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I didn't think I should just interrupt her conversation, so I stayed back and waited for her to look around.

Finally she got up and walked right by me and winked. I followed her to the bathrooms and said Hi, see you have an admirer. She laughed and said his name was Peter and was staying at the hotel out back because he just moved here and hadn't had time to find a place. I tried to kiss her but she stopped me. With her finger on my lips she said she was having fun and would I mind if she let things play out with Peter. She really liked him and then she squeezed me through my slacks and kissed me. Please she whispered in my ear.

I became hard immediately. I see you like that idea.

I didn't know what to say.

You know what is going to happen tonight don't you? You know Peter wants me and you're not going to stop him because you want him to fuck me. You want me to make love to him and be that slut wife you dream about. I know you love the thought of it, but tonight it is going to happen for real. You are going to be a cuckold. That is what you want isn't it?

Oh God Yes, I say.

Amy kisses me again and whispers in my ear. Please be a good husband and wait for me. You have one hour to change your mind. I'll give you a present later when we get home..

Ok I said.

Amy danced for an hour on and off with her new friend. She had a few cosmos, but wasn't drunk, considering she had eaten only a few wings that I knew of. Around 9:30 she walked out the door with her friend, arm and arm. I slowly followed and see them on a balcony walk above me. They stop, lean on the railing and kiss, her arms around his neck. She looks down at me and has a big smile ear to ear.They make out for a few minutes and I see him open the door and she steps inside. The door shuts.... All is quite.

I was going crazy as the hours clicked away. Finally around 1:30 I see her standing by the exit. We walk outside and I give her a hug telling her I was worried about her. She looked ravished but very content. Driving home she has her head on my shoulder and is quiet as a mouse, but she is rubbing me through my pants. I'm stiff as can be.

In our bedroom, Amy just stands next to the bed and puts her arms around my neck. She is moving her hips side to side and she starts unbuttoning my dress shirt. She runs her hands over my chest and tweaks my nipple. Amy then unbuttons my pants and they fall to the floor. My dick was hard as a rock. She doesn't touch it. I tried to unzip her dress, but could only get it half way down. She slides down my briefs and then I feel her reach under her dress and pull down her panties.

Amy wiggles a little and then as they fall, she picking them off her foot behind her. Still only inches from me, she raises the panties to my face and rubs the crotch over my lips.

Do you smell him? Can you smell my lovers cum in my panties?

Yes, Yes, I smell it I say, barely able to talk. My heart is beating so fast.

You are a cuckold now. I fucked another man tonight. You knew it was going to happen and you didn't stop it. I saw you from the railing. You could have interrupted us, but you didn't. You watched us kiss and I saw you rub your pants, still you said nothing. So here I am used and full of cum. Taste it on my panties. This is what you've dreamed about, what you wanted me to do, isn't it?

God yes, I love you so much.

Well, I just loved his big cock.

Moving the panties down from my lips you start to rub my cock with the wet nylon.

It was just like you dreamed Stephen. He made love to me for hours and kept getting hard again. He made me come so many times, I lost track.

You step away from me and hold out the panties and tell me to step into them. I do it, you pull them up and you push me back on the bed. I can feel the wet panty crotch on my balls.

You climb onto me and straddle my waist with your legs and move you pussy right over my cock. Moving slowly back and forth you tell me about Peter. Your dress draped over my body and tickling my chin, you say again he is really hung.


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