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Why couldn't it be easy?

5. Get a federal identification card, FID, and buy mace or pepper spray and keep it in your pocket with your finger on the trigger. I don't recommend you buy a gun. Too many times your own gun is used against you because when the chips are down, the average person will freeze and can't take that extra step and pull the trigger. On the other hand, now the criminal has a gun, your gun, and he has no hesitation in shooting you to death.

The above is the best advice for those of you are cannot fight off an attacker. For those of you who are in shape and who are unafraid to do what you have to do in a kill or be killed situation, here is more helpful advice that just may save your life without having to carry a gun and use deadly force.

1. Run. You are not a coward to run. You are smart. The best advice is to always flee and remove yourself from the situation and out of harm's way. Always assume they have a weapon.

2. Just as written above, don't be a victim by putting yourself in a place or a situation to be victimized. Stay alert and know your surroundings.

3. If he has a gun or a knife, give them whatever they want. It's foolish to die for money, a watch or a ring. Material possessions can always be replaced. Moreover, even if he doesn't kill you, you don't want to be stabbed or shot.

4. If they try and put you in a car, make your stand there. Refuse. Fight for your life, if you must. Do not get in the car. It always turns out bad if they are able to drive you to a different place, a place that they know and a place where they are comfortable. Remember to not get in a car with your assailant.

5. You must have the mindset that you will kill this person if you must to save yourself because they will kill you. This is no joke. They will kill you. Any veteran who has been involved in hand-to-hand combat type of situation knows what I mean. If you don't have the mindset to take a life then, whatever you do, don't get in a life and death fight with him because he doesn't want to be caught by the police and go to jail and chances are, he has that desperate mindset and you will die.

6. Buy a Kabuton. Kabuton's are a 3-4" steel pipe that fits in the palm of your hand, is easily concealed in your pocket or purse and hangs off your keychain. You can do some serious damage by wielding a Kabuton and they are legal. They even sell a book on how to use the device.

You can kill someone with a Kabuton if you force it in their eyeball, as you can cause serious damage if you force it up their nose or in their ear. Yes, it sounds terrible, but this person wants to hurt you, maim you or kill you.

If you make a fist around a Kabuton, it will give you enough weighted zip to your punch to knock out your assailant. Only don't punch him in the eye, the mouth or the nose, hit him hard with an uppercut under the jaw. That will temporary stop the blood flow to his brain and knock him out.

The nice thing about a Kabuton is that, it has the element of surprise. If you use it correctly, you can inflict enough pain to give you the time to run away.

7. Buy a pair of Sap Gloves. These are weighted gloves with steel shot in the knuckles. The police use them. They make good workout gloves. They have the kind with fingers for the winter time and without fingers for the summer time. I own both pairs. I love them. Each glove weighs an extra half pound to a pound. You can knock someone out with one punch if you hit them right and hard enough without damaging your hands.

8. Take a martial arts course. You don't have to have a black belt to be proficient in martial arts. Just look at some of those ultimate fighting champions. They use a combination of tactics to win, which is what you must do to survive.

9. Break a bone. It's easy to break someone's finger or fingers, especially if you are pressuring their fingers against your Kabuton.

The kneecaps are very vulnerable and easy to snap if you know how to kick.

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