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Rusty and Jamal try Anal.

As requested, I'd left rugby right after practice by making up some bullshit excuse to my team-mates about having to pick-up my sister to explain why I wasn't showering. I arrived at my house in my school rugby training pants and a t-shirt, with a zip-up school hoodie. I stank of sweat and there were a few minor cuts and a couple of mud stains on my lower leg. I tore open Rory's school shirt and stuck my tongue deep into his mouth, as we stumbled towards my bed. He was pulling my t-shirt off over my head, right before I threw him on my bed properly.

I left him there as I removed the rest of my clothes myself and ambled over to my bedside cabinet to get out the new tube of lube I'd bought the week before. Rory removed the rest of his own clothes, tossed them on the floor and opened his arms and legs to welcome me as I dove back in on top of him.

We grinded against each other for a few minutes, making out and enjoying the feeling of our dicks sliding against each other. Rory was running his hands aggressively through my hair.

'You smell incredible,' he gasped, between kisses.

'You like it? You like me all sweaty?'

'You have no idea. Fuck me,' he begged.

As soon as I was in him, I went at it hard and fast. His legs were flung up in the arm and he was screaming with wild abandon. When his legs trailed down, so his ankles began resting on my ass, I slammed into him, ground against him and then pulled out slightly, so that I could slam back in again. He was leaving scratch marks down my back and bite marks on my shoulder. This was fucking unreal.

He started tugging at his own dick and shot his load in a matter of minutes. I kept going for another five or so, as he lay beneath me, limp and happy-looking, impaled upon my cock. I slammed him down hard on my cock, holding him against the bed and against me, with my hands upon his waist, as I shot an enormous load into his asshole. I roared and threw my head up as I came. When I'd finished, I leant down and kissed him deeply on the mouth. Then I pulled out of him, broke off the kiss and rolled over onto my back. I rubbed my hand over my forehead and tried to get my breath back.

Rory, however, didn't seem to have flagged. He nuzzled himself against me and began kissing my neck. 'That was incredible,' he purred. 'So, so hot.'

'I'm glad you liked it,' I grinned. I hadn't shaved in a couple of days. Nothing noticeable, but up close you could feel a slight stubble. Rory was kissing it and slowly trailed down to my chest and then my nipples; taking each one in his mouth by turn and working it over. He licked down to my abdomen, but skipped over my still-wet dick. Instead, he kissed slowly down my leg, paying special attention to the cuts I'd received during practice. I must have stank of sweat from rugby, and then from the sex, but Rory was making me feel like a million dollars. Finally, he reached my feet and slowly kissed and licked each of my toes, one by one. I groaned; looking down at him there, debasing himself, lavishing such tender, seductive attention on my feet -- it was mesmerizing. Just like he was.

'You're incredible,' I complimented. 'You're so fucking hot.'

He smiled and began working his way up my other leg. When he reached my balls this time, he took them slowly in his mouth, before I spread my legs and he grazed his tongue across my asshole. Slowly but methodically, he kept rimming me and I could feel my dick getting hard again. For someone who had technically been a virgin until only a month ago, Rory hadn't taken much time in learning the ropes. He was sensational. The best I'd ever, or would ever, have.

His head came up and began bobbing up and down on my cock. Then he straddled me and lowered himself onto it. With his spit and the cum I'd left in his ass from last time, I slowly slid in.

'Are you sure this won't hurt?' I asked; worried about him, even as I enjoyed every bit of the sensation of re-entering him.

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