was not an ounce of fat on her perfect body, and she didn't even have tan lines. Just the thought of her sun bathing in the nude reminded me of how engorged my dick really was.

Unable to hold of any longer, I quietly undid my jeans and pulled out my unbelievably erect member. Grasping the shaft lightly, I rubbed just under the head a few times, sending shivers up my spine and a wave up pleasure through my groin. I didn't really have any intention of jerking off right then and there, but I needed some relief.

Focusing my attention back upon the scene at hand, I saw that Trish had also taken off her towel, and was giving quite the impressive show as well.

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