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Mark makes a deal with the devil.

A tall, handsome young Black man named James Guillaume walked into the Catholic Charities office one fine Monday morning. This guy was at least six-foot-four, well-built and strong-looking. Dressed in a white silk shirt, red tie and black silk pants, he looked good enough to eat. James Guillaume was a student at the University of Ottawa School of Law, and he was looking to do some volunteering. Hmmm. Like every woman at the office with the exception of Monica, the butch lesbian security guard from Securitas, I was impressed by James good looks. I gave him a tour of the place, and got to know him a bit.

James Guillaume was born in the town of Cap-Haitien, somewhere in the island of Haiti. His family moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, eighteen months after his birth. He grew up in our fair Capital, and attended Saint Augustine Academy, a private Christian school. After that, he enrolled at the University of Ottawa. He wanted to be a lawyer someday, like his grandfather Boris Guillaume once was, a long time ago in the Caribbean. He's tall, cute, a devoted Christian, and he's got ambition and a degree. Where do I sign up to get someone like him? James and I were going to be the best of friends for sure.

Over the next few weeks, James and I got to know each other. He told me about his plan to someday defend poor people who couldn't afford good attorneys. We had a lot of the same beliefs. We were both hardline Christians who never apologized for our views. Judeo-Christian values and beliefs must prevail in Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Otherwise, all is lost. I've seen what Islam does to a country. In northern Nigeria, the Muslims are slaughtering the Christians. What a bunch of fools. I wonder if Nigerian Muslims know that the Arab world sees all Black people as inferior regardless of religious affiliation? It probably wouldn't bother them because they're so stupid and brainwashed.

This might surprise some na__ve Black Muslims reading this, but the Arabs are more racist than us Europeans. In the continent of Europe of today, a Black man or an Arab man can marry a White woman. It's up to her who she marries. In the Arab world, only Arab men can marry Arab women. Black Muslim men aren't allowed to marry Arab women because of Arab racism. Even if an Arab woman loved a Black man she couldn't be with him because of Arab Male Jealousy and Insecurity. They would kill her in a heartbeat. Black people should leave Islam and embrace Christianity. We are more tolerant of interracial unions and human rights. To the Arab, the Black man will always be a slave and the Black woman will always be a sexual conquest. Nothing more and nothing less. Unfortunately, they have their heads in the sand. Fools.

James was definitely a kindred soul, and I liked that about him. He was also quite charming. He asked me out for dinner and a movie, and I had a blast. We watched The Dark Knight Rises at the Blair Cineplex, and afterwards, we grabbed a quick bite inside East Side Mario's restaurant. Walking through the Saint Laurent Shopping Center with James, my arm linked with his, I felt happier than I had in months. When the evening concluded, he walked me to my car, we parted after a chaste kiss on the lips and a hug. He is such a gentleman. I like that about him. And you had better believe that I wanted to see him again.

I went home, feeling thoroughly smitten with this tall, dark and handsome Black stud.

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