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"Ow no my little Lutka, your lesson starts now!" Ville said as he walked back out of sight, "move your hips up."

Jussi thought it was best to play along and see where it would take them, so he moved his hips away from the table, Ville's hands snaking around the drummers waist, unbuttoning his pants and pushing them to his ankles.

Jussi quickly kicked off his shoes so Ville could take off his pants completely.

"Aren't we eager for our lesson." Ville smirked.

"We keep talking about a lesson, but so far it's all talk." Jussi smirked back, earning him a soft smack on his ass.

"Auw! What was that for!" Jussi yelped.

"Lesson starts now." Ville snapped as he pushed Jussi's shirt up.

Jussi shivered as Ville teased him with the whip, letting it glide from his tense shoulders to his lower back to his toned ass. As soon as it left the drummers body Ville flicked his wrist back letting the leather smack down on the tanned skin.

"Mmm you did this before." Jussi moaned with pleasure.

"My dad has a sex shop, off course I did." Ville stated matter of factly, before letting the whip crack again, a little harder this time.

"Still think I'm such a diva?" Ville asked as he grinded his jeans clad hips against Jussi's tingling naked one.

"A diva with a whip and a raging hard on, but still a diva." Jussi moaned, pushing back against the singer.

"You little lutka." Ville moaned at the pressure against his crotch, but he pulled away from the sweet pleasure, set on having Jussi begging to stop.

The whip rained down on jussi's backside, colouring his backside and ass a nice shade of red.

Jussi refused to give in, biting his lips as the whip came down harder and harder.

Ville noticed the drummer was struggling and let the whip rest, his hands caressed the hot skin, feeling some of the strokes welt up, when Jussi least expected it, Ville let his hand move towards his cock, finding it rock hard and leaking.

"Guess this isn't a turn on for you." Ville grinned, as he let a finger toy with the sensitive tip of the drummer.

"I like this side of you." Jussi moaned softly, intensely happy he finally had some private time with Ville.

Ville moved into the sight of Jussi again a glistening finger disappearing into his mouth, his green eyes now only dark with lust.,

Jussi moaned as he tried to cause some friction between him and the table.

"Ow no my little pet, you first need to admit what I am, then you can have some pleasure." Ville laughed as he walked back around Jussi.

Jussi braced himself for more whipping but instead felt Ville's bare hand smack down.

"Fuck" he screamed, the skin on skin action more fierce.

"Maybe later if you are lucky."




Jussi tried to get away from Ville's merciless hands, making Ville laugh and just spank his sides too.

"You know how to make me stop lutka." Ville said, lust seeping through, wanting to slam into the hot trembling body before him.

Jussi held still again, not wanting to submit to Ville's wishes, but as Ville's hand hit his ass again he broke.

"Fine! You aren't a diva! You just like to be in control." Jussi pleaded.

"And?" Ville asked.

"You don't have a temper, I pushed your buttons and asked for this."

Ville smiled "Good little pet, you did push my buttons but I'm kinda glad you did." Ville dropped to his knees and placed soft loving kisses on Jussi's flushed skin.

"So pretty." He mumbled, admiring his handy work, as his lips wandered around Jussi's ass he softly nudged the drummers legs open a bit, his tongue slowly finding its way to his dark star.

Jussi gasped as he felt Ville's tongue circle his velvet heat.

"You ok with this?" Ville asked, suddenly scared he was breaking boundaries.

"Enkeli, come here a second?" Jussi asked restrained.

Ville moved so he was looking into Jussi's blue eyes.

"You don't know how long I waited for this, for you to finally make a move, to give me a sign those drunken kisses were more than that, so I'm very much ok with this."

Ville saw the love in the drummers eyes and

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