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Janes helps Wendy divorce.

We ordered drinks first and Karen told the waiter that we would order food later. We sat and gabbed for a while about nothing in particular, but Lynn had her hand on my thigh all the time. I really liked that, especially when she moved it up and down a bit, but not touching my dick, just up and down the inside of my leg.

Karen talked to both of us, but she leaned forward a bit so that her tits were in view.

"Karen, you're such a slut showing off your tits like that. Why don't you just take your top off and be a full-fledged cock-teaser." Lynn teased

Karen replied,

"You're just jealous that you can't give a tittie show. Besides, don't talk to me about being a cock-teaser. I can see your hand moving up and down Daddy Bruce's leg. Watch out, Daddy Bruce, or she will be jerking you off."

That discussion brought lots of laughter.

"Okay, girls. I have something to ask you. Tell me about the rich-bitches you service."

Karen began first.

"Yeah, service is the right word. Two days ago, I was at Mrs. Dunphy's house for a call. When I got there, she met me at the door with a short white robe/jacket, no slacks or anything. She said,

'Come on in, Darling. I'm so anxious for you to start. I have this tightness in my neck, and it seems to stretch all the way down my back. Do something for me, Sweetheart".

I took the collapsable table from my backpack and started to put it up.

"Do you think we could use something more comfortable, Dear? Maybe if I just laid down on the bed, it wouldn't be so hard on me."

"So, we walked into her bedroom, and she laid down on her stomach, and I stood beside the bed on her right side and reached over to massage her shoulder. She told me that it felt pretty good already, so I put a little more pressure on her."

Lynn, interrupted her by saying,

"Tell Daddy Bruce what you were wearing, Karen." She said,

"Oh, yeah, I had my fuck-me clothes on; and just in case you don't know what they are, they are what Lynn was wearing yesterday when you met her."

"Fuck-me clothes?" I asked. Do you put a little extra in your work?"

Both of them chimed in and said,

"No, we're not hookers, but we have some special female clients who like to explore their curiosity every now and then. And for that, we get extra--a whole lot extra, but both of us absolutely refuse to fuck our male clients."

"So, back to my story. After I finished with the right side, I discovered that I couldn't do an adequate job with the left shoulder by standing and reaching over, so I climbed on the bed and straddled Mrs. Dunphy. She told me that I was doing a good job.

She said, "Just a second, Honey." and with that, she pushed herself up a bit by her elbows and took her robe off. She was completely naked underneath, but this wasn't the first time that I had seen her like that. It was her signal to me that she wanted to full-monty massage treatment.

"As you can imagine, my skirt was riding quite high and I could feel the heat of her body against my thighs above my nylons. It felt good; and when she asked me if I wanted to get more comfortable, I knew what she meant. I crawled off her and the bed and stood right above her so that my pussy was just about face-high. I slowly and sensually took off my nylons, garters, and panties so that I was completely nude. She just looked straight into my pussy and licked around her lips.

I climbed back on top of her and began massaging her again. As I did this, my body was moving up and down hers, and it was agitating my clit as it rubbed over her ass. I was really enjoying this--every bit of it, so I got more aggressive with my massaging. I let my hands go from her shoulders, down her sides, and around a bit to feel the outside of her tits.

She moaned,

"Oh, you are so good at this Honey. Don't ever leave me. These are the best days of my life."

and with that, she lifted her body off the bed a bit so I could reach around and hold her full breast.

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