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Cassandra becomes an "Office Essential".

Meanwhile he heard the other three giggling but as he was out of sight could not follow what they were doing. Locking up the house Linda led her husband upstairs to the bedroom where the other three were waiting, naked. The sight before him quickly got little Johnny ready for action.

He almost fainted when Linda whispered into his ear as she removed his clothing, "My dearest love, tonight we thought we could have a little fun instead of any serious treatment. I thought we could play a game like Russian Roulette." By this time she had his shirt off and was pushing down his pants allowing his cock to spring out with a little bounce, to the amusement of their audience.

Linda looked at the other women and ordered, "Okay, time to assume your positions ladies."

There was a group giggle as they moved on the bed to be in line bending with legs off the edge and bodies supported on the mattress. With their legs apart John had a perfect view of their pussies as each woman swivelled around to watch the pair. From left to right Janet, Sophia and Glenda wriggled their hips to gain John's attention as he swivelled his eyes trying to see each at the same time. With the use of some pillows each woman was just the right height for his cock to enter. Linda pushed John to stand behind the first on the left and pointed his cock head at her slit giving it a little rub with his knob eliciting a moan from Janet.

"Now, John, you need to use this little love stick of yours for sixty seconds in each at a time then move to the next. You can't hold back at all and the idea is for each woman to have an orgasm before you shoot your wad. Getting an orgasm means the girl drops out for next round. You Mr Stud keep going until you run out of females or you release." It seemed Linda was trying to help him with a head start as she continued rubbing his end up and down Janet's slit, with a little extra prod on her clit. They could see Janet was enjoying the attention by the extra fluids wetting her pussy. John also enjoyed the stimulation and closed his eyes and dropped his head backwards giving a groan.

John looked at his wife with a smirk on his face asking, "So what does the winner get?"

With an even bigger smirk as she replied, "Hmm, let me see. Orgasms for us, and lots of sex for you. Perhaps enough for you to sleep the night through."

John laughed as he said, "So win-win for everyone."

Janet, who was moaning loudly by this time as Linda had not let up with the slit teasing, cried out, "For crying out loud you two, get started already. I'm dying of frustration here," followed by giggles from the others.

Linda immediately pushed John's butt forward with her free hand impaling Janet onto his cock, accompanied by a satisfied groan from Janet, "Yess, finally"

He took it slowly at first knowing her vagina would need a little stretching, but it surprised him how easily he did fully enter. It was like she was eagerly awaiting him, which he guessed she had been. Once bottomed out he withdrew almost all the way and then kept up a pumping action increasing in speed as time went on. All to the amusement and cheering of the other three women. Linda had kept time on her phone app and called when the minute was up. This caused a bit of panic about as Sophia got back into position and John pulled out of Janet, to her mock annoyance, and slowly into Sophia, to her groans of appreciation.

Again John noted how easily he slipped into Sophia feeling just how wet and engorged she was. He was able to quickly get into stride for the minute to the sounds of the others' cheering. Too soon for the pair Linda again called time causing some flurry of activity as Glenda got ready and John moved to behind her. Sophia, like Janet, expressed dismay at his leaving her as Glenda sighed in satisfaction as John entered her.

For the third time he was able to slide in with little resistance.

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