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Poker night on the Starship Enterprise.

Sweating and panting, he held on to his lover tightly as he kissed her neck before telling Amanda to stop her ministrations. Far from being off the hook though, Amanda was then instructed by Paul to clean up Nicole's ass and drink his cum. This was too much for the young girl, after all, she was only 19, and a pretty girl so young should never have to do something that disgusting!

She came crashing back to reality as Nicole slapped her hard across the face. "You were given an order you little slut! You think you're too good to suck this fine man's cum out of my ass? Do you? You have two seconds to start or I'm going to rip your clothes off you and push you out onto the street naked! No doubt you'll be raped by every man you see, you little whore... THEN you'll regret not doing as you were told." she said coldly as her screaming subsided.

Amanda wasted no time in getting to work; she was desperately attracted to these people and felt a total desire to make them happy. Surely they'll never hurt me if I do as they say, she reasoned as her tongue probed the ass of her Mistress. She began to suck Paul's cum out, frantically trying to please her audience. When there was no cum left, she was left alone in the bathroom to clean up while Paul and Nicole went to their bedroom.

"So, what did you think my love?" asked Nicole while wrapping her arms around him and staring up into his blue eyes.

"I think we'd better get a mattress to put on the floor at the bottom of our bed, my dear. It appears we have a new house guest for a while" he grinned.

The next morning, Paul and Nicole awoke to find Amanda curled up at the end of their bed. Nicole snuggled up to Paul with a look of unconditional love in her eyes, and for the first time either of them could remember, there was no question of who would cook breakfast. But first, there was an important issue to confront.

"Amanda, wake up!" they yelled in unison

"Huh, wha? Oh... Umm... Good morning..."

"Coffee Amanda?" asked Paul

"Yes please... white with one"

"Okay... will be right back"

Paul left for a few minutes, and Nicole gave Amanda a few moments to gain composure. When Paul returned a few minutes later, the three sat on the bed naked to discuss the new arrangement.

"Amanda," started Paul, "all games aside, you are very welcome in our home, and I can see no end to the fun we can have. If you ever have anything you'd like to talk about, please feel free to speak to either of us, or both of us at the appropriate time."

Nicole stepped in to the conversation. "Are we finished with the pleasantries now? Because I have some rules that are to be strictly adhered to. Amanda, you will do what you're told, when you're told. Paul's very dominant, but in his own slightly passive, rarely vocal way. I, on the other hand will be much more vocal and aggressive with you. You may get hurt, but not much, and you will be used as we see fit. If you don't like what I've just said, get your clothes on, and leave with no hard feelings. You have 30 seconds to decide, and your decision will be final."

The young girl was torn. Although she craved domination, the idea of being hurt was appalling. That and the memories of eating Paul's cum out of Nicole's arse last night was making her sick with fear. However, this was a beautiful house, with beautiful people who would look after her, and remove the need for her to make decisions about her life, which she was so poor at doing properly. No matter how bad things were here, they were better than her life had been until last night.

"I'll stay." She mumbled at the duvet.

"I'm sorry you little whore, but time's running out, and we haven't heard your answer. You'll look me in the eye and speak clearly."

"Yes Nicole, I understand. I'll stay, please."

"Very good.

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