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The DNA test proved Michael was the father, and it turns out that had been intentional. Linda wanted his baby, not mine, so she used a diaphragm and some other things when she and I had sex and took it out with him."

"How old was Elias at this point?"

"He turned 3 while this was all going on. Anyway, I tried to get visitation. I loved him and was the only father he knew. But they found a judge that was sympathetic and convinced them that my presence in his life would 'interfere with the bonding process of the child and his biological father', especially since they were getting married. So not only did I not get custody or even any visitation, they actually got a permanent injunction keeping me from even seeing him."

"I can't believe this. I've never heard anything like it."

"Oh, then they really started getting mean. Somehow in Linda's mind I was the villain in this and she wanted to make me suffer, and they used my parents to do it. Since I couldn't be around Eli I was suddenly not welcome at family gatherings since he was always there. I asked my parents to intervene for me, to try and get them to relax. And what did they tell me?"

"No, I'm guessing."

"They said I was a grown up and would be fine on my own, and they wouldn't do anything that might risk their contact with their grandson. They had basically disowned their own son at Linda's whim in favor of their grandson. I could visit, of course, but only when Eli wasn't there, and if they showed up I had to sneak out the back without saying anything."

"I can't believe they wouldn't even ask your brother to relax about it. I mean, what could happen?"

"It just went downhill from there. To save money for a house they all moved in with my parents. My room was remodeled for Eli. So now I couldn't go over there even if I wanted to. Then Linda became uncomfortable with having my pictures on the wall, so down they came. I had been erased from the house I grew up in based entirely on Linda's antagonism for me and my parents didn't put up even the slightest resistance."

I couldn't believe the story I was hearing. What did that...that...that bitch have against him? Just because he wasn't his brother and she didn't love him is no reason to go out of your way to be cruel.

"So, in the span of a year I found out my wife never loved me, had only used me to be close to my brother, discovered my son wasn't mine and was cut off from him entirely, and lost my entire family. I tried to go on but I couldn't manage to trust anyone. My work, such as it was, started to suffer. I couldn't manage relationships with anyone. I was miserable all the time and in more emotional pain than I can describe. I just reached a point where it was too much. So, I drove around until I found myself where you found me."

I held him close to me trying to will the pain from him even though I knew it wasn't possible. I was glad that the tears had stopped; I had expected more as he got through the story but none came, for whatever reason. I pulled him away from me so I could look him in the eyes.

"I won't let anyone hurt you again, Henry."

Our lips came together again. I wanted him to use me to comfort himself. There was a little more emotion, a little more passion behind these kisses than the ones before. I slipped my tongue out first but his quickly met mine.

I felt his hand slide inside my shirt and feel the bare skin on my back. In no time at all I was on fire from his touch. I wanted him so bad.

"Take my bra off, Henry."

His hand moved up between my shoulder blades and, after a little bit of a struggle, I felt the clasp release.

"Touch them, baby. Touch my tits."

I hoped Henry didn't mind my bossiness but I just wanted him so bad. I wanted his hands over every inch of me and could hardly wait for him to do it on his own. His hands slid up under the lace fabric and across my rock hard nipples. I moaned involuntarily and kissed him harder.

I tugged at his shirt so I could get my hands on his bare chest, and was a little

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