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Will and Brook finally have the perfection they wanted.

See ya later."

The house was quiet and I was getting sleepy, so I decided to lie down for a while. I drifted off to sleep thinking about how things had changed. I was awakened by someone lightly touching my face. As I opened my eyes, I felt a light touch circling my ear. In the haze of awakening I saw Elizabeth smiling at me.

I stretched and she bent down and kissed my forehead saying, "Wake up lazy bones, it's time to eat." With that she left and I slowly sat up. Looking at the clock I realized I had slept for over three hours.

As I entered the kitchen everybody was talking about Grandma. I asked what was going on and Mom said Grandma was here.

I must have had a strange look on my face because Mom laughed and said, "It's Grandma Sweetie, not the boogeyman." Then Dad said that Grandma showed up a couple of hours ago and she was sleeping in their room.

I asked why she was here, and if something was wrong. Mom told me to sit down and they would fill me in.

It turned out that Grandma didn't like being alone in her house because of all the memories, so she came to our house to get away for a while. I thought, "There goes my room." I didn't say that, instead I offered my room for Grandma to use.

Then everybody started talking about the vacation and I got confused.

Mom looked at me and said, "You're not awake yet, are ya?"

I said, "Grandma is here and you're all talking about the vacation. I mean, are we going to take Grandma with us?"

"Don't know," Mom said, "But it wouldn't hurt." Then Mom said she really wanted to take the coast to coast train trip in Canada. She was talking about how nice that trip would be.

Dad smiled, and said, "I've talked to a travel agent and she is sending me all of the information to look over before we go in and talk to her."

Mom squealed, and grabbed Dad in a hard hug.

Liz leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Grandma won't be a problem, you'll see."

I whispered back, "We won't be able to do what we have been doing with Grandma around."

Liz whispered back, "I know something you don't. I'll tell you later when we take a walk."

I just looked questioningly at Liz.

Mom was settling back down in her chair when Grandma walked in and said, "You guys sure do make a lot of noise."

"Sorry, if we woke you." We all chimed in.

Grandma smiled and mussed my hair, before sitting down. Mom got up and got Grandma a cup of tea.

Grandma asked where Liz and Mom had been since they were gone when she got here. They told her about going shopping and we all settled in to general conversation.

When we all finished eating, Liz and I cleaned up as the old folks went to the living room. Liz said she had something to tell me about and we said we were going for a walk.

A little ways down the street Liz started telling me about something Mom told her after she caught Grandpa and Mom together one afternoon at Grandma's.

It seems that Moms sex drive and openness came from Grandma and Grandpa.

A couple of years ago, Liz said, she walked in on Mom and Grandpa in the bathroom. Grandma was sick and in bed so we had all came to help Grandpa take care of her. Well she said, "There was Mom bent over and holding on to the sink, while Grandpa held her by the waist and was fucking her from behind." Liz said she screamed and ran off.

I said, "I remember that scream, but I didn't think anything of it."

Liz said she thought Grandpa was punishing Mom for something. Mom found Liz and started to console her when Liz asked her what Grandpa was punishing her for.

Mom calmed her down and explained that Grandpa wasn't punishing her; they were enjoying each other physically. She explained that Grandpa and Grandma were both very sensuous and when one or the other was sick or something for a long time, the one that was well would find relief from someone else.

Mom understood their need and would help them if she could.

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