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Special guest author Susan talks to some old friends.

"Yeah it does." I hesitated for a moment. "But I did blow him in his car though!" I blurted out.

"Oh my god! You're so funny! Did he know you were on your period?"

"Yeah, I told him. He was just so nice to me and of course, I had some wine, so..."

"So you blew him in the car? You are such a slut Liz!"

"I am! God Marnie, he has a really big dick. I got myself off last night thinking about it!"

"You're too funny. So when are you gonna see him again?" She asked.

"He's going away again for a few days for his company, but we're supposed to get together after."

"Wow. I guess I have to meet him. Maybe you can ask if he has a friend?" Marnie asked half kidding.

"Ohhh. So I'm the one with the black problem huh!" I responded.

We both giggled about that. Marnie dates all kinds of men, and she likes black guys too. We both dated the same guy once. She was with him for a few months before it ended, and then he and I started to go out. Marcel was a real smooth talking black guy. That's how he got Marnie, and that's how he got into my pants too. He was really tall and thin, and knew exactly what to say to a girl. He could never hold a job, and sure didn't have any money. I had to pay every time we went out. Pathetically, I lent him money for gas too. I guess he was a total asshole, and I only wanted to be with him for the sex. Marcel was great in bed, actually the floor, the couch....anything besides the bed. He was the kind of guy who would stop by the side of the road, and make you get out of the car, and suck him off. We must have fucked three times a day, every day. When Marcel would cum, he would squirt a quart of his semen on me. It was like being hit with a sprinkler, literally coating my entire body from my pussy, all the way to my face with cum. He didn't really care about me besides fucking me, and he did that for hours. That's the one thing I actually enjoyed. But after a few months, giving him money for everything got old, and I felt like I was just paying him for sex, so I broke it off and dumped him. I recently saw him at a bank with a girl. She was a cute blonde, but just as na__ve and clueless as I was, there to get money for him no doubt. Marcel saw me and just motioned with his head. I ignored him and kept on going.

A few days later, I called my friend Danielle and told her I looked for her at the restaurant the other night. She asked why I didn't call her, because she was there all night.

"Liz, why didn't you just call me or text me?"

"Well, you know. I was so happy just walking around with my date. I really wanted you to meet him though." I said.

"What's he like? He's black, isn't he?" Danielle asked.

"Yeah, he is. He's really good looking, and so dark skinned." I told her, knowing that really black guys are her favorite.

"Sounds good already! So how was your date?" She asked.

"We had dinner, and walked around down there. We drank a few glasses of wine."

"Yeah, I know what that means Liz. You had sex with him, didn't you!"
"Not really." I answered.

"What do you mean?" She said.

"Well, I sort of put my hand on his cock accidentally while we were making out in the car, and then things just got started from there."

"You didn't fuck him? So, what? You gave him head in the car? He must be an awesome guy, 'cause I don't remember you ever doing that before!"

"I know, I know. I didn't intend to start that, at least not there, but his dick was hard inside his pants, and I was pretty horny already from the kissing so....Oh yeah, and the drinks kind of got me going anyway."

"You slutty little bitch!" she said.

Both of us laughed about it, and I promised that I'd introduce her to him soon.

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