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What she caught her son doing.

I need to cum again."

"Good, because I haven't cum yet. You stopped right before I could get there."

"I'm sorry, daddy. I'll do better this time daddy. You know how much I love to please you."

Rachel was reeling at the term 'daddy'. Clearly the voice couldn't belong to her cousin; Jodi would never do anything disgusting like that. It must be some woman playing around in there with Rachel's uncle. Some sort of odd role playing fetish she had heard of some people doing. But the female voice sounded so young, so familiar... The bouncing of the springs resumed and soon the moaning did too.

"You like that, bad girl?" Uncle Steve prodded his partner.

"Yes, daddy. Fuck me hard. I need you. I love you so much."

"Oh I'm gonna, Jodi. You are such a bad little girl!"

It couldn't be! Rachel was shaking, nervous and dumbfounded by what was happening on the other side of the door. The blonde girl just had to peak, to confirm that her cousin wasn't in there with her own father. Rachel pushed the door ever-so-slightly to try to sneak a peek inside. As the door moved open, the view of Jodi on all fours came upon her, Uncle Steve behind her. Both were naked and Steve's hips were flexing forward and back, smacking his skin on the back of Jodi's thighs. His daughter's face was drawn open as she moaned in exquisite pleasure.

Steve slowed a bit and grabbed what looked like a cell phone, muttering to himself, "Hmmm, you are just not being loud enough for me tonight, my dear daughter. Let's up your volume..."

Jodi moaned loudly.

"...And let's make sure you talk dirtier too." He pressed a few buttons and then set the phone down. Before he could let go of the device, Jodi was already responding to him.

"Hurry, daddy," Jodi begged her father, "please fuck me! Use me like a dirty little whore... Oooh, that's it... Fuck your daughter's tight little hole!"

"Much better," Uncle Steve groaned as his daughter bounced against his body.

Rachel couldn't believe it. Jodi was certainly no prude and would cuss all the time when she was away from her parents, but Rachel couldn't believe the filth coming out of her cousin's mouth, not to mention the incestuous act that was taking place. It had to be that Switch-On. Uncle Steve must have ordered it and installed it on his own daughter... What a pervert! But why take the chance of being caught? Why not wait till after Rachel left to do this horrible thing? It made no sense.

The Switch-On was supposed to go between the shoulder blades. Rachel risked opening the door a bit further to confirm what she already figured must be true. As she pressed against the door it creaked... Loudly. Both taboo lovers stopped and Rachel ducked her head away just as both swiveled to face the door. She had to get out of there, retreat to the guest room. As quietly as she could, the blonde cousin padded down the hall and into the bed. There were whispers and footfalls in the house getting closer but she didn't dare slow down, dropping the robe on the floor by the bed. Then a shadow of a man was in her doorway. It was Uncle Steve, naked with his boner sticking out, staring at her. Rachel did her best to look asleep, barely cracking one eyelid open to see his perverse shape standing there. Her heart was pounding and it seemed so loud in her head she was sure her uncle would hear it. But then he slowly walked away and down the hall.

There was no falling asleep now. Her young mind was reeling from the details. What should she do? Who should she tell? Should she act like she saw nothing? Should she try to leave before dawn? Rachel decided the last option was the best. She loved and respected her uncle, but knowing what he had done to his own daughter meant that he couldn't be trusted at all. Who knew what he might do to his niece?

With her heart still racing, Rachel still struggled to hear anything from the house.

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