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Would you like that?"

i can hear the friend's bare flesh against the leather of the chair as she shifts position.

"That's good, bring your pussy right to the edge, where he can get at it."

The Mistress pushes all the way inside me, then clamps my ass against Her pelvis with Her hands on my hips. So joined, She turns me to face Her friend once more, and shoves me forward. When She has me in position, She pulls back, allowing some space between us, but not letting the head of the dildo to pop loose.

"On your knees, pet. You've got work to do."

The Mistress forces me down to my knees, dropping to one knee herself. The other leg She tosses out to one side, foot on the ground outside my calf, to give Her better leverage to fuck me. When She is satisfied with Her position, She plunges the cock back inside me, then takes my head in Her hands, guiding me to Her shy friend's flesh.

I start to kiss the smooth flesh of the woman's inner thighs, thinking i should begin slowly. But the Mistress shoves my head forward, straight to her guest's cunt. She can see Her friend, and is a better judge of what another woman needs than i could ever be, even if i weren't blindfolded.

The pussy before me is already slick and wet. The lips and the flesh around them are smooth; only a close-cropped fringe above the clit tickles my nose. i cannot see it, of course, but i can tell it is a very beautiful pussy...fresh and clean and neatly groomed, the lips full and soft, but not too big or too loose. i press my lips and tongue to it gladly.

i open my mouth wide and seal my lips over her entire cunt, sucking it harder and harder, making the flesh bulge into my mouth. Flicking my tongue up and down the lips, i feel them swelling, filling with blood. I touch her clit lightly, with the tip of my tongue, and find it hard and eager for attention. That can wait for just a moment longer, though, as i explore her folds with my tongue, probing each layer of flesh, parting her and thrusting inside. The Mistress's friend sighs, long and low.

i realize suddenly that i have been fucking her pussy with my tongue in a pace that matches that set by the Mistress's huge cock in my ass. i move in counter-measure to the Mistress...when She pushes forward, i push back against Her, taking all of Her inside me. Then, as She withdraws, i shift forward, plunging my tongue deep into Her friend's sweet, tight, cunt. This continues for quite some time, the three of us moving, grunting, and sighing in a sort of carnal symphony.

Finally, after one especially deep thrust, the Mistress doesn't withdraw...instead, She begins to rock Her hips forward and back. I recognize this motion...She is grinding Her clit against the base of the dildo, seeking Her own pleasure. There is no need for me to move job now is to hold still, to lock the dildo in place for Her. Not that this is a chore...Her actions cause the big rubber dick to dance inside of me. Were my own cock not bound so tightly to prevent it, i might even come from this alone...i have in the past. Her fingers hold my hipbones in a death grip, as She rubs, grinds, even smashes Her clit against the dildo deep in my ass. Her excitement, Her lust, escapes Her throat as a low growl.

Meanwhile, i take this as a cue to move my attention to Her friend's clit, and try to make her come along with the Mistress. i pucker my lips around the stiff button, sucking it in and running my tongue over it, side to side, up and down, round and round in circles. She moans-she likes that circular motion. Taking the hint, i run my tongue around the sides of the shaft, between it and the fleshy hood as much as i can. She begins to moan and buck in the seat, her passion rising.

My own lust is pounding in my brain, my chest, my crotch, as my bound cock bobs and sways along with the weights dangling from my flesh.

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