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Exhibitionism-curious MILF finds an eager young partner.

At this point we were both giggling like fiends and had to get ourselves under control-we definitely didn't want our neighbors' friends to hear us. The moon was about one-third full, so there was just enough light in the yard for us to see one another, but not so much to expose us easily. Still, if they looked carefully, they would certainly be able to see us.

I pressed Sarah up against the tree and started fondling her tits through her sweater. Her nipples are very long and get very, very hard, especially when there is a certain amount of danger involved. She moaned as I twisted them through the material of her sweater-her tits are small enough that she often doesn't wear a bra at home. Both of her hands dropped to my crotch and she began to stroke my cock again, bringing me back to the full hardness I'd lost as we skulked across the yard.

Then her fingers found my zipper and before I knew it, my cock was out in the cool evening air, exposed to anyone who might look my way. You can have sex inside all you want, but there is nothing like the feeling of your cock out in the open air, being stroked by a woman of immense talent.

Of course, from where we were standing, no one could see us, but the fact that I had my cock out of my pants in my back yard, with 10 or 12 people less than 30 feet from me, made it very difficult not to shoot right then and there. Already my breathing was labored and Sarah was panting as well.

She unbuckled my pants, dropped them to my feet and fell to her knees before me. My cock was instantly engulfed in her mouth, sending shock waves up my spine and making my eyes roll back in my head. I arched my back and pressed myself deeper into her mouth as she sucked me just the way I like-very hard on the head, with her tongue rolling circles around the sensitive tip. I've had blowjobs from many different women over the years, but not one of them could hold a candle to Sarah. Not only is she incredibly good-she loves giving head and it really shows in the passion she brings to it.

Before long she was riding her mouth up and down my shaft, one hand cupping my balls, as the other clamped on the base of my cock to hold back any orgasm I might try to spring on her. I would have been perfectly happy to cum just like that, but I had other plans-plans involving the tree house. So, I pushed her head away-with great reluctance, I might add-and pulled her back to a standing position.

Taking the hem of her sweater in my hands, I raised it over her head, exposing her perfect white tits to the night. Then I unsnapped her pants, unzipped them, the two of us did the de-pants dance, wriggling out of our jeans, trying not to fall down. In seconds, we were both completely naked. Off in the other yard, someone must have told a joke, because the crowd broke up in laughter.

"Up!" I whispered, pointing to the rungs of the ladder that are nailed into the tree.

She nodded and began to climb. Watching her white moon of an ass rise above the ground in the darkness was quite a sight. Once she'd disappeared through the trap door in the floor, I followed, my hard cock waving in the darkness.

When I poked my head through the hole in the floor, I was greeted by her cunt, splayed before me, her legs on either side of the hole in the floor. I'm a quick study, so I knew just what to do-and I leaned forward and began to eat her-the rest of my body suspended on the ladder below the floor of the tree house.

Sarah has very prominent outer lips and as they always are when she's very excited, they were very swollen. Looking at them in the dim moonlight, I marveled at what a sexy woman my wife is-and then went to work. First I took each of her outer lips into my mouth and sucked, drawing as much of the lip into my mouth as I could. She moaned lightly at this, but it was a "whisper moan," audible only to me.

Then I began licking from the base of her cunt to her clit-long, languid strokes of my tongue that just barely touched her clit

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