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Husband follows wife who goes off with stranger at a party.

I said that I'd go back to the condo and have some coffee on the porch while they looked for shells. I shook Lester's hand and left them alone.

Our agreement was that Barb would tell me everything that happened while she was alone with her "boyfriend." Here's what she told me about her time with Lester.

After I left, they continued to walk along the beach. Every so often, Barb would bend over to pick up a small shell. When she bent down she made sure to give Lester a full view of her tits and shapely ass. She could tell that Lester took full advantage of the situation and enjoyed the view, but he didn't say anything or make a suggestive comment. Her tits swayed unconstrained under her blouse as they walked, which also caught Lester's attention.

Barb decided to step it up a notch. She touched his arm as they spoke and then pretended to stumble into him, brushing her boobs against him. He helped steady her and Barb told him that he was very strong and she liked that in a man.

Lester asked her if she was enjoying her vacation. She decided to go into full slut mode and explain how we used our vacation time to "play." She said that we lived very conservative lives back home, but liked to have some "fun" when away on a trip.

Lester was getting the message now. "So, you guys are swingers?"

"Well, not exactly," she said. "We're not into group things. More one-on-one."

Lester smiled. "I see. You like to swap partners then."

Barb returned his smile. "Well, no. Actually, my husband likes to watch me do it with another guy."

Lester stopped walking with a look of mock disbelief on his face. "You're kidding me."

Barb gave him her sexy grin. "I just realized that I don't have a bucket to put the shells in. Let's stop at my condo. I've got a small sand pail that will work."

During their walk, Lester asked Barb what we did for a living. She told him that she was a librarian. All Lester could manage to say as Barb revealed more of our lifestyle was, "You're kidding me...."

While this was going on, I was on the balcony having a cup of coffee. I could see Barb and Lester on the beach and noticed that they were heading back toward the condo. Before long I heard the door open.

Barb said that it was getting hot on the beach and that she'd like to change into her bathing suit. Lester sat on the couch while I was in a chair. He made the comment, "You've got some kinda wife there, my friend."

Then Barb came into the room with her skimpy bikini in her hands. As part of our plan, she made a point of standing in full view of Lester while she pulled off her top to expose her full tits. This got Lester's attention. Then she grabbed the sunscreen from the coffee table and massaged some of the coconut lotion over her boobs paying close attention to her nipples. "I need to wake the girls up. They fell asleep on me," she commented with a sexy smile. Then she looked seductively at Lester. "Do you want some of this?"

All Lester could do was smile as Barb unbuttoned his shirt and proceeded to rub some lotion into Lester's tanned, muscular chest. He glanced over at me with a look that said, 'I can't believe this is happening.' It was on....

Barb's tits swayed back and forth directly in front of Lester's face as she worked the sunscreen into his chest. When she got to his shorts, she reached in to feel his cock. Lester was a little bigger than me, but not massive. Still, his cock hardened quickly as Barb stroked him with her hand that was still slick from the sunscreen.

From my front-row seat, I watched as my slutty librarian wife proceeded to suck Lester's cock. She was kneeling in front of the couch as she sucked and licked Lester to full erection. Watching my wife give him a blowjob got my cock stirring in my shorts. I looked at Lester, "Hey man, are you up for this?"

All Lester could say was, "Are you kidding me."

Barb stopped inhaling Lester's rigid manmeat. "Let's go into the bedroom where it's more comfortable."

Barb let her shorts drop to the floor and pulled off her thong bef

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