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Two T-girl families, and the maid, compete for inheritance.

"Oh, sorry, Ms. Johnson."

"No problem, Richie. I was just going to drop these papers in Coach Hagen's office."

I started to move around the boy, the office door a few behind him, when he brought up a hand to halt me.

"Er... I don't think the Coach is there. " He mumbled nervously.

"That's alright. I'm just going to leave these on his desk."

Before Richie could protest further, I slipped around him and was at the door. He mumbled another protest half heartily as I grabbed the handle and pushed it inward.

... and saw Hagen fucking one of the varsity cheerleaders on his desk!!

I froze. The sight of it so raw and unbelievable, my mind trying to quickly interpret what my eyes were actually seeing. Hagen, a rugged, good-looking man in his early forties, was bent over Sally Ann Gardmore, a buxom blonde senior and screwing her from the rear. His shorts were bunched around his ankles, as he held her naked hips and drove his cock into her from behind.

For her part, Sally Ann was only wearing a cheerleading skirt and sweater. The former crumbled up about her middle, the latter yanked upward to expose her massive, ripe tits. Tits that were being caressed and pinched by Hagen's big, rough hands.

"Oh God, baby, you're so tight," he was moaning through clenched teeth.

Sally Ann's head rocked back and forth, her long golden tresses whipping about as she screamed. "It's so hard. Ooh, shove it deeper, Coach. DEEPER!"

That they never saw was obvious, both of them so lost in their passion. A hand touched my shoulder and I almost jumped a mile. It was Richie. He nodded silently and ushered me backward out of the door and closed it gently.

"Sorry. I tried to warn you."

When the words came back to my throat, they were incoherent.

"He's... he's... screwing a student! Oh, God."

Richie took my arm. "Come on, Ms. Johnson. Lets get out of here and go someplace."

Once we reached the exit, I pointed to my car. The images of Hagen's cock ramming into Sally Ann's pussy were locked in my mind. I had to sit down and catch my breath. I mean, I'm no prude and I had certainly done my share of loving, both in high school and college. Hell, I even watched a few porno movies now and then. But to see real people, people you knew, right there in the flesh, banging away. It was too much. I could feel myself getting hot and sweaty.

Richie, the perfect gentlemen, walked me to my car and opened my door for me. As I sat back and twisted to slide in under the wheel, his eyes latched onto my legs again. I was too numb to take notice. Or even the fact that he went around and got into the passenger seat beside me. Out the window, I could see the football field and several soccer teams having practice. Other students, books in hands, were passing in front of us, on their way home. It all seemed normal, but for what was in my head.

"He's a teacher," I finally said. "It's wrong."

"Why?" Richie asked. "They aren't hurting anyone. Besides, Sally is eighteen. She's no baby. She's been screwing since she was sixteen."

"Oh, Richie. You don't understand. There has to be some trust. Some responsibility between a teacher and student."

"From what I saw, there was lots of that in there," he said trying a weak smile.

"Oh Richie, you're a dear. I'm just so mixed up right now."

"I know, Ms. Johnson. You should just sit back and relax. You're all tensed up."

Of course he was right. Sighing deeply, I pushed myself back into the padded seat and closed my eyes for a second. It was calming.

Then I felt Richie's hand on my neck. "No, don't open your eyes. Just relax. You're so tight."

With that he began massaging the back of my neck. It did wonders. My anxiety started to melt. It was then I felt his other hand come to rest on my right knee.

I started to open my eyes. "Richie, what are..."

"Shhh. Relax."

Richie kept his hand on my knee in a gentle comforting way.

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