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The transformation from Sara to Angel.

By the time I leave the makeup counter, with all the cosmetics she used, I have a decidedly feminine look, the hair and makeup, with the style of the blouse and trousers I pass as a woman albeit not completely feminine.

The next stop is a Nine West boutique in the same mall. There my Master tells the male salesman that I am a male and that I am being fully feminized which was very humiliating for me. There my penny loafers are surrendered as I am measured for a pair of four-inch black pumps and where I pick out a matching black hobo bag. I no longer look like a tomboy; the pumps and handbag are trans-formative and I'm now generally passable as a female. The pumps forcing me to wiggle my butt putting one foot ahead of the other as I walk. The clerk makes a comment I make a very pretty sissy which is mortifying to me. As we go to pay for the pumps Master sees that suede high heel boots are on sale so he has me fitted for a pair as well as second pair of pumps, the second pair in red that clearly says CFM.

The next stop is Lane Bryant (I'm a woman's size 14-16). Although I think I'm now passing as a woman, the two saleswomen there easily realize that I'm a male being feminized in spite of the makeup and high heels. Both are very helpful as there's virtually no one else in the store. The first step is replacing the black woman's trousers with an above-the-knee skirt for the rest of my shopping. As I am wearing pantyhose, and with the four-inch Nine West pumps, I am now almost completely feminized.

It's at that point, again with every step documented with many photographs, I'm taken to the Cacique lingerie department adjacent to the main store where Master has me fitted with a tight corset and breast forms. Again he does nothing to hide the fact that I am being feminized and as with the other clerks, the woman in Cacique enjoys seeing me humiliated, chatting me up as she takes me into a fitting room and tightens the laces on the heavily boned white corset selected for me. After the lacing is completed I am ordered to put on my blouse and miniskirt. The corset is visible through my white blouse, adding to my humiliation even though I now enjoy a much more feminine shape, the corset giving me curves where previously none existed.

Before leaving Lane Bryant I have to pick out a formal cocktail dress -- every girl needs a little black dress -- and a red and black business skirt suit to fill out my new wardrobe (now I realize the reason for the previously selected pair of red pumps). As my Master pays for everything the clerk asks for my E-mail address so I can be notified of upcoming sales. I'm now in the Lane Bryant/Cacique customer database, just like thousands of other plus-size women.

After leaving Lane Bryant I am taken back to the salon where the day started. Everyone there is surprised at my transformation and where the final element of my transformation takes place; my ears are double pierced, as are my nipples and navel, permanently marking me as his sissy. My manhood has been totally stripped from me...or so I thought.

Finally I am taken to his home, where I naturally fall into a very servile mindset, my feelings of helplessness amplified many fold. It's there where I'm shown a room where on the bed is a frilly French Maid's outfit which he orders me to put as he return to his home office.

As soon as I dress I return to his office and again I'm photographed then told to stand at attention with my head bowed down as he downloads the photos to his computer, edits them, then loads them up to a website that shows the days activities, starting with me nominally as a male and ending with me shown in my French Maid's uniform.

Then the before and after photos are uploaded to a commercial before/after transformation website with a link back to all of my photos.

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