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Wife has husband watch her make love to another man.

Daddy's hands reach for my ass, and pull me close to him and he buries his face in between my ass cheeks, biting and licking like a starving man. When he starts to pull me onto his lap, I stand gently and kiss his nose whispering "One more thing Daddy."

I reach under the pillow and pull out a new collar. It's red ribbon and black lace, and has a heart-shaped tag hanging from it. I fasten it around my neck, the tag hanging in the hollow of my throat has "Daddy's" engraved on it.

"It's lovely, Princess. You always know what Daddy wants to see."

I kneel down next to him on the bed, "It has something written on the back too" I say, indicating the tag. Curious and smiling fondly, Daddy turns it over. When he see what it says, I can see the excitement flare up in his eyes. The back has "Painslut" engraved on it in swirly calligraphy.

Daddy plays with the tag for a moment, looking into my eyes. "Are you sure, Princess?"

"Yes Daddy. I want you to hurt me, and I want you to know I'm ready to take what you need to give me."

Daddy growls, his hand tightening on the tag as he thinks about it. "Anything I should know first, Princess?"

"It's not a good time for anal, Daddy. I'm sorry."

He kisses my neck, "Thank you for telling me, Princess. Do you remember your safe word?"

As soon as his eyes meet mine, I'm already falling deep into the floating space behind my eyes, where I belong to Daddy and every touch makes me shiver in delight. As soon as I whisper "Sunshine" Daddy is on me like a wolf. Biting my neck, gripping my breasts tightly, rubbing my already soaking pussy. The first time he takes me is fast and hard and desperate; Daddy doesn't undress at all, just unfastens his jeans and shoves his hard cock into my pussy. The zipper presses into my skin painfully, but that only increases my pleasure. It takes only a few thrusts before Daddy is filling up my kitty with his cum. He needs to own me as much as I need to be owned.

His first orgasm takes the edge off, and he is able to plan his next move. I'm laying face up, with my legs hanging off the edge of the bed, and his still-rigid cock is inside me. He kneads my pussy lips and clit with his hand, watching me writhe and whimper. "Cum for Daddy, Princess. Cum for Daddy so hard his cream shoots out of your slutty pussy." His hand works faster, but no harder and I arch up to grind my clit on his hand. My legs shake and I grab my breasts, pulling on my hard nipples. When I cum the first time I scream out "DADDY!" and my whole body tenses and quakes. Daddy never stops moving his hand on my pussy and his cock never leaves me, but the gush of fluid does push our mixed cum out around his cock. "Such a good girl for Daddy," he growls, leaning forward to kiss my nipples gently one second, and the next rolling me over so my feet are on the ground and my ass is in the air.

"I don't need to tie you, do I Princess?"

"No Daddy, I'm already covered in ribbons for you."

"Good girl. Good slutty girl. You won't be able to sit tomorrow..."

And then he is spanking me.

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