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Teacher submits to another student.

"Excellent work," Charlie told the store owner, looking himself in the mirror. "I think we're about ready, once these guys figure out how to get out of their tuxedos. It'll be on my credit card again."

The other two men in the room, who were much younger, stood in front of the mirror and fixed their tuxedos. It was their first time wearing anything like this and they got comfortable the best they could.

"It all looks so beautiful," Ms. Warren said of the three men.

Ever since these clients had arrived, Ms. Warren had been all smiles and pleasantries. This was a different side to her, and Jade wondered what the boss' personality would be like once the clients left.

"How about a complimentary gift?" Ms. Warren asked suggestively. "A perk for loyal customers."

Jade tensed, knowing that any 'complimentary gift' would be referring to her, and her alone.

Charlie smiled at the notion. "Just for me? Or for everyone?"

"Everyone, of course. There's enough to go around."

"Only if it's what I think it is," he replied.

Ms. Warren gestured to Jade. "She's new here. An engineering student, if you can believe it. I'm close to hiring her; she's doing a good job so far."

"An excellent job, I might add," he said, looking over Jade with eyes full of lust.

"That's a fair assessment. Apparently, this girl is skilled in the art of oral gifts, and she's a swallower too."

Jade clasped her hands together as they stood there talking about her like she was just a commodity to be traded.

The man's eyebrow rose. "Is that so?"

"That's what she claims. Of course, I haven't exactly had a real-world test yet."

"Trial periods are very important," he replied. "Personally, I never make a hire without a careful examination of the applicant's abilities. Even then, I take a few days to make a final decision."

Ms. Warren smiled. "Well then, maybe it's time we take this further. Your advice is always valued."

The boss snapped her fingers, which signaled for Jade to stand in the center of the dressing room.

"Yes?" Jade asked professionally, hiding the anxiety she was feeling at the moment.

"Ms. Chang, you told me earlier that you give the best blowjobs, right?" the boss asked nonchalantly.

"Actually, I..."

Ms. Warren cut her off. "Our clients are spending nearly $3,000 on tuxedos. Charlie himself has spent more than $15,000 in the past year as a loyal customer of this shop. Here, we show gratitude for loyalty like that. So on your knees you go. These men are busy and I'm sure they have things to do after this."

"Of course," Jade said with nervous energy. "It would be my pleasure to show them our gratitude."

Jade wanted this job and this was her time to shine. She was going to give those men what they wanted and impress the boss at the same time.

She sank to her knees in the most graceful manner.

With her best smile, Jade looked at them and said, "If you are ready, gentlemen, I would like to demonstrate for you our store policy, which focuses on customer satisfaction. If you don't get the happy ending you're expecting, that means I'm not doing my job properly."

The two young men were instantly ready for oral attention.

"I'll be right back," Charlie told his employees, almost laughing off the situation. "You two hurry it up. We need to get back to the office after this."

Ms. Warren and Charlie left the dressing area to head to the cash register.

Suddenly, Jade felt a sudden sense of urgency. She knew she'd impress the boss if she made these two men cum before the bill was paid. All she had to do was deliver the service and the job would be hers.

The two younger men in the room also seemed eager to get this going. They approached her and unzipped themselves, ready to get their dicks sucked, but seemed tentative at the same time. Their exposed cocks were already hard. Jade appreciated that these guys were just as nervous as her.

Her heart was beating fast, and if there was one thing Jade was good at, it was keeping her composure in times of stress. Focusing on the task at hand was all she needed to do to ease her nerves.


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