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Into the Earth.

The effect was dizzying; I couldn't take this much longer. My insides burned with desire, my gut curling in a burning need to cum. I moaned loudly as he dropped his lips to my shoulder and sucked hard on my burning skin. His slow movements were driving me crazy! They kept me rising and rising with a need that was becoming painful. I could think of nothing else but the feeling; my mind had effectively shut down.

I began to thrust my hips, trying desperately to speed the movement of his hand on my cock. Suddenly, all movement on his part stopped. His hand left my cock, his fingers unceremoniously were removed from my entrance. Before I could stop myself, a cry fell from my mouth and I almost collapsed in agony at the loss of his touch. God, I wanted him to touch me, wanted him to thrust his fingers into me and pump my cock and make me cum! Wait... no. What did I just... I couldn't think that. Could I? This is the demon that rapes me, I thought. Why would I want him to touch me at all? Had a few minutes of ecstasy truly reduced me to a moaning whore? The realization struck me and I fell silent. Marcus was also silent for a few moments before he leaned forward and pressed his chest against my back, his hard-on nestling in between my butt cheeks. He wrapped his arms gently around me and whispered into my ear almost lovingly, "You are my slave, Lucren. Mine. You only get to feel anything when I want you to, be it pleasure, or pain." His claws ran lightly over a few cuts on my side to emphasize the point. "But it doesn't have to be as painful as it has been for you. In return for your obedience, I can give you immense pleasure. Or, I can cause you immense pain. Either way, I get what I want, because either way, you are mine to do with whatever I want. So the choice is yours, Lucren."

I couldn't believe it. Just like that, I had proven to him that I could be broken. And I was. Shame welled up in my chest at the disgust I felt at enjoying anything he had done to me. I couldn't move, I didn't know what to do. I just stayed motionless in his arms, trying not to shake and sob, not that it would have mattered anyway. Tears began to well up along my eyelids; I held them back, barely. So at least I had some self-control left. At least I wouldn't start crying like an admonished child in front of the demon.

After several long, pensive moments, his hands began to roam. He brushed his fingertips along my thighs, dipping into the water to bring droplets up to my chest and letting them cascade down from there. "So, what's it going to be, my pet?" I could hear the poison smile in his voice. A small part of me wanted so badly to reject the whole thing, to fight him and make him take it from me, but I was finished. My lower lip quivered as I took in a trembling breath, trying to compose myself. There was no beating Marcus; why keep fighting? All it got me was pain. Why should I keep going like this when I could enjoy it? I tried to tell myself that it was okay to feel pleasure if it kept me from pain, even though I didn't really believe it; I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't keep defying him.

I lowered my head, my hair falling over my face to hide the tears that finally spilled down my cheeks. In a tiny, cracked voice I gave in and whispered, "Okay."

He smiled against my shoulder and his hand stroked my chest approvingly.

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