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She pays the price for buying the dress without permission.

"Ohhhh!" she cried, putting one hand onto the cab's rear deck to steady herself, and pulling herself into him with the other. He found his face buried between her breasts, and he inhaled her aroma as he felt her body tense under his assault. She buried her face down by his ear, and growled into his ear, "God. I'm gonna... Unnnngh!" Her words trailed off into a grunt as he felt her body shiver and release as she came.

She collapsed into him in a heap, whimpering softly from the intensity of her orgasm. But when she sat up, her eyes blazed with a feral lust. "Fuck this, I can't wait," she muttered, and she pushed her panties aside with one hand and used the other to position his cock at her wet entrance.

Jess sank onto him with a single motion, burying his cock all the way into her pussy, and they both groaned their pleasure. Her warm walls gripped at him, and she felt his hardness filling up every part of her.

He raised his hips up, pushing further into her, and she gasped with the sensation as his head hit her cervix. Then she pulled up, and felt the emptiness as his cock backed out, leaving only the head inside her. They lingered there for a moment, what felt like a long moment but must have been only an instant, and then she pushed herself all the way down and she felt his hardness fill her again.

They began to fuck in earnest now, she rocking her hips down onto him, and him thrusting deeply to meet every fall of her hips. The sensations washed over him, and he could feel the familiar stirrings of an orgasm begin far off.

"Unh! Unh!" Jess buried her face in his shoulder, trying to stay quiet as she rode him with an urgency that frightened him. "Yes! That's it! God, don't stop!" she urged.

Deep within her, she felt the tension begin to rise, and her orgasm start to barrel toward her like a wave. He thrust in and out of her, over and over, the rhythm driving her higher and higher, until the tension was unbearable, and the wave of her orgasm threatened to sweep her away.

"Ahem!" the cabbie's voice shattered their singular focus. "We're here, ma'am."

"Goddamn it!" she punched the roof of the cab, her orgasm snatched away from her by the rude intrusion of reality.

The cabbie seemed cowed. "Sorry, miss. The meter was still running while we were sitting here, I didn't want to..." Apparently, they'd been sitting outside her apartment for a few minutes. Without dismounting Bryan, she reached across the cab, fumbled in her purse, and threw two $20 bills through the slit in the plexiglass. Jess gave a small growl of frustration as she opened the door and climbed off of Bryan with an audible wet plop. She pulled her dress back down as she climbed out.

Bryan fumbled to cover himself, his still-hard cock suddenly exposed. "Um, thanks. For the lift," he managed as he pulled his zipper closed.

Jess leaned back into the cab and grabbed Bryan, yanking him roughly from the cab. "Don't bother with the belt," she growled at Brian. "I'm going to be fucking your brains out again in a minute anyway. " Then, she leaned back into the cab again and put another $20 bill across the plexiglass with a sweet smile that was the polar opposite of her lust-filled growl at Brian a moment ago. "Sorry," she said to the cabbie. "I didn't mean to be a bitch. I just need to get his cock back inside me. Thanks for the ride!"

The stunned cabbie waved at her mutely as she shut the door, and she dragged Bryan up the steps and into her brownstone building. She threw open the outside doors, and led the way to the top of the interior stairs. They paused in front of the door, and Jess turned the deadbolt, then fumbled on her key ring for the keys to the knob.

The keys fell out of her hand and onto the floor. Jess cursed and bent down on one knee to pick them up. Then, she looked up at Bryan, eyes gleaming. "Can you be quiet?" she asked.

Bryan nodded mutely.

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