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A father takes a chance.

When both women had shuddered through their respective orgasms and lay still gasping for air, Jason managed to push Pam to the side. The sight of Stef, with her huge tits quivering off the last of her climax, nearly drove him there. Somehow he managed to keep in the moment.

"Pam, switch with Stephanie. Stef, come let me eat you, babe," Jason commanded like the maestro with an orchestra.

"What?" Pam queried as if making sure she heard right.

"Climb on my cock," Jason instructed.

"But, I aah ... I've never ... "

"What's the matter? You don't want to fuck me?" Jason asked.

"It's not that. It's just that ... "

"She's a virgin like I was," Stef said. "It's okay, Pam. Fuck him if you want to."

"But he's your boyfriend," Pam questioned.

"He's not my boyfriend, are you, Jason? He's got other girls too. He's just teaching me the ropes like I told you. Isn't that right, Jason?" Stephanie extolled.

"Aah ... yeah, that's right," Jason replied, surprised Stephanie was taking this so well.

"He can teach you too like we discussed," Stephanie said.

'Like they discussed? Who was using whom?' Jason wondered. 'Had they planned this all along? Had his great plan played right into their hands?'

"Okay," he heard Pam acknowledge.

A somewhat stunned Jason watched the two women change positions. They both watched as Pam squatted above him with her long legs. Stef helped her align Jason's cock to her cunt hole.

"Okay, just settled down on it slowly," Stef instructed like she was now the teacher.

"Oh, god," Pam gasped as the big head lodged into the opening of her virgin pussy.

"That's it. Go all the way down slowly. When you can't take anymore of his big cock, start going up and down easy," Stephanie explained.

They both watched Pam impale herself on the big cock. She grimaced as the monstrous intruder invaded her extremely tight wet passage. She seemed to whimper a little at the beginning but didn't stop until most of Jason's cock had disappeared inside her.

"You're much bigger than her finger," Stef whispered to him as she now straddled his chest, her big tits slapping his head on either side like soft pillows.

"She took it pretty easily," Jason whispered back to Stef.

"She lost most of her barrier to her finger a while ago," Stephanie offered. "She's still a virgin though, another for your collection."

"What collection?" Jason asked, not sure how she knew.

"Remember you told me in the field that you had done five others and I was the sixth. Now you have seven," Stef claimed smiling at him.

"Oh, that," Jason sighed, somewhat glad his secret was still intact.

"Any more virgins I can help you deflower?" Stef asked quietly amused.

"I don't know," Jason whispered. "You know of anymore?"

"Maybe," Stephanie retorted.

He couldn't tell her they had to be on Dr. Jenny's charts as such, "You dropping any names?"

"Not yet," Stef chuckled.

"Then sit on my face," Jason commanded.

"Gladly," Stef replied.

Jason could feel Pam working her pussy on his big cock as Stef moved into position over him. Pam's pussy was so tight he hoped he could hold out long enough to get her off. As Mark had always said, that was a big part of the job of a cherry buster: make sure the lady cums the first time.
Stef growled as Jason feasted on her sex. He wanted to get her off quickly so he could concentrate on Pam. Pam had already increased her speed twofold and he could hear her groaning with pleasure as she rode his pole. Stephanie was grinding her greedy little pussy down on his face. He had two fingers inside of her and his lips attacking her clit. She ground her pelvis into his nose to try to get even more stimulation. It must have worked, because he could tell by her rapid movements she was close.

"Oh, shit, Jason. You suck me so well," Stephanie moaned.

"Mmmm," he hummed into her clit adding more pleasureful vibrations.

"Fuck, I'm going to explode," Stef said.

"Oh, god," he barely heard Pam gasp with Stef pressed over

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