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Bridget gets a series of phone calls.

I actually cried because I felt I had hurt him. That really did hurt him and he asked if he might have just a taste but served in a special way. He said he would taste it from my lips with a big kiss.

I was shaking and sobbing as I took a bite then stood and tilted my head. He embraced me and our lips met. I heard a soft "Mmmm". Then his tongue touched my lips and parted them. He wasn't just tasting my cooking, I felt he was tasting my soul. We kissed for what seemed like minutes while his hands caressed my back and hair. When our lips parted he still held me strongly but tenderly then we kissed again. This time his hands slipped under my top and found the bare skin at the small of my back. As his hands slid over me I felt something I had never really known.

I let my body melt into his arms like I'd seen the beauties in the movies do with their handsome lovers. I was no beauty and he was no leading man but in that moment I was Jen and he was Ben. His kiss became more forceful and his hands slipped under my sweat pants to fondle my buns. I had the strangest feeling inside and I felt wet between my thighs. Then I noticed a strange smell. It grew stronger and he ground his body against mine. I felt the rise of his erection. I pulled away from him and looked down then felt my soaked crotch. I thought I'd wet myself. Oh, what I must look like? My pudgy body was adorned with a big wet spot on my sweat pants.

He must have read my thoughts. He took me back in his arms and whispered, "Carol, you are beautiful just like you are. I know what it is to be lonely too." Then he kissed me long and deeply while his hands caressed and explored my body. Each time we broke our kiss he whispered sweet words about me - how smooth my skin was, how beautiful my eyes were, how soft my hair was. My hands explored him too as I moaned my thanks.

He lead me to my guest room where we embraced and kissed more passionately. My mind whirled with memories of scenes from movies and of that night long ago when it almost happened. Then I let myself go. I didn't resist as he lifted my top away and carefully released my bra. We broke our embrace and I stepped back as it fell to the floor like a huge white butterfly. He slipped off his shirt as it happened then we embraced again as our pants fell to our ankles.

We stepped out of them and he guided me to sit on the bed. He knelt before me and kissed my vagina. I lay back and moaned as his tongue parted those lips and found my clitoris. More and more fluid poured out of me as he continued slowly licking and caressing with tongue and gentle fingers. All I could do was moan louder as the sensations built up in my body. My muscles tensed and I started to squirm and buck while I tried not to pull away from the source of my pleasure. Then I lost control of myself and waves of sensation ran through my body until I could hardly move. He gently eased me under the sheet then settled beside me as his fingers explored inside me while we shared a long deep kiss and I tasted myself on his lips. He pulled back when he touched my hymen.

Fear raced through me.

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