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Three friends confront their desires.


"He flat refused, said he's fine and that he wanted a ride to a gas station and to his truck. Some people just flat won't take care of themselves," the old woman finished , letting her words trail behind her as she left the office.

Dr. Wade collapsed into her chair. The one thing she had NOT planned for.. him being found and brought in to the hospital. It seemed so logical now that she could have kicked herself. But he hadn't mentioned being raped, not the big strong manly guy... Dammit! I have to stop thinking about him.

She looked down at the files on her desk. 10 patients today, not the big swinging hospital career she had dreamed of while attending medical school. Maybe they'll keep my mind busy until lunch, she thought. Less than 3 hours later she sat at her desk again, rounds complete, staring at her black computer monitor. She considered turning it on so that she'd at least look busy. Still another hour until lunch. She looked around her at the office she'd occupied for 6 years. It wasn't exactly what she'd dreamed about, but it was certainly nice. Bookshelves lined both walls, soft brown leather chairs sat near the far wall, 2 filing cabinets stood to her right, to her left was the door to her private bathroom- complete with shower- in front of her was her wide mahogany desk, and behind her was a painting of the outback. She longed to go back to the land down under again. She let herself drift to that trip, fresh out of medical school and ready to take on the world. She spent 2 weeks lying on the beach, watching the wildlife, drinking at every bar, and getting fucked by the hottest man she'd ever met. His accent drove her mad. Her hand drifted to her crotch while she remembered.. her thoughts turned to the day before, to Curtis. She'd left him in the woods, naked and asleep in the grass. He was such a fine specimen of a man. Sandy brown hair just a little too long, rock hard shoulders and biceps, his tight chest and tiny dark nipples, just the thought of him made her wet. She thought of his stomach in the sunlight, not well-defined abs, but not flabby either, just the way she liked them. A little trail of sandy brown hair led down his belly into a trimmed patch just above his manhood. Manhood indeed, his veins popped out like little highways. She could imagine the blood racing through them. He must have been nearly nine and a half inches long and so thick. She wished she had sucked his monster, but she had wanted him too badly.

She touched herself now, through the thin fabric of her dress pants and panties. Even through both layers she could feel the wetness. Her other hand made its way up to her breast and found her nipple. She almost forgot where she was, all she needed was for a nurse to walk in and catch her compromised like this. She sat up, focusing on the files before her. A tap at the door made her jump, "come in," she called. The door opened wide enough for a nurse to pop her head in and say "Lunch time Dr. Wade, don't overwork yourself in there," then it closed.

If you only knew.

Lunch time really meant breakfast time, it was only 8am.

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