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The same story as Toy Box but from the thief's perspective.

She seemed unhappy we couldn't keep going; maybe it would have been enough to get her off!

'Sorry mom. I'm not a bodybuilder that can just carry you around on his dick all day!' I apologized. I rather liked the idea of being able to fuck mom like that, bouncing her on my cock while I squeezed her luscious ass cheeks!

'It's okay honey. I already know there is no problem with you making me orgasm!' She placed a palm on my cheek. 'The problem is in how hard you make me cum!' She kissed me lightly.

'That's a problem?' Her logic escaped me.

'When I soak your bed it is!' Mom grinned widely.

'I still don't see that as a problem! I would rather have a soaked bed, then not be able to get you off at all!' I countered.

'Well, that would be a problem!' She kissed me again. She grabbed my cock and stroked it, rubbing her juices along its length. 'I'm sure we can find other positions we can try that we can both enjoy very much!'

'Maybe we should go back upstairs.' I suggested.

'How about the kitchen table?' Mom's eyes were on fire as she spoke!

'Really?' The idea actually intrigued me!

'You seem to like eating here. Maybe there are other things you'd like to do at the table!'

'I'll never be able to look dad in the eye at dinner ever again!' I said, grabbing mom's waist and pulling her to me, my damp dick rubbing on her hip. Mom gave a laugh and then kissed me, her tongue once more in my mouth. I held her for a few minutes, before I gently pushed her away.

'Okay, let's do it!' I said enthusiastically. Mom turned and removed our empty plates and glasses, and the fake floral centerpiece from the table. 'Do you think it's safe? I don't want to explain to dad how the kitchen table got broke!'

Mom looked at me guiltily.

'What?' I asked, not sure I wanted an answer.

'It's safe.' She said in almost a whisper. I looked questioningly at her until she went on. 'I'm fairly sure that's where your sister was conceived.'

'Mom!' I exclaimed loudly.

'You asked.' She said sheepishly.

'I had a feeling too, that I didn't want to know.' I looked again at the table where I had eaten untold number of meals, where I had sat doing homework in junior high. I had eaten food spilled on that table! I shivered uncontrollably. Mom saw it and smiled wickedly. I had second thoughts now.

'You still want to?' Mom asked seeing my doubt written on my face.

I was actually more determined now. It would be payback to my father! As if screwing mom anywhere wasn't payback enough!

'Definitely!' I said firmly.

Mom moved next to the wooden surface and allowed me to lift her up so she was sitting on it. She wiggled and scooted further toward the middle. I watched amazed at the most delectable main course ever to grace that table! I had to tell her so.

'Now that is a meal fit for a king!' Mom turned to look at me, my compliment bringing a gleam to her eye and a curl to her lips. 'I would eat this for dinner every day!' Mom chuckled at that one.

'I would let you eat me every day too!' Her innuendo was very blunt.

I hoisted myself up and half crawled until I loomed over mom's slightly smaller figure. She moved around until she was lying on her back. She looked up at me with a question.

'Is missionary alright?' She asked, as if she was wondering if I wanted nacho cheese instead of cool ranch!

'It's probably the least risky.'

'You're worried about risky? You're about to screw your mother on the kitchen table in the middle of a Sunday afternoon', she said boldly, looking about the visible portion of the house, 'with a curtain open to the world, and I think the front door is unlocked! I don't think that means what you think it means!'

I glanced about too and saw the window she meant.

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