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Mom agrees to pose, bet you can figure out the rest.

Susie gulped; "I am a married woman," she stated.

"Don't worry your pretty head about that," said Danny, "just think of the good that you will be doing your mother."

Just then Jenny emerged from behind the screen, "Is everything okay?" she enquired.

Danny had removed his hand from Susie's breast just in time; he turned and smiled at Jenny. "Your daughter and I were just discussing your options," he said, smiling at Susie as he did so, "I believe she is going to go away and think them over."

Then addressing Susie, he said, "My schedule is getting quite full, so I will need to know your decision by end of business today; why don't you pop back after my last patient at five-thirty and let me know what you've decided."

Danny helped Jenny on with her coat and as he was showing them to the door he whispered to Susie, "If it's a yes, wear something sexy this evening."

As they walked to the car Jenny could see that something was troubling Susie. Assuming that it was the possibility that she had cancer, she said, "Don't worry honey, the sooner it's removed the sooner we'll know."

"It's not that mum," said Susie, "I'm just wondering if there is any way we can raise five and a half grand in the next six hours."

"I can't imagine that will be possible," said Jenny, "so no-go with the pro bono option then?"

"It's possible," replied Susie, "just complicated. Leave the arrangements to me, I'll let you know what's happening tonight."

"Okay Susie, love. You're such a good daughter, taking all this strain off me."

Their drive home took place in complete silence as they each contemplated the respective problems lying ahead of them. When they got to Jenny's house, she got out of the car, kissed Susie goodbye and Susie said, "We'll talk later."

When Susie arrived home, she went into her husband's study and logged onto the laptop, accessing details of their bank accounts. As she thought, there was little to be seen in the way of readies; they were in the process of having an extension built and all their savings were now with the builders. She tried several on-line loan companies but, due to existing financial commitments kept getting rejected. She knew her brother-in-law, Sebastian, would have the funds available but he had been trying to get into her knickers for years and she guessed that would be the price she would have to pay to get his help; she couldn't do that to her sister.

The hours flew by as Susie tried every option to raise the funds that she could think of. Eventually, at half past four she gave up. Her mother meant the world to her and if having sex with a stranger would help her mum through this worrying period, then so be it. She went to the bathroom and showered before putting on some lacy black underwear over which she wore her little black dress.

Susie pulled up outside the clinic about five minutes early and walked inside; the receptionist glanced at her and gave her what she took to be a knowing smile.

"He's just got his last patient with him. He'll be ready for you shortly," she said.

Not long after Susie had sat down in the waiting room, a stunning brunette walked past her sporting a very healthy set of breasts. She smiled, knowingly, at Susie as she passed.

"You can go through now," said the receptionist.

Susie walked into the examination room and sat down opposite Danny. He had been watching her as she walked into the room and a large grin spread across his face.

"Unless I'm very much mistaken, I think you and I are going to have some fun together," he said.

"Let's just get this over with so that I can get on with my life," she replied.

"Not so fast," he said, "you need to understand the full terms of our arrangement. Five and a half grand is a lot of money; it'll take more than just a quick shag to pay that off. My terms are that tonight you pay the deposit and you then agree to have sex with me on another five occasions; I decide when and where and when I call you jump. Do you agree?"

"Do I really have any choice?" she asked.

Danny smiled.

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