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No Way Out....or was there?

I lead her into my bedroom unzipped my skirt let it fall to the floor and climbed into my bed. I laid down on my back spread my legs and started to softly rub the crotch of my panties feeling how wet I had become every touch was making me shiver. I watched Karen stair at me as I please myself I moved my panties aside and I slowly push 2 of my fingers deep inside myself. Mmmmmmm I moaned as Karen eyes were fixed on what I was doing.

Karen come onto the bed I finally said after cuming on my fingers. She climbed onto the bed next to me. And I placed my dripping wet fingers in her mouth and she started sucking on them like it was her last meal it drove me wild. After she let go of my fingers I kissed her passionately then removed her spandex shorts to see she had no panties on and her crotch was soaked I smiled and moved down between her legs. I spread her legs wide open admired her perfectly shaven pussy then slowly lower my tongue down to her dripping pussy and take a slow long lick savoring her sweetness. As I licked her pussy deep starting to flicker my tongue faster hearing her moan louder and louder I found her clit with my fingers and rubbed it in slow hard circles driving her over the edge making her wildly cum and buck her hips off the bed.

As she calmed I slowly climbed up the bed beside her and kissed her deeply again knowing she could taste herself on my lips. Tracing her pussy lips with my fingers making her shiver with pleasure. I slowly started circling her clit with my fingertip pushing my finger deep inside every couple of circler motions sinking in deep to her wetness. Faster and harder deep as I can till she finally explodes all over my fingers. I slowly removed my finger and sucked her juices off them mmmmm tasting so good licking my own fingers clean.

After I was finished I started to softly push her down between my legs she slowly moved down till she was just inches away from my dripping wet pussy lips. She slowly lowered her head down and started to softly suck my pussy lips into my mouth spreading my lips with her tongue pushing her tongue deep inside me well she sucks my pussy lips into her mouth god it felt so good. As she sucked hard the louder I started to moan felt so good with in minutes she had me cuming hard into her not letting she found my clit with her thumb and started to rub it in hard circles making me cum even harder spraying my juices all over her face bucking my hips wildly. As I calmed she smiled up at me my juices glistening on her I pulled her up and kissed her deeply tasting my own juices mmmmmmm cleaning her face with my tongue.

After we kissed we fell asleep in each other arms. I awake to a note that said. I've gone shopping call me if you want me to come back 555-6767. I smiled and went to take a shower made sure I shaved my pussy clean. When I got out I wrapped myself in a towel and walked to the phone and picked it up and dialed the number. Karen answered right away I said hello and asked her when she would be back and she told me right after she got out of the lingerie shop she was in. I smiled hung up the phone and got dressed in my tightest snug fitting thong and a tight lace nighty and sat down in the living room waiting for her.

When she arrived Karen walked right in and I called told her I was in the living room waiting.

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