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The stranger.

This place has showers so we can wash the road off first if you like?"

"Oh, That would be wonderful. I could use some time to freshen up."

I looked out the window and noticed that it was getting dark and cooling off rapidly. "Why don't you just stay with me tonight. We can both get an early start in the morning."

"That would be great. I won't have to drive anymore tonight and I can save what money I have for Reno," she said excitedly.

I paid the bill as I watched Maryanne strut gracefully across the parking lot to retrieve some things for the shower. I decided that I had better straighten up the sleeper and make it presentable while she was gone. When she returned I told her to make herself comfortable while I went to shower.

She said, "Hurry back, I'll just make ready for you." I couldn't help but grin broadly like a fool.

I had to keep mentally pinching myself, fully expecting to wake from this dream. I guess all thing happen for a reason and are given to us at the proper time. And, boy was this the proper time. It had been nearly a month since I felt the touch of a woman, and this one was everything I had been fantasizing about for the last week. I rushed into the shower. As I washed, I couldn't touch myself down there without responding, my cock growing long and tumescent as I tried to hurry.

"This is cozy," Maryanne said as I climbed into the sleeper.

"It has to be it's my home away from home." I laughed. I found Maryanne already undressed and snuggled under the covers. She watched with eagerness as I removed my clothes, her eyes darting from my face to my crotch. We wrapped each other in a warm embrace. I kissed her deeply letting my tongue play inside her mouth. She reacted by sucking on my tongue and reaching for my stiffening cock. I worked my kisses down lingering at her neck, taking in her sensual fragrance. Whatever she was wearing went straight from my nose to my crotch. I took my time kissing my way to those great tits taking a strawberry nipple in my mouth, tonguing and sucking on it. She moaned her approval as she lay back allowing me the freedom to do as I pleased.

I fondled and kissed her breasts for long minutes, sucking in each erect nipple in turn before I continued slowly and deliberately down her flat smooth stomach. Finally, reaching her fertile delta, I was thrilled to find that she was well-groomed, having only a small patch of silken hair just above her clit. I love women to be shaved or at the least groomed. It shows they have a vested interest in their own sexuality. Holding her legs together I slid my tongue up and down her cleft, feeling her clit grow with each lick. She tried to spread her legs but I kept them together teasing her with my mouth until she begged me to let her move.

Lifting and separating her legs, I plunged my tongue into her wetness, lapping and sucking at her clit. Again and again I brought her to the edge of orgasm, only to withhold my teasing so that she was writhing with need. Her juices were flowing freely now, wetting my face and her own ass. I indulged in her delight, savoring my own as I kept up the taunting. I slid a finger inside her to explore for that little lump of flesh that made women wild, all the while sucking and tonguing her button. I continued until in one great moan she forced my face against her, holding me there tightly with her hands and legs, she came explosively as I suck hard on her pulsating clit. She held me in that position for what seemed like forever. I was barely able to breathe as she climaxed several times in a row.

Finally, she pulled away breathlessly saying, "Now it's my turn...I want you on your back." Her demanding voice took me by surprise as she ordered me like a drill Sargent. I was only too glad to oblige her as my cock was about to burst with pressure. I rolled to my back as she gripped me and began to pull on my cock. I was now oozing my own copious lubrication as she milked my slick cock.

Her hands were so skilled I just had to ask,

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