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A hot wife shows off to tenants.

"You could slide in right now, no lube needed."

Elsie's cheeks burned as he grunted in noncommittal response to this information. Were they really going to fuck her? She'd slept with boyfriends in the past, but nothing like this; never before with a woman and definitely never with her husband watching. The juxtaposition of commanding husband and playful wife warmed her, as did the deep kiss Rachel laid on her now, her tongue teasing open Elsie's mouth to tangle with her own.

"Eleven," Darryl reported at the final strike. "Eleven minutes into our time with you and eleven strikes. You'll be punctual next time, or the punishment will be more severe. Nod to indicate you're listening," he added, amusement creeping into his voice as he watched his wife dominate the young woman with her mouth.

Elsie nodded as best she could under the onslaught of kisses, her breath stolen away. Rachel's fingers were plunging in and out of her pussy with complete abandon now, her palm bucking hard against her clit. Elsie felt her body tightening in preparation to orgasm and Rachel reluctantly slowed her paced, drawing back with sparkling eyes and flushed cheeks and denying Elsie any hope for release yet.

"Darryl, I want her," Rachel declared, looking up at her husband with pleading eyes.

He ran an affectionate hand through her hair, drawing his wife up for a gentle kiss full of love, if not the same heated frenzy Rachel had reserved for the farmer girl. "My gift to you, beloved," he murmured against her lips, his smile warm. "Take as much as you want."

Rachel growled and all but pounced on the bent-over girl, drawing her onto the bed with her and sprawling her out on the covers. "I--" Elsie started, but her input seemed unneeded; as Darryl watched with indulgent affection, Rachel's head dove towards the place where her fingers left off. Elsie cried out in shock as a warm wet tongue lapped against her clit and teased at the opening which felt so bereft now that she was empty.

Chuckling, Darryl removed his clothes in no particular hurry and Elsie found a new source of distraction in his sculpted thighs and the heavy erection he carried between them, clearly aroused by her whipping and--if the little bobs of the tip were any indication--by the sight of his wife eating another woman. Elsie felt her eyes widen in surprise; if she'd been capable of thought at all, she would have worried that Darryl might feel threatened by his wife's obvious lust for the stranger in his bed.

As if reading her thoughts, he climbed onto the bed and patted her hair gently, the way one would stroke a beloved pet. She liked his touch, though the effect was hard to concentrate on when her hips kept bucking under Rachel's ministrations; the enthusiastic woman now worked with her fingers alongside her tongue and Elsie wasn't certain how much longer she could hold off the building bubbly warmth in her core.

"Rachel and I married when we were very young," Darryl said, his voice low and fond as he watched her face, enjoying the pleasure she couldn't help but show. "Love was never a problem, but we didn't quite... mesh in the bedroom. Took us years--and driving to town for a number of bad erotic movies--to realize our needs."

"Darryl's dominant." Rachel paused in her work to purr the words, her teeth teasing Elsie with the lightest of scrapes and causing the girl's hips to dance on the edge of pain and unbearable pleasure.

"And Rachel isn't quite a sub," Darryl agreed with a grin. "Though she tries very hard to accommodate me. She's also... well, 'lesbian' isn't the right word and 'bisexual' doesn't encompass adequately just how hungry she is for a girl in her bed. On special occasions when we can get away and drive to town we hire a girl, but it's a hell of a drive. We were very excited to have one come to us. Open your mouth, sweetheart."

Elsie's eyes widened further as he swung those powerful thighs over her chest and straddled her neck, his thick erection inches from her lips.

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