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A replacement for a cheating wife.

She put her hands under her dress skirt, moved aside her panties and opened her pussy lips so her clitty had direct contact with the wand head. She moved around some more trying to find the sweet spot. She moaned deeply when she found it. She rocked slowly back and forth on it, receiving her first wave of the I'm-going-to-orgasm feeling of pleasure.

"OOOOOO" She gasped "Ooooh Jamie, the horsy is so fun to ride."

Jamie watched her mesmerised. Watching her convulse involuntarily and her eyes roll back into her head. It was a huge turn on.

Lolly's pleasure waves came quicker and quicker.

"Oh Jamie, it feels so good." She informed him. "It tingles so good. Mommy's not here, but I am going to cum. Please don't tell Mommy Jamie... ooooh... Ohhh. Ooooooooooo."

She fell forward off the horsy onto the bed as her orgasms took her body over. Jamie sat her up on the bed and cuddled her hard.

"That looked fun." He noted.

"It, was." Her lower lip wobbled like she was going to start crying. "I was a naughty girl. Mommy is going to tell me off."

"No, no Lolly. You are a good girl. I won't tell Mommy." He reassured her, holding her tightly against him. "You are so beautiful, you made me so excited. Look."

He took her hand, and put it up under his dress making her touch his engorged little clitty.

"Oh" Lolly giggled "You need to feel good and tingly too Jamie. You ride the horsy."

Jamie looked at the horse dubiously. This was designed for women, he was uncertain it would work for him. Not wanting to upset Lolly he mounted the horsy. The vibration felt good. Better than he expected, he felt a slight build up, but not enough to tip him over the edge. Lolly watched him struggle for release.

"It's ok." She comforted him. "Sometimes it doesn't work for Mommy either and she lets me use just the magic wand on her, shall we try that?"

"Yes please." Jamie answered dismounting the horsy.

"But first... well... Mommy told me, that you kiss her." Lolly stated.

Jamie moved over to her and kissed her on the mouth.

"Not there silly!" Lolly scoffed, pushing him playfully. "She saided you kissed her in her very special place and it makes her feel as nice as riding the horsy. Can you give me kisses like that?"

Jamie smiled at her "I would love to. Do you want to ride my face like the horsy?"

Lolly looked confused "I wouldn't hurt you?"

"No, I would love it. I thinks you would taste delicious." He reassured her.

"Oh okies." Lolly said, looking a bit unsettled. "What do I need to do? I wants to get it right."

Jamie laughed at her.

"Don't worries. It's more about me getting it right." He said putting her at ease. "I will lie down on the bed. You will take your knickers off. Then you will sit on my face the same way you did with the horsy."

Lolly nodded her head determinedly.

"Okies. Lie down on the bed." She bossed him as she wriggled out of her my little pony panties.

Jamie lay supine on the bed. Lolly crawled over to him, sat upright on her knees and swung her left leg over his face. He reached up and opened up her folds.

She yelped and stood up on her knees.

"You didn't tells me you were going to do that!" She accused hotly.

Jamie giggled at her.

"How am I meant to kiss you properly if you don't open your lips?" He countered.

Lolly considered this a fair statement and lowered herself back down onto him. He was shrouded with her pale pink dress, a white clad little foot on either of his head. He reached up again opening her folds gently. He licked her slowly, savouring her sweet piquancy.

"Oooh Jamie." She cooed.

"Good?" he asked, voice muffled by her soft bare pussy.

"Ah hah." She confirmed. "Do it again."

He did as she requested, relishing her moan of pleasure. He took her clit in his mouth and sucked it lightly.

"Oooh." She cooed again. "It makes me feels melty good."

He sucked harder.

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