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Back story: Yep, Susan in the Marines.

The night of the day of Phil's exam, I took a long, hot shower while my suite mates were settling in for the night and then waited until four in the morning, breathing heavy, in anticipation of the pleasure that I hoped was to come.

All was quiet as I tiptoed from my room to Phil's. I was wearing my sleeping trunks and would have just sidestepped off into the head if anyone had caught me on the move. When I got to his door, I quickly looked around to make sure I wasn't being observed and then opened his door quietly and slipped in. His blinds were open, and the full moon lit up the room. I found him zonked on his bed, conveniently lying on top of his covers, completely nude. Boy was he a hunk. Built like the quarterback he was. Sturdily constructed, but with muscle. No fat on him, dark curly hair covering his pecs and meeting to descend in a thin line down across his belly and fanning out around his well-hung cock and big balls and then down, weaving around his strong thighs and calves.

I whispered to him, asking if he was awake, prepared with my excuse for waking him up in the middle of the night. Silence. I spoke to him in a louder tone. No response. I came over and sat down on his bed, putting my hand on his arm and speaking to him again, still posed with a good reason for disturbing him in the night if he woke. Nada.

My hand moved up his arm and onto his chest, stopping at one of his nipples, still within the zone of being able to excuse jostling him awake. I jostled him with my hand on his chest. Both hands on arms, I shook him hard. Nothing. He was stone cold out, just as he told us he would be.

I put one hand on his shoulder, almost at his neck and allowed the other hand to travel down his belly and into his pubic hair. Phil sighed in pleasure, but he didn't awake. I kept my eyes glued on his as I encased his dick in my hand and started to play with it. He licked his lips and moaned, but he remained asleep. Probably thought I was someone named Veronica, but not minding the attention I was giving him one bit.

I couldn't resist the lip licking. I put my lips to his, and he opened to my kiss. I stroked his cock as we kissed, and he responded by lengthening and thickening and moving his hips with the rhythm of my hands and giving deep-throated moaning for me. The intensity of his kiss told me that he was enjoying this.

I wondered if the Veronica he was wet dreaming about gave him blow jobs. I decided to find out, knowing, though, that this was pretty much a threshold beyond which I could give no plausible explanations if he suddenly awoke.

But, although his body was fully awake to my touch, Phil was not consciously in the room. I tongued my way around his nipples and down his belly and swallowed his cock whole, letting it engorge in my mouth as my lips pressed on the root of his shaft and my nose took in the welcome, manly smell of his pubes. My finger found his asshole as I stroked his cock off with my mouth, and, as advertised, I found the lasting effects of something that had widened his hole opening for that thick tube-and hopefully now for my thick tube. I hoped he was still feeling the effects of that all up his ass canal, because I didn't want him to feel suspiciously sore in the morning.

He ejaculated deep down my throat, still pleasantly living his wet dream with Veronica.

Time was a wasting, and I wanted to live my own dream before dawn-and certainly before Phil woke up-so I stripped off the sleeping trunks I'd come down the hall in, pumped my cock until it was hard, and rolled on the condom I'd brought with me. Getting my thighs under Phil's, I lifted his pelvis up to mine and only poised my dick head briefly at his hole before pushing in.

Phil grunted and twitched and his face contorted in pain as I slid into him, but he didn't awaken.

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