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Will Ken & Lanie keep their affair a secret?

Morgan hurriedly picked the paper up, walked out of the office leaving me wanting to masturbate right away. But I had deadlines to meet so I had to force myself to get Morgan's beautiful ass and maxi pad out of my mind.

I worked for an hour and a half and then had to use the bathroom. My office complex was so small that Morgan and I shared the same bathroom. As soon as I closed the door behind me could smell Morgan's period. Several times I smelled it before and I never considered the smell gross at all. On the contrary, knowing the smell came from Morgan's pussy was for me one of the biggest turn-on ever.

I always knew that she threw her used protection in the covered trash can beside the sink but I never thought of looking in it. But that day was totally different. It was probably the combination of seeing the outline of her maxi pad when she was bending over and now the smell that made me do something very bold.

Quietly I locked the door, walked over to the trash can, kneeled down and looked at the contents. The smell of Morgan's period was much stronger and it was driving me wild. I took my hand and pulled the toilet paper that was wrapped around the pad. The blood began to rouse out of it.

On examining further I discovered it had a couple clots in it. Over the years through following the Flow Forum on the Internet I learned these clots were one of the reasons women got bad cramps.

I wanted so badly just to take my time and explore this new world but there was a lot of work that just had to get done that day. Instead I took a good riff and it smelled wonderful. Then I threw it back in the trash can.

Minutes later I came out of the bathroom and saw that Morgan was bent over in pain again.

"My gosh! You're going through hell!" I said really feeling sorry for her. "I wish I could to something to make those cramps go away."

As I said that I remembered something else people would say in the forum.

"Sex really helps with menstrual cramps," some people would say.

I always considered Morgan to be a very sexy young woman and most of the outfits she wore really got me rock hard. We were both single, seeing nobody at that time. But could I suggest something like screwing even if it might make her feel a whole lot better.

"Did you ever hear that sex makes cramps go away?" I asked wondering what she'd say.

"Wish like hell I had a sex partner right now," Morgan laughed.

I didn't say anything but kneeled over and gently began rubbing her lower back. I looked into her eyes and smiled.

Morgan leaned into me and felt her hard nipples against my chest. The warmth and tenderness of her body made me want her so badly.

"Maybe we should make my wild fantasies about you come to life," Morgan smiled.

I looked at her totally surprised.

"That's right! That's why I'm so darn willing to work overtime. Especially when I'm take dictation from you. I get to look you over while you're concentrating so hard on what you're going to say. Most of the time I'm wishing you were my boyfriend rather than my boss."

I was shocked to hear Morgan say that. I had no idea she had the hots for me. I thought she was just being a good secretary. I, on the other hand, always had strong feelings for her. I remembered the afternoon I interviewed her for the job. I was sitting behind my desk trying my hardest to concentrate on what she was saying. But how could I when she was sitting right in front of me showing off her gorgeous body.

"You really mean you wanted to jump my bones as much as I wanted to jump yours?" I laughed beginng to kiss her all over.

While I was kissing her Morgan unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off. Then she put her arms around me and hugged me tightly.

I suddenly thought about her big pussy pad nestled in her panties and worked my right hand slowly down her side to the middle of her crotch. I felt my way under her skirt and soon reach her thick and soft maxi pad. As soon as I did I had one of the biggest hard-ons ever.

"You really wanted to play with my big cunt even though you know darn wel

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