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Unbeknownst to Deanna, someone had gone to a lot of trouble to save her ample derriere. This person was none other than the tall, dark and handsome Luke Mason. The good doctor. Luke Mason wasn't just an ordinary doctor. He was the son of Michael Mason, a man who was doing cutting edge work at MIT in the field of biological engineering. With his father's help, Luke Mason developed a top secret yet very promising medical process. He used it secretly on Deanna, and over a long period of time, healed the damage done to her spine. He was responsible for her very own miracle. He had saved her. Yet the day she finally walked, she had thanked the stars, and shared her happiness with everyone except him. The crestfallen young doctor started thinking that maybe everybody was right. Maybe Deanna Leroy was a wicked woman who wasn't worth saving. It wouldn't be the first time he met such a woman.

After her marathon, Deanna went home. She went to her old bedroom, in her parents house. Her parents had invited everyone to share in their newfound joy. At last, their daughter could walk and she made it home. Deanna lay in bed. Her life had changed so much these past couple of years. She was definitely not where she expected to be. She thought she'd have her Bachelors degree from the top Ivy League school in the country by now. Unfortunately, things hadn't gone as planned. All because of a vindictive woman whose boyfriend she played with. She felt her anger rise. The police hadn't even arrested Wendy, the woman who ruined her life. Deanna suddenly felt like smashing something. Wendy was out there, alive and well.

Deanna forced herself to calm down. Wendy was gone. So was Troy. The football stud hadn't even shown up at the hospital to see her. Oh, well. The only positive person she'd met in her ordeal was Luke. She smiled when she thought of Luke. The handsome young doctor. Damn, he was fine and such a good man. Although she didn't want to admit it, she had grown fond of him over the years. He believed in her when nobody else did. He helped her when she was such an arrogant bitch that even a saint might have given up on her. He was a good man. All of a sudden, something hit her like a ton of bricks. She had thanked everyone but him! How could she have been such a selfish bitch? She hadn't thanked the man who saved her! She sprang to her feet, and took off. She just hoped it wasn't too late.

Luke Mason sat in his study, inside the apartment where he made his home. He was reading a science fiction novel. Something about technologically advanced humans from the future battling shape-shifting aliens hell-bent on conquering all the worlds in the galaxy. He always loved science fiction books. They were fun. They took his mind away from his work. Luke loved helping the men and women who showed up at his hospital. He was part of a team of doctors who saved a fireman's life after his ordeal with prostate cancer. They also saved twin college baseball players who needed heart transplants and a woman who suffered from kidney disease. Yeah, they did good work. Doctors were often good men and women. Their work mattered to them a great deal. Unfortunately, it left very little time for a social life. Luke tried hard not to think of Deanna Leroy. A woman he was very fond of. What a disappointment she turned out to be. He went to his fridge and got some beer.

Deanna ran through the streets of the city.

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