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Employee turns private eye for his own benefit.

I withdrew again slowly, but this time when my cock head popped free of her soft, pink twat, I repositioned it at her asshole. As she started to protest, I pressed forward and sank two inches of my cock into her ass.

For a moment she was pushing down on the washing machine, trying to find a way to remove my cock from her tight butthole while I left it in to stretch her out a little. But when the hand I had on her waist dipped down and my middle finger and ring finger slipped in her pussy while the heel of my hand inadvertently massaged her hard little clit, her struggling ceased and she was again breathing heavily and whimpering lightly out of pleasure. While my hand continued to work her wet cunt, I started moving my cock in and out of her ass, staying slow and not too deep for a couple minutes. I gradually upped the speed and worked more of my engorged member inside of her tight ass, until I was fucking her quickly with more than half of my cock.

Her upper body was hunched almost completely on top of the washer, and her pussy was starting to squeeze my fingers extra tight. Her back arched and her legs spread a little further apart to give me extra room to work as she experienced her third orgasm of the night. I didn't slow my efforts down at all either. I continued to drill her ass hard while my palm rubbed her clit and my fingers fucked her pussy. After a minute or so, she relaxed a little and it seemed like her orgasm was passing, but I kept up the assault on her ass and cunt, and it seemed like only a matter of seconds before her pussy was clamping around my digits again.

"Fuck yes, I'm cumming again." I could tell, because this time she was secreting the heaviest batch of her sweet cum that she had all night. I felt her walls loosen and her gooey jizz flowed out onto my hand and down both of our thighs.

With my dick still pumping in and out of her perfect rear end, I was getting close to cumming as well. I slid my cock out of her tight hole, turned her around quickly and guided her to her knees. She didn't need any instruction. She quickly wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and started stroking the rest of my throbbing cock with both hands.

"Oh fuck, here it comes, Kim." A second later a large, hot stream of my jizz shot into her mouth and throat. She popped my dickhead out from between her lips and the next two thick streams of cum sprayed her in the face. My loads were usually pretty large, but I was breaking personal records that night, as another half dozen slightly smaller strings of semen flew out from my urethra and smeared her body from her neck all the way down to her belly button. The two ropes of creamy cum on her face were long and so thick that even after she scooped the bulk of one of them into her mouth, there was still enough from the other for me spread it out and cover her entire face with a sticky layer of my cum.

"Hey, I was gonna eat that!" she said looking up at me with a pouty frown. I laughed lightly and jutted my cock out toward her mouth. There was still some semen trying to escape my urethra, slowly leaking out from the tip, and she took the hint. My cock had lost some of its length, but it was still pretty thick and hard, and the head was ultra-sensitive. As she wrapped her lips around my purple helmet and the tip of her tongue glided all around the head to lick up the remnants of my orgasm, chills shot up my spine and my whole body shivered. I leaned over her and put my palms flat on top of the washer to help support my weight as she gripped my shaft firmly at the base and slid the tight ring of her digits up until it met her lips at the underside of my dickhead. Several hard moans escaped me while she did this three times in a row, until she was sure my dick would yield no more sperm.

"I really hope this isn't a dream," I said as we started to walk back to the living room, our arms around each other and our bodies drawn tightly together

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