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They wanted better sex, he didn't expect this.

His penis wasn't all the way erect, but it showed promise.

"Yummm," I said, teasing him.

Mr. A sat down pretty quick. He was blushing now.

Mr. K dealt again. He had a king and a seven. Mr. A. had a nine and an eight. I got an ace, but then five. I took a hit. A seven. I had to take another card again. Ten. Bust!

"You can touch my breasts," I told Mr. Addemly and slid my chair over closer to him. He tentatively reached out with both hands and gently caressed them. It felt really nice, especially when he ran his thumbs over my nipples and they got hard.

"That's enough," I said after a minute or so. I pushed my chair away from his. Mr. K's boxers were all tented up with his erection and Mr. A's cock had goteen nice and hard while he was feeling me up. I felt myself getting right to the edge, right before I lubricate.

Mr. K dealt again, and this time he lost. Now we were all naked.

"Ok," I said, taking a deep breath. "This hand is for the pot. My honey pot. If one of you wins, I'll give you a blow job. If I win, the loser gets to eat me." It was pretty clear now to all of us that I was ready to have sex with them and it was going to turn into kind of a fantasy evening.

Mr. K's hands shook as he dealt the cards. He got seventeen. Mr. A got nineteen. I got eighteen.

"Hmm," I said. "I guess I'm in the middle. How do I handle this?"

I thought for a minute and then I climbed up on the table and lay down with my butt right on the edge in front of Mr. Kennest. I draped my legs over his shoulders.

"Mr. A, come over here where I can get at you," I said. He stood up and moved over so he was standing next to my face. I reached out and started stroking his cock. It was nicer than I thought at first - about seven inches long and five around - nice and thick. I leaned over and licked the tip of it.

Mr. K started licking me then, and let me tell you, he was good at it. His tongue went all over me at first - on my thighs and over my labia, and then pushing between them. He'd give me little butterfly licks and kisses, and then push his tongue into my vagina, and then lap it up over my clit, and then some butterfly licks and he'd start all over again. I was squirming. It felt really good.

While he was doing that I was giving Mr. Addemly the best blow job I knew how. I had one hand on the base of his cock and was jerking him with that, and I licked all around the tip before I sucked it into my mouth. Pretty soon I got into a rhythm, jerking him and moving my head up and down and licking him and he started groaning. I played with his balls a little with my other hand, and then I sucked him in as deep as I could - so my nose was pushed up against his pubic hair and then really slowly let him slip out of my mouth almost all the way.

"Maggie, I'm close," he said.

That made me just try harder. Mr. K was driving me nuts - he seemed to know when I was getting right up to the edge, and then he'd back off. None of the boys at school knew about doing that. He was kind of tormenting me and I figured if I get Mr. A off then I could get up and push Mr. K down and ride him and have a really good orgasm.

I felt Mr. Addemly's balls tighten up, and I sucked really hard and then he was groaning and pushing himself deep in my mouth and he came. I sucked and swallowed it all down and kept it up until he pushed me away because he was done and it was all a little too much.

"Oh, Maggie," he sighed when he was free from my grasp. "That was tremendous."

"Was it as good as her mother was?"

We all froze and looked over at the voice we heard. It was Daddy! He was standing in the door of the room. We hadn't heard him come in!

I didn't notice really at first, because I was scared, but after I got over the shock of hearing him, I noticed he was naked and was playing with himself. And geez, he was big! Longer and thicker than Mr. Addemly, and he had about as big a cock as I'd ever seen.

"Well Phil, it's been a long time," Mr.

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