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Wife seeks salvation in God and he is left without?

We'd just have to work something out, check out the cabin and hope to Christ that it had twin beds that could be pushed a long way apart.

The cabin was lovely, it was very hot though, the large glass doors out onto the balcony did nothing to keep the almost forty degree centigrade heat out of the cabin, the air conditioner was running flat out but it could only knock five or six degrees off of the temperature in the room. There was a lovely bathroom, very clean, very spacious but the big downside of the cabin for me was that the bed was a double. Not even a king sized, just a standard four foot six inch wide bed.

My father and I looked at each other, just looked, nothing was said, my dad had made a mistake, a genuine mistake and he had tried to rectify it but the ship was totally full. The ship had left port and we were in the dining room eating dinner when another thought popped into my head causing me to exclaim out loud, "Fucking hell!" My dad asked what was wrong; he thought there was a problem with the food. "I need to find a shop in the first port, I need a couple of nighties, I don't actually own a night dress, I haven't worn anything to bed since I was seventeen.

My father's face turned a little pink, "No, your mother and I never wore anything in bed either cut that's been thirty-five years so far, not just fourteen years like you!"

I used the bathroom first, I kept my bra and knickers on, then I chickened out and pulled a long t-shirt on as well. I felt hot in the bathroom before I even got into the bed. While I was in the bedroom my dad pulled the duvet out of its case and folded it up and left it on the chair in the corner of the cabin. I slipped under the thin cotton cover while my father did his toilet and I turned out the lights in the cabin before he came out of the bathroom. He had to open the door to be able to turn the light off as the switch was outside the bathroom door. I didn't want to look, in fact, I tried to look away but too late, I saw him standing in the doorway wearing just his boxer shorts, a pair of pink and white candy stripped underpants.

The bed bounced as my father got in next to me and wriggled down under the empty duvet case. The sun had gone down two hours earlier and the air conditioner was working flat out but the cabin was still thirty degrees centigrade. As I expected, within seconds I was tugging at the bottom of my t-shirt trying to straighten it out, it had twisted around my body like a boa constrictor, strangling my lower body, trying to suffocate me. I was spinning like a Catherine Wheel within minutes and my father put up with it for thirty minutes before he placed his hand on my shoulder to stop me.

"Why don't we just admit defeat, I'm uncomfortable and can't sleep, you're uncomfortable and can't sleep, so, why can't we just be adult about things? Let's just get comfortable, it's too hot in here to be fighting our clothes as well the heat."

The bed bounced a little as my father wriggled out of his underpants and then lay at my side totally naked. I waited a minute or two and then slipped out of my t-shirt, ten minutes later I removed my bra and then my panties and I lay there in bed totally naked too.

It still took a while to fall asleep and after about an hour I felt my father's hand slip over my waist and his palm rested on my abdomen, I was slightly groggy from sleep and the fact that it was either very late at night or very early in the morning but I suddenly realised that my father and I were spooning together, I could feel the heat of his cock against my buttocks. I froze momentarily, held my breath as I listened to my father, he was sleeping but a very disturbed sleep, he was talking to my mother in his sleep, obviously dreaming about her when she was alive.

I began to breathe again, then his hips twitched and he pulled me against him slightly by pressing on my abdomen, he mumbled, "It's been a long time, so long, I've been so lonely for so long.

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