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Brother and Sister fuck out their anger.

But you know if Daddy Louis tells me to do something, well baby, you know I'm just gonna have to do it, right?" Her husband groaned as she smiled at him. "C'mon, my husband, you know you love it." She giggled again as she reached into a dresser drawer and pulled out an old, soft stretchy red and white striped tube top. She pulled it on and it just barely covered her big, firm breasts; her swollen nipples poked almost all the way through the threadbare cotton reminder of her teenage years.

She spun around and pointed her heart-shaped ass at her husband. Her hands arranged the back of her bikini panties to resemble a thong - all the material pushed into her ass crack and baring her cheeks. "Think your brother will like this look, Stevie?" All her stricken husband could do was choke on the thought that his younger brother was even meeting his new wife let alone maybe seeing her on display like that. Suzanne giggled again as she went to get a cold drink and wait for their arrival.

The dust devil a quarter-mile away signaled a car turning onto the long dirt driveway that ended right in front of the farmhouse. Suzanne and her husband moved to the porch as the car approached. When it stopped and the dust settled, the handsome, silver-haired and South Florida-tanned man exited the driver's side. His eyes immediately found his daughter-in-law, the mother of his newest child, without ever landing on his son. He held out his arms and smiled at the beautiful pregnant girl.

Suzanne skipped off the porch and ran into her father-in-law's arms, so anxious to feel his lips on hers, giving her the kind of kiss that only a girl's baby-daddy and Master can bestow on her lush fertile body. Her large heavy tits swung back and forth getting no support from the tube top at all - Steven and his wife both noticed his father's smile at the sight. After pulling her into his arms and giving her the kiss she craved, he held her at arm's length and scanned her newly-shaped body from head to toe.

He spoke to both of his sons, but her never took his ice-blue eyes off of his newest daughter-in-law. "Whatever you're doing to keep her looking this good...well, Steven, you just keep doing it. I've never seen an expectant mommy look anywhere near this hot and horny before. For sure, your momma never did." He twirled his finger in front of him and Suzanne turned in a tight circle letting her new in-laws admire all of her abundant and extremely sexy curves.

Steven leaned against the porch railing trying to appear as casual as he could, but the more he thought about his temporary loss of control over his wife, the faster the deep flush of shame and humiliation spread across his face and exposed his true condition; he could only hope that his shorts were hiding his hard-on. When he heard the passenger-side door open, his heart seemed to fall out of his chest.

The beautiful blonde was finishing her slow twirl; the heat from her father-in-law's staring eyes burned her flesh and moistened her steaming cunt. She stopped right in front of him as Gerald exited the car. Her eyes shifted to the man she'd never met and it was all she could do not to laugh out loud.

"Oh my God!" she thought to herself, "this is what my husband was worried about?"

There was no doubt that Louis and Steven were father and son. Gerald didn't even look like a distant cousin. He was well over six feet tall and easily weighed at least 250 pounds - none of it very attractive at all. Big, fat, and sloppy seemed to describe him fairly accurately and he had none of his father's or brother's good looks. When he opened his mouth, she learned that he lacked any of their 'sharpness' and sophistication as well.

"God, fucked this?" The admiration was as evident as his eyes got wide. "Nice job! Great tits."

They had never met before - never even spoken to each other.

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