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She can't get enough of younger men and women.

It also made sure Santana's nose was pressing into Quinn's neatly trimmed pubic hair, the combination of that and the sheet covering her head ensuring that the Latina was breathing in pure Quinn Fabray. Which Santana loved because it was incredibly intoxicating, but then Quinn grabbed hold of her brunette locks and shoved her downwards while wrapping those pale legs around her head, practically crushing her with those lethal thighs and causing oxygen to become a real issue.

Without hesitation Santana grabbed hold of the sheets and frantically pushed them off of her and Quinn only for the blonde to tense and exclaim, "Santana!"

"Oh come on Q, you're way too hot to cover up." Santana said, appealing to Quinn's ego before adding truthfully, "Besides, I'd rather not pass out before I make you cum, thank you very much."

"Please, OHHHHHH, oh Gawwwd, you're, oh, you're being melodramatic." Quinn moaned, Santana suddenly pushing a finger inside her pussy momentarily distracting her before the blonde forced herself to continue, "Any mmmmmmm oh God yessssss, anyway aren't, oh, aren't you supposed to be tough?"

"I am." Santana practically growled, 'punishing' Quinn by curling her finger upwards to make the blonde let out an extra loud cry of pleasure, "But I'm having way too much fun to risk it. And honestly, I am so done with having any part of you covered up. So unless you want me to stop the covers stay off from now on, got it?"

From her tone it seemed like Santana was expecting and perhaps even looking forward to a long drawn-out fight about this. Quinn wasn't going to disappoint her, but just as she opened her mouth Santana once again proved she wasn't above fighting dirty. On this occasion that meant another finger being pushed into Quinn's wet and welcoming centre, Santana wasting no time in increasing the pace of the fucking while lowering her head back down to lick at the blonde's clit.

This little combination almost caused Quinn to forget what had just been said. Luckily she did and was able to whimper, "Yes, mmmmm no, I, I mean ooooooh please, mmmmmm, oh, ohhhhhhh Gawwwd don't stop. Don't ever stop. More. Please, make me cum."

Knowing she should probably just take the win Santana pushed, "So that means no more stupid covers, right?"

"Yesssss, oh God, fine, whatever, just do it. Make me cum. Ooooooooh, ohhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd FUCK ME! Please Santana, oh Gawwwwd, fuck me, fuck me and make me cum, ooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!" Quinn begged frantically before giving up on adding anything more coherent as Santana once again increased the pace, hurtling Quinn towards climax.

Swearing had been a big no-no for Quinn growing up and while she had become a little more relaxed about it and other issues she still rarely used vulgar language. Knowing this about her many of her exes had tried to make her swear during sex with mixed results at best. Quinn had suspected she wouldn't be able to stop herself when it came to Santana, but she had figured she would save that kind of language for when she wanted to make Santana shut up and fuck her. This had seemed like as good a time as any and Quinn's little plan had worked perfectly, the blonde no longer caring about the stupid covers or anything else just as long as Santana continued fucking her with such skill and passion.

If anything things seem to become even more passionate, although that was mostly because of Quinn. Or perhaps more accurately Quinn's body as out of pure instinct the former president of the celibacy club began grinding her cunt against Santana's face. As she was holding Santana in place with her hands and thighs there was nowhere for the Latina to go, Quinn basically using her former minion as a fuck pad. That fact made Quinn inwardly blush and she knew that if she remembered this later it would be a great cause of embarrassment but for right now all Quinn cared about was cumming.

In what seemed like no time at all Quinn got what she wanted, the blonde screaming almost hyst

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