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Royal soldier wants to get lucky with the elf priestess.

I could now look at her without her seeing me. From my viewpoint, I could see her crossed legs all the way up to her nightee, which was nearly to the top of her thigh. My attention soon went to her legs as she began slowly swinging her foot back and forth. All that could be heard in the kitchen was the soft thump of her slipper hitting her heel. I admired this the whole time I ate my cereal.

I finally finished my breakfast but I was stuck, since I had a hard-on hidden beneath the table. I sat there drinking my coffee, hoping my hardness would subside. I continued staring at her swinging foot until mom decided she needed a sip of coffee. She grabbed her cup and in bringing it off the table, pushed her spoon onto the floor. I froze as she ducked under the table to retrieve it. She seamed to linger a little long before re-appearing above the table. My hard-on was definitely open for display if she chose to gaze upon it. She smiled at me and went back to reading the newspaper. Mom then went back to swinging her foot. A minute into the swinging, her slipper fell off or was launched from her foot. I looked at it, knowing that she wouldn't be able to reach it with her foot. Mom continued reading as if nothing happened. I stared at her slipper-less foot dangling in the air. I wondered would she be receptive if I went over and began kissing her dangling foot?

Mom broke my stare when she lowered the paper and looked for the slipper. She looked to me and said, "Could you be a sweetie and grab my slipper. It's beyond my reach."

Before I could answer, she lifted the paper up and started reading. I slid my chair outward and made my way to the fallen slipper. As I knelt down to pick up the slipper, mom stretched out her leg, offering me her foot. As I went to hold her heel, she opened her legs giving me a clear view of her shaved pussy. My hand trembled as I held her foot and put her slipper back on. I stood and took my bowl to the sink.

As I was leaving to go masturbate in my room, mom lowered the paper and said, "Thank you, sweetie."

I came back out and mom was doing the dishes. I joined her and while we were doing them, I couldn't keep my eyes off her pretty breasts. Her nipples were hard and I felt that tingling start again in my shorts.

"Are you planning on getting dressed today or just lounge around in your nightee?" I asked.

Mom responded quickly, "I'd love to lounge around the house naked, but I'm sure that you wouldn't like to have to see your old mother in her birthday suit."

I pondered the statement before responding, "The nightee you have on now is revealing and I don't mind seeing you in that."

She replied, "Thank you, sweetie. Well, I just bought a new black dress for your father's company party. After you go and take your shower, would you give me your opinion on how it looks on me?"

I replied, "Sure, I've got nothing to do today."

I went off and took my shower. I really wanted to get off again, but after the talk while doing the dishes, I decided not to. I did think about her the whole time I was in there. My mom has no problem going around the house naked? I guess she probably does when my dad and me are gone for a weekend. I was also looking forward to seeing her in the new dress she purchased. Mom did say she was horny for my brother's cock this morning. Would she make a push for me?

I stepped out of the bathroom and mom called out to me, "I'm in here sweetie."

I made my way to my parents' room and entered. Mom was sitting on the bed and pulling a nylon up one leg. She looked up at me and motioned me to sit on the chair she had moved near the bed. I sat down and watched as she fastened the straps on her high heels.

She stood up and asked, "So, how do I look?"

I looked her over slowly from head to toe.

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