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The team investigates an unusual death.

With her back to the door, she heard it close and lock. Her fright would not permit her to turn around, she glanced around and could see that her cell phone, which she had also forgotten in her scurry was what seemed a million miles away.

Before she could take another step she felt the touch. She felt a hot breath upon her neck. Chills rose to her skin's surface and as she felt her skirt being pulled just above the waistband she felt fear but also arousal.

He didn't say anything but her senses were now on full alert and the minute his hand touched her skin she felt that urge. He shoved her body over the arm of the chair face down, and before she could resist she felt his mouth come into contact with her tender lips, he dove right in, and he proceeded to slide his tongue completely into her tight hole. Her pussy lips becoming more swollen, he eased out and slightly blew across her pulsating pussy. She shivered and tried to turn and catch a glance of who was doing this to her.

Was she resisting? Did she want this? The thoughts dissipated as he drove his tongue back into her now dripping wet hot box.

Her glasses began to slide down her face and as she reached to catch them and lay them aside, he abruptly brought her to a standing position and gave her the command, "Leave them on."

She complied and every inch of being hoped she would get to see this man who had violated her and made her ach for more.

No quicker than she could think it, she was now face to face with her "visitor". Her mind raced, who was this? And as the smile spread across her face she realized it was a man she knew casually from the neighborhood. She had always like seeing him around and had often had naughty thoughts of him while exchanging boring conversations. He wasn't a jock, he wasn't an old man, but he wasn't someone that you would envision such sexual heat from. His black hair and blue eyes complimented each other; the goatee that he kept neatly trimmed was an even bigger turn on. In her wildest dreams she never had thought he had noticed her.

"I have been watching you on several rainy nights just like tonight, and tonight instead of jacking off outside your window, I am going to make you the dirty whore that you are begging to be."

Her nipples protruded at just his very tone, he was determined, he wanted to take her on.

He looked down and noticed that her tits were untouched and he quickly and with much force ripped away her sheer white blouse, exposing her perfect breasts. Not huge, but enough to tit to play with, and nipples that were pink and solid. He didn't waste any time, he grabbed one with his large hands and pulled it and in one motion he grabbed her other nipple with his teeth and pulled on it until he heard her whimper. He never spoke above a faint whisper, but his tone lent to the fact that he was a man on a mission.

He roughed up her tits like nobody had ever touched her before, feeling the moisture between her legs run down her leg and on to her thigh highs, she wanted to beg for a good fucking but she let him have his way with her.

He stopped and looked at her deeply; her eyes were shocked, but also signaling that she was overcome with lust. He took his hand and roughly smeared her lipstick across her face. She felt so degraded and nasty, and she loved it. He leaned it and kissed her with anger, as he released her from forcing his tongue in her mouth he spoke again" taste your juices whore."

She glanced at the mirror hanging adjacent to the chair he was pressing her against. She looked like a filthy whore with her smeared lipstick, her eye liner now running down her cheeks from the pain of having her nipples bitten and tortured, her clothes a total wreck, her glasses still intact per his orders, she was in ecstasy.

He grabbed a handful of her long, blonde hair and forced her to knees, "suck my cock bitch."

She complied, he wasn't huge so she was able to take it all in without gagging, and he held her head

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