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A coach gets in over his head by an overly ambitious student.

"Well," he began shyly, "I'm . . . I'm glad I've touched you."

I felt myself thinking I wish to his last statement, feeling deeply embarrassed, as if I had said it out loud.

"Well..."he said, clearly uncomfortable with the praise just lavished upon him. I felt horrible. All I wanted to convey how much his work meant to much he meant to me, and I went and created an awkward silence.

So I pushed forth.

"I didn't mean to embarrass you. Please take it as nothing more than your work means something to someone."

He seemed to perk up, smiling warmly, the red flush leaving his cheeks.

"Well,"his amazing accent tickled my ears, "Then I can quit this music biz. My goal has been accomplished."

I laughed politely, realized that I had fixed the awkwardness, but we now had nowhere else to go. I would leave and that would be the end of this. The end of my dream.

"I suppose I better get going, "I said sadly, "I've got a two hour drive ahead of me."

Jude suddenly looked concerned.

"Two hours? But it's almost 1 as it is! Have you had some coffee?"

Shocked by his concern, I shook my head, "No, no, but I should be fine. I've made longer journey's later at night than this before. I should be fine."

"No,"he said, strongly,"Come have a cup of coffee at the place I'm staying at before you head out. No use driving this late without caffeine."

Amazed that my wildest dreams were coming true, that Jude Matthews wanted to have coffee with me, it seemed that whatever happened next was a complete blur to me. Somehow, someway we arrived at his hotel and he was brewing a cup of coffee in the hotel coffee pot while I flipped through the channels on the tv.

"How do you like it?"

Not realizing what I was being asked, I looked up at Jude puzzled until I saw the cup in his hand.

"Oh..."I said, "My coffee..."

"Yes," he said, smiling wickedly, "What did you think I meant?"

I shook my head and said, "Light, one sugar."

He turned away and shook a sugar packed into my coffee as I turned back to the tv. Moments later, the bed I was sitting on shifted as he sat next to me. I turned to him, hand out to take the cup of coffee. I was surprised that my hand met his instead of the coffee.

I looked up and locked eyes with him has he gently stroked my hand. I looked at the counter where my coffee remained, and then back to his eyes. I was surprised to see deep into the pitch darkness there was a want, a need...

Immediately I felt the desires I had been suppressing since the moment we first locked eyes rise to the surface. I reached up and brushed a strand of dark hair out of Jude's face and leaned forward. I put a light kiss on his brow and raised his hand to my cheek.

Jude's eyes quickly trailed hungrily up and down my small frame. His gaze returned to my eyes as he tilted my chin up and met my lips with his.

A passion I only knew only through his lyrics was suddenly pulsating through my body as our tongues intertwined. Jude brought his hands up and began running his fingers through my deep auburn hair, moaning lightly into my mouth.

I pulled away from him momentarily, taking the sides of his deep blue t-shirt into my hands and lifting it slowly over his head, revealing a detailed torso and strong arms that I wanted to hold me.

Content to just look at him all night, Jude brought me out of my haze by pushing me down upon the bed and kissing me deeply. He pulled away as he cocked his eyebrow.

"Your turn then."

His fingers began to quickly unlace my black tank top to reveal I had worn nothing underneath. I began to feel flushed and embarrassed that my chest was so small that I didn't need a bra half the time. My embarrassment continued as Jude quickly slid me out of my jeans and panties and laid me back down on the bed, exposed to him.

Feeling very self conscious, I looked up at him, expecting disappointment to be written upon his face.

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