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Meeting her idol was more than Evie could have imagined.

"Nobody kills a man in my neighborhood," said a strange man entering the street. "It isn't right to attack someone nearly twice your age. I will see to it that you end this nonsense here and now." As the creature regained its sight it saw the man. He was tall with short black hair and wearing a grey bowler hat with a long jacket and trousers. The man looked especially odd with a pencil moustache, his brown eyes brimming with fury.

"A fool like you has no place to judge the will of the Faith." The demon replied.

The man threw his right arm forward sending several fireballs at the beetle demon which proved pointless very quickly as they had no effect.

"Enough you filthy fire starter!" the demon screamed as it brushed the ash off of its armor.

"I can make these flames hotter than the fires of hell which frightens you so. Now let that poor old man go!" The stranger said putting his arms forward as he prepared to fire upon her again.

"It will take a lot more than your little embers to harm my exterior," She said as she swung her right claw and slammed the stranger into a brick building. Thinking that the fool was taken care of she turned her attention to the scientist who seemed to cower in a dark back alley.

"Please don't, please I'm not a bad person I don't want to die, I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" The claw of the beast came down and looked poised to deliver the fatal stab when the mysterious stranger from before leapt on the back of the monster and grabbed the large horn. The demon then began to thrash wildly shaking its head this way and that trying to throw the stranger off. The beetle's shell opened and a giant wings jutted out of the demon's back destroying the walls of the alley way. The stranger gripped the monsters horn even tighter now as he knew what was coming. The demons wings quickly flapped faster than even a humming bird, lifting the two off the ground and into the sky.

"Give up you wretched demon! You don't stand a chance." The stranger yelled. Jets of fire erupted from the stranger's feet propelling him off the demons face and into the air allowing him to hover. "Didn't think I could fly did ya?" The stranger smirked.

"I'm tired of your antics little firefly" yelled the demon. She charged forward horn first in an attempt to skewer the stranger. He dodged by creating a burst of flame from his right arm which pushed him out of the way simultaneously blasting the demon. The demon turned around quickly and pushed at the waiting stranger again. This time he wasn't going to run. He wasn't going to back down. He pulled his arms back feeling the heat gathering in his arms. They ran like hot fuel down his arms and into his hands where flames grew quickly getting bigger and bigger as he waited to prime his attack. The demon flew closer the horn aimed at his body. The stranger fired his arms foreword and could feel great streams of fire bolting out of his hands and heading straight towards the demon. It grew to such hot intensity that the flames turned white. Yet the demon rushed through it barely phased and ran the stranger through with her horn.

"Looks like you're not as hot as you thought you were," the demon laughed as she said it. Blood spurted out of the strangers chest and trickled down covering the demons face. The stranger smiled though, the demon saw this and grew angry. "What's so funny?" She asked.

The stranger laughed "It's about to get really hot up here." Suddenly the man's body began glowing blue. The stranger grabbed a hold of the demons horn and held it tightly. "Now don't go or you'll miss the fireworks." Then every cell of his body erupted in a blue flame. The explosion was large and intense snatching the demon in its epicenter.

The scientist looked up from the alley too scared to move from his spot too afraid of what was going to happen.

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