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Matt gets out of the hospital. Kent hits a bump in the road.

I then drove back home and started planning out a way to do this.

I decided to pick a location, far away from where I live so no one would recognize me, but close enough so I wouldn't have to drive more than an hour or so. I settled for a city 2 hours drive away with a little bit of a scary/inner city vibe to it, but that also assured me there would be plenty of black guys around for me to fulfill my sexual fantasy.

I booked a motel in that town, and posted on a couple of online classifieds that I was on a bi male on a business looking to blow off some steam by getting topped. I added that I would be in the area for a couple of days and that I was looking for some no-strings-attached quick hookups. I took a pic of my hard dick and a pic of my ass and uploaded them

I was getting worked up and finally ejaculated all over myself thinking about the hot daring and crazy hot week I had planned ahead. All doubting aside, there was no backing-out now.

The day finally came. My alarm rang at 8am and my anticipation drove me right out of bed. I showered, dressed, packed my car, and hit the road.

On my way there I decided to install a couple of apps on my phone to improve my odds of hooking up. I downloaded apps like grinder and made up some quick profiles.

Meanwhile, my list of replies from the personals ads was getting longer and longer as the day went by. Some of the replies had pictures attached. Some of them had faces, some of them hard cocks, and some had non nude pics. Those that didn't have pics had some very dirty suggestive messages. Almost all of them wanted to fuck me.

As I was driving into that city, before I even got to the motel, I got a message on one of the hookup apps.

Someone texted me with a pic of his dick attached and the words: "I want fuck ur ass now, my place?"

I couldn't believe how big it was. it looked like a good 9" of hard black cock. He went on to say that he was 34, 6'1, 230 and was looking for someone to come over and suck his dick and let him fuck them.

Without hesitating, I replied with a pic of my ass and told him I was white, 5'8 160 with a 6' dick. Less than a minute later he replied with an address and told me to come into the building and knock on his apartment door.

After driving to the neighborhood and seeing the building he lived in, I seriously thought about backing up. It looked like one of those huge projects buildings you would see in the background of a 90's movie about crimes or gangs. I was scared but I was extremely horny looking at his pic so I decided to park and start walking towards the building.

The indoor looked awful and dirty. The floors were paved with what looked like ugly 70's bathroom tiles and the elevators smelled like pee. There were some people hanging around the elevator entrance and they looked at me funny. I wasn't sure whether to feel scared or humiliated. Had he told others what was going on? I didn't want to know.

I got off the elevator at his floor and found his door. I knocked but nobody answered. I stood there for a minute wondering if it might have been some sort of prank or if the guy found someone else to hook up with, but those concerns left me the instant I heard someone turn the knob and open the door.

There he was. Huge tall guy. He was wearing a hoodie and some loose pajama pants. I looked at him and said hey. He just shrugged and told me to get inside, no hello, no smile, no nothing.

As soon as I walked in past him, he shut the door and told me to get on my knees.

Without saying anything else, he pulled his dick out in one swift motion. It was semi-hard and just as long and thick as in the picture. He grabbed the back of my head and started pushing the tip of his dick in my mouth.

He was aggressive but in a way that I really enjoyed. He got harder as I sucked on the head and eventually started tryin to ram it in deeper.

His cock was so large and thick I could barely get a little bit past the tip in there and he repeatedly tr

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