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House sitting my brother's house with my friend John.

I'm pretty sure our court date is going to be a bloodbath." Richard let out a groan.

"I'm sorry but I'm just so sick of this. We've been working hard trying to appease the couple and it's driving me crazy! I haven't had a relaxing moment in months. To be honest, this drink is the first time I've been able to chill for a bit." Karen quickly closed the file and breathed a sigh of relief.

"I know what you mean. Would you mind if we just took this evening off and enjoy our drinks? We can talk about the case tomorrow over lunch or something." Richard's face broke into a smile. Karen could feel his eyes on her and felt her body warming to his attentions.

"That sounds like a brilliant idea." He downed the last of his drink and ordered another. "I could totally use a release right now. This case has just been causing my frustration to boil over."

Karen laughed. "Yeah, I could use a good run or other physical outlet. Guess this alcohol will have to do for now." Richard eyed her as she drank her gin and tonic. His eyes roamed over her long legs to her thigh exposed by her short skirt. They followed the curve of her hip up her side to her full tits pressing against her button-up shirt. He felt his cock stir as he watched her absently fiddle with the neckline of her shirt. Richard shifted, trying to readjust himself but suddenly found his hand on her bare knee.

"Any physical outlet," he asked with a gravelly voice. Karen was a bit wary of his touch, but felt warmth spreading through her. She had said she felt frustrated and could use a release. Besides, what would one little fling hurt?

"What did you have in mind?"

"There's a dark alley out back and you're looking like you might burst from all the pent up frustration. I would love to take care of that now," he said, his hand continuing up her thigh. Karen moved her legs, allowing him a bit of access should he decide to go further. His fingers slowly slid up, finding her cunt and slowly spreading her lips and slipping a finger in her. She gasped at his touch and elicited a small moan. Richard smiled and pushed his finger deeper, reveling in her wetness. "I think you need me to take you outside," he whispered in her ear. Karen nodded and struggled to push her skirt back into place. Richard threw some bills on the bar to pay for their drinks, grabbed her hand and led her outside. Walking quickly, he pulled her into the dark alley and pushed her up against the wall.

His lips met hers in a battle of wills. Both of them had very strong personalities and each wanted to take charge. But Karen loved being dominated and so let Richard take the lead. As his tongue danced with hers, she moaned into his mouth, arching against his hard body. He pressed his raging hard cock into her hip and growled when he felt her grind against him. Richard ripped open her shirt to reveal her voluptuous tits. He palmed one, running his thumb over her nipple before kissing her neck. Karen threw her head back, losing herself in the moment. Richard ran a hand down her side, finding her wet cunt ready for him. She wrapped a leg around him, wanting him in her, his cock buried deep.

Karen ground against him, begging for his cock.

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