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Ebony schoolgirl loves a blonde classmate.

.. but what would you do for me?... hmmmmm?

You mumble something about eating me out...

"Veronika, my dear. I don't want you to just eat me out or let me fuck you anymore. These are physical things that you probably do with any one of your trashy lovers (I know what you ghetto girls are like)"

I start to pull out some old-fashioned chains attached to anklets and bracelets.

"You see Veronika, I want to be properly worshipped"!

I attach the bracelets to your wrists...

"I want to be totally adored by your mind as well as your body..."

I attach the anklets to your ankles....

"I'm sick and tired of your mild submission... you use me to get cheap kicks...."

I attach each chain to a hook in the corner of the room and start to pull them tightly. This has the affect of stretching your arms and legs outwards as you lie face down on the floor in the shape of a star. Your ass still defiantly sticks up, I smile at the sight of it :)

"Oh what a glorious derrierre, I bet that it has seen some fun times in the past hasn't it? Well the past is over, today Veronika, I want to break you in as a slave!"

I then calmly walk out of the room...

Now you're starting to get nervous, you actually can't move. This is suddenly not funny anymore. You didn't plan for this and we haven't established any "safe words", this is real.

You cry out "Miss JoJo, I need you to let me go... this isn't funny anymore!!"

There's no answer.... and the silence is chilling!

"JoJo this is not fucking funny, I'm not anybody's fucking slave. You've had your fun and I've gone along with it but you're starting to act like some weird sicko!!"

Again, no answer... it's now been about 20 minutes. You've lost all of your wits!

"Look bitch, I'm gonna fucking kill you when I get my hands on you. I only went along with your stupid games to humour you. When I get free, I'm gonna show you what a proper Domme really is!!!"

That's when I come out. I'm wearing a leather corset to push up my breasts, dark black suspenders with red lining and between my legs is the biggest strap-on that you've ever seen with curved ridges on it!

In my left hand I'm carring a leather whip with a shining chrome handle and in my right hand I'm holding a tub of lube! ;)

"Veronika," I say sternly, "you are strapped down like a fucking prisoner, you are in no position to demand anything"

"Look at me Veronika, what's so wrong about you being my slave? Isn't it what you secretly desire? doesn't it make your juices flow with a passion? Let go of your stupid pride you dumb slut and bow doen to me with your heart and soul!"

By now, I've worked you up. You're so annoyed that I made you wait just to get changed, you start to swear...

"Fuck off and die!!"

Crack!! Crack!! Crack!! Crack!!

The whip thunders down on your sweet backside, you're so restrained that you can't even move an inch to avoid the pain.

"Veronika my dear, that's NOT what I want to hear....Tell me what you are?"

Crack!! Crack!! Crack!! Crack!!

The anklets are grazing your legs and the bracelets are seriously hurting your arms. Breathing has become difficult and the pain on your butt cheeks is ringing all over your body.

"Please, Miss JoJo, I beg you... you have to let me go. I'll do anything that you say...!"

Crack!! Crack!! Crack!! Crack!!

"Then tell me what you are Veronika!"

Sweat is pouring down your back and your beautiful skin is glistening with the twinkle of the midnight sky. It's hard to swallow and you feel yourself dehydrating. Your grovelling becomes even more pathetic...

"PLEASE, PLEASE, Miss Jojo!! I'm sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm fucking SORRY!!! You have to let me go, I'm dying of thirst!!"

I pause to put the whip down and slowly walk to where your pitiful head is bobbing up and down as you try to breath. My pussy is soaking wet at the sight of what you have been reduced to: a ridiculous and sorry sight indeed!

I take off my strap-on and shove my hips towards you and lift your head so that it rests on my pussy.

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