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Number 1: The Dildo.

Damon started to play with her clit, which sent Alice over the edge.

She cried out as she came around Damon's cock. He could feel her pussy pulsating around him. This drove him wild.

He continued to pound into Alice, moving her legs further apart. Her breasts were bouncing as he fucked her harder.

Damon bent down, whispering in her ear with his gruff voice "you like me fucking you, don't you Alice"

"No" she whimpered.

"You love it Alice. I'm going to teach you to love it."

Tears were running down Alice's cheeks.

Damon bit her neck as he released himself inside of Alice. She could feel his warmth fill her pussy.

He lay on her out of breath for a moment, then stood up with his knife. Alice curled into a ball, not wanting to face him.

"See you Monday." He said after he put his clothes back on. He left, leaving Alice on the bed, confused.


Alice couldn't believe what happened to her. She took a taxi to the pharmacy the following day to get the morning after pill. She had never been on any type of birth control.

She did not sleep in her bed the next two nights. She felt violated in her own home. How did he get in?

Alice had changed the locks after what happened and added a deadbolt.

Monday was coming quick and she was dreading facing Damon at work.

"I'll just request to move to a different position" she thought to herself. But she knew Damon would probably not allow it. He wanted to torment her. To use her for whatever he pleased.

"I'll quit." she thought. But she knew they were one of the higher passing companies around and it took her a long time to land this job.

Alice did not sleep well the night before and when Monday came, she found the most unappealing outfit to wear to work. She didn't put on makeup either.

When she arrived at work, Kate greeted her. "Hey! You didn't respond to my texts this weeken-". When Kate saw Alice she paused.

"Are you okay Alice? You look...rough" said Kate. "What's with the band-aid on your neck?"

"Yeah, I just had a long weekend...don't really want to talk about it. "

Kate continued to stare at Alice with concern, but did not dig any deeper. "Okay well, let's do lunch later?" Alice nodded at Kate and she left.

Alice sat at her desk relieved that Damon was in a meeting. She checked his schedule and he had meetings most of the day. The tension left her body.

The day went pretty well, Alice had lunch with Kate and she made up a story as to why she had a cut on her neck. She didnt want to raise suspicion with Kate.

After lunch, Alice returned to her desk. Damon stepped out of his office and asked Alice to see him.

Alice did not make eye contact with him, just simply got up and walked a few steps into his office.

"Alice please shut the door." he said.

"I would like to leave it open, Mr. Thorp."

Damon studied Alice for a moment. She would not look at him. He smirked, then stood up.

"Shut. The. Door." he said with a more stern voice. Alice froze. She knew if she shut the door, she would have no way out.

Damon moved towards her, then passed her and shut the door himself.

"Decided to wear mother's drapes today?" he said touching her arm.

Alice flinched and stepped away from him. Damon shut his office blinds.

"So. Did you enjoy your weekend?" he said to her with a smirk.

Alice's face turned red. She was pissed. He was taunting her. She was humiliated this weekend by him, and he sat there like a pompous ass.

"No, I did not Mr. Thorp. May I please go now?"

Damon's smile widened. "No. I'm not done with you." He walked in a circled around her, like a shark finding the perfect time to strike.

"I want you to wear tighter clothes to work. Like the ones you used to wear before this weekend."

Alice's heart sank.

"I believe Kate took you shopping not to long ago..." Damon said.

Her brows furrowed. How did he know about that? Did Kate blab to him about it? No. She had no reason to talk to Damon about personal things.

Damon broke Alice's thought process by coming up behind her.

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