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Alicia deals with the man outside the car...

I smiled to myself as I thought of the day my daddy took me. Hoping that knowing his little girl had a nipple piercing would turn him on. Yes I admit it I was turned on by the thought of my father making love with me but I could never find a man who was as caring or as sweet as daddy. And it did help that yes even if he was in his late 30's he still looked about 28. At 5'8'' and a nice 170 pounds I could not resist trying to peek at what was under those pants each day. Little did I realize today would be my chance.

Thinking Kathi was not home I left the door open and quickly stripped down. "What the hell" I thought and walked out naked. Kathi was not home and it would be nice to feel the cool water over my body. Walking downstairs I stepped into the hall closet and grabbed a towel. Stepping out onto the deck I gasped quietly. My beautiful little girl was laying on a chair her nipple ring catching the sun as her nipples grew hard and erect her fingers dancing over them. Bringing her fingers down her smooth flat stomach playing with her navel ring she stopped at her sweet smooth pussy.

"Mmmmmm daddy, that feels so good," I heard as she stroked her clit. I couldn't help it before I knew what was happening my cock started to harden. Her fingers swirling around her clit she moaned and thrust her hips up as she slid two fingers into herself. "Ohhhhh yess daddy fuck your little girl" she moaned as I wrapped my hand around my thick 9 inches. Moaning what I thought was quite low I saw her fingers stop.

Hearing a moan I stopped and turned around. My daddy was standing there his cock in his hand as his eyes devoured the site before him. Smiling I stood up. His eyes lowered as he realized the shame in watching his little girl cum. Looking down at his thick pulsing cock I stepped in front of him. Covering my hand with his I stood on tiptoes and pressed my lips against his. "Kathi, we can't do this," he whispered into my mouth as my tongue met his. "Yes we can daddy," I whispered as I gently bit his earlobe before kissing his chest down his stomach to his hard cock. "Let me suck your cock daddy," I begged him as I opened my mouth to take him in. Hearing his groan I knew he had been taken in. Wrapping my lips around the helmet shaped tip I rolled my tongue around the rim my tongue stud hitting each swollen vein as I struggled to take him deeper and deeper.

Looking down I could not believe what was happening. My beautiful little girl was sucking on my cock! I wrapped my hand in her hair trying to resist the urge to thrust my cock down her throat. Little did I know what an able little cock sucker she was. My hard shaft quickly found it's way down her throat and her hands gently caressed my heavy balls. "Ohhhhh baby Daddy's gonna cum," Lifting my mouth off I looked up into his eyes. "Mmmmm yes daddy," I said before plunging my mouth down onto the head. Thrusting my hips against her mouth I let out a strangled cry as I felt my cock start to pump it's hot load of cum into her mouth. Gasping for breath I gently pushed her back my cock never losing it's hardness. Kathi quickly stood up and kissed me again her tongue slipping a bit of my cum into my mouth. Sucking on her tongue my hands gripped her tight ass pulling her to me.

Wrapping my arms around daddy I kissed him hungrily my breasts pressed against his chest. "I want to taste you baby," my daddy whispered into my ear. Gently pushing me against the chair I laid back in the chair as daddy sucked and nibbled on my breasts. His teeth gently tugging on my ring as his strong smooth hands spread my lean thighs. His mouth was driving me crazy as it traveled down my stomach to play with my navel ring. Arching twisting around under him I could feel his warm breath hit my stiff clit and my body started to tremble as daddy flattened out his tongue and slowly ran it up the length of my wet slit.

My hips thrust up against his mouth and I cried out as he gently probed my wet pussy with the tip of his tongue.

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