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Thomas's feelings take a turn.

As I looked up, I saw her smiling at me, and she winked. She moved her palm over the length of my cock, feeling for the size and girth. I generally do not wear underwear, since its pretty uncomfortable, and it cannot hold my size "in". So when she started feeling my cock, she got a good feel of the entire monster in its full glory. Her eyes widened as she kept feeling it and she carefully looked down for a view. She used two fingers to hold by jeans tight around my cock, so that she could see the impression clearly. The amazement was always the same, I thought, and grinned to myself.

Now that I was reassured that she was willing game, I gently placed a palm on her married, juicy ass. As soon as I did that, she looked into my eyes. It was my turn to wink, and I squeezed her ass softly. I started exploring her ass, feeling both the soft globes, and then gently squeezing each of them. I slowly lifted her kameez and slipped my hand beneath it. Now I was touching her ass through only the thin cloth of her salwaar and her panties. I was amazed that she wore a g-string below that homely Indian costume. This gave me an unhindered feel of her soft ass. As I felt her soft ass, I could make out the smooth skin under that salwaar. I slipped a finger between the two ass cheeks and moved it up and down. This caused her to move her hips around, like a bitch getting into heat. All this while she kept on feeling and rubbing my cock over my jeans. I slowly lowered my hand, so that my fingers were now brushing against the lower part of her ass. She closed her eyes in pleasure, and I pinched her gently. Then I proceeded to touch her pussy from behind. It was HOT. As I pulled her g-string aside, a hot , wet feel greeted my fingers. Her pussy juices were flowing freely, and my fingers were coated with her love juices, wetting her salwaar as well. I fingered her pussy over her salwaar and she whimpered, shivering slightly. Luckily the noise was lost in the crowded bus, and nobody noticed her, except the other woman. She bent towards her and whispered something. In reply the fat ass one just smiled and indicated downwards, towards my cock, which she was still caressing. The slim one looked down, and her eyes widened in scandalous amazement, but the next instant a wicked and sly smile crossed her lips, as she looked back at me. She immediately smiled at the fat one and the next moment I felt another hand on my crotch. It was the slim one now, feeling away.

Much more confident now, I moved my hand away from "fat ass" and placed my hand on the hip of the slim one, as she rubbed my cock.

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