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Stef fulfills her side of the bargain.

"It's nice to meet you," I said, offering her my hand.

As the evening progressed, more and more of our friends showed up, came by, talked, messed around a bit, and left. By the end of the night, it was myself, Tish, and Kat left to close down the bar. At closing time, I asked them what they were wanting to do.

"You know of any afterparties?" Tish asked.

"Not really, it seems everyone's going home tonight. I do have beer and I think a bottle of vodka at my place, and you know you're always welcome to come by anytime."

Tish looked at Kat, and they seemed to come to a decision. "Sure, let's go. Kat's sober and we need to celebrate her getting here."

So off we went, to my apartment. Typical of college apartments, I did have a roommate, but as luck would have it, my roommate was gone for the weekend, off visiting her boyfriend back home. When we got there, I went to the kitchen to mix a few screwdrivers, adding way more vodka than would taste good. I came out to find them sitting on the sofa talking and choosing some music.

I passed out the drinks, and we sat and talked for a while. Eventually they both started to feel the alcohol, and both started yawning. I offered them my bed and told them I'd sleep out on the sofa tonight so they would have room.

Tish and Kat both got up and went to my room, while I made myself comfy on the sofa. Soon I was asleep.

The next thing I know, Tish was standing over me, shaking my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see Tish standing over me, topless. Her B cup breasts swaying lightly, her nipples hard, and her chest heaving a bit. Tish wordlessly grabbed my arm, pulling on me towards the bedroom.

I stood up, and asked her what was up. On the way there, she told me that she needed me in the bedroom.

She dragged me into the bedroom (well, not dragged, at this point I was pretty willing to go), and there was Kat laying on my bed, topless herself. Her B cup breasts on display, her hand down her pants massaging herself.

"Kat says she hasn't had a good fucking since her and her boyfriend broke up a couple of months ago, and she wants a guy in here. It seems I'm not good enough for her." I swear Tish was pouting when she said that.

I went over to the bed and sat down beside it. In typical college fashion, I had forgone the bed rails, and everything else that wasn't a box spring or mattress when setting up my room, so my head was about level with hers.

Tish climbed into bed on the other side of Kat, and began playing with her nipples in front of me. Kat looked at me, then looked at Tish, and leaned in to kiss Tish hard on the lips. I sat there and watched them kiss, and Tish reached over to grab my hand. She dragged my hand over to Kat's breast, and I gently began to play with her nipple. Tish kept kissing Kat while Kat continued to massage herself inside of her jeans.

Kat let her free hand roam up to find mine, and held my hand on her breast, then turned to me and leaned over the edge of the bed to kiss me for the first time. That kiss was electric. Her tongue snaked in between my lips, and our tongues fought for a couple of minutes. After what seemed like a few minutes of kissing, she broke the kiss to turn back to Tish.

"Dang he is a good kisser."

Tish replied, "Wait, he's more than that."

Kat then moved down on the bed as Tish leaned over her, their breast pushed together on either side of my hand, as she moved to kiss me. Tish was a strong kisser, passionate and wild at the same time. While we kissed I felt Kat move further down the bed, and Tish moaned into my mouth as Kat started sucking on her breast. I felt Tish shift a bit, and when we broke our kiss, I saw that Tish now had her hand inside of Kat's jeans and was rubbing Kat. Kat had brought both of her hands up to hold Tish's breast to her mouth. As I watched, Kat squeezed her thighs together around Tish's hand, her face screwed up in what looked to be pain.

When Kat relaxed, Tish sat up suddenly, and reached out to grab my shirt, pulling me up onto the bed.

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