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Beautiful young woman stars in BDSM show.

She wrestled against him, trying to pull herself away from him but it was no use, he had her arms secured behind her back. His spare hand pulled something from his pocket and she could feel something tugging at her hair. Her eyes lit up in horror as he stuffed a ball gag into her mouth, she screamed as hard and she could but it was no use. He pulled her backwards through the open wooden door into the darkness.

In the cover of dark his hand quickly slid under her skirt, lifting it up to reveal her white G string, which had been soaked in her juices from her thoughts throughout the day. She began to cry as he ripped it off, revealing her pussy to the cold air around her. He moved his hand down and touched her dewy folds, and stroking them up and down as she pushed to try and resist him.

He moved his focus to his pants, quickly pulling them down and holding himself against her. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her ass, she cried out in desperation as she tried to call for her freedom. No legible words escape her gag.

She closed her eyes as she felt his cock nudged against her entrance, she was still shocked at how fast this was all happening. All she could do was stare at the wall in front of her, as her unknown assailant pushed into her. Suddenly she thoughts of her love came running back into her mind with a fit of panics, he would be without her, what if she never saw him again? If only she had answered her phone when called, she would have been safe if she had of picked up, he would of heard her and come running to save her.

She snapped out of it, he jerked her body forward and pain shot through her arms as he twisted them back and bent her over, she screamed as he pressed against her, pushing himself hard against her entrance. She tried hard to resist him, but it was no use, he was prepared for her and had lubed himself up. She gasped at the feeling of him entering her, his cock was huge, he stretched her pussy wide as he pulled her back on him, impaling her on his large cock as she screamed into her gag.

He pushed himself all the way inside her, pulling back on her so she could feel him deep inside her, every inch inside her filled, before he quickly drew back. He pushed back into her hard, she screamed loudly into her gag again, the pain of her pussy becoming unbearable to her.

Again he kept bucking into her, pulling out and slamming back in, violently filling and emptying her over and over. She felt absolutely powerless as he rammed into her again and again, her pussy now stretched open to accommodate him. He could feel her warm tight pussy around his hard cock. He could feel himself starting to lose control, his movements becoming less controlled. She could feel him getting closer, she squeezed herself tight to make him finish and let it be over.

He quickly pulled out of her and pushed her over a table hidden in the darkness. She attempted to kick him be it was no use, he quickly tied her legs to shackles and as he did so she let out a cry of agony and lost hope.

He fastened her arms to the table, and lifted her skirt again, looking at her bare ass. He rubbed it with the tip of his finger, massaging it softly before pushing against it; she squeezed tight to stop him. He pushed hard and it sent shockwaves of pain through her body, but she held him out. Suddenly, she felt a cold feeling on her ass, "oh no" she thought as he rubbed around more lubricant before easily sliding a finger a finger inside her tight ass.

His finger slipped all the way inside her, probing her tight asshole, easing it open with each movement. It slowly rocked back and forth as she gasped and cried into her gag at the feel of his abuse. She had never let anyone touch her in that area in such a way before and it almost felt pleasurable to her. Her body was betraying her, even as her mind wanted to resist, her body wanted more.

He felt a second finger entered her asshole, stretching her a little more, working it back and forth.

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