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When vengeance clouds judgment.

Gary saw Tammy and he called her over. "Hi baby, I want you to open up Jeremy's suite. I want it perfect but make sure nothing sexual is out. Loretta Lynn will be in there on Thursday."

"It will be spectacular. Should I order fruit and the usual stuff?" she asked.

"Yes, I want fresh flowers and fruit and everything. Make sure the bar is fully stocked. Do your very best darling," he said as he picked her up and kissed her sweetly. He put her down; she kissed Mark and scooted off.

"Well, seems we have an hour or so to kill, what do you want to do?" Mark asked.

Gary yawned, "I dunno. How about we play Orange County Sheriff's Department?"

"That sounds like a plan to me," Mark said as he ran to the helicopter. He jumped into the pilot's seat and Gary followed.

Jill walked out onto the balcony and laughed. She turned to Johnnie and giggled, "The boy's have their toy. Thank God I have mine." She pulled him back into the bedroom with an evil look on her face.

It was a gorgeous Florida morning. Mark lifted off and went up to fifteen hundred feet and he floated out over Lake Baldwin. The water was blue and the sky filled with white fluffy clouds. The machine was a spectacular craft and it responded exactly as Jill said it would.

"I just fell in love again," he told Gary as they flew along the shoreline. "Jill really did find a beauty. This thing is fantastic."

They spent an hour seeing things on the lake they didn't even know existed. "You know, this is a pretty upscale neighborhood," Mark quipped.

"It's a good thing you have the controls. If I had them when you said that, I would have crashed for sure," Gary laughed. "I seriously can't wait to see Cherry's reaction."

"Me either, how was last night?"

"Wilder than anything I ever envisioned. You're lucky she lives in Las Vegas. I won't see her very often. I do know this, she may not be the best but she sure is up there. She is so concerned that the girls will like her," Gary told him.

Mark laughed, "Gar, I'm betting that your lovely ladies will not only like her but they will love her to death. I'll bet you that she and Wendy will become the closest friends possible. Wendy is as sexy as any woman on this earth. Turn those two loose in any city and they will cause car accidents and a hell of a lot more."

"Oh I know that's true," Gary smiled. "Our skirts and those legs, ohmigod, I can see traffic pileups all over the place."

"Yes but we are the ones they come home to. I love my life," Mark said. "Throw Beyonc__, Linda, Michelle, Dani, DeeDee, Lori, Aleka, Diane, Kono, Cherry, Ronnie, Jill, Red, Nancy, Holly, Ainsley, Rose, Debbie, Ann, Gillian, Lindsay, Ashley, Leeann, Vicki and Sue together with Tammy and her crew into that mix and we definitely are the two luckiest men alive."

"You definitely are right there. I think it is time to invest in Viagra," Gary smirked as Mark set the chopper down perfectly on the helipad.

"I need to reread my condo doc's. I want solar panels and a helipad on the roof of my place in Las Vegas. I know there is space up there. Hell, I may find out this weekend, I invited Donald to the opening."

"Seriously, you didn't tell me that. I've never met him. I know you two are friendly but I've never had the chance to meet him."
"I have a feeling we are going to meet a lot of people we have never met before in the next month. I'm looking forward to it. Lori is swamped. She is signing contracts so fast. Her department is expanding massively. The talent scouts have so many great bands and performers. It's blowing my mind. Not only that, the athletic department is exploding too. This is definitely the best move we've ever made."

"I sure hope you're right. All I've done is spend money. I won't see any results until the clubs open. At least, you are seeing fabulous returns on your end. We are bringing the new website online on Friday, just in time for the industry night. I hope everyone uses that Club Camera feature. I think that is slick. Maya and Tila are amazing."

"Oh shit pal, add them to that list," Mark grinned.

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