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Man has revelation about women in his life.

She was almost childlike, touching furniture and opening windows while Jodie hunted through the kitchen cupboards. Dog padded along behind her, sniffing at her heels and eventually found a cool spot on the kitchen floor and lying down, put his head between his paws and looked at her.

"I thought they'd at least leave something," she sighed a few minutes later, "looks like a trip to the store unless you want water," she turned the tap, "at least that works."

"I'll go get us some coffee," Melissa offered, "it's the least I can do."

"Okay," Jodie replied hesitantly, "I'll fetch some money out of my purse."

"It's okay, I got money."

"Melissa," she addressed her firmly, "I'll pay, but thank you all the same."

"You're sure?"

"Positive," Jodie took out a couple of twenties.

Melissa leaned on the bench and studied her for a moment.

"Look, I'm sorry about givin' you the third degree out there, it's just been real hard at home, daddy gets depressed and I don't have the answers, what does a twenty year old know about life he says, you know what I mean?"

"You've got twenty years of experience," she held the money out, "just coffee, sugar and milk."

"You got it," she looked down, "come on, Dog, we gotta help the pretty lady from the city."

"He can stay here if you want," Jodie reassured her, "I'm good with dogs."

"Oh he won't let me go anywhere without him," she grinned, "come on, Dog."

The hound rose and looked at her and then at Jodie and sank down with a sigh.

"Well that's a good sign," she grinned, "he must trust you, I'll be back real soon."

But it was twenty minutes before she returned and Jodie stared at the bags on the counter.

"I got us something from Wendy's," she looked up, "out of my money, I figured you'd be hungry and I haven't eaten since this morning," she smiled, "you do eat at Wendy's don't you?"

"Not normally," she replied, "but I have been known to indulge."

"Some folks like to keep their weight down but you don't look like you put on much weight, you must work out or something."

"I've always had a slim build," she admitted, "my mom is the same, four kids and she's still got hips to die for," she opened a cupboard door, "I saw plates in here somewhere, ah, there we are," she grabbed two, "I got Dog some water as well."

"Thanks, he's a thirsty beast, drinks a whole gallon in one gulp."

She pulled the containers out, "I got a Chicken Caesar side salad as well as a couple of combos, do you like salads?"

"Thanks," she brought the plates over, "this is really good of you, I didn't know how hungry I was until you came back."

"So, do your folks live in New York?" Melissa asked a little while later.

"Just outside of Detroit," she replied, "I've got two sisters and a brother."

"Younger or older?"

"My brother is the oldest, then there's me."

"How old are you?"

"Twenty eight, be twenty nine in a few weeks though."

"Hey, we'll have to go out for your birthday," she grinned, "unless you got other plans?"

"No plans," she smiled tightly, "I don't get out much, work takes up too much time."

"So," Melissa arranged the food on the plates, "you got a boyfriend?"

"No," she smiled, "I was married a while back but I haven't dated a guy since then."

"Girlfriend?" Melissa looked up cheekily.

It was the look in her eyes that slipped through the widening chink in her armor, Melissa's eyes narrowed as Jodie looked past her.

"I have been with women, yes," she exhaled.

"So, you're like a lesbian or you just like both?" she pushed the plate across, "if I'm being nosy just tell me to fuck off. I'm just curious, not about what I am, but about you, I'm straight."

"Gay," she finally managed, "I guess that's why the marriage failed, I just couldn't function with a guy," she picked up the food and drink.

"So," Melissa followed her to the table, "have you always been that way or was it like a sudden realization?"

"I've always been attracted to girls but never thought of it like that, had a one night stand in college, but then Bob came along and I got married because that's what everyone wa

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